Ju-Ju-Be Hobo Be Messenger Diaper Bag, Flower Power

Ju-Ju-Be Hobo Be Messenger Diaper Bag, Flower Power

The Ju-Ju-Be 12HB01AFLP Hobo Be Messenger Diaper Bag is chic, smart and functional with added innovation and versatility. Is it a purse or is it a diaper bag? We don’t know, but isn’t it fun to say? It will be that much fun (or more) to carry it! Packs up great for baby, the Hobo Be Diaper Bag looks like a fashionable purse but has all the same features as an ordinary diaper bag. When you’re ready, take out the changing pad for a full-fledged purse. How’s that for flexible and fun? Be yourself and more with the Hobo Be. The inner lining is protected with AgION natural antimicrobial treatment, which inhibits and reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The outer fabric is treated with Teflon fabric protector so you can repeal stains and keep your Hobo Be clean. The front “Mommy” zippered pocket is large enough for Smartphones, wallets, keys and other personal items. Inside are (3) smaller pockets with a key fob stretch cord. A small external zipper pocket is constructed with soft felt that’s perfect for glasses and other fragile items. The main zipper pocket is large enough for diapers, wipes, soft toys and other items for quick trips. The back pocket is designed with crumb drains to keep this area clean and includes a small changing pad and snaps button closure to keep the pocket closed. “Bottle” pockets are located on either side of the bag and insulated to keep all your items hot or cold. The Flower Power design is a multi-colored fabric that’s lined in a bright yellow trim, detailed with metal hardware and an adjustable memory foam shoulder strap with textured fabric underneath to prevent the bag from sliding off your shoulder. This bag is machine washable and measures 13.5-inches by 9.5-inches by 5.5-inches in size. The Ju-Ju-Be 12HB01AFLP Hobo Be Messenger Diaper Bag comes with a 90-day limited warranty that protects against manufacturing defects.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • Fashionable like a purse with all the same functionality of a diaper bag
  • (3) main pockets, (5) zippered pockets, a “mommy” pocket and a small changing pad
  • Includes Teflon treated outer fabric and AgION anti-microbial protected linings
  • 3M Thinsulate in the insulated bottle pockets
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturing defects

Verified reviews


Best organization available

When I first opened the package, I thought the bag was waaayy too small. But I went ahead and packed it anyways, just to try it out before returning it. Somehow, everything fit. I was shocked. I cloth diaper and those suckers take up more room in a bag than anything else. I can effectively pack two cloth diapers, my wetbag, and my bum spray bottle along with all my normal diaper bag stuff. Unbelievable. I’ve tried a handful of other bags, and this one is by far the easiest to organize. Bright lining prevents any small gizmos from hiding. I’m not a fan of the fact that it does look like a diaper bag, but what can you do?! The organization is worth the image issues I have, lol.

Tamika Woodstock, MN

Not the bag for me!

This is a small lightweight bag. The strap length at its longest is not long enough for cross body (a must with two small kids). I much prefer the size, weight and quality of the ju ju be be hip which has a lower retail price and its been on sale for up to 50% off recently. The hobobe is more like a purse than a diaper bag. However, I do love the mommy pocket on it!

Libby Aston, PA

Not for me

I bought this bag several times wanting it to work but it just didn’t. Considering the small size of the bag it is quite heavy and bulky. I also found it to be awkward to carry. The strap is too long for me to wear it over my shoulder but too short to wear crossbody. The shoulder pad does not move so it looks awkward. When packed the bag looks very bulky without a whole lot in it. If you are looking for a similar size bag that looks more like a purse and is far more versatile try the kipling defea.

Wanda Petoskey, MI

Fabulous as a purse

Can’t beat JJB for organization! I use this bag daily as a purse. The “bottle pockets” are handy for the occassionaly water bottle or other items I want to grab quickly…sunglasses, keys, etc. Phone is easily accessible in the tech pocket.It does tend to slide on the shoulder a bit. It’s the one con for me. But it’s not problematic enough to prevent me from using the bag. The pro of organization just far outweighs the con.

