Jumpster Doorway Jumper – Jackpot

Jumpster Doorway Jumper – Jackpot

A giggling and vigorously bouncing baby in the Jumpster is hilarious to watch. More than just entertainment for baby (and the rest of the family), this doorway jumper builds up baby’s leg muscles, increasing her strength for that amazing day when she takes her first steps. The jumper safely secures with a spring-loaded clamp above the moldings of doorways that have a wall thickness between 3 and 6-1/2 inches. The seat is held on with three sturdy web straps that have an open design so baby can easily be placed in or taken out of the jumper without getting tangled up. For comfort, the height-adjustable cloth seat is padded and has a high back. The machine-washable seat is covered in the adorable unisex Jackpot fabric, a navy patchwork print featuring squares of elephants and flowers. A wide tray across the front holds additional toys or teething rings for baby. This jumper is safe to start using when baby can hold her head upright and can support a maximum weight of 25 pounds. –Cristina Vaamonde

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Easy to install, very fun, but watch those fingers!!

I love this jumper! Both of my kids got a lot of use out of it, enjoyed it immensely, but also got there fingers slammed on more than one occassion between the large, hard tray and the door jam.

Claudette Centerview, MO

Not Made Correctly

This item is SO frustrating. What would seem to be a very easy toy to put together cost me over an hour of wasted time. The seat was not made correctly and I could not get it to fit on the frame. I spent a half hour trying to get it on and then a half hour driving it back to Babies R Us. I am going to see if the store has another one and put it together before I leave the store!

Cheri Tripler Army Medical Ctr, HI

Boy loves it, but it still needs improvement!

I know this is a typical design for a doorway bouncer and though my 4 1/2 month old loves it, it needs some improvement. The 3 armed thingie over the seat which is about 2 1/2-3 feet above needs to be higher because since the seat is fabric and pulls right up when trying to get any child out of this it makes it very hard to try and prevent babies head from bopping against the 3 armed thing. Either that needs to be higher or the fabric seat needs to remain in place instead of coming up w/ baby and getting caught on his legs every single time. It’s always very very awkward getting him out as I have to angle him just right and sometime hold him awkwardly in one arm while I manage to get his feet out on the darned seat! Also needs random toys hanging from it as my boy likes to bounce and chew and/or play w/ a toy at the same time.

Maribel Bassett, AR

Watch their heads!

I loved this product until my daughter bumped her head on the doorframe. We installed it in a typical-sized doorframe and it was not large enough. Maybe in a future house our doorframes that have molding (to hold the product) will be larger. Even though I was literally sitting on the floor a foot away from her, as she jumped up and down she swung to one side an hit her head pretty hard. I don’t freak out about little bumps and bruises here and there, but this product does not make me feel comfortable about leaving her side for even a moment.

Lorene Gallatin, MO

My other review wouldnt put the new update in it!

I really want to get my twins one of these, I know they are 8 months already but they still use their exersaucers, I rarely use the walker, I thought these would be TERRIFIC. But I was wondering if you can put one of these on the ceiling or something, like does it only have to be in a door way? My husband wants to put 2 in one LARGE doorway, but I feel that would be way to dangerous. Does anyone know if you CAN do that? Has anyone tried? And is a small 8 month old TOO old? I think its great, my friend had one for her son about 10 years ago, and he loved it. PLEASE SOMEONE WRITE A REVIEW ANSWERING ATLEAST SOME OF MY QUESTIONS!UPDATE!We bought this jumpster and it has worked wonders! Yes my 8 month old boys still fit, though they are scrawny, so I wish we got this one earlier. I found that you cant attatch it to the ceiling, the top is like a “claw” and it sort of grabs the molding above a door frame, so its easy to put on and move, if neccessary. If you don’t understand what I mean by “claw”, go to Graco.com, and find this jumper on their website, than it will show you a video clip if you click on the link, it will explain. The alasticy string will not snap nor will it come off, if installed correctly that is. I can easily pull with all my might and weight and that thing doesnt budge. Its very easy to spot clean the seat, and very easy to adjust the hieght settings. As to whether you can fit two in a fairly large doorway, (mine is 8-10 ft!), the answer is yes, and safely! They are close enough to see eachother but they can not hurt one another. They love bouncing in these things and will for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, the same as the exersaucer. So I can alternate, if they seem kind of tired, I put them in the exersaucer to play with the toys, or if they are really excited and happy I put them in the jumpster. Also if you do not care for the Jackpot pattern, there are more available on Graco.com if your buying online. I did not purchase mine online, but at BabiesRus I got this pattern and a jungle pattern. I hope this helps everyone!

