Ju-Ju-Be Behave Earth Leather Diaper Bag, Brown/Zany Zinnias

Ju-Ju-Be Behave Earth Leather Diaper Bag, Brown/Zany Zinnias

This bag features a front exterior pocket which includes a zipper pocket and card slots, and side exterior pockets that are super sneaky: one is insulated to keep your drinks warm or cold, and the other is soft to protect your sunglasses. Other features include a detachable and adjustable messenger strap that has a removable memory foam shoulder pad, an interior dividing pouch, inside organization including 5 gusseted pockets, three zippered pockets, three pen loops, two lipstick/gloss loops, and one scrunchy key fob, AgION antimicrobial linings to kill germs, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other bad stuff, metal hardware, light-colored linings, and smart pockets. Machine washable.

Main features

  • Earth leather washable outer fabric and aglon protected linings, easy clean up and anti-microbial
  • Animal free, supple and as durable as leather
  • Versatile, multi use bag
  • Loaded with feature that makes it easy to stay organized
  • Machine wash, air dry

Verified reviews


BEST diaper bag I’ve owned (and I’ve owned A LOT…)

My husband would consider me to be the Goldilocks of diaper bags. I started with a gorgeous Petunia Pickle Bottom bag, but it was too narrow and deep to find anything, or to get into it while carrying it and a baby. I moved on to a giant Target purse, but that one didn’t have enough pockets. Next, a Fleurville Re-Run bag that was difficult to close and uncomfortable to carry as a cross-body bag (a necessity for an Ergo-loving mama such as myself). From there I moved on to a pretty blue flowered Boden diaper bag that was huge and roomy and I loved it, except that it was too huge and roomy and it was like carrying around a duffel bag all the time. Then I stumbled upon the Jujube Behave bag while shopping at a local baby superstore. I was carrying my 6 month old in the Ergo, so I decided to sling the Behave across my body and see how it felt. It was surprisingly comfy and it didn’t even look like a diaper bag! It looked like a fancy leather purse, only it wasn’t real leather. I fell instantly in love, but could not bring myself to fork over the $160. So, I added it to my wish list and I received it for Christmas. I cannot rave enough about this diaper bag. I am not a heavy packer, so this works very well for me and I still have space left over. I have two children, but most of what goes into this bag are my usual purse contents (wallet, checkbook [Why? I don’t know…], notepad, cell phone, keys, small toiletry bag of assorted lip glosses and lipsticks, sunglasses, tissues) and items for my baby (diapers, wipes, change of clothes, spoon, bib, diaper cream, Mum-mums). Now, I do find that when I put a changing pad inside the purse, it gets a bit too bulky. If you use those disposable travel ones, I’m sure it would fit fine. Again, this is my second child, so I either leave a changing pad in the car, or I cover the public changing station with a bunch of paper towels and that works just fine.Honestly, this is the first diaper bag that I haven’t tired of after a few days of use. Plus, I can use it the few rare times when I’m out and about by myself and it doesn’t even look like I’m carrying a diaper bag. This one is definitely “just right.”

Elisabeth Whitingham, VT

A diaper bag in disguise.

This diaper bag is everything that I wanted. It has the messenger strap, AND the tote straps, which is a heaven sent. These features are hard to find in the diaper bag world. The earth leather feels great. The inside has plenty of pockets. You can find great videos that really showcase and explore this bag inside and out on the little dudes and divas website. You’ve got to get this bag.

Sybil Lebanon, KS

former backpack mom with 3 boys under 4 loves it!

