Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Messenger Diaper Bag with Insulated Bottle and 3 Zippered Pockets, Flower Power

Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Messenger Diaper Bag with Insulated Bottle and 3 Zippered Pockets, Flower Power

The Ju-Ju-Be 07MB01AFLP Be Prepared Diaper Bag is a smart bag with innovative designs and spacious compartments. Keep yourself ultra-organized with (17) friendly pockets that make it easy to tote along all your daily essentials. Are you an over packer? Do you have more than one in diapers? Twins? How about the perfect bag for overnight trips… or the airplane? The largest in our line of diaper bags, the Be Prepared will help you be just that, prepared! The lining is protected with an AgION natural antimicrobial treatment that inhibits and reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The outer fabric is treated with Teflon fabric protector, making it easy to repeal stains and keep it clean. The “Mommy” pocket is large enough for smartphones, wallets, keys and other personal items. Inside are (4) pockets with a sunglass holder and a key fob stretch cord. A snap closure pocket is located on the front of the bag and ideal for books. The main zipper pocket is large enough for diapers, wipes, extra clothes and other items. This spacious area also includes (7) smaller pockets with (2) sets of colored tabs to help distinguish different items. The back pocket is designed with crumb drains to keep this area clean and includes a super cushy memory foam changing pad. “Bottle” pockets with magnetic closure flaps are located on either side of the bag and insulated to keep items hot or cold. The Flower Power design is a multi-colored fabric that’s lined in a bright yellow trim and metal hardware, luggage feet and a adjustable memory foam strap with a “no slip” fabric to prevent the bag from sliding off your shoulder. This bag is machine washable and measures 18.5-inches by 14-inches by 6.5-inches in size. The Ju-Ju-Be 07MB01AFLP Be Prepared Diaper Bag comes with a 90-day limited warranty to protect against manufacturing defects.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • Ultimate diaper bag for an over packer, mommy with twins or an overnight trip
  • (17) smart friendly pockets making it easy to keep ultra-organized
  • Includes Teflon treated outer fabric, AgION anti-microbial protected linings and 3M Thinsulate in the insulated bottle pockets
  • Adjustable straps, memory foam in shoulder pad and changing pad
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturing defects

Verified reviews


ok bag but lots of drawbacks

I really wanted this to the the bag I would want to use all the time. I bought it based on all the rave reviews but my experience has been a bit different.Pros:-Very, very well made. I’ve owned a bunch of different diaper bags over the years and the quality of our two ju ju be bags is better than any of the other bags.-Fits everything you might need for several children all in this one bag, no need to carry more than one bag. Three kids, all in cloth diapers? You’ve got plenty of room.-Doesn’t look like a diaper bag, especially in the plain fabrics. I can see using ours for years after the diapering stage as an overnight bag.-The insulated pockets on the sides are great, they’re the perfect size for sippy cups and even fit the huge munchie mugs we use for snacks. They have magnet closures which work great – no velcro to make noise or wear out.Cons:-With the quality construction comes weight. The fabric is very heavy and the bag weighs several pounds empty. Add in all your stuff and it’s difficult to carry for more than a few minutes. The bag came with stroller clips so you can hang the bag right on your stroller (these no longer come with the bag as of September 2011). The problem is that the bag is so heavy, even when not completely full, that it tips every stroller we own backwards. The only stroller basket it will fit in is the huge one under our bob double jogging stroller, it takes up the entire basket and is technically over the weight limit for the basket.-The bag is washable but it takes 24-48 hours to dry so it can’t be washed frequently.-There are stars embroidered on on of the side pockets. They are only noticeable in the pictures if you’re really looking for them. I don’t care for them and wish I had known about it before I bought the bag.-This is the biggest problem: The bag is not balanced. I thought the metal feet on the bottom would be great for keeping the bag clean and off floors/the ground but they’re useless because the bag is front heavy. There is the big main pocket. Behind the big pocket there is a little pocket to slip the changing pad into. In front of the big pocket there is another pocket to slip things into and the huge mommy pocket. If you put more than a few things in the mommy pocket the whole bag tips forward and the front of the mommy pocket will sit on the ground/floor when you put the bag down. I don’t care for the changing pad and prefer to use my own washable roll up one so I have to come up with other things to put in the back pocket to try and counterbalance the weight of what I want to put in the mommy pocket. Compounding the problem is the design of the pocket between the mommy pocket and main pocket, all the weight of the mommy pocket hangs of the single snap that holds that between pocket closed. The only way to get around this problem is to be super careful when packing the bag. You have to make sure there is more bulk and weight at the bottom of each and every pocket, this is difficult to do because the organizer pockets in the big pocket are near the top so they can be easily reached. I had wanted to be able to put a be quick bag in the mommy pocket instead of changing over a bunch of little things but it’s not possible.Overall, I wouldn’t buy this exact bag again but if you can get by with a smaller ju ju be bag they really are wonderful bags and hold up to lots of use.

