Kathe Kruse Nickibaby Doll, Blue

Kathe Kruse Nickibaby Doll, Blue

Soft little Nickibaby doll in blue has a simple smiling face and cuddly body. Dressed in a super soft one piece sleeper and floppy hat, the Nickibaby doll from Kathe Kruse contains just enough stuffing to help it sit up. Pose the doll and watch your baby reach to grasp it. With its sweet Waldorf-style face, floppy hat and soft, touchable body, Nickibaby makes a delightful first toy for your little one. Lovingly designed in Germany and made from the highest quality materials. Kathe Kruse has been making toys for babies and children for generations. Nickibaby makes a wonderful baby shower present! Doll measures 8 inches. Can be machine washed on gentle cycle. Suitable for newborns. Imported from Germany.

Main features

  • Sweet little Nickibaby doll is oh-so-soft and invites your baby to grasp it
  • The doll’s body is stuffed just firmly enough to sit and pose
  • Soft, floppy body and cap make Nickybaby perfectly huggable
  • Lovingly designed in Germany and made from high quality materials
  • Suitable for newborns

Verified reviews


Cute, durable, and entertaining

I bought this Nickibaby doll for my daughter, who is 4 months old. She loves it and so do I! The doll is the perfect size for her to grab its hat, head, arms, or legs. Unlike other Kathe Kruse dolls, this one is filled with beans, so it has some added heft. My daughter likes to hold the doll while she is nursing and going to sleep. During playtime, she likes to grab onto its arms or legs and fling it back and forth. It seems durable and well-made. I recommend this doll even more highly than the Kathe Kruse Gugguli or Rainbow dolls.

Sabrina Jolley, IA

cute but has tiny beads

I just got this for my 5 month old baby girl. She liked it, but did not go crazy for it as she has for some other toys. It is very cute, and small enought for a baby to hold, its about 6inch long which I think is a great size for babies since they do not need a large toy to play with. My only concern and perhapes it should not be is that it has little beads inside and beany baby toys. I am sure its safe but the beads worry me if the toy rips they could come out. I am also thrilled that this is not made in china, hence my main reason for buying this.

Yvonne La Grange, TN

A great first doll!

I got this for my daughter when she was a month old because she loved to ‘snuggle’ up against a burp cloth and I thought this would be a cuter and more intact item to snuggle with and grow up with. We have owned it now for 4 months and I am still equally as happy with it as I was when I first purchased it.Pros:Great quality of materials. It’s very soft, not too heavy for a baby to pick up and cuddle in her arm.Washes well: This often rides next to my daughter in her arm in the car and so it has been subject to a blow out diaper a time or two. She also loves to chew on the doll and occassionally get spit up on the doll. All these fluids wash right out with no issue. The instructions say to not dry the doll – but I do on medium heat without any issue.Size: I put this easily into the pro-side. I think it is unfair for individuals to rate this product lower simply because of the size/price ratio, see my take on that below. Size wise it is GREAT for my tiny baby to wrap her arms around and it is just the right size as she learned how to pick things up to do that. She cuddles with it during nap times, picks it up while riding in the car to chew on it and it’s light enough she can thrash it around and have fun with it. I think even as she gets older she will enjoy this one because it is easy to tote around and honestly for it being her “first doll” and we moms tend to save their ‘firsts’ of many things – this will be a nice size doll to tuck into a box to save for later when she grows up and wants to look back on her ‘baby years’.Cons:I honestly don’t have any. I would buy this product again. In fact if my daughter really shows signs of attachment to it, I will be buying it again to ensure that we have a second in the event this one gets lost. ;-)Price: You can clearly see (or at the very least read) the dimensions of the product, if that price seems to high – don’t purchase it and leave the reviews to a more quality for price basis. That’s just my opinion. I think that for a German made product that gives you the satisfaction of knowing that it it’s cheap chemically crap that your child is chewing on $20+ dollars is well worth that guarantee. Quality and safety are well worth $22.

Germaine Cromona, KY

Small but cute

We called it Moriz and it is one of the best friends of our little one. Moriz is soft and it is easy to play with him. We where a little suprised that he is actually that small, but we like him.

Celeste Granada Hills, CA

Cute, but so tiny; it should cost half what it does.

I love the Waldorf-type dolls and own more than one, so I was excited to see this little one here on Amazon. I understand Kathe Kruse is a pretty hyped-up brand and thus a bit pricier, and it’s made in Germany and all that good stuff, but this thing is miniature. Also, it’s a polyester fill, not wool, as you might want/expect. I truly think these mass-produced little numbers could reasonably retail around $12 and still rake in a handsome profit for Kathe Kruse. Way over-priced.

Amanda New Marshfield, OH

So soft

This doll is very soft and easy to snuggle with. I like that my six month old can hold and chew on it and I don’t have to worry about any rough edges.

Suzette Wild Rose, WI


These dolls are perfect for newborns. Bright and colorful, safe, easy to hold. I purchased these in 2 colors for my newborn twin grandchildren.

Julie Tyler, AL

Great Baby for Baby

I got this for my infant son as a night-time cuddler. The doll is very soft and just the right size for a baby or young toddler looking for a comfort item.Additional pros to this item are that there are no pieces to come loose and the care tag includes machine washing.

Katherine White Sands Missile Range, NM