Krista Lake Grove, NY

Cute, but a tad small

I really like this diaper bag overall. Lots of storage compartments and it stays on my shoulder better than most, but it’s just a tiny bit on the small side. I can just barely carry 5 size 1 diapers, a small box for wipes, nursing cover, and extra onsie in it with just a little room to spare for hand wipes/sanitizer.I do like the front pockets for your keys/credit cards, etc., though I’m not likely to take apart my wallet or use this as my main purse. I’d rather have room for my whole wallet.The main downside to this bag is I had to buy the stroller attachment to be able to clip it to the stroller. It really ought to be able to attach on its own…

Susana Laingsburg, MI

Beautiful bag from jujube

This bag is perfect as a purse or a one child lightly packed diaper bag. I love the mommy pocket, the organized interior, and the convenience of the bag. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the short strap. At 5’9 I cannot wear this bag as a messenger. I still love it though!

Linda Poplar Ridge, NY

almost perfect

I ordered this bag because I couldn’t put up with the huge, disorganized space of the Vera Bradley bag I had for my first child. I love the organization of this bag–especially the zippered pockets in the outside for my wristlet and phone, but I wish it were just a tiny bit bigger. I pack light– one change of clothes, 3 diapers, small thing of wipes, mini first aid kit, one light blanket, hooter hider– and it’s full. If I only had my infant, I’d be all set, but I usually need a snack and sippy for my toddler, and then I’m maxing out the two bottle pockets, too.I think I might keep it and train myself to be organized, but I might also have to figure out the next size up. The brand, though, is a winner.

Savannah Carrollton, KY

Best diaper bag ever!

I selected this diaper bag when I had my second child. I had amassed a collection of all kinds of diaper bags from my first child and didn’t like any of them. I was like Goldilocks and her porridge…this one too big this one too small! I really wanted a bag that I could use as a purse and not have it look like a giant heavy baby bag and yet still have room for all the baby stuff.This bag is perfect! They really thought of everything. The material is fantastic easy to wipe off and clean. The pockets are my favorite part. No longer am I searching around on the inside of a bag for my phone or my keys or anything! The photos here don’t do the bag justice. There are zippered pockets, mesh pockets, felt lined pockets, a key clip, 2 bottle holder pockets on the outside. The shoulder strap is nice too keeps the bag up on my shoulder when I am bending over picking up my kids, but not bulky or unattractive. The bag strap extends and retracts so its easy to hang on the back of my stroller. The bag also came with a really nice diaper changing pad. It’s thin but very easy to clean. I’ve stuck it in the wash many times and it still looks new.I’d recommend this bag to any mom or woman! I think I’ll continue to use this for years to come.

Celeste Valparaiso, IN

I love JuJuBe – every

I love the pockets this bag offers and it’s so easy to wipe down. The strap is adjustable but not really padded for comfort and your diaper bag can get heavy, especially if you have two kids!If you’re looking for a complete list of things to add to your registry, visit the website, AllMomsArePerfect.com. In the baby gear essentials category you’ll find a stroller shopping guide, crib buying guide, and a comprehensive article about what you need versus what you don’t need (especially if you’re a minimalist). There’s also articles on what to expect at the hospital and during recovery and how to get the most sleep postpartum.

Tasha Superior, IA

Like it…just not big enough

This bag is beautiful and would be great for a mama that packs light. I tried it on and packed it with some diapers and sippy cups for my two toddlers and it’s just not big enough for me. I ended up returning it and will be ordering the BFF. I would keep it as a backup for short trips if I could afford two Ju Ju Bes!

Bettie Allerton, IA


This is my favorite diaper bag. I used the ju ju be be all in the beginning which I will always love too. I bought the hobobe because I wanted to down size but this bag still fits everything I had in my be all with room to spare. It is all in the organization. I wear this as a messenger cross body bag and it is very comfortable. My husband will even wear it and thinks it is so comfortable. I currently use this bag for a 15mo who uses disposable diapers. The bottle pockets fit her straw cups and my water bottle perfectly. The mommy pocket in this bag is better than the be all in my opinion. I did not utilize the mommy pocket in the be all because it made the bag bulky. I do not feel that the hobobe is bulky with my wallet, keys and other personal care items packed.

Johanna Chester Depot, VT

Love this bag

I really love this diaper bag. Lots of pockets and enough space for a few diapers, package of wipes, muslin blanket, my wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, and water bottle. I still have some pocket space left after that. Only downside is it does look more purse-like than something like the diaper dude bag, so guys may not like carrying this bag.

Tasha Elk Creek, CA

perfect for everyday use

This is a great bag. It’s not too big, but holds all the essentials for a day out. It could totally be used as a purse as well.

Eunice Buffalo Junction, VA

So far, so good!

