Kalencom Potette Plus Liners, 30 count

Kalencom Potette Plus Liners, 30 count

Kalencom potette plus value pack liners. Kalencom potette plus 30 liner refills value pack. Disposable liners hold up to 5 ounces of liquid; liners are lightly scented to absorb odors.

Main features

  • 100% Plastic
  • Imported
  • Kalencom Potette Plus 30 Liner Refills value pack
  • Disposable liners hold up to 5 ounces of liquid; Liners are lightly scented to absorb odors
  • Liner handles secure to the potty and the tie closes the liner after use

Verified reviews


Bags are worth it if you’ve got the potty

My daughter potty trained at 2 years old and while she did great at home had a very difficult time in public restrooms. We have used this potty countless times when the public bathroom was either too "scary" or there just wasn’t one around. I recommend the disposable bags that go with the potty. Peace of mind it won’t leak and fits on the potty easily. I usually stack three on there so there’s always one ready to go.

Rosemary Camp Dennison, OH

One of my very favorite baby purchases!

The Potette Plus and its disposable liners are the first recommendation out of my mouth whenever a friend mentions she is about to start potty training her child. Seriously! You will not regret this purchase. The amazing design feature here is that the bag totally covers the frame of the potty, so there is nothing to clean. You just throw away the bag afterward and fold up the frame. We have used ours almost daily for over 2 years now. When I was potty training my daughter, I brought it everywhere – around town in the car, to the park, to the zoo, on road trips – everywhere! When I had my son, I bought a second one just so I could leave one in the stroller and one in the car. I am totally gagged out by port-a-potties, so this has saved me on many an occasion from having to use one. Also, I have never felt so efficient at a gas station as when I am pumping gas and one or both of my children is/are using our nice clean potty while our infant is sleeping peacefully in her carseat.

Elda Lagrangeville, NY

Akin to a plastic shopping bag with a small absorbent square in it.

If you took a slightly thicker than average plastic grocery bag with no holes in it, cut a 3" by 4" square out of a diaper, you would have nearly the exact functionality and look of this product. I regret the purchase.

Lila Garretson, SD

They do exactly what they say they do!

They work. Plain and simple. This product along with the potty chair have saved us a few times at the park (dirty port-a-potty house) and on road trips when getting to a bathroom just isn’t going to happen. We just pulled over to well landscaped/treed parking lot and used the liner and potty seat al fresco! Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go! (especially when you’re only 2)

Lavonne Barnard, MO

So helpful!

A must-have for the Potette. It doesn’t bother me that I have to purchase the linings because the majority of the time we’re using a real, full-size toilet, but these are so helpful to have and clean up.

Bethany Windyville, MO

They work great

We use these very often. I have bought them at least five times. You can use them with any potty and the little liner that is at the bottom is very absorbant.

Corrine Tannersville, PA

Works well with original potette

I keep these I the car with the potette and the silicone potette liner. Love! Don’t leave home without it, parents! I’ve even utilized the offerings of this system in dire emergencies. I’d also much rather my child use this than use a nasty gas staton toilet at age four.

Tamara Kittanning, PA

Necessary for on the go travel

We are always on the go and having the Potette Plus with liners in my car has been very convenient for my daughter and I on many occasions. The liners are packaged in a way that makes them easy to store, easy to put in the potty (she can do it herself). They also tie up nicely for disposal later.

Natalie Leming, TX

works great

No complaints, works great with the travel potty we purchased for a long car trip. it comes with a pad to absorb any urine to ensure as little mess as possible. I would recommend it to anyone with a travel potty.

Debbie Confluence, KY

quick and easy to use

We love these, and always keep a bag in the car with our potette plus, great emergency potty. In a pinch you can use a plastic bag with a disposable diaper, these are just easier and more compact.

Lena Lakeside, AZ

Worth the money!

I originally purchased the potette plus potty to help in public restrooms with our daughter who was afraid to go potty in strange places. Add to that the huge oversized toilet seats and the occasional port a potty and it just made sense to get something that could be used in the car in a pinch and also in a restroom as a cover. We love the potty. I honestly did not think that I would continue to purchase the refills but here we are ordering again. We only use the liners occasionally so the cost factor is worth it to us. We have older kids who are in various sports so we are always on the go. We also like road trips and these have saved us from having to wait until we find a suitable bathroom many times. We can easily use these discretely in a parking lot and tie them and wait til the next stop to discard them if there is no garbage readily available. Both of our “little kids” are happy to use them (in the potty) and overall we have no complaints. Now naturally if the price was better we would love them more but like I said for the frequency in which we go through them we are okay with the price!

Charlotte Vernon, AL

Would be nice but daughter won’t use the potty they fit into

They are very loud and crunchy sounding. My daughter didn’t like the noise they make. She also fell into the potty because the opening is way too big. She is almost 3 and not petite. I was disappointed because I was really wanting this travel potty to be helpful. Wasted my money.

