Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pod Pacifier Holder, Lilac Lace

Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pod Pacifier Holder, Lilac Lace

The Ju-Ju-Be 08AA11ALIL Paci Pod Pacifier Holder is a functional case that holds (2) paci’s close to you with a wrist strap and swivel hook. Is it even possible to be too organized? We don’t think so. We think being organized helps keep our sanity. We appreciate having things in their place with easy access and clean! The Paci Pod helps you achieve both. The inner lining is protected with an AgION natural antimicrobial treatment that inhibits and reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The outer fabric is treated with Teflon fabric protector, making it easy to repeal stains and keep clean. The Paci Pod’s interior has elastic to hold each pacifier in place and a wristlet strap with a detachable swivel clip keeps this accessory close to your diaper bag or stroller, eliminating the chance of losing those pacifiers. The Lilac Lace pattern is a purple and white fabric that’s lined in a cool gray trim with metal hardware. This pacifier container is machine washable and measures 3-inches by 3-inches by 1.75-inches in size. The Ju-Ju-Be 08AA11ALIL Paci Pod Pacifier Holder comes with a 90-day limited warranty that protects against manufacturing defects. Founded in 2005, Ju-Ju-Be is a Southern California company that fuses science, style, and attitude to create diaper bags, purses and other accessories that are both fashionable and fun. Ju-Ju-Be assimilated the most advanced technology possible to create a stylish and intelligent product line that’s unrivaled in the industry.

Main features

  • Zippered pacifier holder with (2) elastic straps to keep your paci’s protected
  • Fits other little stuff like retainers, chargers and ear buds
  • Includes Teflon treated outer fabric and AgION anti-microbial protected linings
  • Machine wash, air dry
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturing defects

Verified reviews


nice product but needs to be free of chemicals and non toxic

Nicely made and holds pacifiers well, but they coat it in an antimicrobial, teflon finish, which contains countless toxic chemicals. Not the best for something containing an item designed specifically for a baby’s mouth! I researched what Ju Ju Be coats their fabrics with, and the chemicals used are not safe. Teflon and Agion finishes are not "non-toxic" and should not be used on items that babies are going to be in contact with in any way…pacifiers stored in this and then put in baby’s mouth…not a good idea. I learned this after I had already purchased this and a number of other Ju Ju Be products…a very expensive mistake! I wish I’d known what they coated it with before purchase because I would never have bought them. Ju Ju Be’s products are so nicely made and so practical in thought, that I wish they would make them without the chemical finish!

Lynda Aristes, PA

Compact and Convenient!

It will comfortably hold two pacifiers. The pacifier holder has a latch for attaching to the outside of the diaper bag…very handy. Great buy!The only negative to this product is the lack of a variety of colors/designs.

Alyssa Hollis, NH

Great Product!

I LOVE this pacifier holder. It is a good size (not big at all) but still holds 2 pacifiers (and we are on the 6 months plus pacifiers now). Very good quality – won’t fall off when it is clipped to diaper bag or stroller, etc. It also has elastic inside to hold the pacifiers so they don’t just spill out when you unzip the holder. Washes easily and I LOVE knowing it won’t harbor bacteria, given that my son will be putting this in his mouth.

Robbie Dwarf, KY

pacifier holder

I bought this as I read its anti bacterial… Well, my hubby ask me how would I know if its really anti-bacterial…Anyway, I feel its something i can do without. =)

Ava Deerfield, WI

nice way to have spares

I always had the clipped one on my son and then two extra ones in this little guy. It’s still attached to my backpack!

Jacqueline Reynoldsburg, OH

Great paci holder – attaches to diaper bag so it’s always easy to find

I love this paci holder. I am able to get 3 binkys in this so I never need to worry about being without one. I love that it clips around the outside of my bag so it’s always easy to find. It also washes up very well. Highly recommend.

Erica Poy Sippi, WI

Love it

This is really cute, and practical. Holds my sons pacifiers- clips on the outside strap so it is easy to get to and keeps the pacifiers clean.

Shelby Adolph, MN

Would reccomend

This is really cute and handy. I was not bog on pacifiers but definitely nice to have an accessible designated place to put the pacifier, and it’s cute too..

Miriam Paint Lick, KY

Great little paci pod!

These little paci pods are great. They have elastic straps on each side (when pod is unzipped) and can hold two pacifiers (possibly more if you just cram them in and don’t try to use the elastic straps. These little pods would also be great to hold other little items in your diaper bag, such as hair bands or even possibly small snacks. There are many cute patterns from which to choose – can’t go wrong with JuJuBe!

Eileen Altoona, AL

great pacifier holder

I knew I needed a pacifier keeper to keep my babies pacifiers clean. I was going to get the skip hop pacifier holder but the reviews said the snap was not strong enough on the strap and they were losing the whole thing. I looked into my other options and I found this paci holder. I love it. It has a clasp to hold it on so it never comes off unless I want it to. It can hold two philips avent soothe pacifiers and sometimes I put a third regular philips avent paci. Also there are a lot of colors and designs to choose from. I would buy this again. I don’t know of anywhere else you have find them except on amazon. They do not sell them at babies r us to my knowledge.

