Kalencom Quick Changer Kit, Calypso

Kalencom Quick Changer Kit, Calypso

Kalencom makes a fashion forward diaper bags and accessories. Quick Change Kits unfold to provide an easy to clean wipeable changing mat. Two zippered pouches fold out on either side. One is a zippered pouch for soiled clothes and the other is a mesh pocket that holds a plastic wipes box. The exterior has a zippered compartment for creams and powder. Kalencom is a leader in fashion and manufacturing products. The diaper bags and accessories are AZO free and do not have any Phthalates/DEHP, DBP or BOP.

Main features

  • Easy to wipe clean interior and exterior, 12″L x 1.5″W x 7″H
  • Attached zippered pouch
  • Attached zippered mesh pouch holds a wipes box
  • Exterior zippered pocket

Verified reviews


Kalencom Quick Changer Kit, Surf

I like how big it opens up to be. It has 3 zippered compartments. I can put 3 diapers, wet wipes containers and also the front has a zip where i can put misc items and the desitin cream. It can hold quite a number of things in there!I have used it many times on the changing stations in the malls. The compartment inside can hold 3-4 diapers, so that acts as a little cushioned pillow for my baby’s head while i lay her down on the hard changing station. The plastic container that comes with it to put the wet wipes is really pretty.I bought the color Surf, however, i was not able to see from the pictures what the insides look like. So i hope this review helps you to decide. It is light Blue in color inside, i bought it for my baby girl, but it can still be used. It is very convenient!

Vickie Trimble, MO


Great changing kit for on the go. 2 zippered compartments on the inside and 1 more on the outside.Very happy with it.

Carey Caldwell, ID

Loved it!!

I Bought this as a gift for my sister and she LOVED it! She is so excited about this purchase!

Chandra Coal Run, OH

PROS & CONS (overall excellent buy)!

I have used this changing mat EVERY day since my son was born until he was out of diapers and it’s worth every penny!PROS:1. Easy to wipe down, coated and slick on both sides so you can actually wash the entire thing, not just certain parts as in other changing mats.2. Separate pockets for the wipes and the diapers, each one sticking out from the top half of the pad when you open it. Of course, with 2 pockets you can use them for whatever suits your needs.3. The clip holding the entire thing together gives enough length that you can really stuff many diapers and full package of wipes in there, roll it up, and still click it shut. You’ll have a big roll, of course, but this is perfect for travel when you want everything in one place.4. Multiple patterns give you lots of options for fun!5. Comes with a small, thin wipe holder to use if you’d like. I simply stuck my own wipe package in there so it would hold more on the go.6. Long enough that a child can rest with their entire bodies on the pad without touching anything in a dirty bathroom. My son was 2 when he was toilet trained and his feet stuck out a bit on the end but by that point it wasn’t a concern as he could hold his own legs up in the air and knew not to touch anything.7. Handle on the top once it’s rolled up lets you grab it and stash it easily in and out of your diaper back or under your stroller.8. Very durable. Not a single rip, tear, break, scratch after 2 years and I’m planning on using it again with my second child.CONS:1. The 2 pockets attached to the side MAY flop down on top of you baby if they are propped up against a wall or heavily filled but this is not a concern usually as diapers don’t weigh much and the pocket will flop down on the baby’s mid-section, far enough away from the diaper area so no risk of getting soiled while you are changing.2. The clip that holds the entire thing together when rolled up lies directly underneath your baby’s torso when it’s open. Just be sure to swing it off to the side so your baby’s back isn’t resting on the clip. There is a padded mat between your baby and the clip but it will leave a little bump which MAY be uncomfortable. My son never complained about it or squirmed indicating he was uncomfortable.OVERALL:** WORTH EVERY PENNY and you will definitely get the most use out of this item over any in your arsenal of new baby supplies!

Judy Sheldon, WI

Comes in handy

Pay attention to the style you order. I did not receive the style I ordered but kept the one I received. Not sure how that happened. The plastic smell is bothersome at first but goes away after a while. It is useful.

Monique Saint Paul, MN