Karibu Baby Folding Bath, Blue/White

Karibu Baby Folding Bath, Blue/White

Karibu Folding Bath is designed to store away easily to save space at home and for travel. The fold away design makes storage easy without compromising a full size tub for your child. The extra leg support with non slip material makes this bath usable on any flat surface. The built in hook allows the bath to be hung for storage or on the shower head for drying. Karibu’s Folding Bath features a heat sensitive bath plug that indicates the water’s temperature for your baby’s safety.

Main features

  • Fold away design to store away easily to save space at home and for travel without compromising a full-size tub
  • Built-in hook allows the bath to be hung for storage or on the shower head for drying
  • Features a heat sensitive bath plug that indicates the water’s temperature for your baby’s safety
  • The extra leg support with non-slip material makes this bath usable on any flat surface
  • Recommended for newborn babies to toddlers

Verified reviews


Perfect for small living spaces

I live in an 800 square foot condo without a tub (i.e. shower only). As you can imagine, space is an issue so after my son outgrew his Fisher Price infant tub (also fabulous, in part because it has a hook to hang it), I needed another solution for bathing him. I chose the Karibu tub over the Prince Lionheart folding tub because I liked the shape and quality of materials better. When my 20-month old son saw his new tub for the first time he said, “it’s cute” and has liked it ever since. At 35″ tall and 30 lbs, he fits in it comfortably and will probably be able to use it for at least another year. If you decide to buy this tub, I highly recommend getting a small bathmat for the bottom so that your baby doesn’t slip/slide. In sum, this tub has a great design, is easy to clean, and doesn’t take up much space.

Ilene Bretton Woods, NH

Perfect tub for toddlers & small spaces!

First of all, I will say this tub is NOT for infants or small babies. It is too big and deep and has zero support for non-sitters. The tub is marketed as 0+, which I disagree with. If it came with some kind of support for infants, or if they marketed it only for toddlers, I’d gladly give it 5 stars.Now with that out of the way, it is PERFECT for toddlers. I think we’ll be able to get at least another year out of this. My kiddo is currently 20 mo., 21 pounds, 32.5 inches. When filled fairly near the top, the water comes up just around her arm pits, and she is able to easily stretch out her legs with lots of extra space to grow. This tub might also be a good solution for twins or 2 under 2. With one child, this tub provides lots of extra space for toys.It is surprisingly light weight yet still very sturdy. When collapsed it is mere inches thick and can easily be hung on even a thick a shower curtain rod using the built-in hanger, stacked against a wall, stashed behind a counter, etc. After living with a few space hogging inflatable tubs in a very small bathroom, this is an excellent space-saving change. You could also easily put this in a large suitcase and pack all of your clothes on top – perfect for travel. The picture makes it look like the tub lining is perhaps made out of plastic – it seems like a fairly thick sort of rubber. I’d be surprised if it leaks. I feel it will be well worth the investment if we get a year + out of it.

Jaclyn Kimballton, IA

Excellent travel tub

I recently used this tub while on vacation, and it was close to perfect. Both my 8 month old and 2 year old fit (separately) with no problems. However, I think this tub is ideal for a baby that can already sit on their own with no difficulty. My 8 month old is still a little unsteady in a seated position & was slipping and sliding a lot, which made it hard to bath him. An easy solution might be to use a bath support or something or help stabilize him. Otherwise, it folds flat and is easy to pack for a road trip. I’m definitely happy with my purchase.

Bobbi Princeton, WV

Baby loves it

We started using this since baby was 2 mo old. He loves kicking around with all the space, and with the soft plastic I don’t have to worry about the baby hitting himself when he kicks around. The tub is very practical – it saves space when you don’t need it and the holder is at the right place to hold a soft brush. The only thing I don’t care for is the heat sensitive bath plug, which seems to turn color while I pour just warm water over it. Color looks great too.

Robbie Miranda, CA

Perfect for small spaces

We purchased this because we only have a shower and a very small bathroom (extremely small!) I wanted a tub for my son, but not something that would take up a lot of space. This tub is perfect. It collapses and sets up very easily. I’ve never used the plug to drain it, I just flip it over and let it drain in the shower. I haven’t had any problems with it.

Mallory Opal, SD

Great space saver!

I love how this collapses flat and the color is identical to the photo! A better buy than the Boon bath.

Brandy Waelder, TX

Great tub for travel or home!

I have to admit that this is the fourth tub I’ve purchased in the last 2 years. After two mediocre choices, my third tub was great. Recently, however, I found the need for a tub I could take on vacation and the Karibu folding tub definitely fit the bill! It is light-weight and fit very easily in the tightly packed car we drove to the beach. After use, we were able to fold it down and hang it to dry.The tub is compact and is a perfect size for my 21-month old. My son is about average height for his age and I think that we can easily use the tub for another year. But, because of the size and lack of additional support, I would recommend the tub primarily for infants and toddlers who can sit on their own. That being said, the tub’s accordion-fold does allow half of the tub to be opened, and that low slope might also work with an older infant who’s not yet sitting my himself. (Meaning, you can angle the tub so that water fills only the bottom, while keeping the infant’s torso and head elevated and dry.)As for durability, I think the tub is pretty sturdy. The accordion folds are made of a, seemingly, durable yet somewhat flexible plastic. The legs, which fold down when not in use, are also sturdy, but I imagine that one could break the locking mechanism if not careful. Personally, I would not want to fold and unfold this bath every day, for fear of causing cracks or breaking the support legs.

Darlene Winnebago, NE

Best tub for babies so far.

its the perfect size, its cute and comfortable to travel with, the best tub for babies so far!! my baby is one year and we use it since she is ten months, just awesome.

Renee Walcott, IA

Perfect Space Saver

I know others have had issues with this tub, but we really like ours. We moved to this tub when my very large 5 month old out grew is baby tub. He wasn’t 100% sturdy sitting up by himself so we didn’t want to use the big tub yet. Also, we do not have a great deal of space in our bathroom and this tub folds up perfectly and hangs from our shower rod. It takes up very minimal space hanging at the back of our shower. This also gives us the option of using less water instead of filling the big tub. I have 2 criticisms of this tub. One is that the legs are a bit wabbley. We have not had any issues as of yet, but I wouldn’t drag the tub around if there is any water it in at all, I think this would cause the legs to fail after a while. The second is that the bottom of the tub is VERY slippery. We bought some stick on “Tub Tattoos” to add some traction to the bottom and now there are no problems with slipping. I would not use this tub without some sort of added traction to the bottom.

Lavonne Mendocino, CA