Debbie Palos Hills, IL


I love this bag. I can’t say enough good stuff about it. I went through three different diaper bags before I finally ordered this. Two of them were Fleurville and very pretty but not big enough, and the other was Fisher Price, and it was big enough, though just a plain brown. It doesn’t matter though, because it completely unraveled at the seams in less than two months.It’s true what they say about getting what you pay for. Had I just gotten this one in the first place, I would have payed less than I did for the other three bags, none of which ended up being what I wanted. When I went looking for bag number four, I was in a popular baby store. I asked the man who worked there where all the big bags were, and he said, “Small is in.” Yes well, that’s not very helpful, and I don’t care about what’s “in”; I care about what I need for me and my baby. Anyway, that’s where I saw the Ju Ju Be brand. They had several bags, but none that were big enough. I fell in love with the patterns though, so I came home and looked them up online. That’s where I discovered the Be Prepared, and fell in love again. It is a bit pricey, so I hesitated and debated for a few days, but I finally took the plunge, and I’m SO glad I did.This bag is very well made. It has sturdy seams, strong magnets that keep the side flaps closed, and tons of interior pockets. It’s so wonderful to not have to dig in the bottom of the bag for little things like Vaseline or lotion. However, if I ever do have to dig, it’s easy to see in there, because the interior is light instead of the usual dark colors. Stuff doesn’t get lost. Because I nurse, I have never used the side pockets for bottles, so I don’t actually know how well the insulation works at keeping things cool. The pockets are very handy for those little stacked containers with his cereal and snacks though, and I’ve also been known to shove my own water bottle into one of them in order to free up a hand. I LOVE the Mommy pocket, because now I can have all of my own things again (everything that was in my purse fits into the Mommy pocket), and I don’t have to carry a separate purse. The changing pad is also great. The memory foam is very comfortable; in fact, I think it’s more comfortable than my bed! We traveled all over the country this summer so our families could meet the baby, so that changing pad got a LOT of use, and it’s still as good as new. It’s as well made as the bag itself.I disagree with the people who say it’s too big for just a trip to the store or the doctor. I guess it depends on the person and what you like to carry, but I don’t have a second smaller bag packed for “quick trips”. This is the only one I use. It holds everything I want and need, and if we buy something while we’re out, it has room to carry the purchase home. I don’t fill it to overflowing for every day use, but if we need to be out longer or go farther, then it holds a ton of extra stuff. In my opinion, aside from my carrier, this is the best baby item I’ve ever bought. The stroller clips are a real bonus too!We’ll be using this bag long after we don’t need a diaper bag anymore.

Katharine Joelton, TN

For the price, I just didn’t love it enough to keep it.

