Kanga Care Stay Dry Microchamois Diaper Liner

Kanga Care Stay Dry Microchamois Diaper Liner

Kanga Care Microchamois Diaper Liners are perfect to use any time you find the need to use either over the counter or prescription creams when using cloth diapers. The 100% hypoallergenic material is also a stay dry surface.  Kanga Care recommends using a liner with all diaper creams. Kanga Care Diaper Liners are perfectly designed for the Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper.  The liner fits between the inner gussets and does not compromise the function of the dual inner gussets critical feature. Liner should be used tag side down.  This will allow the correct side of the no-pill microchamois to lay against your baby’s skin. All Kanga Care products are designed and invented by Julie Ekstrom, mom and CEO of Kanga Care, and distributed world wide out of Golden, CO.

Main features

  • 12.5″ long, 3.5″ wide which fits perfectly between the inner gussets of the Rumparoooz diaper

Verified reviews


Ok for young baby

They are definitely narrower than other brands. It covers his genitals and enough of his butt to make him feel dry but if I was using any kind of rash cream this wouldn’t be enough

Claudine Oxly, MO

Super narrow

I’m not so happy with these. They are super narrow. I’m considering sewing 2 together so they will cover the diaper fleece.

Augusta Kendrick, ID

Diaper Liner

When I read diaper liner, I thought it was more like the full diaper insert liner for reusables. This is actually a liner for the diaper pad, like a disposable liner, except you reuse these. They are nice, but not necessary. I prefer the disposable liners for the pads b/c the poop won’t get mashed into it.

Dale Pillow, PA

Worked as described

Some other reviewers complained about the "narrowness" of these liners; however, the description states that they are to be used with Rumparooz cloth diapers which have inner gussets that form a narrow channel. These do fit perfectly into that channel. I can see how they would seem to be too narrow for other cloth diapers, so if you use another brand, these may not be for you.

Avis Denison, KS

Good for newborn

I use them in prefolds when signs of diaper rash appear, and they clear it up very well. They’re a little thin for an older baby though. Also they stain easily.

Jannie Xenia, IL

Love these

I use these with my cloth diapers when I am putting Desitin on the baby, as the Desitin shouldn’t get on the diaper. The liners are very soft, dry quickly and fit well in my Bum Genius, Happy Heinys, and Rumparooz diapers.

Florence Kempton, PA