Kanga Care Wet Bag, Crimson

Kanga Care Wet Bag, Crimson

Kanga Care Wet Bags are a standard size wet bag, except instead of being flat (like an envelope), they are HALF MOON shaped to allow more volume. This design is EXCLUSIVE to Kanga Care. This wet bag will hold up to 12 to 15 diapers and inserts. The Kanga Care Wet Bags have color matching, heavy duty zippers that are easy to grab. The zipper is placed on the front so the top of the bag functions as a lid. There is a strap on top that can be opened by an industrial strength snap so that the bag can be attached to a stroller handle, door knob, or other ideal hanging place. To clean, machine wash with your diapers or other soiled items. Tumble dry low or hang dry. Visit www.kangacare.com for further information. Kanga Care uses a water resistant polyester TPU which is solvent-free polyester fabric that has been laminated with a thermoplastic polyurethane using a heat bonding process, not chemicals. This process is low in toxicity and is better for the natural environment then traditional PUL. All Kanga Care products are designed and invented by Julie Ekstrom, mom and CEO of Kanga Care, and distributed worldwide out of Golden, CO.

Main features

  • Holds 12+ soiled cloth diapers
  • Industrial Stength Snap Handle & Zipper Close Top
  • Perfect for Day Care

Verified reviews


Not like photo at all

This product is not like the photo at all. The photo makes it look like it’s a free-standing, circular bag. It’s not free-standing AT ALL – not in the least bit. It is also more of an oval shape. It is much thinner than I expected. It came in a package about 4 inches square by 1 inch thick. We’ll see if it works, but so far, I am unimpressed because it is not like I thought it would be.

Susanna Bridgeview, IL

Not at all like pictured

I was shocked when I opened the box. The Kanga wet bag is cheesy, not at all like the picture shows, and the fabric is thin. It is small and not worth the price. I can’t comment on its functionality because I returned it.

Geneva Pikeville, NC

Perfect wet bag!

I purchased two brands of wet bag, the kanga care and the planetwise wet bag. This is my hands down favorite. At first I was disappointed because the bag definitely does not stand on its own like a hamper as the picture would indicate. When it’s full it does but not unless it is full. It holds a full day or two’s worth of diapers. What sets this one apart from the planetwise bag, in my opinion, is that it dries way quicker than the planetwise one. I love it!

Randi East Hickory, PA

MUST for Cloth Diapers!

I am so glad I bought this wet bag. I was going to get the planetwise one, but this seemed to a better deal, and I was right. I use this to hold about 2 days worth of diapers. I dont use a diaper pail, because of this bag. It is truly water proof and cleans very well.

Lottie Mid Island, NY

Broken zipper

This was my favorite bag until the zipper broke off!! We had it about 6 months before it happened and I really don’t want to pay another 20bucks for it to happen again. It was the perfect size and masked all odor. I am very disappointed to say goodbye to this one!

Millie Grassflat, PA

Great size!

We choose to soak our diapers until it’s time for wash, however I was not interested in having to diaper pails. I wanted one downstairs close to the washer for soaking, makes it a hundred times easier on wash day. No dragging up and down the stairs. Of course that meant we needed a solution for collecting diapers upstairs. This is perfect. It holds up to 20 diapers(why yes I tried). I normally only fill it with about 10 though before emptying it into the downstairs pail. Hangs great on the closet door, holds in the smell great so the nursery doesn’t stink. Very reasonably priced, I really prefer this shape over some of the others I have tried(friend has a drawstring one and rectangle hanger). Washes great, will review again once I have owned it for a while to update on durability.

Rae Hayward, MN


Washed again and again and still looks great! Doesn’t hold the smell but DOES hold the wet and/or icky. I hang it from a doorknob so I’m not sure about standing it upright. Holds more than a days worth of diapers for us, and Sir Chubs is a heavy wetter. The color is neutral, too, which I appreciated.

Avis Garretson, SD

The King of Wet Bags!

This bag holds soooo many cloth diapers and inserts, does not let ANY odor through, and does not soak through. It is everything you need in a wet bag. We have the Ubbi pail liner (which sucks), two Skip Hop Grab & Go Wet/Dry Bags (which are pretty good), and a Charlie Banana tote (odors go right through). The Kanga outdoes them all!

Rene Darien, WI


We swear by these for cloth diapering. We have 3 that move back and forth between the changing table and the laundry. Never had a leak or a smell problem. It comfortable holds about 12 pocket diapers and insert but you can cram a few more in if you need! The hanging handle is super strong and a really nice feature so it doesn’t have to sit on the floor. It will sit on the floor after you’ve got a few diapers in it if you need it to.

Lenora Mallory, WV

Pleasantly surprised!

I am cloth diapering baby #2 and previously ONLY used Planet Wise wet bags. I had never even heard of Kanga Care wet bags, but I wish I had! This is a really nice sized bag. It’s unique shape (sort of a half moon shape) allows it to hold a lot of diapers and get them INTO the bag easily. I love the short hanging handle. It feels well made. I use this hanging off the corner of my changing table. I want another one.