I never ever thought I could ‘pull off’ this bag. let me explain. I am a former backpack girl. I own and love the ju ju be Be Right Back 2.0. I love to be hands free. I have three boys under age 4, yes, three! We cloth diaper. My two older boys love their sippy cups. I need to carry a lot of stuff with me to feel prepared. I fell in love with the Ju Ju Be earth leather when I ordered a Be Quick in earth leather. Yes, you can tell its not real leather, but its still fabulous. It has a soft, glossy, quality feel. It has an expensive look. It’s machine washable! I love it. As our lives get busier and busier I found myself craving a bag that I could reach into instantly but also be hands free. So I started looking at messenger-style bags. I was about to settle for the Ju Ju be Hobobe which has great reviews, but I was sad it did not come in earth leather. Finally, I took a closer look at the BeHave and decided that I would at least give it a try. (Amazon is currently offering free returns for select handbags…yeay!)I never thought all my stuff would fit, but I came to terms with downsizing. Well.. it came.. I packed it up.. and I am shocked! It has an amazing capacity! It has become my new favorite bag by a landslide. I own the brown/teal version and I will mention that it might have been better to purchase the brown/zany zinnias instead of the teal. I find the teal a little bit dark and, owning other Ju Ju Be products, I know that I prefer having the lighter colors on the inside. However, the price of the brown/teal version was only $134, so I did save a bit of money by ordering the teal version. Back to my loves – BOTH kids sippies fit in the side (yes, 1 of the sippy cups is a tight squeeze, being put in the sunglass holder pocket, but it fits!) pockets, & I even have space to cram in a bottle of water for myself in the main pocket! All of my stuff fits, and the best part is that it looks super stylish and svelte! I, of course, wear it messenger style, but I use the shorter tote straps occasionally as well. I enjoy being able to reach in (I keep it unzipped) and grab what I need instantly. I am impressed with how lightweight it is. Overall, this is an amazing bag. Yes, like most Ju Ju Be products, the price is a bit high. But, consider that you can also use it for a purse when the little ones are grown up. I just love it and think if you are even considering it, you should just take the plunge and get the BeHave. You will LOVE it! here’s my short pros and cons list for those interested.cons -earth leather may show signs of wear eventuallyno metal feet on bottomMommy pocket is smallsome of the interior pockets are small, and therefore not extremely usefulpricepros -earth leatherstyle and cuteness – looks like a pursesizeside zipper pockets that can be used for bottles/sippy cupsversatility – able to wear as messenger, short tote, or long totepadded shoulder strap that can be hidden alongside the bottom of the bag while remaining attachedget it, you will love it!

Jill Manasquan, NJ

Gorgeous, comfortable, organized, almost perfect

If you are reading this review, are probably wondering if this bag is worth the $160 cost, especially since it is not real leather. I wondered the same thing, and having owned this bag for over a week, I can say yes…for the most part. The exterior of the bag gets an A for construction and quality PVC-free materials (warning: some scuffing will occur since there are no feet on this bag, but it can easily be covered up with a Sharpie). This bag also gets an A+ for style…I wouldn’t even know it was a diaper bag if it wasn’t for the the glaring Ju Ju Be front logo plate (wish it was smaller!). The bag I received (in black) had absolutely no flaws: the stitching was perfect, there were no scuffs anywhere, no tiny marks, the zipper was very smooth and well aligned. I pretty much always expect some sort of flaw, especially when a bag is produced in China – there is always something. Not so with this bag. The faux leather can best be described as smooth and shiny. It does not have the heft of real leather, nor is it buttery soft. The strap drop (about 9.5″) is comfortable, though I wish there was some grip to the underside of the dual shoulder straps. The longer strap allows me to wear the bag crossbody (I’m 5’9 and strap extended long enough). The longer strap comes with a removable pad which has a grip on the bottom. I found the pad to be obtrusive and uncomfortable/dorky, though, and don’t use it. The front pocket is roomy enough for a small square wallet or your iPhone, plus it has a smaller zipper pocket for essentials you need to keep secure (it would fit cash and a few credit cards). The interior of the bag is jam packed with pockets: 3 small open pockets on one side, 2 larger open on the other (both large enough for a few diapers or wipes box), 3 small wall zipper pockets, and 1 large middle pocket. The large middle pocket is the most useful – it is a great place to “hide” diapers. The smaller 3 pockets are less useful – they aren’t big enough for sippies, are too big for my cell, too small for my wallet, and aren’t elasticized so not great for storage for bulky items like reusable grocery bags or spare socks. I just don’t have a use for them. The larger two pockets on the other side fit diapers and wipes, but since the bag is short, it can be hard to close the zipper when you put size 6 diapers in the larger pockets. The three small zip pockets are OK but I wish there were two small zip and one large, deep zip pocket that ran the length of the wall of the purse. The pen loops seem loose – wish they were pen pockets instead, though, since my pens always fall out of them. I don’t use the keyfob because it isn’t detachable – I hate having to remove my keys from the attached purse fob whenever I want to start my car. The side bottle pocket is awesome. Wish there were 2 bottle pockets, actually, since I already have a case for my sunglasses and don’t need one to be built into my bag. In any event, this bag is nearly perfect: the only things I would really change are the pockets and interior layout – fewer pockets, and add few elasticized pockets for sippies, burp cloths, wallets, spare clothes. It is still a high quality bag, but the organization is in hyperdrive. Is it worth the cost? Yes. Absolutely. Just wish the organization was better suited to my needs.

