Kair Air Cushioned Bath Visor, Blue

Kair Air Cushioned Bath Visor, Blue

Totally different from any other bath visors, also known as shower visor, shampoo visor, baby shower cap, baby shower hat, shampoo shield and etc., kair has brought the fluid statics into the design to push the hair washing care to a new class. Kair bath visor consists of a soft air filled sealing tube, a flexible brim and a springy headband embedded inside the lower portion of the brim. The air filled sealing tube acts like a semi-filled inner tire providing a comfortable air cushion between the wearer’s head and the headband. Moreover it utilizes the air inside the sealing tube to distribute the gentle pressure evenly along the wearer’s hairline to achieve a consistent sealing effect. The sealing tube is just semi-filled to allow a sensitive response to the pressure exerted by the springy headband. While some portions being compressed, other portions can be easily popped up to fill any gaps between the wearer’s head and the headband. Therefore, leak proof is guaranteed. Kair bath visor also has an open-ended design, making it truly one size for all. Kair bath visor is also designed for easy to use in both shower and bath with your hands free. All the external parts of the visor are made of silicone rubber as used in many other baby products, so it is safe, durable and comfortable. Kair is a brand new way to spell care for your babies and even you. With kair bath visor in your bathroom, you and your babies will be relaxed with a fresh experience of “simple wear. Gentle care.” leak proof guaranteed by the unique air cushioned sealing design. Hands free and one size fits all. Great for washing little babies’ hair in bath. Great for older kids to learn (or adults) to wash their own hair in the shower. All external parts are made of soft silicone rubber to ensure it is safe, durable and comfortable for babies.

Main features

  • Leak proof guaranteed by the unique air cushioned sealing design
  • Hands free and one size fits all
  • Great for washing little babies hair in bath
  • Great for older kids to learn (or adults) to wash their own hair in shower
  • All external parts are made of soft silicone rubber to ensure it is safe, durable and comfortable for babies

Verified reviews


Doesn’t Work

My 18 month old pulls the visor off the second i put it on. Also, if i can get him to keep it on it takes a few seconds to create a seal around the skin and it always takes too long – i end up dumping water on my son’s head and it does go onto his face. I don’t like it, wish i could get my money back but already threw away the packaging. Not a cheap item, either. Dissapointed 🙁

Bettie Jack, AL

Please do yourself a favor and don’t buy this.

I bought this for a child who is scarred of hair washing. But this is just another form of torture really. It doesn’t fit right on any head (a 2 year old head, 9 month old head or adult-yes I tried it too). It is really tight and kind of painful and if your child is scared of hair washing, this will just make things worse. I would never recommend this to anyone.

Iris Middle Granville, NY

really works

This visor really does work. After trying another that was made of inflexible plastic and didn’t have a secure fit, I ordered this one. Pleased to say that it really does work. Once hair gets wet, it can slide, but if i just position it correctly it works great. Makes washing hair so much less of a fight!

Maude North Berwick, ME

Kair bath visor

It seemed to come out of nowhere but my daughter’s resistance to getting her hair washed was in direct correlation to the water she said would get her in eyes. This was never an issue when she was an infant or toddler but her defiance was strong. Never mind her dad and I telling her to lean her head back and using only tear-free shampoo, bath time became a huge hassle. I am so happy to say that a simply designed bath visor (which is a one size fits all) has restored peace within our household at the dreaded bath time and has even brought some comic relief. Highly recommended!

Kay Shawnee On Delaware, PA

Too constricting on the head

Our child hated this visor. It was too constricting even for a <12mo old. We bought a Tobey brand leaf visor which our child liked a lot better and is cheaper.

Marylou Piggott, AR

works well enough

It would be nice if my toddler kept this on. My baby, even with this on, screams until shower time is over. If left alone, it seems to keep all or most of the water out of the face and ears. My problem is that my squirming baby always seems to get it ajar. Still, it’s a lot better than things used to be before I invested in it. Maybe by age 4 will leave it in place; it does the job if your little one doesn’t upset its position while trying to break fee.

Carmela Sidney, IN

works great!

It actually only took our 9 month old 1 or 2 bath nights to get used to this. The trick to not having any leaks down the face is making sure that this is touching the entire head. We have to push our sons ears down a tad to keep it from leaking, but once it’s on he can keep playing and never acts like he even notices it’s there.

Lawanda Garards Fort, PA

Works great!

I have been using this for several months now since my son was less than a year old. Yes, it is tight as some review state, but that is what makes it work. Plus, you only have it on their head long enough to rinse the shampoo off and then you take it off. My son tolerates it just fine long enough for me to accomplish the task it was designed for. No water in his eyes or ears either.

Sonja Circle Pines, MN

Good item but doesn’t fit my baby girl’s head

My baby girl might have bigger head than others every time I put this hat on her she screams and tears it out right away.I tried it on my own head it is very tight of course I understand this is for baby not for adult but I can feel what my baby feels.

Nellie Sandy Ridge, NC

Def works!!!

Although my daughter still cries as soon as I put this on her head…(she just hates to get her hair washed) this visor is amazing!!! No water gets in her eyes/face/mouth!!! Def a must buy!

Andrea Hopatcong, NJ

I absolutely love this visor

I absolutely love this visor. Its perfect for my 8 month old and my 3 year old. The water stays out of their face. You can flip the hat up or down, but my 3yo likes it flipped down so the water pours down like a waterfall. Its a little pricey, but totally worth it.

Hope Hopkinton, MA

Pricey but it works!

