Kalencom Potette Plus At Home Reusable Liners, Blue

Kalencom Potette Plus At Home Reusable Liners, Blue

Converts the Potette Plus into a standard potty. Ideal for use around the home. Simple to fit. Soft and flexible for comfort. Easy to empty and clean. Store flat or leave in place ready to use. Maintains continuity throughout toilet training. Potette and Potette Plus are registered trademarks of Thanks Heavens Co. and are internationally patent protected.

Main features

  • Converts the Poette Plus into a standard potty^Ideal for use around the home^Simple to fit, soft and flexible for comfort

Verified reviews


AMAZING alternative to the disposable bags.

I love this little potty for my 2 year old when we’re out and about- but the bags that comes in the frame to use are pretty expensive so I wanted a more frugal option- this is great. It fits on the frame very snugly and I’m still able to fold the legs of the frame so I don’t have to take it off to collapse it. I even throw it in the washer from time to time- easy cleaning and has been a great help for potty training my guy on the go.

Henrietta Lebanon, NH

Nice alternative to the disposable liners

The seat is a soft squishy silicone. We use it at home for EC at night with our Infant, but it will also be night to pack and take with for places that we need a portable potty, but have access to water and toilets. Our kiddos potty early and having a seat we can hold our little one over, that is small enough to fit in a gallon sized bag is nice.With two little girls, and our love for travel, I foresee the Potette Plus, with this reusable liner, being stored in our family vehicle for many years to come.

Lula Saint Matthews, SC

It works, but not as squishy as I hoped it would be

This definitely does the trick – it does what it is supposed to. It came in the mail and my 2yo actually put it in the Potette and peed in it on his own with the cardboard still on it. I bought the potette needing something super compact to take biking with the family and this insert is a little bulkier than I would like but it is squishy and it definitely works well. If you really need super compact it is not as good as just carrying a few of the bags but it will sort of smash out of the way if you toss things on top of it. Prior to this we had a the five dollar potty from ikea as our travel potty and this is much better but not quite as squishy as I hoped for. Def. buy it from amazon because at least right now the blue is so cheap you’d be a fool not to add it on to the potette if you are buying it. 😉 It basically works awesome as a car potty but might be too bulky if you are thinking it will fit in your diaper bag.editing this to say – it does fit in my diaper bag. Kind of bulky but it works, especially potty training is going so well I don’t need to carry much in the way of diapers/supplies. Definitely one of my better baby gear purchases.

Wilda Walker, MO

Couldn’t use the Potette without it

My daughter was just getting good at life without diapers when it was time to go on vacation. She had a Bjorn potty at home, and wasn’t yet comfortable with using a grown-up toilet, so we needed a solution for travel. Enter the Potette. We loved the idea – the portability, the multipurpose design (toilet-top potty seat as well as standalone) – but she was disturbed by the disposable plastic bags and refused to use it. We saw the reusable liners at a chain store, and although I was reluctant to sink another $15 into a system that wasn’t working, the hubby convinced me to try. Good thing he did. A month later, we’ve retired the Bjorn, and our 23 month old uses the Potette with its super comfy (not as cold as hard plastic), easy to clean (and, best of all, pink!) reusable liner as her all-day at home potty now. It travels beautifully, the soft, silicone-like cover doesn’t have to be removed to fold up the Potette, but the whole thing is small enough that we rarely fold it anyway. Just a rinse and a wipe after each use, a little soap for number twos, and it still looks and smells brand new.Pretty clever of Kalencom to sell these separately, too. I doubt I’d have paid $30 for the whole package upfront.UPDATE: Five months later, and the Potette with its pink liner now live in my daughter’s bedroom. For three weeks she has been getting herself up at night to go potty, and with the Potette in her room we don’t have to worry about her wandering the halls at night or navigating a tall potty or toilet alone. We haven’t had a single spill or miss/mess with the Potette (can’t say that about the Bjorn), for such a small thing it is plenty stable, and after four months of full time use and another month of night time use, it still smells and looks brand new. It’s not much to look at, but it sure has made the potty training phase a lot easier for us.

Adrienne Rangeley, ME

Works on both potettes!

I bought this very inexpensively and it fits okay on the original potette. It allows you to simply dump the contents when done, so you could use this at home as an additional potty without buying a larger one for each floor of your home. I keep the whole thing in the car and the potette has been fantastic! Every parent who travels much at all needs one…who wants a little kid going on a nasty gas staton toilet? Rain? No need to get them out of the car. We take turns going in and have our child use this, either with this or the disposable bags.