I tried no fewer than eight different diaper bags for baby #2, telling myself that price was no object because this was the ONE thing I was going to splurge on this time around. And of course, I ended up liking this bag–the most expensive one–the best. Until I actually started using it…There just aren’t enough inner pockets for organization, and what pockets there are weren’t shaped right for diapers or it was too small for an insulated cup or too big for a blanket or not deep enough for something else. They were just…weird and inconvenient (which I didn’t fully realize until I tried packing the bag and actually trying to use it).The mom section/pocket was neat, but do you really need to keep a photo of your baby in there? The pockets there were actually better than the actual bag, with easy-accessible places for a phone, nail file, chapstick, etc. There’s also enough room for your wallet.The center section of the bag was big and open, and since the pockets were lacking, I thought I’d use some organizational bags (I ordered thesugarSNAP Files) but after getting them, decided I really didn’t want to spend ANOTHER decent chunk of money on pockets after spending this much on just the bag. For the price, I shouldn’t have to buy anything else.It’s also quite big. I thought I wanted/needed a bigger bag, since I needed it for baby stuff AND toddler stuff…but it’s really big. Maybe if we took day trips more and I needed to haul more stuff, but basically we run to town or go out for dinner, so at most we need diapers/wipes, a bottle, and burp cloths. So for us, the bag is really overkill space-wise.I like all of the magnetic closures, though one side pocket had a regular snap which was hard to close and really could have benefited from another magnetic closure (I have no idea why they decided to put a real snap there when the rest are magnetic).I thought I was going to make it work, though. But after trying to actually use it on a trip to the doctor’s office today, I gave up. It just didn’t FEEL easy to use. Maybe it’s just me…but I felt like it was more of a chore to find stuff, put stuff away, etc. I needed to feed the baby in the waiting room and had a bottle in the end pocket. Except it was closed with the magnet so it took an extra bit of jostling to get it out one-handed (I like the magnets, but in practice, I think an open pocket would be easier). Then the bottle leaked and I needed a wipe…but they were in the “diapers/wipe” bag (which had sounded like a good idea at the time, until I needed to get a wipe one-handed) which meant I had to dig out the bag, unzip it, pull out the wipes…you see where I’m going. Yes, it was my decision to use the zippered bags, but only because the diaper bag itself didn’t really have the best pockets to begin with. I also never put my phone or keys the same place twice, so I was always thinking I had lost them (there is a key ring but who really takes the time to attach them? Everyone I know just throws them in the bag).Overall it’s a nice looking bag of good quality. I wanted to love it–but just honestly don’t think it’s worth the price.

Gretchen Hartford, WV

This bag is great for the over-prepared packer..

I could not find this bag in stores so I ordered it online.Every single diaper bag I found is wayyyy to small. This one, just over the top too big. I am an over packer because I like to be prepaired for everything. I used this bag for an evening outing and a quick day trip both of which I was forced to even admit to my husband… I brought way too much stuff only because I had the room.There are so many pockets I couldn’t remember where i put stuff (obviously if I used it more I would have got used to it)I think the BFF is more my size but I will not buy it because it looks like a bowling bag, and to wear as a backpack looks so awkward.I want to love JuJuBe’s bags because I love the material and pockets and mommy pocket. I just can’t find home that suits me!When I have my 2nd baby this bag will be perfect!…. The search continues!

April Huntingdon, TN

Big bag with great attention to design and detail!

This is the perfect bag for a “day out with the kid(s).” Plenty of space and pockets in the large compartment, a great mommy section, and good outside pockets. I really like the crumb drain, the grip shoulder strap, and the silver inside lining. I think that JuJuBe is a great company with a great product! Will soon be buying a smaller version to use as my everyday bag.

Twila Scott Air Force Base, IL

Perfect for cloth diapering

I’ve been searching for the perfect bag and think this is it! We cloth diaper which means we carry bigger/bulkier diapers as well as dirty diapers. This is worth the health and cost savings, but means we need a big bag. This bag is huge, and has tons of pockets. I love the Mom compartment and that the main zipper opens all the way – no more searching in the deep, dark bag for the lost paci. Great fabric, very sturdy, and good looking.

Mai Clintwood, VA

Perfect BIG bag

This diaper bag was EXACTLY what I was looking for. It is HUGE and holds everything I need for a toddler and cloth diapered infant for day trips.

Lynn Winter Beach, FL

Great bag, don’t care for the solid colors!

I love the bag, dislike the look of the solid colored bag. Great quality, ju ju be makes a smart product to keep parents organized. I recommend zippered pouches to keep stuff organized and easily accessible in the bag. I’m going with a printed bag and stroller clips which should be included in this high end bag!