Lucille Vandergrift, PA

Wonderful for an Active Baby

Before my daughter was able to crawl, we would put her in this every day. She was a ball of energy right from the beginning, and didn’t want to lay on her playmat for more than a few minutes, but she LOVED bouncing in her jumper. She’d often bounce for half an hour or more. She seemed to really like the fact that while in the jumper she could see Mama and Daddy and feel like a part of the action. And WE liked the fact that it tired her out a little, so she fell asleep more easily at naptime.Also, it’s very light, and easy to put up and take down, so we took it with us everywhere. It was wonderful for keeping her entertained when visiting friends or relatives.A couple of tips: It works best in a WIDE doorway. Otherwise little fingers can easily get crushed. Also, read the directions for adjusting the height. There’s a trick to it, but once you know it, you can use it even on very short doorways, or if your baby has very long legs.The only drawback was that once our daughter learned to crawl, she found it way too confining, so we were only able to use it for a pretty short time, but she loved it so much when she DID use it that I think it was WELL worth the money.

Rosalyn Chilton, WI

One of the best things we have

I don’t know who is having more fun…our baby bouncing around in it, or my husband and me watching him. From about three months on, he has just adored this. Couldn’t ask for something better!

Dolores Portland, OH

Hopping good time!

Wow, we received this as a shower gift and never dreamed how much our baby would love it. He loves to hop and jump and dance in this thing and can make it turn in whatever direction he needs. So cute! He also likes the fact that it gives him better access to the dog!We love this product!

Georgina Neptune Beach, FL


I bought this when my son was 2 1/2 months. I would sit and help him learn to use his legs and to control his head and body better. Now at four months he uses it by himself and goes crazy. He bounces forever!!! His legs are strong and he is starting to learn to use his legs to stand up and walk. It is crazy! The only thing now is that he is taller than average at his age and is quickly outgrowing it. I love this product so much because he just smiles all the time in it. I hate to see him grow out of it so fast, but he had a great time in it.

Myra Bristol, GA

A Lot of Fun For Our Little One

Our son enjoys being in this jumper because he loves to bounce. I like it because he’s very mobile and it keeps him out from under foot while I’m working in the kitchen, etc. I just move it to where I need to be. I’ve read several reviews that were unhappy with the height adjustmant. Once you figure out how to adjust the strap, it’s a snap – you just can’t do it while baby’s in it. Now that our son is bigger (10 mos.) the strap does slip as he jumps because he’s more vigorous in his actions. I adjust it before I put him in and when it’s slipped to the point where he’s too low I figure it’s time to take him out.

Estella Leonville, LA

My son loves it, but the strap adjustment is limited

My son absolutely loves jumping in the Jumpster! He will even fall asleep in it! I find it to be safe, though you’ll need to make sure your baby holds onto the handles.I wish the straps could be further adjusted. If you have a tall baby, he/she may grow out of it too fast.

Helen Lance Creek, WY

Must Have

This is worth it. I haven’t seen a baby who didn’t love this. This will buy you enough time to take a shower (hang it in the doorway so you can supervise) or dinner with your family. Alternate this with an exersaucer for a nice change of pace.

Lorena Dent, MN

Fun for baby, and for us to watch!

My son is now 6 mos. old and he absolutely LOVES this jumper. We have a lot of laughs watching him go. It’s so easy to install (note– you must have moldings on your door frames or the clamp will slide off) — the only drawback is that adjusting the straps up and down (to accommodate a growing baby) are a little difficult to figure out– the directions don’t help much. I do agree with the comments that this works better in a wide doorway– we use in a very large passage between our kitchen and living room; I cannot imagine using in a regular door way as my baby likes to swing around too much. Also, this works better when baby is a little older. When he was smaller, we had to wedge a small stuffed toy behind him, and we had to stay next to him because he would start to slide to one side. Now at 6 months, he can hold his own. The biggest drawback? He now loves to jump so much that whenever his feet touch the ground, our lap, etc. he starts to laugh and jump!

Janis Wasco, CA

Great, but hard to get in/out of

The door jumper provides calm, fun exersize for our little one who seems to really love it. The biggest problem I see with it is that it’s extremely difficult, to the point of almost dangerous, getting our baby into and out of it. For that reason, I’m only giving it 3-stars.

Guadalupe Paoli, CO

Great entertainment!

This device provided hours upon hours of entertainment for our daughter! It is very well made & something we couldn’t have lived without! We highly recommend it!

