Kaboost Booster Seat for Dining, Green – Goes Under the Chair – Portable Chair Booster for Toddlers

Kaboost Booster Seat for Dining, Green – Goes Under the Chair – Portable Chair Booster for Toddlers

KABOOST is a booster seat for dining that goes under the chair! The portable chair booster is perfect for little kids who want to sit like big kids. Product Features: Compact and lightweight booster chair alternative • Tested and approved • Snaps-on chair in seconds – quick and easy to use, stays attached when chair is moved • Rubberized feet – non-slip, won’t scratch floors, grips chair legs firmly into place • Sturdy design – engineered to improve chair stability, holds up to 300 pounds • Adjustable spring system – fits 4-legged chairs, round, square or curvy legs • Two height positions – same heights as standard booster seats (3.75” and 4.5”) • Grows with your child • Weighs only 3.5 lbs • Easy to fold and carry – perfect for taking to grandparents, friends and restaurants • No assembly required • Dimensions: 13” x 12” x 6.75”

Main features

  • #1 Rated Toddler Booster; Fits 4 legged chairs (round, square or curvy legs)
  • Booster Seat for dining snaps on chair in seconds and stays attached even when chair is moved
  • Portable chair booster is engineered to improve chair stability and holds up to 300 pounds
  • Booster chair alternative is compact and lightweight, easily folds and has 2 height positions grows with your toddler
  • Rubberized feet are non-slip and won’t scratch floors

Verified reviews


piece of junk

This is a piece of garbage. once you get it under the chair, you can’t scoot the chair up to the table. if you want to use it as a booster “when needed” it’s very clumsy, spring loaded, breakable (cheap plastic breaks) and it’s too much of a pain to put under the chair and take away. so if you buy this, plan to use it as a permanent fixture under your chair, scooted all the way up to the table, because it is virtually un-moveable once you get it in place. a real pain in the neck. oh, and it’s not portable. (as in, if you’re traveling) it’s very big and bulky when folded and doesn’t stay folded. it’s huge. if you packed this on a carry-on (on an airplane) you wouldn’t have much room for anything else, so it’s not meant to be portable. overall, it’s a piece of junk. Great concept though. would be nice if it worked.

Lorene Burlington, IN

I wanted to like it so much

seemed perfect, but it broke before we could even use it AND the chair tipped making it not as safe as I had hoped! :/

Deann Saint Louisville, OH

Some Boost While Others KABOOST

Renae Avalon, MS

Great concept and does what it says it does

I spent hours and hours researching a solution for a high chair for my son to sit with us at our counter height island. There were only a handful of high chairs that went high enough, and they were insanely expensive. So I am now using this with the Ikea high chair, because we wanted minimalist design. This is a great solution that keeps our son at the right height. The only flaw for us is that the Ikea high chair legs are kind of flimsy, and the design of the Kaboost means that the four prongs of the device pull in on each of the high chair legs (this is how it stays on effectively). But the high chair legs are now pulled in quite a bit more than they should be, and the chair is much less stable as a result. I’m not sure if other high chairs with 4 legs would have a similar problem, but it is something to watch out for.

Annette Trenton, TX

I LOVE this

I have a Stokke Tripp Trapp which I keep thinking is going to come into its own and never has. It’s as annoying now at 3 years old as it was when my son was 5 months old. Do yourself a favor and buy a cheap tray high chair and one of these when the kids get older. It’s so ace. The only annoying thing is you can’t slide the chair under the table with this on it. The feet are designed not to skid/slide. You have to pick up the entire chair and place it under the table with child in it. Kind of annoying but i do it all the time so it can’t be a deal breaker. I love this. Stop trying to find a stylish high chair and just use your own chair and this!