Ethel Fieldale, VA

Received wrong color… but easy return! They even picked it up at my door.

I REALLY wanted this color in this bag… but received a different blue print. At first, I was crushed but then I saw how easy Amazon makes it to return orders. UPS even picked it up at my door. Doesnt get easier than that! I still have to order the correct print but after seeing how big it is in person I may go for a slightly smaller size since I have only one baby.

Esmeralda Nason, IL

Love it.

I love this diaper bag. I originally ordered this bag in Marvelous Mums but didn’t like the way the colors looked in person. Online the bag seems to be whitish with blue mums printed on it but in person the background is a greenish color. I eventually got the bag in Zany Zinnias and love it! I’m a serious overpacker and I can fit everything in here. Great for long days out or traveling. I have the BFF and although great for daily use, it doesn’t hold everything I need for long days out with the baby. The only thing I worry about is hanging the bag on a stroller when it is full because the weight of the bag may tip the stroller.

Deidre Beccaria, PA

Love this Diaper Bag

As the product description says… if you like to take everything and the kitchen sink… this bag is for you! I love it!! The “mommy” section for my things. The section that lets me put a letter size folder in there for small work items and coupons. THe insulated outside pouches for bottles. Large size changing pad. Lots of room inside. I carry around a full outfit change, 4 diapers, wipes, diaper cream, paci wipes, a bottle, a small blanket, a swaddle muslin wrap, a couple of toys and a nursing cover and there is still room for more when I need it for longer trips! Comes with straps/hooks to attach it to your stroller which are easy to get on and easy to put the bag on. It is the same width as my Peg (Pliko) stroller and hangs high enough up to not get in the way while walking. Fabric can be wiped off with a damp sponge and shoulder harness does NOT slip off your shoulder. Love it!

Randi San Isidro, TX

I am in love!

I was having a hard time finding a good diaper bag to support habit of over packing as well as cloth diapers. A lot of people suggested I get a back pack, but I’m a girly girl at heart and really wanted something cute. After a ton of research I came across this bag. It is everything I thought it would be! I can fit so much in there. I can comfortably fit 4-5 pocket diapers, two wet bags, change of clothes, blanket, pack of wipes, bottles, sippy, snacks, all my mommy essentials (wallet, cell, makeup, etc), dslr camera and its parts, ipad, book, and a bit more with room to spare. It’s very big, much like an over night bag, so I don’t take it with me if I am just running a quick errand or If I wont be out more than an hour. The material is great for just wiping clean. The changing pad is so nice and cushiony which is a life saver for me because my son screams when I have to change him on a public changing table. The feeling of the pad really comforts him so he isn’t laying on hard plastic. I really love this bag. The seller was extremely efficient in shipping and I got the bag in no time. I highly recommend the bag and the seller.

Helga Kite, KY

Pretty but bulky – better for traveling

I use this bag exclusively for traveling. It fits all of my daughter’s clothes, toys, diapers and other essentials. It’s way too big for every day use.

Leila Bypro, KY

Love this bag!

This bag is huge and I love it! It just gets a bit heavy sometimes because I can put so much in it! I have 3 kids under 4 and it has been really helpful to be able to carry all their stuff in one bag. I now have only 1 in diapers but the older 2 are just messy, so I’m able to have changes of clothes, toys, snacks, drinks, medicine, you name it!! I LOVE the print on this bag too!!

Shannon Hillsdale, WI

Love, Love, LOVE IT!!!!!!!

This bag is beautiful! the way I packed mine it sits on its 4 feet perfectly balanced. I’m not sure how others are packing theirs. We live in the middle of no where and the majority of trips that we take are over 1 hr away and end up being all day. I had a Petunia Picklebottom bag that is awesome but it was overflowing with everything I needed for a newborn for the day. This bag is perfect and has tons of extra room. I still use the Picklebottom bag for short trips into town and its great.The bag gets heavy because it fits so much. The baseline bag is actually lighter than my Picklebottom bag even though its about 4 inches bigger on the side.I have the JuJuBe stroller straps and actually use them on shopping carts to hold the bag while shopping and they work great.I use a Brica goPad diaper changer in the side instead of the changing pad it comes with.