Janis New Baden, TX

Awesome for cloth diapers!

I have four children, and with the last I decided to give reusable diapers a try. Love them! I wish I had done this with the first three! I have tried and compared Real Nappies, Happy Heiny’s, gDiapers, QBaby, flip, and FuzziBunz. FuzziBunz wins! FuzziBunz one-size elite are perfect. I might have some other options that I need to look into to see if I can keep the inside whiter, but despite the discoloring on the inside, they continue to work great. I have been using them for almost a year now, and the same diapers I first bought are still working great. I have since purchased more, to replace the other brands that my son has outgrown, so that I can wash diapers less often. I use Earth Friendly Products ECOS 3x Liquid Laundry Detergent with Built-In Fabric Softener to wash them. I bought this Kanga Care wet bag as well, that does an amazing job of keeping moisture and smell in while holding around 15 of these diapers with double inserts without a problem. It works great in the diaper bag or around the house! Might consider getting two so you always have one ready for your used diapers, even while one is in the wash! I through this bag right in the wash with my diapers when it’s full. No taking out a garbage bag smelling like used dirty diapers, or keeping stinky pails around for cloth diapers. My house doesn’t smell like diapers, I don’t have to go spend money on diapers every few weeks or even monthly, and I am reducing my portion of the local landfill all at the same time. This bag is a must have!

Brittney Bolton, MA

Great bag, but definitely smaller than expected!

I love this bag! The color is so vivid (I got the Pumpkin). The zipper works nicely and there’s a snap on the handle so you can put it on a stroller or diaper bag or whatever. The only potential downside is the size. Even with the reviewer pic of this bag stuffed full next to a Bumbo seat, I still expected it to be a little bigger than it is. It is definitely big enough to work for me. I have a toddler that doesn’t really need as many changes anyway, so the size isn’t an issue for us. Overall, I’d say this bag is worth the money and more!

Juanita Minersville, PA

Way Smaller Than Pictured

I was pretty disappointed after receiving this, and even got online to check that I had received the right bag. This thing looks about twice as big in the picture as it actually is. My fault for not checking dimensions, but buyer beware.

Ivy Proctor, MT

Outstanding wet bag!

This bag is very large and is easy to use! I was extremely pleased after using several “other” wet bag brands and having them fall apart or honestly not holding even half of what they claimed. The only downside with this bag is the water retention after washing. Just be careful when getting the bag out of the wash and you are good to go! Small price to pay for a GREAT bag!

Josephine Richmond, MI

Great bag

I’ve laundered it dozens of times and it’s study as day one. The hanging hook is really useful for day care.

Myrna Aydlett, NC

great wet bag

These bags are great. It is nice to have more room than the flat bags. We have two and these are the bags I grab first for a day out of the house.

Angie Cranberry Isles, ME

Great diaper bag

I needed a bag to send to daycare for my baby’s cloth diapers. This is the perfect one. It is the right size for a day’s worth of diapers – can easily hold 2 days worth, but isn’t one of those giant bags meant for a week’s use. Just hook the strap on to any rod / edge of diaper table etc, and snap in place.I also got the large Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry bag but it’s not as useful. Too big, has handles that don’t open and snap so you’d have to tie it on somehow. It would be great for taking when we go swimming or to the beach, will hold the whole family’s swim clothes. Just not right for what I intended it for.

Clara Kilmarnock, VA

One of my favorites!

I have a few different brands including Bummis and Planetwise. This bag is definitely one of my favorites! It is very quick drying after a wash (on the rack or about 15 minutes in the dryer on low heat). It hangs nicely in the cubbies/locker of my daycare. I like that it has a little stretch and that the handle can snap onto crib rails or a changing table. I’ve yet to fill this bag to compacity between wash days and I often completely fill my planetwise hanging wet/dry bag. My only complaint is that the yellow color isn’t quite as it apears in the picture; in reality the yellow is more of a highlighter neon yellow.

Petra Islamorada, FL

Much smaller in person!

This bag is much smaller in person than it appears. I doubt it’s ability to hold 12+ diapers now that I’ve seen it in person, but we’ll see. The material feels kind of cheap but the print is nice. I should’ve gone with my usual Planet Wise wet bag.

Elise Haldeman, KY

Nice bag

Great little bag. Sturdy and does it’s job holding dirty diapers. The Eco Owl pattern is cute and matches my daughter’s room well. Thinking of getting a second bag for the bathroom so I don’t have to walk the poop diapers back to the room.

Madeline Damascus, PA

Perfect for cloth diapering!

I purchased two of these wetbags during an Amazon mom sale for my nursery and for the downstairs pack n play. Not wanting to spend $30 each on more expensive bags but still wanting to find a bag to hold 2 days worth of cloth diapers, this bag was the solution! I was initially afraid to get the white version due to staining, but it washes up perfectly…no bf poop stains here! This little bag is also a workhorse and holds many more diapers than it appears it should hold, usually around 16 for each room. So glad I purchased these for my cloth diapering needs!