Mabel Oakdale, PA

Great idea, but issues

We bought this for my 2 year old to be at the big table like the rest of us. She loved being in a big chair and eating at the table. It’s nice not to have to clean under a booster or high chair and all the little hiding spots they all have. This was the perfect solution for us. After about a week of being on the chair (was put on when we bought it and never removed) a little piece of plastic broke off it. It was from where the arms connect in the middle. After less than a year of normal use this this had to be thrown out. The arms just completely broke off and that’s without taking it on and off chairs. I can’t imagine how fast this would have broke had we actually put it on and off chairs.

Diann Greenville, MS

love it!!

This is the best thing ever. My daughter was in a booster seat before we got this but she wanted to feel like a big girl and sit at the table. Just pushing her booster up to the table wasn’t good enough. The kaboost did the job. It’s very sturdy and easy to put on the chairs. plus you can take it to restaurants without it being a pain. I highly recommend it to everyone with a toddler.

Kimberley Kirkland, AZ


My 2yr old still needs a booster seat but wants to keep up with her older siblings and isn’t interested in using it. Several mealtimes of requests for a ‘big’ chair halfway through resulted in either her tears at refusal or me getting out another chair for myself or taking the booster off of her chair. Eventually I decided to just give in and make everyone happy. Our chairs are upholstered so I bought a her a ‘special’ chair (of the $15 Ikea variety) and slapped Kaboost on the bottom. It’s wonderful! There’s no switching chairs, cleaning crumbs out of the booster, worrying about the upholstery or having a chair always taken up by the booster. And the unexpected bonus is that a Bright Starts plastic stepstool fits perfectly between the legs of the Kaboost. Of course that depends on the size of your chairs, but it works out wonderfully for us. She’s not tall enough to climb into the chair with Kaboost’s elevated height and they recommend not standing on the frame of it. So the stepstool tucks in really nicely and we just leave it right there at the base of her chair. It makes her completely independent and completely happy.

Sandra Honey Creek, IA

Smart Design – Elevated Chair too High

This is a well constructed device and may serve some kids very well. In my case however with a 2 year old, the booster elevated the chair too high, so that my son’s legs were right up against the bottom of our kitchen table. There are two height settings on this chair booster, but even the lowest setting was too high for us. For what it’s worth, our 2 year old son is about average height, and our dining set was from a large furniture manufacturer: and fairly typical of the dining table and chair set the average household may have.

Melanie Peru, ME

Smart and safe!

I had to return it because my chair became too tall using it, but is great invention! It is safe for the child, for the floor, for the chair.

Loraine Arroyo Grande, CA

Great idea

This was a fabulous idea. Works great with our chairs. Allows our daughter to eat without a booster. Might be a tight squeeze to fit legs in between the table and chair depending in the height if your table and chairs

Betsy Chestnutridge, MO

almost too much of a boost.

Seems a bit too much of a boost for our dining room. Our chairs are very large and child wants to lay on back of chair but can not as this only helps in height department. I am thinking of zip tie-ing a pillow to back of chair or perhaps a box so child has something to press against his back when sitting. I really want to love this but may return it. Only time will tell if it will work out or not.

Lakeisha Almo, KY

Great Idea

This is a great product. It is super easy to put on the chair and is really durable. The seats that attach to the dining chairs actually damage the chair seat – this base leg booster product positions the chair and child perfectly without damaging the chair and it looks seamless. A great product, I highly recommend it.

Ernestine Delafield, WI

Amazing Chair Booster

Whomever designed it must be a millionaire by now. Such a simple concept yet with so many benefits. It took me less than 1 minute to install the booster. Very stable!

Lois Tremont, PA

Excellent product!

Great product! Fits under chair well and holds a lot of weight! Easy to put on and remove in seconds. Fantastic invention.

Bonita Evansville, IL


LOVE,LOVE, LOVE, I was unsure if this product would work on a chair that has round legs at the bottom it does, love, love, love who ever invented this product it is wonderful, worth the price, no strapping a slipper book to the chair that the child cannot stay on, better than a booster seat, love, cannot say enough good about this product, thank you, thank you…

Nettie Spencer, NE