I ordered this through Nordstrom’s because I had a gift card…It came today and I am really impressed with the quality! It looks really well made and the fuschia is so vibrant. Mine came with the tiny changing pad, too; I know from other reviews that the changing pad isn’t considered that great b/c of its size (definitely small, but if you flip it around, you can get it under your baby’s bottom). I will update the review once I have had a chance to use the bag. But I am very excited so far!

Alissa Georgetown, LA

Best diaper bag/purse EVER!

Love love LOVE this bag and the Licorice Twirl pattern!!!! I use it as a purse (haven’t loaded anything for my 4 year old daughter in it yet!). Excuse my LONG review, but I like to know EVERYTHING before I spend $100 on something, so here you go.First, I love Ju-Ju-Be products. They are well thought out, well made, and super cute! I have been thinking of parting with my Shadow Waltz BFF now that my daughter is 4 and I find myself not using it for her “stuff” anymore, or even as a backpack like I had planned (one of the great features of the BFF is that it converts to a backpack). But I still wanted something that could function as a toddler (not diaper 🙂 bag. This totally fit the bill, and I have NO REGRETS!Here’s why:SIZE:I am 5′ 0″ tall. I do not have a problem with it being too short, too long, or too big. It looks like a normal purse, NOT a diaper bag (I love that). The comfortable padded strap has not slipped (length) at all as someone else suggested, nor has it slipped off my shoulder. I can shorten it enough that it hangs like a normal handbag. I can lengthen it enough that I can wear it cross body when I’m shopping or pushing the stroller. (Cross-body might be a problem for those of average to taller height, but I can’t speak to that….) Although I have not tried it yet (because I’m always wearing the bag), I think it would clip to a small stroller, such as an umbrella stroller, easily (small because the width from each ring on the bag is probably only about 15-16″ at full stretch). Whether or not your stroller tips over with it is dependent on your stroller, really, not the bag. A well-balanced stroller will not tip over with a small load on the handles. Where the strap loops through the rings is where you’d use your stroller clips. (I have the JJB clips, which work great.) It would probably also fit nicely under the stroller in the basket because of it’s narrowness and width and height.FEATURES:On the back there is a pocket the full length of the bag, which is where the included matching changing pad is stored (but I don’t use it). An iPad will fit perfectly, but you won’t be able to snap it closed (iPad too tall). Or a coloring book, or a couple thin books (like easy readers). There are the standard JJB crumb drains there, so I try to remember not to drop change or a pen in there, as it might slide out.In the front there is a big zippered pocket which contains two smaller mesh pockets (mine hold a coin purse in one, and lip balm, a tiny hand sanitizer, lipstick–things I want to grab easily without undoing my whole purse); a big zippered pocket (I keep receipts and coupons in there), a stretchy key fob; and more room still–I had my thin 6×4″ wallet in there, as well as a few pens and pencils.BEHIND that pocket, but still on the outside front of the purse, is a zippered soft-lined pocket (like in other JJB bags) for a cell phone or camera (or whatever). I don’t know why, but I love this pocket. I never used it on my BFF because I kept my phone in my purse. But since this IS my purse now, I keep my iPhone in there. It fits without a phone-case, and with an Otterbox case (although it is harder to get in and out because the Otterbox is grippy, so there is friction–but it still is a great place to keep the phone). Because it is such a secure pocket, I just took the Otterbox off and put on a thin hard decorative case and not it slips in nice and easy. It is so convenient to grab my phone from that pocket–easy, quick access when the phone rings (you can actually hear it from here, rather than buried inside your bag) or if I need the calculator while shopping. Like I said, I really like this feature!The MAIN compartment, which has a nice zipper closure with a grab-tab on one side (and zips closed so that if the purse is on your left shoulder you are pulling the zipper toward the front, instead of backwards –well, it would be backwards if it were on your right shoulder), has three mesh pockets and a small deep zippered pocket, and a full-length zippered pocket. I can’t even fill up this bag. The large zippered pocket and two mesh pockets are on the “back” inside, while the small zippered pocket and remaining mesh pocket are on the “front” inside. The small zippered pocket is narrow and deep. I can’t figure out what to put in there because I can’t fit my hand in there easily (it’s that narrow); I tried change, but it was too deep to access easily. I would probably put some things in there that I already have in a pouch to keep it organized. Anyway, the mesh pouch next to it is deep and wide enough to keep my wallet in now. But it would not fit a standard long wallet (too tall). However, there is PLENTY of room within the bag to hold your wallet. I did have my Bose earbud zippered holder in there and it fit great. The other two mesh pockets are holding 1) a hankie, pack of Kleenex and little re-usable shopping bag pouch, and 2) a small calendar planner, checkbook, pen, a Kindle Paperwhite, and room for more. The large zippered pouch is basically empty–haven’t needed it yet. Whatever you put in there will be up against your body, so it is not good for anything bulky, since you will feel the bumps. So papers (receipts, etc) would be a good option.