Jacklyn Hopkins, MO



Angelina Wall, SD

Prepared with my be prepared

I was in the market for a diaper bag for my 5 y/o, 1y/o, and soon to be newborn. I am usually carrying my tablet, my daughter’s tablet, a coffee flask, and so many other items. The price was the biggest thing for me to overcome, but once I did the math on how many cheap diaper bags I had already purchased, I realized that I could have purchased one of these instead.The material is wonderful, the pattern-dreamy diamonds is lush, and the metal hardware is sturdy and secure. I am so far very pleased with my purchase. I have filled this bag with all that I normally carry on a day to day basis, and there is still plenty of room.I feel prepared with this bag and pampered.

Marquita Emden, MO

a little big, but that’s what I wanted

I spent hours looking online for new diaper bag. This is currently our 4th. We started out with a skip/hop (too small), went to a JJ Cole (also too small), and most recently the Graco Duffle (despite being bigger, still too small). What I like about the Ju Ju Be Be Prepared: machine washable, BIG, insulated bottle pockets, and the lining is light colored. There are also mesh organizational pockets, and the bag zips open wide so you can get to what you need. As expected, because it is a bigger bag, it is heavy when fully packed and quite bulky. I also wish the crumb drains were somewhere else because they are in the pocket where you store the changing pad (which is also very comfy). I don’t like the snap button between the bag and mommy pocket, and the bag tends to lean towards the mommy pocket when that is full and it can tip over. Even when I tried to load more things in the back pocket with snacks, the bag still tips over towards the mommy pocket.This bag is good for those days when you expect to be out all day with your young child using a stroller, but not good if you are going to any place where space is tight (like to a children’s museum with a play room — the bag was so big I was knocking other people over) or if you are going on a quick outing. I can see it being useful for trips out all day or for 2 children. I did feel a little ridiculous carrying it because it was so big.Overall, I was looking for a big diaper bag and I got it. I do find that I can fit all the items I previously carried into this bag and there is still some extra space to dig around the bag, as opposed to previous bags that were tightly packed and required me to remove everything in order to find the item of interest. Currently I have a BeQuick with five diapers (size 4), wipes, and cream; Aden and Anais blanket; bibs; extra shirt; snacks; applesauce; markers; medications for little one; my wallet, 2 cell phones, 2 sippy cups on outer pockets.The size and organization is superior to any of the bags I have had thus far, and I will probably buy another Ju Ju Be in another style in the future.

Lacey Sharon, MA

Great gift

I bought this for my daughter-in-law, she is going to be a first time mother. She loved all the compartments and it is very well constructed.

Nora Plainfield, IA

Great for a Mom of Two or The First Time Mom who overpacks

We couldn’t decide between this model and the smaller version but figure since I will have two kids it’s better to have extra space then not enough…It arrived today and after packing what I will need for a newborn and a 4 year old …. its’ full… with perhaps room for a couple bottles and a sippy cup if in doubt between this or the BFF …. you can never have too much room ! Go with the Be Prepared

