Ju-Ju-Be Be Neat Reversible Bib, Shadow Waltz

Ju-Ju-Be Be Neat Reversible Bib, Shadow Waltz

The Ju-Ju-Be Be Neat Reversible Baby Bib is the perfect solution to keep your child clean and stylish during messy feedings. Everyone knows there is nothing neat about feeding time, so here’s a neat way to keep your kid, well, neat! The Be Neat bib has a magnetic closure, making it easy to take on and off your child. Designed to be soft and flexible so baby is comfy, this reversible bib has a food catching pocket to help keep scattered food and mess to a minimum. The lining is protected with an Agion natural antimicrobial treatment that inhibits and reduces the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The outer fabric is treated with Teflon fabric protector, making it easy to repel stains and keep the Be Neat clean. This bib is machine washable and measures 12.5-inches by 8-inches in size. The Ju-Ju-Be Be Neat Reversible Baby Bib comes with a 90-day limited warranty that protects against manufacturing defects. Founded in 2005, Ju-Ju-Be is a Southern California company that fuses science, style, and attitude to create diaper bags, purses and other accessories that are both fashionable and fun. Ju-Ju-Be assimilated the most advanced technology possible to create a stylish and intelligent product line that’s unrivaled in the industry.

Main features

  • Soft and flexible with a stylish design on each side
  • Magnetic closure strap and food catcher pocket
  • Includes Teflon treated outer fabric, Agion antimicrobial protected lining
  • Machine wash, air dry
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturing defects

Verified reviews


Cute but useless

This is a cute bib, it can be wiped clean, the pocket hasn’t served the purpose yet as my LO is still having purees.I bought the one that looks white with the blue star… Well, FYI it’s not white but silver.I like the magnet closure, my baby has a harder time removing it.Update:Initially I gave thisbib 4 stars, I had to take 3 off because by 8 1/2 months my baby can easily pull and remove this bib, plus the bib gets easily stained. The pocket is just ok.Would not recommend.Update #2:At almost 10 months I HATE this bib. My son pulls it off soooo easily, so useless.

Essie Jenkinjones, WV

It did not work for my little one

I love the JU JU BE products( I have their diaper bag, pacifier holder and a few more items) and it is unfortunate that the bib did not work for my little one.I love the magnet closure(it was perfect that she could not take it off at all :-))and a good quality but she developed a nasty rush underneath the chin within one hour of usage.I did not notice in time to remove it sooner but it took 2 days of cortisone cream usage to get rid of the rush.I gave it one more chance to see if it was just a coincidence and again, the same thing, she developed a mild rush within 10 min and I had to remove it…It was a waste of money for me and it is too bad because there are so many other rubber,plastic, nylon bibs out there and I am sure that people are happy with it.It did not work for me even if my daughter is not that sensitive…I don’t know what happened.

Tania Grabill, IN

Nice bib, but not worth $20

This bib isn’t any thicker than the regular Ju Ju Be material. It also isn’t very large. I appreciate the crumb catcher and the magnetic closure, but overall these two perks aren’t worth $20 in my opinion. I really love Ju Ju Be products for the most part, I guess I was just expecting something a bit more durable.

Catalina Big Rock, IL

be neat

Good bib. I paid $11 for it, but wouldn’t pay more. Wipes easily and sometimes catches things. There are better products out there for much less money.

Johanna White, SD

cute, functional, easy, neat

This is the cutest bib!! I’ve gotten lots of comments on it. It comes in a little storage bag of the same material, so you can keep it neat in your diaper bag (and when it is dirty, this is great!). The magnet is awesome and QUICK! I love the Shadow Waltz pattern, which matches my diaper bag. The pocket does catch food, which is a plus. And it is reversible.It does not come completely clean in the wash–I’ve noticed some staining on the pink silky side after the first use, which didn’t really come off (nothing messy…just regular food, so should have come out). Other than that, it looks great.It would be easy to misplace the bag while the bib is in use, so I just make sure to slip it into the changing-pad pocket on the outside while baby is eating so I can find it again when it is time to go.Love it!!!