Nadia Helendale, CA

For use/cost, I give it five stars.

If this had cost any more than it did, I might give it four stars for tiny things, like how until it’s full, it doesn’t look like that cute, cylindrical laundry bag you see in the picture (instead, it looks a little droopy, but then again, it’s also hanging up at my house, not sitting flat on something), or how it’s still a little difficult to open it and put in a diaper if you’ve only got one free hand, but since it was a good deal, I’m giving it five stars. I really do like it, and the zipper is much bigger/better than on the Planet Wise hanging wet/dry bag that I ordered and returned. I bought the yellow bag to go in my son’s grey/yellow/white room and while it’s not an exact match, it’s not enough an issue to matter. I plan on buying another one of these to go in our bathroom once we’ve installed our diaper sprayer. You do smell the diapers once you open it, but not before unless you just sniff with your face right up next to it.. but why would you do that? Haha. You can always sprinkle in some baking soda with your diapers if you’re super sensitive to odors, but compared to the smell of disposables in a Diaper Genie or something like that, this is nothing. Like I said, I’m going to buy another — actually, probably two more, at least — which is the biggest vote of confidence you can give a product, right? Oh, and by the way, I don’t use this as a "wet" bag. I just toss my son’s diapers in and wash them every day or two (cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse).

Kristine Elbing, KS

Love it

Fantastic! Only holds one days worth of cloth diapers for me but that’s fine since I wash them daily. Hasn’t leaked yet and I have put soaked diapers in there after I sprayed them down.

Luisa Rock Glen, PA


Kanga Care is an excellent brand. They produce good quality, very well designed products. I started with their diaper covers, and now own several of their wet bags, pail liners & changing pads. As previous posters have mentioned, this wet bag is excellent for hanging on a doorknob whether bathroom, bedroom or both. In our 2 story house we have them upstairs and down. I too came to love this wet bag so much, I stopped using our big pails. It is a WORKHORSE wet bag. You cannot kill these. All of my Kanga Care dipe goodies still look new after 9 months of daily use, & that’s not exaggerating. Generally most CD users do laundry every couple of days, & this bag is perfect for that. It definitely holds a complete 2 day supply of diapers, doublers, covers, wipes, etc. and then some! You can pack this thing. I like that it folds completely flat, too – if you want to pack it in the dipe bag or stroller for outings. I like Kanga Care’s color palette a lot. They have a good mix of bright and soft colors. The Kangarooz print with the baby roos in cloth diapers is adorable! Pics don’t do it justice. My one complaint: I just received the SUNSHINE color wet bag and it is NOT what is pictured. I was expecting a soft buttery yellow like the picture, and what arrived today is borderline neon, and immediately off-putting. Bad, bad color & I can imagine how many returns Amazon has had due to the color discrepancy with the stock photo. It’s a major difference. Kanga Care should change this yellow color to something pleasant, because yellow is a great, happy, gender neutral, SUNSHINEY color! I also ordered the powder blue, and it’s a perfect baby blue color 🙂 You will want to own more than one of these wet bags! They’re that great.

Lela Angora, MN

Looks small but deceptive

Other reviewers said it was small than expected, and that’s true. It also doesn’t stand up well on its own until you have 3-4 diapers in there, but it works well when traveling and can easily fit 2 days of pocket diapers (or 1 day for a newborn). A regular bag gets a little unwieldy at this point, but this was nice and compact and manageable. I’d still like it to be a little bigger though.

Silvia Hammond, IN

Great sized wetbag

This wet bag is perfect for everyday use or for trips. I purchased this because of a road trip with my 21 month old. It held in the stink and we didn’t have any leak issues. It holds so many more diapers than the standard flat wet bags, the crescent shape is ideal! It’s the perfect size for trips it holds as many diapers as you dirty in a day and then some more.

Lillian Gilman, IA

Could be better

I got this thinking that it would be pretty big. It isn’t. It is actually smaller than my fisher price diaper bag. It does hold a lot of diapers but it does not keep the smell in what so ever.

Claudette Blountsville, AL

Best wet bag

Best wet bag out there. The door hanger is great and the shape is perfect for one handed use. And the patterns are unbeatable!

Pearlie Warrenville, SC

Great diaper bag, great swim bag, great travel bag.

My kids are now out of diapers but I still use this as a swim bag. I can fit 3 towels and two swimsuits in this (with the swim shirts too) which is great. I can have the kids empty it right into the washer when we get home but if we forget things don’t end up smelling mildewy and yucky. It’s super compact so it doesn’t take a lot of room or muscle to bring it along which is great. I end up packing this on road trips and airplane trips just for the "who knows what could happen" things that always seem to come with traveling with kids.

Angelica Peterman, AL

Holds a lot!

This is well made, holds LOTS of dirty diapers and does a great job containing the smell! I also like that the handle or ring at the top has a snap so i can hang it anywhere!

Miriam Lamartine, PA