Allene Bangor, WI

The biggest and best on the market

If you’re looking for a gigantic diaper bag, look no more. It’s the biggest and best organized bag I’ve owned or seen. I have owned several diaper bags that I thought would be big enough (none of them were), and this one finally fit the bill. Other reviewers have stated that this bag is very heavy, but I disagree. I had a Skip Hop Bento before my Be Prepared and with as much stuff in it, the Bento was noticeably heavier. I have everything I need day-to-day in this diaper bag, and there’s still room for extras as needed. This bag is organized remarkably well. One of my favorite aspects of the Ju Ju Be bags is the dedicated parents’ pocket. Moms, if you’re carrying around a diaper bag this big, you do NOT want to be carrying a purse as well.Because this bag is so big, it can be cumbersome to carry around. There just is no way to get around that with such a big bag. If you’re going to be out for any length of time, you’ll want to have a stroller or cart to put the bag on/in. I do wish the “handbag” handles (the two smaller ones) were a bit longer so that the bag could be carried on the shoulder this way.I have a Ju Ju Be backpack that I’ve used on and off for 3 years. Other than being a bit dirty, there is no wear on it. Ju Ju Be’s products are made to last. The Be Prepared is a great size for traveling as well. Long after I no longer have babies and don’t need a diaper bag per se, I anticipate using this bag for traveling. It can be difficult to justify spending so much money on a diaper bag, but knowing I’ll be able to use it far into the future tipped the scales. I highly recommend this bag to parents who really want a huge diaper bag. It’s perfect if you have to pack for multiples (I pack for a toddler and an infant), travel a lot, and/or simply fall into the “overpacker” category (that’s me). I made the mistake of buying lots of other (less expensive) bags I thought would be big enough (spent hundreds of cumulative dollars) before finally springing for this one. Learn from my mistake and just buy this one from the get go. =)

Casandra Shelbyville, TX

Loved this bag for 2 under 2 but barely fits in my stroller storage area!

This bag is great for organizing all of the things you need for 2 under 2. Unfortunately I had to return this because I needed it to fit in the storage area better.. Once my youngest is a little taller he wouldn’t have enough room for his legs and we wouldn’t be able to recline his seat. Sadly, I am returning.

Madeline Marks, MS

Drip Drops

LOVE IT!! ITs boy colors but girly enough for me, and HUGE!! Fits our cloth diapers plus games and toys and other essentials perfectly! Must have for multiple kids in cloth!!!

Tracey Wrangell, AK

Too large? When you have twins, there’s no such thing!!!

Is this the ultimate diaper bag? Maybe!!!We are blessed with a wonderful set of newborn twins. There is nothing better in the world. But two babies need stuff. Lots of stuff. Maybe even lots and lots of stuff.Roll back the calendar almost 9 months to when we found out that my wife was not just pregnant, but that we were expecting a double-sized delivery of bundles of joy! We knew that we needed to start planning… and fast. There was lots of stuff to get ready, and a deadline without extensions!We checked out a lot of diaper bags. What we wanted was the best and most useful bag for our family, with the price being secondary to overall value. At the high end, we looked at bags from Coach and Vera Bradley, as well as at many more common ones such asPetunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag (Misted Marseille)and many others. But all were lacking in one or more ways. Most other bags were simply not large enough – twins need two of lots of different things! Some also were not as easily clean-able as this bag – they might be machine washable, but the fabric was also somewhat absorbent and absorbency and the baby input/output cycle do not mix well.We found this bag and researched it online as well as we could. Unfortunately, we could not find it in any stores near us, so we took a leap of faith and registered for it anyway.Boy, are we glad we did!This is one awesome bag. Here are the highlight features:
• It’s big enough! Two blankets, 2 extra sets of clothes, several extra onesies, paperwork for the doctor’s office, piles of diapers, changing supplies, a camera to capture all of those moments, snacks for Mom and Dad, space for multiple bottles (for future use) and room to spare – this bag holds it all.
• Great washable material & it’s easily wiped off when necessary.
• Magnetic closures on small outside pockets – much easier than snaps or zippers to use one handed!
• High-quality zippers – they just plain work, work well, and work easily every time. Ju Ju Be spent a few extra dollars on high-quality components, and it shows.
• Great little details, such as the little diamond accents on the hardware. It’s just something else to make this bag special.We also outfitted ourselves with theJu Ju Be Be Connected Stroller Attachment, Silverto hang it off of our stroller, and everything works together great.The Ju Ju Be bags are definitely not the cheapest ones around. They have several different sizes and styles to suit your particular needs. But for our family, this one was simply an awesome choice!