Casey Arlington, OH

Love love love this JJB bag

This was my first JJB purchase and now I am totally obsessed with this brand. I am ready to buy all their products.The first time I used this bag was for a three day trip away with no kids. It held my ipad, make-up, toiletries, sun glasses, large wallet and a whole bunch of other goodies. I was truly astonished by how much fits in this bag.For every day use, I use the separator as the dividing line of kids vs. my stuff. I am a pretty messy bag stuffer, but this bag has helped me clean up. I have two boys 4.5yo and 16months.Here is a list of everything currently in my bag:Coach wristlet stuffed with all my cards, change, cash, lip gloss, receipts.4 – size 3 diapersWipes hard caseTissue packPair of cotton pants for my 16month son2 juice boxesBottle of water2 baby fruit veg packets3 other kid snack thingsPaperworkiPhone in front pocket. That is the only thing I keep there.Tampons and a padBatman figurinePros:Front cell pocket. I can easily grab my phone without digging around thru the whole purse. Seriously every purse should have this.Key fob – I don’t use this every time I am out, but I usually lose my keys in my purse and this is a fantastic idea.The bazillion pockets – JJB helps disorganized moms stay organized or feeds the craziness of the OCDs.Roominess – I cannot believe how much I can get shoved in here if needed.Styling – I love love love the steel gray color and lavender lining. the shape is really cute too.Cons:This bag might not be for the over packer or people who need to pack a lot of stuff. I do not see this working for a newborn baby bag, but is wonderful come like 1 yrs old.This bag is used for everyday run around, birthday parties, shopping, but not for extended time where I would need to bring 2 pairs of clothes for my boys, blankets or toys. For that I need another bag and am probably going to purchase the JJB be prepared or BFF.Seriously buy this bag! I have even convinced a friend with no kiddies to purchase this bag.

Liza Hadley, PA

Better than the PPB touring tote!

Okay, I don’t actually have a touring tote to compare but I did my research and the Behave has so many extra features. I mostly like the earth leather look as opposed to the PPB prints which are pretty but don’t fit in with an everyday wardrobe. Even the hobobe has nothing on this bag. Surprisingly, nearly everything that was in my jujube BFF bag fits in this one too! And we cloth diaper! Great purchase, I just wish it came with more accessories like a changing pad. Also, yes this bag is expensive, it’s not real leather so the price can seem kind of out there. What you’re really paying for are the patented jujube features. It’s machine washable, has insulated bottle pockets, anti microbial light colored lining, key fob, and oodles of organizational pockets. I wish it was less expensive but all in all, as long as it holds up over time I’m okay with having shelled out $$$.

Patty Bloomingdale, GA

Just too small for an infant diaper bag!

If you are looking for a smallish purse to throw a few toddler items into, then this will work for you. I can find a cute big mommy purse for much less and throw a be quick with diapers and wipes in it for an older baby but there is no way this bag would work for me with a small infant. Overall nice quality bag but I prefer ju ju be’s fabric to the earth leather.

Yesenia Cedar Grove, WI

Nice but not for me

This is a nice bag but not for me. I have a four year old and a one year old. I was looking for something to use as my purse/toddler bag. I also will carry a snack or two for my 4 year old. This bag had enough room for my stuff and a few diapers and wipes but not much extra space to spare. I could not fit very many snacks without it looking stuffed and not zipping. I also like to have a little space left over for the extra toy or snack cup I need to toss in at the last minute. The quality of the bag appeared to be very good but did not look like real leather. The texture of the earth leather felt a little cheap to me. It was very comfortable worn both tote style and messenger style. I would recommend this bag if you are looking for a purse and just want to throw in a few of your kids things or if you are a very light packer.

Allyson Spencer, WV