[I am only telling you what is in MY bag so you can get a better idea of what will fit in YOUR bag]Inside the main compartment I have only a few things (since everything else fit in pockets!)–a small brush, a pouch with all my misc. items (like pocket knife, a few hairbands and clips for myself and my daughter, nail file, and all that garbage I could probably be keeping in that odd-shaped zipper pouch…), a travel packet of Wet Ones wipes (they fit in one of the mesh pockets but I didn’t like how tall they stuck out–although still below the bag’s zipper); the earbuds holder. There is SO Much more room in there. If you use separate zippered pouches in your bag, you can keep things organized in there. It’s big. I think I could fit a change of toddler clothes or some diapers and wipes in there too–but–YEY–I don’t have to carry that stuff anymore. [keep in mind that the more you have in the inside pockets, the more they stick out into the main compartment area–you can still fit lots in there, but you’ll have to dig around more]On the outside are two thin insulated bottle pockets (one on each end) that are flush against the bag (not “open” and sticking out like on a normal diaper bag). I have (at separate times) fit a regular sized bottle of water, a thin tall flip top snack cup, a regular sized (not short and stubby) sippy cup in there and they are secure. I can not fit my travel coffee cup though (like I could in the BFF). Right now I keep my Rx sunglass case in one so it is super-handy. I often drop change or other small items in these pockets, or even my keys if I don’t want to unzip the front pocket and clip them.CHANGING PAD:This pad is not the regular JJB memory foam pad. It is super thin, so it fits in that back pocket without ANY bulk, or you could probably fold it up even smaller and maybe put it inside the bag (but I never wanted something that had been on public bathroom counters/changing tables with a dirty kid tushie on it to be in my main diaper bag compartment!). I’m trying to figure out how I can use it (maybe as a placemat when eating out??) since I’ll never use it for its intended purpose. It might make a nice clean place to set the coloring book or something when out and about, such as waiting at the doctor’s office. Hmmm….You can seriously load this bag down. Because the front large pocket fits so much, you can end up quite bulky there. I’ve seen some good YouTube videos on how people have packed their Hobo Be bags–check them out if you are still not sure about this product. But I’m telling you, if you want a “diaper bag” that does NOT look like a diaper bag (other than the strap is pretty wide and has that pad on the shoulder), or you are looking for a “next stage” toddler/Preschooler bag, this is it, in my opinion. I’ve seen other fancier “purse” diaper bags, but a) $$$, and b) they were too fancy for my style. This is cute and casual.Since there is so much extra room in this bag, I’ll probably pack my matching Be Quick with stuff for my girl–extra undies (just in case :-), crayons, a pad of paper, some disposable placemats, a snack pouch, hair stuff, maybe a juicebox, a few bandaids…all that good stuff.OH! I should mention, if you are really using this as a full-on diaper bag, you can pretty much fit all your mommy-stuff in the front pocket exclusively (wallet, keys, chapstick, pen, etc), and use the entire rest of the bag for kid stuff. Had I had this bag from the beginning, that’s what I would have done.DISLIKES:The bottle pockets are a little hard to use one-handed. In other words, you need one hand to stretch open the pocket, and the other to place the bottle in. You can’t just slide something fat in. The pockets are BIG enough, but the elastic is tight (i.e. secure!), so you have to stretch it out to fit something in (even my sunglass case).I really can’t say enough good things about the Hobo Be. All the normal JJB stuff applies–teflon treated fabric, satin light colored lining so you can see things you put inside!, metal hardware. Love it. A bit pricy, but worth it. And if you like a Ju-Ju-Be pattern or product, snatch it up, because they don’t stick around forever.UPDATE 11/20/13:The bag hooks to the umbrella stroller with the Ju-Ju-Be clips really well. It is the perfect width.

Linda Gerlaw, IL

Perfect size for a day

I love how small this bag is. It fits everything I need to go out for a day and it fits underneath our baby jogger perfectly with some room to spare.