Cecilia Farwell, TX

This bag is amazing

I needed something with the qualities of both a diaper bag and a roomy carry-on bag, and this was it. I was traveling solo on an airplane with my 19-month old, and didn’t want to have the stress of trying to cram everything I might need into my smaller purse-like diaper bag, or, even worse, trying carry two bags, a toddler, and a stroller.The bag is good-looking (nice pattern but not obnoxious- I know I won’t get tired of it in 3-5 years), very, very roomy, and really well designed. I could fit:-3 changes of clothes-large-ish diaper envelope stuffed with wipes and 3 pull-ups (instead of carrying a huge diaper bag to the airplane restroom)-several squeezy food packs, crackers, and a sandwich-extra pull-ups-a toddler jacket-a thin blanket-several toddler books and sticker books-a couple of small toys-a water bottle with a straw-my water bottle-my wallet-small cosmetics bag-sunglassesand it STILL was nowhere near full. It also fit nicely under the seat in front of me, with room to spare. The mom compartment (for your wallet, keys, etc) is genius. I never had to fish around for my stuff.Now, this is a big bag- it’s a carry-on bag. I packed my smaller purse-like diaper bag (a Skip-Hop Versa) in my luggage (totally empty) to use during the other parts of the trip. When #2 arrives in November, I may use the Ju-Ju-Be more (beyond air travel) but for one kid it’s probably too big for everyday use. That said, I’m glad this bag is as huge as it is- it’s exactly what I needed.I also chose this bag because I hate backpack-type bags (personal preference). I seriously considered the Petunia Pickle Bottom Weekender, but decided it was too floppy and unstructured- it seemed like a huge lake of a bag where things could just disappear. The Ju-Ju-Be has a lot of smart compartments that make it easy to find what you need pretty quickly. I haven’t washed it yet, so I don’t have any comments on how well it holds up.

Elda Novato, CA

Just what I was looking for!

This diaper bag is big… Really big. I have a 2 year old and a 2 week old and I knew I would need the space. Here is why I bought this bag:- it’s waterproof, therefore won’t stain.- the bottle pockets on each side. Easy access and they secure shut with magnets.- the mommy pouch. Everything of mine goes in there. Pens, lip gloss, wallet, sun glasses, check book, small note pad, keys, cell phone, ect.. Plus my husband knows where to find my things. No more digging for keys!- main pouch opens up wide! You can actually see what you’re looking at, thus making it easier to find things.- memory foam changing pad. Just another bonus!- button front pouch. A perfect fit for the iPad, a notebook, paperwork or a book.- messenger style bag. It goes over the shoulder and doesn’t slide off. The tote handles are great for portability too.Probably the best diaper bag ever. Well thought out design and practical function. Good quality material too. This one is a keeper! I also bought the Be Quick pouch but have not yet received it. Because the Be Prepared is so big, the Be Quick will be good for quick trips to the store, doctors office or diaper changes. I recommend the Be Prepared bag to anyone with 2+ children because it’s big enough to hold everything you need, Happy diaper bag hunting!

Ilene Montgomery, WV

Amazing diaper bag

I use this for a diaper bag for twins. I’m able to fit everything I need into this bag without over stuffing it. The seams, zips and fabric of the bag seems to be high quality and will stand up to wear and tear. Inside there are handly compartments to keep things organized. I can actually fit my pumpinstyle backpack inside the diaper bag. I highly recommend this bag if you have more than one infant.

Mandy New Auburn, WI


Great fabric, tons of pockets, very large but not heavy. Changing pad is handy – plenty of inside mesh pokets and happy to tote around

Alison Sorrento, ME

I love this bag!

I love this bag. I’m a mom of a singleton but I prefer to carry a lot of things for her (high chair cover, fave stuffed animals, extra blanket etc) so I am a bit of an overpacker. This bag is perfect. It is definitely on the bigger side which is what I was looking for. It is a solid, durable, well made bag and I love that it is machine washable. The strap is comfortable and the pockets are well thought out and actually make sense. It’s easy to find everything even when the bag is full. My one complaint is that if you put a heavy item (full wallet) in the “mommy pocket” the bag can tip over slightly. But I usually just carry my phone and a few cards and in that case it is fine. JuJuBe has never let me down!

Stefanie Painted Post, NY


Big enough to fit enough supplies for my twins for a full day including cloth diapers! Cleans well and very durable. Plus the print is super cute!

Mildred Timnath, CO