Aida King City, CA


This is a nice cover. Hooks on well, seems comfy, easy to clean. Also makes a good hat, according to my son. Uh, yay? 😉

Kristi Silver Springs, NV

i dont use this as much as i thought i would.

my little one doesnt really like the feel of it once he got used to the feel of the hard plastic and i have found that i seldom use it without a potty underneath it.

Petra Yancey, TX

Love, love, love

Save your money on the disposable liners. This is great quality, travels well, and lets face it better for he environment

Iva Kimberling City, MO

I like this a lot

It’s great for travel as long as it’s just pee. Luckily that’s all my daughter has done in this! Very economical.

Eddie Ducor, CA

Great and easy to clean

I love that the Potette has optional reusable liners. I had a problem with throwing away liners after each potty session, but these just drop in and can be left in while you rinse the potty out! They are sturdy enough that I am not worried about them giving out any time soon.

Terra Morris, PA

This has been a life saver

This Potette has been a lifesaver so many times.Car trips? Check.Park where only a port a potty of a dubious nature is available? CheckTrail run around a lake with a 4 year old that will not under any circumstances use a tree? Check.Hiking? Check.If you have potty training kiddos (especially girls) this will get used. Sadly, my kids at one point had peed in the hatchback using this Potette so many times, they referred to it as the "car potty". We’ve never had a mess, it folds up in a snap, and the bags can get tossed like a diaper.

Antionette Wyatt, WV

Pretty good. Bit more of a bucket than I expected.

My husband really likes this–he’s trying to do elimination communication with our baby. It was more of a bucket than I expected–I thought the top would be a little more "seat like." I don’t think she could sit on it, but maybe I’m wrong. She’s too young to use it as indicated. Maybe when they’re older, it fits them better.

Debbie Cardwell, MT

A must for boys

We didn’t love this travel potty for our son until we bought the reusable liner at the recommendation of a friend. The liner makes it easier to avoid bad-aim accidents! And being able to just dump it out makes a lot more sense than constantly using the disposable bag liners.

Adele Iron City, TN

Great addition to the Potette Plus. Folds up for easy storage. Saves money!

I bought this option to go along with the Potette Plus. The whole setup has been fantastic; I’m not sure how people are surviving the whole potty training process without one. I bought a set of 10 disposable bags for $5.00, but at .50/each I wanted a cheaper option. I know I can use regular bags, but sometimes my son just doesn’t want to use the public bathroom toilet (it scares him), and it seems like a waste of money to use a bag. So I place the Potette Plus on the floor with the reusable liner and dump the tee-tee in the toilet when he’s done. Cleaning is easy – I just use a wet wipe, paper towel, or a quick rinse in the sink. He hasn’t had to poo in it because we’re usually out in public and he doesn’t like to go then. I still have 8 disposable bags left! Also great to use on the go when we’re on the road; he’ll go in the back of the mini-van and I dump the tee-tee in the dirt somewhere.You may think this setup is cumbersome, but it’s not. I just fold it all together and it fits in my backpack, even my purse. I love that my son feels he can go anytime and anywhere he wants. He’s hardly had an accident since he’s been potty trained, and I think it has a lot to do with having the Potette option. We love it!

Kathi Mechanic Falls, ME

Great to keep in car!

I love having this [potty and] reusable liner! I really wish they would make an easy pour spout to empty the contents though. This is the potty we use when visiting family for an extended period of time. Normally, we keep this potty set up in the back of our jeep.*In case you’re curious, we do not use the disposable inserts they sell to go over the seat/leg portion of the potty. Our potty seat came with 3 free ones, but I haven’t even tried one yet. If you’ve handled cloth diapers before, you won’t think it’s gross/weird. If you haven’t, you might be a little grossed out. When we’re on the go in the car, I use the absorbent inserts from cloth diapers with a liner over top for #2s. After the job is done, I place the wet insert into a small wetbag (zippered waterproof bag for cloth diapers) and wipe the potty bowl down with a wipey. If there’s a #2, I dump that into a doggie green bag, tie it closed, and place it in the wetbag to toss out upon arrival home. I keep a little tote of extra inserts, wipeys, wetbag, undies/pants, and disinfectant for hands/potty next to it in the car.

Josephine Little America, WY

Pee wherever, whenever

Instead of throwing away plastic bags every time my son needs to pee in a place that is inconvenient for peeing, this reusable liner is great. I just wipe it with a wipe after tossing the liquids onto a tree or bush, etc. Add a little nitrogen to the soil. I don’t use it if it’s number two though… then we use the potette’s bags.

Dana Winthrop, NY