Juppy Baby Walking Aid

Juppy Baby Walking Aid

Make learning to walk easier, for both of you! This clever baby walker lets both of you move naturally and comfortably – no arm strain for baby, no back strain for you. Unlike other walking assistants, it slips on like a jumpsuit, supporting baby’s entire torso, not just the upper chest. With adjustable length straps so, no matter how tall you are, you can support baby without hunching over. For babies 7-14 months, up to 30 lbs. Machine wash. Imported. The Juppy Baby Walker helps babies learn to balance for walking, while building confidence and preventing falls Allows babies use their arms for balance, an important part of learning to walk To use, place baby on your lap while sitting down, slide Juppy on like a pair of pants, and close the back zipper Fits babies 16″-26″H and up to 30 lbs Made of cotton/poly; machine wash

Main features

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Hand or Machine Washable
  • Will Fit In Your Purse
  • Comes With Free Carring Bag
  • Fast and Free Shipping

Verified reviews


Didn’t work for us yet

My son is 16 months old and still not walking. He never liked walking in this and tries to sit down when we use it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this device, but my son is just going to walk when he wants to in his own time. I should’ve returned this but i forgot. The carry bag is cute, baby blue silky material.**UPDATE** My son ended up walking on his own at 17 months. He just stepped away from the couch one day and walked to the middle of the room and just stood there. We were shocked. We never ended up using the juppy.

Lorraine Camanche, IA

Keep baby safe while learning to walk

We really like this baby walker. I have low back pains and this helps a whole lot since I do not have to bend to help my baby learn to walk. Check out my video review of this product at (…)

Gina Trenary, MI

It works!

My baby loves to try to walk at 5 months, and it’s been awful on my back. This really helps me with my back and helps him walk, he loves it! I would recommend this.

Rosetta Nunn, CO

Not too helpful

I got this product to alleviate the back pain we were all feeling from bending over to walk my little one at about 9 months of age. However, I think this is something that should be introduced to baby before they have discovered the security of one’s hands while walking. I found that she would get really lazy in the juppy and just kind of hang there instead of trying to walk. Looks like she will be learning to walk the old fashioned way, with a hunched over mommy holding her hands! Whats a couple more weeks anyway…

Coleen Starbuck, MN

Great idea, but not what I thought it would be.

Such a great idea, because when my little one was learning to walk it was a big pain in the butt (well, back) to have to haunch over to hold her hands. I purchased this thinking, NO MORE HAUNCHING OVER! This was true, but only if you have one adult on each side holding the loops.When I was holding both loops by myself, I had to walk with my feet wide open so I didn’t kick the baby. Or if I didn’t want to walk like that, I had to hold it in front of my body, which causes a lot of strain on my upper body. Imagine if you’re holding a large bag of heavy, wobbly groceries out in front of your body; it gets tiring quite quickly.The thought was good for this product, but ease-of-use was not the best, unfortunately.

Annabelle Whitewater, MO

excellent product

The Juppy is such a simple idea, I wish I would have thought of it! It does exactly what it says- helps infants learn to walk with your aid but without your back pain.My daughter is nearly 9 months old and is off-the-charts large. It still zips up and has some room for her to grow (but not room for her to be uncomfortable). My husband is 6’4″ and can use it at it’s most extended setting without bending down (but with his arms only slightly bent). The bag and small size make it possible for me to tote it in our diaper bag wherever we go.Beware if you use a bouncer- your infant will need to get a bit used to the Juppy. It only takes a little practice and a bit of patience to help your baby learn the difference. My daughter loves the freedom it gives her. At 9 months, she’s pulling up on stuff, but having difficulty maintaining her balance. I believe the Juppy is helping her to figure out the mechanics of walking.I recommend this as a nice aid to their transition to walking.

Effie Clinton, MO

Great walking trainer

My son liked to be walked around a little by hand when he was 3-4 months old so decided to try out the Juppy. I used this once or twice a week back then, and now that he’s 8 months, once or twice a day. He’s starting to take several steps in a row by leaning forward a bit and walking fast.Overall he likes walking around in this and I like giving him the exercise because he hasn’t started to crawl yet. This is much better for my back as I just shuffle along with him with my back straight and my arms extended down to hold the straps.

Estelle Randolph, MN


I used it for my son.. it’s really cool at first, but it wasn’t as practical as I thought it would be. It does help your back, but my son just didn’t care much for it!

Consuelo Downieville, CA

Its ok…expected more

When I watched wthe product videos on this item. I thought my daughter would be walking right away. At first, she loved the walker. Then for about 2 months she refused to use it. After she took her first steps by herself; she liked using it outside to go for walks. It’s a great idea and maybe it depends on the type of child you have.

Rene Carrington, ND