Kawaii Baby One-Size Snap Closure Pocket

Kawaii Baby One-Size Snap Closure Pocket

If you’re looking for Kawaii One-Size Snap Closure Diapers in *Fun Prints* click here! Kawaii Baby One Size Snap Closure Pocket Diaper Features:3 rows of snaps on the outer layer transform the diaper to fit size small, medium, and large (approximately 8 – 36lbs). Includes TWO highly absorbent microfiber inserts. Use one for day and two for night! Cover made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) laminated fabric, which is highly water-resistant, breathable, and extremely durable. Inner layer is made from a super soft microfleece*, which wicks moisture away from baby’s skin. Snap closure. New Ultra-Soft Squared Tab diapers are extra soft inside and out!Save with automatic quantity discounts above *or* Build Your Own Cloth Diaper Bundle℠!Every cloth diaper we sell is covered by our Fix & Fasten Guarantee℠.*unless noted as having suede cloth.Our Size Chart Weight Rise Waist LengthCrotch 8 – 36 lbs 13.5″ – 19.5″ 14″ – 28″ 19.5 7.5Round Tab SnapAvailable in Lime, Purple, Blu

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Great Diapers! No more blowouts 🙂

I switched my twin boys to these diapers at 10 months old after disposable diapers had caused at least one blowout each day between the two of them. I was washing poopy clothes anyway so I decided that we might as well switch to cloth diapering entirely. We have been using cloth for several days now and I am happy to report NO MORE BLOWOUTS! This is great news for me because I love to dress my boys alike and now I can be more certain that they will stay in the same outfits :). These are pocket diapers, but we are using them as AI2s instead so that we can wash less frequently. We just purchased 24 of these KaWaii pocket diapers and 2 yards of fleece and cut it into 4″ x 14″ inch rectangles and put them on top of the microfiber insert which we set on top of the outer shell (rather than in the pocket). For night time we put an additional microfiber insert into the pocket and so far no leaks! We end up going through 6 or 7 shells each day between both boys since we just have to change the insert and fleece liner for most pee diapers. So far it seems like we can get by doing laundry every 2 – 3 days. Very good investment!

Pearlie Hudson, MA

wish they had a better liner

they have like a fuzzibunz liner in them doesnt work as well as the bumgenius type liner i have had no separating of the pul they work very well for the cost

Judith Viewtown, VA

Excellent choice

I bought 30 of these diapers for around $7 per diaper at “the luv your baby dot com” back in 2010. They were the “Goodnight Heavy Wetter” ones in the white animal print, which is just darling. At the time I lived up in Washington State and everyone I knew used the Kawaii brand (Japanese for “cute”).They have been wonderful for our two kids (one of whom is now potty trained), and we’re planning to use the same set for our third, as well (due in a little over a month). I’m getting ready to buy 10 more so we won’t have to wash them quite so frequently with two children going through them again at a rate of fourteen or so per day.A few of the diapers (maybe eight or so) have lost one snap, but they’re still useable – we were sent a repair kit by the seller I mentioned above, but it turned out that it would have been more expensive to have someone repair them than it would have been to just buy new ones. And we couldn’t bring ourselves to throw the ones needing repair in the trash (they still worked about the same with one snap instead of two), so we have just continued to use them. But for less than half the price of some of the other brands, you might as well just buy these and then replace the ones that lose snaps. If they’re going to lose a snap, they generally do so within the first six months – and then the ones that remain are there to stay, practically set in stone. If I had it to do all over again, I’d definitely buy these diapers in a heartbeat – although I might buy 30-40 of the Minky Bamboo ones (also by Kawaii) from the site I mentioned above, as they are made from a natural fiber (bamboo) instead of synthetic (polyurethane).Also, I should mention that I started out using disposable diapers for the first two months when my son was born, and then switched to cloth. Overall I’ve found that using cloth diapers is almost as easy as using disposables. I would make the same decision again without hesitation. We have saved thousands of dollars over the years and have avoided having our own personal landfill full of diapers. Care is super easy – we have an Aquaus diaper sprayer (manufactured by Rinseworks) which attaches to our toilet, which we use for rinsing dirty diapers. Then everything goes into a couple of FuzziBunz wet bags until we throw them in the washer, wash them on heavy duty twice (first time on cold, then on hot) with just a little detergent (an eighth of a cup of Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds is plenty). Then we throw them in the dryer on low for 80 minutes (or if you’re ambitious you can line-dry, we used to do that when we had only one child). After that they all go in a laundry basket near the changing table, and we just grab them and put them together as we go. It really is about as easy as driving to the store to get a package of disposables, but way cheaper. Occasionally we do strip them by washing them three times in a row in hot water – about every six months or so is sufficient for this. Good luck! 🙂

Lucinda Alba, MO

Great Diaper

I really like this diaper, it’s a great value for the price. It looks very cute on baby and it has a great design. I like the extra waterproof strip at the inner front portion, I like how protective it is and of course the adjustable size is very important. Overall, I’m happy with it!

Kelli Brave, PA


This diaper is fantastic for the price. I really love the inserts that it comes with. The only thing I’m not wild about is that it has a rubber smell that doesn’t wash out but for the price I hardly think it matters.

Enid Core, WV

One of my favorite pocket diapers!

They fit my 15 lb 11 week old better than any other diaper. The interior is super soft and absorbent. I haven’t had any leaks. You seriously couldn’t ask for a better diaper for this price. I have 12 of them in my stash and they are my go to diaper for over nights and when I go out. Love love love my Kawaii dipes. 🙂

Cara Pirtleville, AZ