Kawaii Baby Good Night Heavy Wetter One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper with 2 Large Microfiber Inserts ” Lime Dotty “

Kawaii Baby Good Night Heavy Wetter One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper with 2 Large Microfiber Inserts ” Lime Dotty “

Extra protection against leaking cloth diaper, featured 3 layers outer shell, specially designed for confident nighttime protection. Each diaper comes with 2 large microfiber Inserts. Fit for babies from 8-36lbs. This Good Night Heavy Wetter One Size Pocket Diaper consist of 2 parts: a waterproof outer shell + 2 large microfiber insert. The outer shell contains 3 layers of waterproof Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Laminated Fabric specially designed for confident night time protection and one insert made with 3 layers of microfiber super absorbent and soft. Include 2 large and absorbent soft microfiber inserts in each diaper – one for daytime and the second for nighttime or heavy wetter Size Chart Weight: 8-36 lbs. Rise:13.5″ – 19.5″ Waist” 14″ – 28″ Length: 19.5″ Crotch: 7.5″

Main features

  • Situable for babies from newborns to toddlers (8-36lbs)
  • Front Panel for extra leakproof protection, suitable for babies sleeping on their tummy
  • Cross over multiple tummy snap buttons
  • Wider Back Pocket for easy inserts stuffing
  • The Insert is made from 100% unbleached microfiber

Verified reviews


Okay, but really large.

This is not really one size fits all. It’s too large for a child under 6 months and my child got very warm wearing this so I had to take it off. However, I live in the desert so that may have contributed to him overheating.

Kristine Galt, MO

Love the fit but not the interior lining.

I really like the way this cloth diaper fits my DS. The snaps are well spaced and are good quality. The elastic and waterproof lining has held up to many many washings. The inserts that came with them are quite large, my DS is a toddler so that wasn’t an issue for me, but maybe for someone who is using this for an infant. They are also very absorbent and thick. My only complaint is the lining that rests against my DS skin. The fleece started piling within the first week and is very rough now. Whenever we use this diaper his skin is always pinker than usual. Not diaper rash just more irritated. We use this as a back up diaper cover now.

Evangeline Auburndale, WI

Great Night Diaper

Love these diapers for night time. I use Charlie Banana diapers during the day and these as night. Fit great. Stand up to nighttime wetness. Have 2 of them.

Lourdes Guerra, TX

Not for my heavy wetter

This diaper doesn’t last overnight for my 19 month old, even adding extra inserts.It does last a two hour nap.

Judi Newry, SC

Biggest One Size Diaper I Own

This is by far the biggest one size diaper that I own and I’m glad that I didn’t have it or try to use it when I had a newborn. My toddler is about 27lbs and about 32" tall. This makes for a good night time diaper for him but it’s too much bulk for day time use.I must say though that when I received this diaper I washed it right away so that I could try it out right away and with ONE WASH ONLY some of the stitching around the leg started to come out. Instead of making a stink with the manufacturer I just repaired it by hand and used it. I am a one chance kind of lady when it comes to cloth diapers because there are SO many that I can just move to the next brand to try.

Connie Forgan, OK

Good overnight but no stay dry feel

This diaper is great for overnight and accommodates a lot of soakers. The only thing I don’t like is how the stay dry lining is fairly fluffy and really feels pretty wet.

Sharlene Nederland, CO

Works great for us for night time!

I stuff two thirsties hemp inserts and a microfiber for night time and I have had no leaks since using this diaper. I mostly use charlie banana and my daughter was leaking out of the top (even though it was snapped tight) and sometimes out of the legs. This diaper is larger, allowing for more inserts, but still snaps tight on my petite 24 lb 24 month old. About to buy a third so we have enough through wash cycles!

Carissa Indianola, WA