Anne De Kalb, TX

I love this bib

I have the BFF diaper bag with the cooler bag and a few of the wristlets all in the same pattern. I also have the pacifier pod in this pattern and was able to find a pacifier strap from another company in almost the same pattern. Yes, I like to match. However, I had been against this bib because of the cost and because of the pink color (I have a little boy). I finally gave in to my OCD desire to match and bought it; it is the best bib I have. This is the one I take when I go out, and I have not had a problem using it on my son when we’re out. The material is like magic; food and liquids just wipe right off (I keep forgetting to wash it and I think it’s been about three months that I’ve been using it and I haven’t actually washed it, just wiped it down if it got dirty). The magnet is also super strong, but you have to see that you clasp it in the right order. I forget what the order is, but you can tell when the magnets are paired up correctly because it’s difficult to separate (which is good when your child wants to rip this off in the middle of feeding). I really was very hesitant to buy it because I bought a pack of 10 bibs for less than half the cost, but ultimately this has been my go to bib and it was well worth the price.

Sasha Saxon, WV

Great quality bib, would buy again!

Great quality bib. Fits my 11 month old nicely, with room to grow. I have washed it many times and still looks like new. It comes out clean and fresh each time! I love the bag it comes with for putting the dirty bib and any utensils used in after a meal. This keeps the mess out of my diaper bag!

Willie Smithville, MO

Wish I had bought it sooner!

I bought this bib to match the Licorice Swirl patterned back pack I had recently ordered and all I can say is that I wish I had bought it sooner! Ju-Ju-Be products are made incredibly well and although their products (including this bib) are a bit pricey, their attention to detail paired with their durability, makes the prices totally not an issue in the long-run.This bib is reversible, which is just a fun little feature that makes it more glamorous when that’s the last thing anyone is usually worried about with a bib! I have a 14m old son and the pattern (both sides!) I chose is perfectly suitable for a boy or a stylin’ sophisticated girl. :)The crumb-catcher pocket catches everything, even the tiniest of table foods, but don’t expect this bib to be absorbent as I don’t think that’s what it’s intended to be used for.There are two features that make this bib my most favorite bib of the several dozen we own:1: the magnetic closure is ingenious. It makes for easy removal and easy to out on a wiggly, fussy toddler.2: the fact that all of Ju-Ju-Be’s products are machine washable is why I will always buy and recommend their products to others. Just throw it in the wash with the baby stuff, line dry it and its good to go. The satin material washes easily and doesn’t stain.It comes in a handy little drawstring pouch which keeps it easily accessible even for my husband to find in the diaper bag! A definite “must” for any parent of a little one eating solids.

Priscilla Perris, CA

Love Ju Ju Be and this bib is no exception!

Love these bibs…easy to wash after each use, and the magnet is nice and strong. The pouch/pocket catches the food nicely, and the patterns are fun.Update: After 5 months of use, I’m still a fan! 🙂

Tammy Hollidaysburg, PA

Love the print but my baby pulls it off

Love the print and I love JuJube but my baby pulls the bib off… there are magnets in back which make it handy to put on… but a little too east to pull off

Tammy La Belle, MO

Best Bib Ever!

There are so many reasons why this is a superior bib! It’s so easy to secure with the magnetic closure and it’s hard for babies to get it undone. I will say though that my daughter is a toddler now at 19 months and now she is able to pull it off if she wants, which thankfully doesn’t happen often. Also, the magnets make storing the bib so convenient as I can just stick it onto the fridge! Ingenious! You can throw this bib in the wash or the dishwasher or hand-wash and it comes out like new. It’s great to have the little travel pouch also for the diaper bag. You just throw it into the pouch after the meal and don’t have to worry about any messes in your bag. The color is also so pretty!

Amalia New Concord, KY