Kawaii Baby Good Night Heavy Wetter One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper with 2 Large Microfiber Inserts ” Cow “

Kawaii Baby Good Night Heavy Wetter One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper with 2 Large Microfiber Inserts ” Cow “

Extra protection against leaking cloth diaper, featured 3 layers outer shell, specially designed for confident nighttime protection. Each diaper comes with 2 large microfiber Inserts. Fit for babies from 8-36lbs. This Good Night Heavy Wetter One Size Pocket Diaper consist of 2 parts: a waterproof outer shell + 2 large microfiber insert. The outer shell contains 3 layers of waterproof Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Laminated Fabric specially designed for confident night time protection and one insert made with 3 layers of microfiber super absorbent and soft. Include 2 large and absorbent soft microfiber inserts in each diaper – one for daytime and the second for nighttime or heavy wetter Size Chart Weight: 8-36 lbs. Rise:13.5″ – 19.5″ Waist” 14″ – 28″ Length: 19.5″ Crotch: 7.5″

Main features

  • Situable for babies from newborns to toddlers (8-36lbs)
  • Front Panel for extra leakproof protection, suitable for babies sleeping on their tummy
  • Cross over multiple tummy snap buttons
  • Wider Back Pocket for easy inserts stuffing
  • The Insert is made from 100% unbleached microfiber

Verified reviews


Love the large size!

This is by far the best night time solution for my 38lb potty trained by day, heavy wetter by night! Paired with a bamboo insert and wool cover, this is the only thing that keeps my child dry until morning and saves me from sheet changes and laundry nearly daily!

Debra Claremore, OK

looooooove this diaper

Tried mutiple– gdiapers-kawaii-soft bums- generic-naughty baby—-these are one of my fav! Love them and softbumsfor pocket diapers! Hold leaks-blowots well! Would recommend! Oh…I have a 5 mo.old that I use them on. 🙂

Michell North Bend, OR

Really good cloth diaper

These diapers are of good quiality, totally recomend. Just be sure that they will not fit a newborn, and if your newborn is big (mine was 7. 1/2 pounds, would say ti could fit a 10 p) it will be two high on the waist so it could rub on the umbilical cord. Besides that they are GREAT. Totally recomend the brand and this diaper.

Judith Marienville, PA

Great Night Diaper

My daughter loves her "moo" diaper. Fits great. Works great. So cute. We use these at night and they hold up great for her.

Gracie White Oak, SC

Great for bigger baby but bulky

CUTE diaper and looks well made. Easy to wash and dries fast. My baby is 24 lbs and a year old and the diaper crotch width is really quite wide so I’m not sure how you would fit this on a small baby. You can not adjust the elastics like other brands ( I also own Fuzzibunz Elite, Bumgenius 4.0, and Softbums Omni). The fabric is soft and you can only access the insert in the front of the diaper. Stuffing inserts is easy since it’s so wide. The microfiber insert included is very bulky but in all fairness the listing states “large inserts” and they are bigger than most brands I’ve seen. It’s a great overnight diaper but pretty bulky for normal wear. You may want to find a less bulky insert.As for absorbency, I poured a full glass of water (8oz) and let the diaper just sit for a couple of hours. The inserts absorbed the water quickly and wicked the moisture away to a slightly damp touch but not wet. The cover remained dry though. So far i like it. Cow print is SUPER cute. Material is comparable to other brands I own and for the price it’s a good one to try for a bigger/ older baby but I wouldn’t recommend it for a newborn.

Ruby Sandston, VA


I love these. They fit my baby perfectly and are easy to maintain. My baby is a heavy wetter and I use these during the day if I am going to take long trips or even be around for more than 3 hours. These are a life saver.

Candy Rush, KY

my favorite

I love this diaper. It fits better than the others I have tried and is really easy to put on and get a good fit. It is larger than most other diapers so it probably won’t work for a newborn. I used two of the microfiber inserts for overnight and after 11 hours there was a small leak but inhale had that happen with a disposable so not bad at all.

Lynda Branchville, VA