Kristie South Point, OH

love it!! small but great size when you don’t need a lot of things during a quick errand run etc

I love it!! I have the BFF bag too but it is on the larger size which is convenient when traveling or out for long periods. This is small – but its perfect for when you just need to run out. I fit a burp cloth, 3 size 1 diapers, travel wipes, purell, nursing cover. I put my personal things in the zipper pocket

Dianne Bay Center, WA

Had to go with the Better Be instead

I have been searching for a smaller diaper bag since my son is now 18 mos and requires less stuff. I watched several YouTube videos that showed moms putting a ton of stuff in this bag, but it didn’t work for me. I wanted to be able to carry the Be Quick wristlet with diapers and a small pack of wipes in it, two small Fisher-Price animal toys, a cup, a change of clothes, and a small first aid kit. I was able to fold up the clothes and put them in the inside zippered pocket, and I could slide the Be Quick into the center; however, I felt like everything else was simply too tight. I ended up exchanging it for the Better Be, and I absolutely love that bag. I think the Ju Ju Be fabrics are gorgeous, and the Royal Envy was exactly what I was looking for.I think if you are willing to have a very small bag with only diapers and maybe a cup and snacks, this bag could work for you. For me, I needed something slightly bigger, and the Better Be was much more up to par. My other two gripes about the Hobo Be are that (1) my husband thought that the shape was too girly and that he would feel like he was carrying a purse and (2) the changing pad is tiny and super thin. I never would have used that pad because my son’s head and tush wouldn’t have fit on it. Hence, I would have needed to use even more room to carry around a bigger changing pad or some of the disposable ones.

Sherri Bridgeton, NJ

Love the inside of the bag, hate the changing pad and side pockets

I was looking for a small diaper bag that could attach to the stroller but not be wider than the stroller itself. Some diaper bags are just enormous and feel more like luggage than a diaper bag so carrying a toddler with a big bulky diaper bag is difficult. The bag itself was exactly what I was looking for as far as size is concerned. The inside of the bag was perfect to hold a few diapers + essentials of diaper changing. Could even fit a change of clothes and a few small necessities and yet there’s still room in the mommy pocket for all my essentials. Lots of big pockets which is a must and I love that Ju-Ju-Be makes a set of stroller clips to attach the bag to the stroller. I like that this bag can also pass for a purse because of it’s coloring. I got the Licorice Twirl for that reason. I don’t have to carry a purse with a diaper bag and a child so that’s quite nice.2 things I definitely don’t like: why do companies seem to think only moms with newborns carry diaper bags? It doesn’t matter what brand of bag you buy, the changing pads are always newborn sized. Sticking a toddler tush on those pads that are super small and skinny just doesn’t work especially when you have a child that doesn’t lay perfectly still while being changed. I wish there was an option to buy a toddler sized changing pad. 35" long by 15" wide would be great. This changing pad is tiny in size at 20 x 11" and it’s not padded at all. I’m going to make a larger outer pad and attach this one to the top of it so it at least still matches the bag but for the price, I expect a better changing pad. Unpadded and teeny tiny is just cheap in my opinion. I had a bigger, padded changing pad with my cheap $30 Carter’s bag.The other thing that needs improvement, I watched video’s of this bag with other moms and they put adult sized thermos’s in the side pockets which had me thrilled that my daughters sippy cups (Tommee Tippee) could fit. How in the world they did that, I don’t know. The side pockets barely stretch far enough to put her sippy’s in (same size as Avent bottles) and they definitely don’t look like they have Thinsulate in them to keep bottles warm or cold. Just simple lining is what it looks like to me. Luckily I already have a black bottle bag similar to the ones that Ju-Ju-Be sells so I’ll be using that when we need to take a drink or meal with.Because my main purpose for getting this bag was to minimize the size of the bag I was carrying, still be able to fit essentials and not look so much like a diaper bag, I’m going to keep the bag. The quality is really nice and I can see it is made with "better" materials than the cheaper bags out there but definitely room for a few improvements.

Lindsey Mountainair, NM

Fantastic Mom Bag

I can’t say enough about this bag. It’s light weight, it’s small, it doesn’t look too much like a diaper bag. I can fit everything that would be in a traditional purse in the front pouch, leaving the big inner pouch for stuff like diapers, wipes, extra clothes, snacks. The two bottle holders on the sides are big enough for adult sized bottles of water as well. It would be nice if the shoulder strap could adjust just a little longer but it’s still the best mom bag I’ve had.

Nannie Coffeyville, KS