Denise Art, TX

Great product, “flaw” with new materials

I’m not a fan of the new zippers they’re using with this last batch of releases. They stick, and with a pacifier pod that’s something you don’t want. The older prints have an easily accessible, smooth zipper that you can unzip one handed. The Mister Gray print does not.

Ophelia Brooksville, FL

Pretty Good

Stylish and nice and it’s really handy to be able to grab the pacifier easily without having to go through the whole diaper bag.

Ivy Energy, IL

Perfect coordinate

larger than I thought, but could work as a paci pod or holder for any small items. I love the metal hardware that feels sturdy and secure when attached to the bag.

Helen Haskell, TX

Very handy and cute!

I am very happy with this buy. I can always find a pacifier for my daughter on the go in this little holder and don’t have to worry about it being dirty, etc since it is always kept in this for when I need it. Nor do I have to search through the entire diaper bag either because it has its place in this. It also looks good too, not too childish.

Melba Ft Mitchell, KY

Perfect for 2 pacifiers

I love this paci pod! It’s well- made and fits two standard pacifiers. It’s great to be able to easily move it from the diaper bag to the car seat. A worthwhile purchase!

Sonia Gulliver, MI

A diaper bag “must have”

I bought this on a whim before my son was born…so glad I did! It has made life much easier. Holds his Gum Drop pacifiers perfectly (two fit with ease and I could probably squeeze in another if I had to). It keeps them protected, but easily accessible. The pod is well-made, doesn’t show stains and easy to open with one hand. The elastic bands inside are great for securing the pacifiers so they don’t fall out when you open it. I also used this to hold a nipple shield that I had to use when I first started breastfeeding and my baby was having latch problems.

Harriett Mountain View, MO

Just the right size, sturdy

Bought this before my son was born 15 months ago for my first diaper bag, bought a second (cheaper) one from Babies R Us for the second diaper bag, and that one broke after a few months. Replaced it with another one of these. Sturdy, just the right size for one or two pacifiers plus a tether. Hook mechanism is easy to use and more reliable than snap closure on some other paci pods. Cute designs as well.

Tammi Quebradillas, PR

Stylish and functional

This paci pod looks great and easily holds two pacifiers. I have gumdrop pacifiers in there and it could easily hold three. I believe this would work with any pacifier. The quality is top notch.

Summer Sigel, PA

Two Stars


Mia Mayking, KY


I love this pacifier holder. I needed something to attach to my diaper bag where I could get at a pacifier quick. This works well, good quality structure, and good basic black.

Nan Cromona, KY

LOVE this pod!

These are great! They are larger than I expected. Both myself and my boyfriend each got one for our respective diaper bags and they’re great! I have the black and hot pink and he has the black and teal. They are both extremely beautiful and vibrant. I recommend these for ALL! I love that they can easily be wiped down on the go or washed at home. Great way to keep the pacifiers clean and readily available.

Ethel Sherman Oaks, CA

Works great

Works great. My husband has this on his diaper bag and it is perfect for him. He can wipe it off if anything gets on it and there is enough room for two pacifiers in it.

Carly Alexis, NC


Very durable, roomy. Fits playtex pacifier clip, avent pacifier and cover no problem. GOes great with my Be Prepared Diaper bag. Love all Ju Ju Be products!

Maribel Kelly, WY

love it

fits 2-3 pacifiers at one time, including a soothie and a gumdrop.the zipper goes almost around the bag so you have a very big opening (easy access) to get the pacifier of your choice from inside the container. The clip also allows for you to hook this onto any opening on your diaper bag.i compared a lot of pacifier holder/containers on Amazon and I think this one is the best value for your money.

Eloise Notre Dame, IN

Cute and big!

I have quite a few paci holders and this one is by far my favorite! It’s big enough to hold 2 pacis- even the soothies that are a little bigger, and I can put a paci clip in as well. There’s elastic strips on either side, two of them, that hold the pacifiers in place- so when you open it, no worries of them flying out! Definitely ordering another for my purse!

Caitlin Lehman, PA

Love these!

Bought 2 of them. One for my handbag and one for stroller. Great little savers when you’re racing around to find a pacifier.

Rosalinda Laurie, MO

Best pacifier holder on the market!

The other holder I had was the Nuby Paci Cradle and it kept falling off the car seat and stroller so we finally lost that one and ordered this one which I felt was a little pricey but had great reviews. I knew it would never fall off since it has a clasp to attach it to anything…stroller, diaper bag, car seat, etc. Holds two Avent Soothie pacifiers very well with straps on the inside so they don’t fall out when you unzip the holder. (We did eventually find the Nuby Paci Cradle and leave it attached to our stroller but hardly ever use it). Great product and worth the $$.

Tonya Pulaski, MS

love this binki pod

great product, second one i bought. i love this and will continue to use and buy as a gift for others!

Marcy Auburn, MI


It’s nice that you can fit 2 pacifiers inside, however I must agree with other reviewers that it’s kind of a pain to zip and unzip. Plus I found that the nipple of soothie pacifiers would be smushed against each other.

Erika Nelson, VA

Requires 2 hands to open – not effective

I love Ju Ju Be products (I have the BFF bag), but this is one that I wish I had not purchased. I found that it’s not easy to open due to the shape and therefore requires 2 hands to unzip.

Noemi Great Falls, VA