Ju-Ju-Be Be Rich Earth Leather Wallet, Black/Dizzy Daisies

Ju-Ju-Be Be Rich Earth Leather Wallet, Black/Dizzy Daisies

The Ju-Ju-Be Be Rich wallet has a place for absolutely everything, including an outside cash/coin pocket for easy access to your money, tons of credit card slots (thank goodness!), gusseted interior pocket for checkbook and register (or coupons)… and more! long size holds cash and checkbook completely secure for peace of mind exterior zippered pocket has divider for coins and cash tons of credit card slots….18 or so to be exact (or not so exact) easy snap closure that makes for quick escapes from the store- three lengthwise pockets inside to put coupons, checkbook and other stuff Ju-Ju-Be is about more than designing fun and functional diaper bags, it’s about being eco-friendly, too! The Earth Leather Collection from Ju-Ju-Be features diaper bags and accessories that are made of a material that is animal friendly, extremely durable and even machine washable. Ju-Ju-Be now allows moms to be fashionable, practical and environmentally conscious! Ju-Ju-Be provides today’s parents with the best of technology, style and attitude. This functional collection of diaper bags is intelligent while still fashionable and fun! Every Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag features a brightly-colored satin waterproof lining with a special antimicrobial treatment to kill germs, mildew, fungus and bacteria. Other smart features include a comfy memory foam changing pad, Teflon® fabric protector to keep stains at bay, insulated bottle pockets, quiet and easy magnet closures, a “mommy pocket” with easy access and tons of great organization, and special “crumb drains” at the bottom of the bag pockets so crumbs stay out of your bag and out of your way. The convenience of a Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag just can’t be beat!

Main features

  • Long size holds cash and checkbook completely secure for peace of mind
  • Exterior zippered pocket has divider for coins and cash
  • Tons of credit card slots- 18
  • Easy snap closure that makes for quick escapes from the store
  • Three lengthwise pockets inside to put coupons, checkbook, and whatever else you may have

Verified reviews


Great Wallet, even aside from diaper bag

I absolutely love Ju Ju Be products! They have thought of everything! I’ve been looking at tons of different brands, etc for a great diaper bag, and accessories such as a wallet/ food tote but couldn’t find anything that met the requirements (even in very high end designer bags) until I happened upon Ju Ju Be brand. This wallet is the perfect accessory to the Ju Ju Be bags!Their Be Rich wallet is the perfect companion to many of the Ju Ju Be diaper bags (I have the BFF and the wallet fits great in the Mommy pocket), but is also a great wallet to use in general apart from the diaper bag. The fo leather is great looking and doesn’t look cheap, plus it wipes clean and is machine washable! It has tons of card slots and room for everything in the wallet. The change/cash pocket on the outside is well designed for quick access. I’m very pleased with the quality of this wallet.See Ju Ju Be’s website for videos and descriptions of the inside of the wallet!At first I had trouble deciding between the Be rich and the Be major, but definitely made the right choice in going with the Be rich wallet!

Yvette Homestead, FL

Many credit card slots!

Best wallet ever. My old one needed to be replaced.. and I tried looking for one with enough credit card slots and still classy.

Jeanne Nunapitchuk, AK

credit cards don’t fit in slots!

I extensively read many reviews on this wallet and decided to take a chance. I thought I was going to love this wallet. The earth leather is definitely does not look/feel like earth leather. There are plenty of slots but it was actually quite difficult to get my cards in the slot. On one portion of the wallet, the slots were completely unusable as the snap impinged on the area where you insert the cards. I am returning this to amazon, but I am not sure if all the wallets have the design flaws or if it was just particular to mine.

Elaine Palmyra, MO


I got this to match my brown be fabulous bag and really love it. It’s the perfect length and though it’s thick, it’s not as bulky as my last wallet. It has a TON of room for all my cards and the setup keeps it from becoming extra thick.

Milagros Denton, KS

A little different than what I expected…

Well, I had been wanting this particular wallet for over a year and finally took the plunge and purchased it.It is a little bulkier than I expected. The Earth Leather material really does look like a faux leather. There is no way I could ever be convinced the look is similar to real leather.There are a lot of slots for cards and things but for some reason, it holds the same amount as my old wallet yet it is about 1.5 times bulkier. My old wallet definitely needed to be replaced and I could never find a similar one so I had high hopes this would be the perfect wallet. Alas, it is not.

Ingrid Snow Lake, AR