Actually works! I honestly wasn’t expecting this to work as well as it does. It was a bit pricey but so worth it not to have my toddler screaming because water and shampoo were running into his eyes. You do have to play with the positioning to make sure it is pushed far back enough on the head so that there are no gaps around the temples, but once in place the silicon air cushions really form a tight seal. I chose this over the pitcher type ones because those don’t keep the water out of the ears and this visor keeps both of your hands free.

Summer Vernon Hills, IL

Great Item

I was not sure if the product would work at first. But this product has not failed. It fits really well and stops the water from getting into my baby’s face.

Jocelyn Lockbourne, OH

best product!!!

this is the best thing we purchased!!!! makes bathtime so much easier. my son doesn’t not mind getting his hair rinsed now. keeps all water out of his eyes, face. perfect. a must have!

Jenna Mounds, IL

Drastically improved bathtime

My daughter loves getting baths but HATED getting her hair washed because any sort of water dripping in her face would freak her out. Washing her hair was a nightmare until I got this. Once she got used to the fact that this would keep the water from out of her face she was way better with getting her hair rinsed. Sanity saved!

Deena Bruceton Mills, WV

Makes my life easier!

My 2.5 year old has hysterical fits every time I wash her hair. Thanks to the bath visor, she is slowly starting to tolerate the experience. It works exactly as described, just make sure you fit it low behind the ears, and as high as possible onto the forehead. I also found it works better when worn as a traditional visor instead of having the visor pointing up like is shown in the pictures on the box. Also, remember to wait until AFTER you put the visor on to add shampoo to their hair.When I first got it, I let her wear it around the house as a regular hat – and made a big deal about it – so that she wouldn’t be scared when I used it during her bath. She still cried hysterically the first couple of uses, but it took a lot less time to wash/rinse so she calmed down more quickly. Every bath since then, she has stopped the panicked crying. She still doesn’t like it, but at least she’s not traumatized. I also use it on my 14-month old boy who is not afraid of having his hair washed. It just makes the process so much easier!

Maryanne Wilton, WI


I LOVE THIS. It makes washing my sons hair SO much easier. You just have to watch where you put it, because if the sides are too close to the top of his ears, the visor will slip down or water will still slip through and get on their face – i dont know if that happens to everyone – maybe its just me. Just a tip though…if that happens try having it a little higher. Totally recommend

Juliette Hamilton, IA

Buy this.

If you think you need this, you do! Kinda pricey, but worth every penny! After 3 uses with my 2 year old, no more crying when its time to rinse his hair

Imelda Hallieford, VA

Works great, but kid doesn’t like it

This visor does a great job of keeping water and soap out of my baby’s eyes, but I have to work to keep it on his head until the water drips off of it. He is 11 months and I have been using it with him for 2 months, and he is finally getting starting to not fight it as much.My only complaint is that it is rather tight, which is why I think my baby doesn’t like it. However, I also think that is why it works so well!

Clarissa Superior, WY

It’s a great concept

Not a big fan of it. My daughter wont wear it and if you don’t hold on to it when pouring it falls off.

Monica Bogard, MO


If you can start using this early on I recommend it. I bought it for my 3 year old who is very sensitive to trying things she doesn’t understand. I cant get her to wear this yet but had I started earlier it wouldn’t have been an issue. It does work. And it will be nice that both my infant and she can wear the same visor to block out the water. Worth the money.

Hattie Big Bear City, CA


I purchased this for my infant grandson and it still works great after 7 months. It makes a great baby shower gift. Well made and one could also use it on an adult when washing or dying their hair at home.

Leanna Garland, NE


rinsing off my little ones hair was not fun … even though she loves a bath — rinsing her hair was a bit difficult. When I put this on … I can pour water over head with no problem. It does come down the side of her face though … maybe cause she is still small but it does not seem to bother her — the water running down the side by her ears.

Dianne Viola, IA


My daughter had to have tubes in her ears, which is why I bought this product. She has a big head for a one year old, but it just doesn’t seem to feel good on her head. She screams when I put this visor on, but not other ones. It was expensive to not work liek other reviews said. :/

Jeanie Gladewater, TX

no more tears

this visor has helps with bath time. Our toddler was fighting us about washing her hair. She no longer screams when we pull out the shampoo!

Gail Huntington Beach, CA

Didn’t work for us but good idea

My 20 month hates it but I’m keeping it around for when she’s older. It’s a good idea but doesn’t work for us. I used it once or twice on my daughter and it didn’t fit well around her temples, so water still got in her face. It has a softer inner lining around the forehead and its flexible, it fit me tightly but fit.

Trisha Mooresville, AL

Does not work

I can’t believe I bought this. It doesn’t work for my children at all. They have large heads but this doesn’t conform to their head shape easily and water just runs down into their eyes. Total waste of money for us.

Frances Selbyville, WV

Defeats its purpose

This is a great concept. The only problem is that it covers enough hair on the side of your kiddo’s head that you have to take it off to finish rinsing…and totally defeats the purpose it was made for.

Ollie Bradfordsville, KY

Magic Hat

My 23 month old and almost 4 yr old both love this hat. I was unsure about buying it because it seemed a bit pricey, but the decrease in fighting and tears when we wash their hair made it worth the $25 or so that I spent on it.

Lana Atwood, CO

If you can get your kids to use it, it does the job

It is a great invention but it doesn’t stay on the kids head well and (at list my kids) hate to have it on their heads. It did do thhe job a few times I managed to put it on their heads, but at some point, I gave up and just started pouring water all over their heads and now they are fine with it (the water on their faces).

Tabatha Isle La Motte, VT