Keekaroo Cafe Booster – Aqua

Keekaroo Cafe Booster – Aqua

The new cafe booster seat by Keekaroo is the hot item every parent will have to have this year. An exclusive design process manufactured in the USA makes this booster seat soft to the touch. Made with a latex free seamless material, cafe boosters are the child booster seats that are guaranteed to be peel resistant and tear resistant. Not only are the baby seats resistant to tears and peels, they are also impermeable to fluids. Your children can sit in the cafe booster, spill food and drinks all day and the mess will remain on the surface. They have been tested by the messiest eaters. The cafe boosters are easy to clean, easy to use toddler booster seats that can be used with most dining room chairs. The cafe booster will keep your child sitting comfortably and safely with the skid resistant textured bottom and security straps, making it easy to use on any chair. The 3 point safety belt buckles your child in for a wild dinnertime ride. The cafe booster provides comfort for your child with the quality Keekaroo products boast.

Main features

  • Soft to the touch material creates a comfortable seating option
  • Peel resistant and tear resistant
  • Impermeable to fluids
  • Straps included to attach cafe booster to any chair
  • 3 point safety belt to secure child to cafe booster

Verified reviews


great booster if you install it correctly

I was hesitant to buy this booster seat for my 18 month old son because of some of the negative reviews. And I’m not one to read instructions, so probably like most everyone else, I stuck the seat on a chair and started clipping the belts around the chair thinking “how complicated can this be?” Well, for some reason the belts come looped through the chair the WRONG way. You have to take them off and thread them in the RIGHT way. If you look at the pictures in the instructions it clearly shows the belt coming up from underneath and over the sides of the chair. I believe a reviewer commented on poor design to have the child sit on top of a strap. If they are sitting on the strap, then you did not install it correctly and the bottom strap will definitely be way loose, as this isn’t how it is intended to go. Once I took a minute to look at the pictures I realized how it is supposed to go and was able to get it attached very securely. I will say, some of the buckles were a bit challenging to tighten, but once it’s on, you’re good. Unless you plan to take the seat on and off frequently it’s not an issue.I am very pleased with my purchase. I think this seat will be very easy to clean and it blends in so well with our brown furniture. It is so soft and cushy too. My son was thrilled to sit in his big boy chair for the first time!

Susie Riverside, NJ

Great discreet booster seat

I love this booster seat. At first I thought that brown was an odd choice for a booster seat because I was so used to seeing bright colors for children’s products. But then I realized that it totally matches the color of our dining room furniture so I went ahead and bought it. Looks great. I just wish the straps were brown too.

Rosanna Hollandale, MS

low-profile booster

I got this booster seat for my 23 month old son. He was not interested in sitting in his high chair anymore but LOVES to sit in his “big boy” booster! It attaches to the kitchen chair quickly and easily and you can still push the chair all the way under the table! It’s a comfortable seat and wipes clean easily. I would definitely buy again .. worth the money 🙂

Rachel Convent, LA

Comfy booster

Nice comfy booster.

Loraine Rockford, AL

We bought in 2012 & it still looks fresh out of the box

It’s 2014 & we use this product multiple times a day & it still looks brand new! We love it & you can literally stab it with a fork & nothing happens! The only thing I’m not a fan of is how it attaches to the chair lol! My husband always has to do it & he has no problem- it can get confusing so keeps your directions on hand lol! This is why husband has to reattached it every time because he threw away the directions lol! The seat is super easy to wipe clean & you can just wash the straps as needed. It’s a great booster, I’m glad we bought it!

Justine Alma, NY


After returning the Musty Grow Up booster because my 20 month old son absolutely refused to sit in it, and it didn’t fit our chairs very well, I decided to give this one a try. I LOVE it!! My son asks to sit in it, it is extremely easy to clean, it fits onto our chairs easily, and is very modern and simple. The foam won’t harm your chairs, and is comfy for the kiddos too. As soon as my second child is old enough, we will be ordering another one. By the way, I highly recommend the green. It is the EXACT color of a lime.

Kelly Germantown, WI

Perfect Squishy for her Tushy

I was very happy to find this booster on sale since we were going to buy one regardless. The color, though not one of the prettier or bright colors, was perfect for blending in with our maple table and chairs- so you hardly notice it. What you do notice is how completely comfortable it is. It is very well constructed with no seems for your toddler to smear food into and a very comfortable squishy material that I imagine makes the booster delightful to sit in. Our 2 year old will sit in it for the entire meal and doesn’t ask to get down, we have to ask her to get down. In fact, we often catch her trying to climb into it when it is not time for meals. I wish they made a seat cushion product this comfortable for adults 🙂 I highly recommend (even at the steep $60 price) and plan to purchase another one for our other daughter in a year when she is at the same stage.

Geneva Bridgeville, DE

Perfect fit

Not only does it fit securely onto the chair and provide a comfortable seat at the table for my son, but it blends very well into our room of slightly vintage furniture!

Lakisha Armuchee, GA

Great Quality Booster!