Marta Eagle Lake, MN

Work very well

Best to have one "loaded" to help with an emergency, nothing more aggravating than having your kid make a mistake while you are trying to put a bag on a potty for them to relieve themselves…I’m sure grocery bags would work, the only difference I see is the little fabric "pad" at the bottom of these, which help it not be so liquid, but tossing the wipes, or toilet paper in there too does the exact same thing.I just wouldn’t trust the grocery bags due to holes, where I have gone through almost 100 of these liners with not one issue.

Willie Lavinia, TN

love these liners

these are great does not leak at all and can hold a lot of liquid too would reccomend to a friend if you are starting to potty train and don’t always have access to a toliet bowel

Blanche Highland, WI

better than a trash bag

These are sturdy enought hat I don’t have to worry about leakage and I tend to use the bag more than once to save the cost.the 30 in a pack are usually more expensive than the 10 in a pack I just happen to buy this one bc these were on sale and cheaper at the time I bought them.Handy when you’re on the go – and if you have a boy you dont always need the seat – you just need one of these bags.quick and easy.

Elise Glen Cove, ME

Perfect fit for the trunk

Love these liners. It seems so simple (a plastic trash bag with an absorbent pad stuck to the bottom) but they are lifesavers for me when our potty training toddler needs to go NOW. None have leaked on me so far. Expensive but worth it for my peace of mind.

Amy Aurora, NC

Trip Saver

These have really saved us on some car rides. Our 3 year old loves to use the potty with these liners and it’s better than stopping at rest stops. The bags really absorb the pee and we’ve never had one leak.

Elisabeth Sadorus, IL

Great little liners

These little liners along with the little portable potty chair has made traveling with our almost 3 year old awesome.

Madeleine Fort White, FL

Great product.

This is one of our favorite five purchases that we use with the potty. We always keep the potty in the car just in case and we have never had a liner leak on us.

Cathryn Seneca Rocks, WV


These (w the potty they are used for) saved us so many times while potty training! We still use them in the car on trips & to avoid ever needing to use a porta-potty! Still works for my 4 yr old. Highly recommend.

Roseann Mccain, NC

great for potty in a hurry

These are great for places where you can’t get to a toilet quickly or at all. We have used the potette with the liners in the car (pulled over to the side of the road of course), while out for family activities, and at the park. Our daughter is potty trained, but she’s still young to hold it for a long time. This is the perfect solution. The bag holds #1 and #2 well.

Jewel Benham, KY

Best thing ever

This has saved us so many times. Its super easy to use and easy to tie up the bags and get rid of them. I really love this potty.

Bernadette Conesville, OH

LOVE — but pricey

I really, really love these liners with our Potette Plus travel potty and trainer seat. I love that they fit perfectly since they’re made for it, but also, I especially love the absorbent pad in each liner so you’re not just carrying around a bag of liquid after it’s used until you get to a garbage can. But when my potty training daughter goes through 5 liners in 3 hours, it starts adding up. Small garbage bags are cheaper and work as well if you throw in some paper towels (though not as absorbent). One star taken away for the price, but I will still definitely buy them for longer trips and when I anticipate not having garbage cans available regularly.

Lesley Leicester, MA


I’m glad I bought the big pack! I have extras everywhere I know I’ll need them. Even in the bathroom where my extra seat is.

Tami Minot, ME

No leaks

We’ve been using these liners with the potty for several months now. We’ve never had a leak and my daughter loves the turtles on the absorption pads. She thinks it’s funny that they have umbrellas "to keep pee off their heads!" What can I say? It’s the little things….

Christy Braddock, PA


This is an amazing idea and my three year old loves it as much as me. There is a pad in the bag that soaks up the urine and turns it into a gel and you toss it in the trash while you are out. It is great for the back of a hatchback or in a public restroom if your child is not ready for the big potty.

Vera Haynesville, VA

Great for on-the-go!

These are great for our on-the-go potty. I’ve never had an issue with any bags. No leaks yet. Fingers crossed we never get a bag that leaks. I don’t know what I would have done without my porta potty for my little guy.

Bertha Almond, WI


I love these liners for the portable potty. Granted, they are made just for them. 🙂 They are a perfect fit and the pre-loaded absorbent liner is awesome.I have seen that others say these are too expensive and they use grocery bags and some other things thrown in for absorbency with the Potette potty, but I love the convenience and ease of using these. Only one liner to mess with so I don’t have to also carry around 2 other things in order to use the potty. (Although the grocery bag and something thrown in for absorbency is a great back-up plan should I ever find myself without a liner and an emergency potty situation!)

Chris Vaughan, NC

Life savers!

We keep these on hand while traveling, so easy to use and clean up, I don’t know what I would have done without these! Yes you can use a regular bag, but these are more durable, have an absorbent pad in bottom and tie up nice.

Elsie Paramus, NJ

Very absorbant!

These liners made potty training so much easier for our family. We are constantly on the go and if it were not for the Potette Plus, my daughter may still be in diapers. We took this potty everywhere and my daughter much preferred it to public restrooms. We have gone through dozens of these bags and have not had one leak. The bottom is quite absorbent and holds even a very large amount of urine. My daughter likes the little design at the bottom of the bag. I think it makes her feel more comfortable going in something familiar in public places.

Wanda Wabbaseka, AR