Ju-Ju-Be Changing Pad, Fuchsia Blossoms

Ju-Ju-Be Changing Pad, Fuchsia Blossoms

So sometimes things get lost. Here’s a nice way to add an extra pad to your bag if you leave the original one behind. They make great stadium seats at the soccer game. Add this awesome Be Light Changing Pad to a Mighty Be, your Behave or a Be Quick it washes up great. Teflon so stains don’t stick. No one likes yukky things that grow in the dark. Machine Washable, air dry. 21 x 12 (length x width). The light changing pads are made of light fabric and are NOT padded.

Main features

  • Teflon treated outer fabric = easy clean up and anti microbial
  • Lightweight
  • Reversible and durable
  • Is a perfect match Ju Ju Be bags and goes well with others too
  • Machine wash, air dry

Verified reviews


Not worth the money

I ordered this thinking it would be a replacement change pad for my Ju Ju Be diaper bag, as in the same/similar quality to the ones that actually come with the bag. Instead this is basically just a piece of fabric, way too thin fabric. I wanted another change pad so that I could wash one while always having one in my bag. However, this one is just not good enough. There is no padding, and is just thin fabric. It is also a little smaller than I was expecting. Basically save your money, and skip this purchase.

Dessie Alma, AR

Perfect for the Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick

I have the Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick, which is a wristlet style diaper bag. I use it when I am just running out quickly and only want to bring a diaper or two with me. This changing pad is perfect for it. It folds up so small that it takes up hardly any space in the bag. I love that I can wash the pad in the washer (which I have done and it came out great). Yes, it is very thin and not super long but I knew that when ordering it and didn’t mind. This is perfect if you don’t have much space but you want something other than disposable changing pads.

Lessie Maumee, OH

Real thin, great for small bags but not for infant.

Like everyone is saying, it is super thin.. paper thin really. I bought this for my behave which is perfect however it would be too thin for it’s intended purpose. I always carry a small blanket in the stroller with the baby so I use the thin blanket for her head nonetheless so this works for me. If you know you have other means to assist you like I do then go for it, it’s real cute and takes NO room in my bag. But if you need a good pad I would suggest getting a different one.

Veronica Orem, UT

Wouldn’t buy again, waste of money

Too small! My son grew out of this by 4 months old. What’s the point if it isn’t big enough to protect him from all the gross stuff on public changing stations!

Dorthy New Eagle, PA

pretty and works great!

This became my main household changing pad because it looks great and it is QUIET. Many chancing pads are made of a loud fabric, and with a newborn baby that stuff startles the baby in the middle of the night. I wanted something that I could grab without waking newborn baby up too much, and this worked nicely. It saved us from many a messy situation, and it washes just fine in the machine- then I air dry it. It also doesn’t stain, which is surprising with all the white design and the staining nature of baby poop. All in all this is my favorite changing pad!

Clarissa Hackleburg, AL