What sold me on this booster was that it would not cut into our leather cushioned chair. I was a little iffy on the price but it’s well worth it, especially knowing we will have more kids. The booster seat is a soft plastic so I know it’s comfortable for my daughter. We bought this in “chocolate” and it does blend in with our dinning room table very well. Also, it is not as “shiny” in the picture as it is in real life. My ONLY complaint is that this booster seat does not work well with a high back chair. We solved that problem by placing a towel under the booster seat to add a little height. Over all I am very happy with this purchase!

Lorena Sapphire, NC

Way overpriced!

This seat consists of: (a) a single, molded piece of sealed foam and (b) nylon straps. The straps and clips are lightweight and cheaply made. Why this seat costs $60 is a complete mystery to me. The seat works for us — it’s comfortable, fits my child, and the chocolate color blends in relatively well with our dining furniture. So I’m satisfied with the product but dissatisfied with the value for my money. If this cost $20, I’d give it 5 stars. If it cost $40, I’d give it 4 stars. At $60, however, I think even 3 stars is on the generous side.

Bessie Crescent City, IL

Ok, but hard to keep all the straps clean

We bought this chair to replace our Fisher Price Deluxe booster which we had been using as a travel seat for restaurants, etc. When we were ready for a booster seat in the house though on a more permanent basis, we wanted something soft that would not damage the dining room chairs. (I had started out using a towel under the FP booster, and pushed the booster right up to the table-we didn’t use the tray anymore). We really wanted to buy a product made in the USA.We did not find this seat hard to install really. Overall is soft and nice, but I find it hard to clean. The surface of the seat is scrubbable with a dishcloth, but what is difficult to tell from the picture is that there a THREE straps emerging from under the seat on each side(the straps come up from a hole in the seat and over the side of the booster) . This is the exact location where a toddler with sticky/dirty hands wants to constantly put those hands to adjust herself in the seat, help herself down, etc. So we are constantly having to scrub all THREE straps, and under and around those straps. The holes where the straps emerge from are much larger than they need to be so A LOT of food/crumbs also ends up on the seat of the chair underneath (beware especially if you have fabric cushions on your chair!)I don’t mind spending extra money to get a product made in the USA, but overall for ease of cleaning I think I wish I had stuck with my FB booster/towel combo. The straps seemed easier to clean on this chair, and food did not seem to get stuck in the spot where the straps emerged from the chair.

Miriam Narvon, PA

Great travel booster for restaurants etc.

Excellent design for a booster seat. I threw the straps away and used this as a travel booster. Fits kids perfectly and comfortably.

Marian Western Grove, AR

Awesome high chair solution for a pub height table

When our 20 month old son outgrew his Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair (we couldn’t pull him up to the table without the tray because the arms would bump into the table), I looked for a high chair that would allow him to put his legs under our pub height table. I really wanted a Stokke so that he could climb in and out himself but our table was too tall. After some research, I spent the $60 for this product and have been happy with it ever since. Even with the dropped edge on our pub height table his legs easily have enough room to slide underneath. Yes, the straps are a pain to adjust but it doesn’t take long to figure out and it’s nice to unclick it when we have company. It’s also worth it in that we take this with us when we travel and can strap it to any other chair and he’s at the table like a big boy. When we stay with other families, their kids want to sit in it. Now that our son is over 2, we got this step stool to sit next to the table: […] We told him as long as someone is around to watch, he can climb up and he’s so happy to be able to get his crayons and paper and sit himself at the table. Just a note to remember to flip the booster up after eating because food can fall underneath the buckle. The straps can get messy, but I found a wet washcloth with soap and water does a pretty good job of cleaning.

Tamara Middleton, TN

Just Received-It is Perfect for our table!

We converted our Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair into a booster seat recently and removed the tray so that our toddler could join us at the table. She is enjoying it at the table, but we realized that her knees were being knocked into the lip of the underside of the table when we scooted her chair in (we have a bar height table & chairs with a ledge of a few inches underneath). She was also having to sit away from the table a bit because of the height of the booster.After noticing a big red mark on her knee the other night, I realized that I needed to find something better. The Keekaroo Booster kept coming up, but was much more expensive than other options…so I hesitated for awhile. I’ve read tons of reviews on this product and others and decided to go ahead with the purchase anyway. With Amazon Prime-if I didn’t like it or it didn’t work with our table-I could send it back with no issue. The seat arrived this morning and really wasn’t a problem setting up on the chair. My daughter sat in it and wouldn’t get down even though it wasn’t meal time. She stayed there for 20 minutes with just her water cup while I did chores. We’ve had lunch and it was easy to clean (tuna fish ended up in the holes and cleaned right out), I can tuck her under the table a bit so that she’s not that far away from her plate…what else?!? This is exactly what I was hoping for.

Bianca Ulysses, NE

Pretty good product

We just started to use it. Installation is easy. The only complain is that we have a fold on one of the sides. Not that it is a big deal, but I hope it won’t result in anything worse.

Corrine Washington Boro, PA