Araceli Eland, WI

Great jumper

I have this jumper, just in a different pattern. My son is going to be four months old soon and is VERY tiny. But he is a very active little boy and I knew he needed something fun to do. I didnt want to introduce an exersaucer until about 5 months because its too overstimulating. This jumper is very very nice. I keep his favorite blankets around him and he loves it. He cant bounce too well but he loves the position and if you bounce it for him. It fits in any doorway with a molding over head. It is very very easy to install (took about 25 minutes) and it is very easy to move. Even though it is easy to move, it is very stable. It will not fall and it can withstand even my 2 1/2 year old standing on the seat and “swinging”. It is actually very easy to adjust (my friends daughter is 4 1/2 months and a BIG GIRL). My son loves to be in this and it was the perfect solution to my problem. I am also happy that when he does get an exersaucer, we will be able to “rotate” him from jumper to saucer. I cant see anything more you would want in a doorway bouncer, and it is much safer, more comfortable, LESS room, and more fun than the jumparoo!

Rebekah Bussey, IA

Rarely does $30 get you so much!

We’ve had our Jumper now for 3 years. We first got it when our first daughter was little and she had a ball with it. She pinched her fingers a few times but that didn’t dissuade her from playing in it. She absolutely loved jumping in it and would giggle and laugh for up to 90 minutes. We now have another daughter and we’re getting the same reactions. I just put her in it and she started jumping before she was even in it because of her excitement! There are 3 main benefits to the Jumper. The first, it strengthens your child’s legs because of the constant jumping. Second, it teaches them balance. My daughter just stood up and lifted her hands up as if in celebration of getting to play in one of her favorite toys. Third, it gives parent’s a break from having to watch closely to be sure that they don’t get into something they shouldn’t. Let’s be real for a moment…having a few minutes to not have to worry about your child rolling or crawling to try to get into something is priceless. As both my daughters were more than happy in it for an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon that gave me an extra 2 hours not counting nap time to get other things done that I needed to do including just sitting and taking a rest. It’s just my opinion but I think everyone needs a jumper!The only negative thing about getting a jumper is eventually your child will pinch his/her little fingers. Other than putting the Jumper is a very wide door this really can’t avoided unless you’re willing to line the door frame with a towel. Both of our daughters have pinched their fingers and their reaction was the same, they cried for about 20 seconds and then kept on jumping. After a couple of small pinches they learned where to keep their fingers and after that they didn’t pinch their fingers.

Johnnie Grantham, PA

More bounce to the ounce

I really love the idea of a doorway bouncer, so I was thrilled when MIL got us a Johnny JumpUp. When we put our baby in it at 4 months, though, I realized it does not offer enough support for a small baby. It has a wide range of adjustability, which is awesome, but my baby just slumped so uncomfortably in the seat, not at all like the happy looking older baby on the box.I bought the Graco Jumpster instead, and loved the way he fit in the seat, loved the way it bounced and twirled, but didn’t love the way we already had to set it on the highest setting. My baby is big – 16lbs, 4oz and 26 1/2 inches at his 4 month check-up – but he’s not THAT big!I returned it and instead bought the Jumperoo, which offers better adjustability (like the JJU) PLUS seat support (like the Jumpster). Everyone raves about the Jumperoo, and my baby seemed to like it in the store, so I thought it would be a good product.However…The jumping motion is not as smooth as the Jumpster’s, nor can the baby spin and twirl as in the Jumpster.While it is “portable,” moving it from room to room is no where near as easy as moving the Jumpster.The toys on the tray seemed like a nice idea at first, but they rattle so much as the baby jumps that they are irritating. Yes, you can remove the toy unit but then what is the point?And it takes up way too much room. If you are ready to take down your swing, or have unlimited space, this is fine, but we still use our swing for naps and our house is already overrun with baby gear. (I suspect a lot of people are in the same boat!)So back to the store with the Jumperoo and home again with the Jumpster.I use those linky rings you can buy to attach toys between the straps so my baby has toys to play with that are less rattly than the Jumperoo toys.After buying this item for the second time, my husband discovered that it actually IS possible to shorten the length of the hanging strap considerably without altering the product. You just have to read the directions more closely than I did at first… oops.I know a lot of people think doorway jumpers are unsafe, but I really can’t imagine this item coming lose from the doorway and hurting my child. It is easy to move (the JJU is VERY tough to relocate) yet doesn’t come open so easily that I can see it happening accidentally. The components also seem to be connected in such a way that I can’t see anything coming lose and allowing my child to fall out of the device. Other reviewers have complained of this happening; perhaps the item has been improved since then?

Evangeline Gridley, IL

So far its wonderful

I was very very leery of jumpers. Terrified infact. However, my son was jumping so much in his saucer that I figured I’d give it a go. I am so happy I did. It really does seem very well constructed and my son LOVES it! He is so very funny in it. He is eight months old and I wish I had tried it sooner. He actually sleeps better since we bought it.I still have to say I don’t trust it and I am supervising very closely when he is in it. I am just scared of the thing coming down on top of him because it is so heavy. I practically hung on it myself with full body weight though and it didn’t budge, so I do think it is safe. I do have an old victorian with very big doorway molding though, so I don’t know about newer homes with small molding.

Gayle Benjamin, TX