Juvenile Solutions Baby Cubes

Juvenile Solutions Baby Cubes

The preparation and storage of baby food just got a lot easier with Juvenile Solutions Baby Cubes. Sold as an individual set of freezer cube containers, each cube comes with an attached lid, making them stackable, airtight and dishwasher safe. Plus, they are a great option to take with you when you are on the go. Whether you are storing baby food or breast milk, the Baby Cubes can be frozen and are microwave safe. Baby Cubes are BPA-free. * BPA-free * Stackable * Air tight * Dishwasher safe * Microwave safe

Main features

  • 8 x 2oz/70ml Baby Cubes per package
  • Reduce waste: only defrost what you need
  • Lids attached directly to each cube for convenience
  • 3 measures to suit growing baby’s needs: 30, 45, 70 ml
  • Dishwasher-safe, microwave safe, freezer safe

Verified reviews


Just recyle your old baby jars, seriously

These pop right open if you accidentally overfill them (meaning, fill over around 3/4 full), or even just get a little food near the lip, once they freeze. And then you can’t get them reclosed, and the food gets gross, and you have to use it immediately or dump it. And you can’t microwave anything in these. It got old very fast, gently heating the food in a bowl of hot water (which takes forever).Instead, I purchased six jars of (organic, etc) baby food, fed that to my kid, and now I have nice, durable, glass jars that can bear dishwashing and microwaving. If you make sure the food doesn’t touch the lid, you can be sure no BPA or whatnot leaches into your food.

Cecelia Nacogdoches, TX

Perfect sized meals

These cubes are quite handy. When my son was first eating solids, I was making my own purees and using these, they are a little larger than a 6 month old’s feeding size, but came in very handy once he started eating larger portions. I use these for his school lunches (he’s 14 months now) and they are easy to wash, and the lid is connected so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost.Tip: for earlier ages, using an ice cube tray for baby purees was more beneficial for me. The feeding size of the cubes were perfert.

Claudine Holmes, NY

Baby Cubes 2oz

I use these little cubes all the time. I bought 2 sets and about to buy 2 more. I wish they made them bigger, like 4oz containers. Just make sure when you fill them to follow the fill line otherwise when the stuff freezes the lids will open up and your food will get freezer burned.

Cherry Franklin Park, IL

Love these, although they could be bigger

I have been using these for the last 6 months. My son is on all organic home cooked meals and I couldn’t be happier to have these. I use 3 sets and it won’t hurt to have had 4, but they are kinda pricey…I love the fact that I can take them anywhere during the day, and also travel for extended periods ( i just put them in a freezer bag)The only problem with these is…when the baby gets older you need bigger amounts. My son is still 12 months and he gets 1 cube of fruit and 1 of vegetables. However, I would have liked it if they were 3 oz…

Irene Ridgeland, WI


Excellent product, it helped me keep my babies diet organic and fresh. I used them a lot when they were babies.

Tasha Crofton, KY

Perfect size

Like most reviews I agree that the plastic is a little thin, I dropped a couple of them while frozen and they broke. The 2oz size is perfect (regular ice cube trays are half it’s size) and the frozen food gets right off of it, so I can put them in a bowl and take it with me. You cannot fill it to much or the lids will pop once frozen(like some reviews said)I didn’t have any problems with it after adjusting how much I was putting in it. After reading the reviews about baby food containers I had a hard time choosing one, but I’m actually happy with these. You can sterilize them without any problems. If they were cheaper I would give 5 stars. I recently saw a very similar product @ Babies R Us for half price, it’s their brand. (store only, couldn’t find it online. I will be trying those next time I need to replace these.

Olga Madison, NJ

Good Size

I started making my own babyfood and I like these storage units for the food I have made. The tops pop on nicely and seem to be secure. I wouldn’t throw these into my purse because I don’t trust that they wouldn’t open up. I do like the size of these and I can put them in the freeze and dishwasher with no issues. I would recommend these.

Rosie West Point, TX

Baby Cubes

I purchased these for homemade baby food. The lids stay on perfectly. There is a fill line and I never fill beyond that point. There is a tray that comes with it which can be written on with dry erase marker to label your foods but I have never used it. I really like the fact that I can easily feed baby out of the cubes. I don’t have to transfer to another bowl and they are easy to pack in the diaper bag. The only thing I am not sure about is if they are BPA free. That is one of the major reasons I ordered them. I did a search on amazon for BPA free and this came up but the packaging does not even mention it. Other than that I am pleased with this item.

Della Grand Island, FL

Nice Product

I have used these over and over. i will cut up apples, bananas, etc and freeze them for later use. keeps food fresh.

Neva Memphis, NE

What a disappointment.

I was using an icecube tray but a little piece broke off the corner so I bought these because I thought it might be a little more reliable since it’s actually made for baby food. However, after only a few uses a little bit of plastic broke off (who knows where it is) and that’s almost scarier than BPA or pthalates. We’re sticking with silicone. We have the Kinderville jars that we’ve used when we defrost and take food on the go and I think I’ll fork over the money for the freezer cubes. Plus the cubes pop out of the silicone without dipping in warm water.2 weeks later:Addition to my last review. Just going down to one star. I took the tray out of the freezer (7 mo. baby in one arm) and one of the jars fell on the floor. One corner shattered into a few sharp little pieces. I tried to pick them all up but one little piece had shot across the room and my daughter just found it and almost put it in her mouth. I was going to deal with the last breakage and blamed it on the dishwasher, opting to hand wash instead. But now I’m going to throw them all away. That was really scary. Kinderville all the way.

Mallory Shickley, NE

No BPA, apparently

Very useful product. Seems safe and BPA-free. Only drawback is the dishwasher: you can straddle 2 prongs (surrounding the lid and container) on the top rack, but you still need to lean something heavy on top; otherwise, it’s so light it’ll flip over.

Evelyn Gresham, WI

So so..

This product has a nice portion size, but I prefer Beaba much better although it is more expensive. Removing the babyfood from the cubes leave waste behind. Also, I wasn’t happy with the price. It’s much cheapter at Babies R Us.

Tami Donalds, SC

very useful

my baby is 11 months now and for 4 months I was using it since every day. I am making soups, mashing different foods together and freezing them in those containers. love it!

Lois Brandenburg, KY

Perfect for homemade baby food!

I make all my daughter’s baby food with theBeaba Babycook Baby Food Maker(a *very* generous shower gift) and these little cubes and the corresponding storage tray is the best way to store, reheat, and serve all the food I make her. I like that the lids are attached and that the containers are square, allowing them to be stored in a smaller space than round containers. I have had a couple that have cracked because they were dropped when frozen (I would expect that with any plastic container; it is not a design flaw), but I plan on locating the company to purchase replacement containers. If I’m not able to do so, these are affordable enough to replace an entire set – and I’ll still have saved a ton of $$$ by making my baby food at home.

Margo Glen Easton, WV

Fantastic! Must have for baby

I bought the 1 ounce and 2 ounce and love that they stack in the freezer and slot into the base in the dishwasher. The 2 ounce onces are more perfect for our little one we found so we don’t get as much use out of the one ounce but great product!

Renee Humphrey, NE

Better than 1 oz cubes

I started out using the 1 oz cubes, but had a problem with the lids always popping open. They also didn’t stand in the trays very well. Because of that, I was hesitant to purchase the 2 oz cubes, but I gave them a try anyway. The lids on these are MUCH better because they’re a little deeper. The same for the trays. They’re great for storing baby food or any left over sauces that you might have from cooking. I also love the fact that they’re BPA free so that I can freeze them as well as heat them.

Aisha Lenox, MA

I love these!

My baby is new to eating solids. I baked up a sweet potato, mashed it, added water so it was thin and smooth, and placed about 1 ounce in each cup and froze them. It is so easy to just grab a cube and throw it in the bag for later eating. They thaw enough to eat in an hour to an hour and a half (at room temp). If I am using one at home, I place the cube in shallow hot water to defrost or you can run it under hot water to loosen it and microwave it in a glass bowl. (They say it is microwave safe, but I would rather use glass if I microwave.) I will be buying some of these for friends having babies. I love it!

Monique Pepin, WI

Work great

I bought these two years ago when I attempted to make my own baby food for my older daughter. I gave up and forgot I had them. Now I have another baby and bought a baby bullet. I discovered I still had the cubes and they definitely have some pros and cons.Pro:- the containers of the baby bullet crack when you put too hot food in them, these do not. They work great on hot and frozen food and also work great in the bottle warmer to be thawed or heated up- They are very easy to organize in the freezer with the tray and do not float around like some other brands do- They are useful not just for food. I use them to transport the nipples of the meleda bottles for my daughter to daycare. They stay clean in them and when they are dirty they do not make a mess in the day care bag.I am very pleases with them

Isabel Moatsville, WV

Great storage option

These cubes held a small amount of food and took up very little space in the freezer. I do wish they had a designated place for labels… carrots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash all look the same when they’re frozen!

Wendy Livingston, IL

Might want to check out these containers…

I have some of the same complaints as the other moms. I’ve found a contianer that I like alot better (but they are 4 oz). You may want to check out Sure Lid containers. They are leakproof and have an attached lid. No problems with them so far…Sure Lid Lock-Seal Plastic Storage Containers * BPA Free, Leakproof, Waterproof Attached Hinged Flip-Top Lid with Lock Tab * 4 Ounce/Half Cup/118mL – 2 Per Pack

Elba Hillview, KY