Keekaroo Comfort Cushion Set – Cherry

Keekaroo Comfort Cushion Set – Cherry

Keekaroo has added elements of comfort. New comfort cushions are available to add comfort and style to the height right high chair. Available in five colors, these cushions are made from a soft to touch material that is latex free and offers protection. Materials inhibit the growth of microbes like bacteria, fungi and viruses, keeping your child safe during mealtime. Along with protection, the new comfort cushions are easy to clean. Wipe them with warm water and the mess is gone. The outer shell is made so water and spills won’t penetrate the inner foam, keeping the comfort cushions in perfect condition through any mess. The new comfort cushions also offer added comfort, turning the height right wooden high chair into the most comfortable high chair available. The cushions are filled with foam that is squeezable and soft. When a child sits on these cushions, they can settle in to the cushion and find the perfectly comfortable spot just for them.

Main features

  • Soft to the touch material creates a comfortable seating option
  • Peel resistant and tear resistant
  • Latex free seamless material, impermeable to fluids
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Love, love love it!!!

I bought these highchair and set for my son and I cannot give this chair high enough praise. My friends who have cloth highchair cushions are always complaining about keeping the seat clean. I love that all I have to do is wipe off this seat with a rag and soap and my job is done. Well worth the extra money to get the keekaroo and cushion set!

Joanne Batesville, VA

Seat cushion is favorite of husband.

As the seat cushion slipped around and the grandkids didn’t seem to care if it was on the chair, my husband confiscated it to make the wooden dining chair comfortable for him. The back rest is easy for a curious child to pop out, but now that our grandsons got that curiosity satisfied, it stays in place just fine.

Adriana La Madera, NM


Frustrating to keep the bottom cushion on the seat. I will end up putting velcro on the cushion and seat base to keep in place. Otherwise it is soft and comfy, I just wish it would stay put!

Eleanor Port O Connor, TX

Nice cushions

At 18 months, my son refused to sit in the Keekaroo infant insert anymore so we bought this. I was scared to buy this due to all the negative reviews, but it turns out we really like it. We don’t have any problems with the back falling off, like other reviewers mentioned. My son is happy to sit in this. I do think they are a little pricey for cushions, but atleast they are nice cushions that serve their purpose.

Debbie Dubre, KY


Love these cushions — expensive, but worth it. Yes, technically bottom seat can slide, but I have a very squirmy 2 yr old, and he never moves it more that a couple of inches forward, and even this is rare (and when it does happen, it is a slow creeping forward — it doesn’t really slip quickly or anything. Makes him very comfortable at meal times.

Sonia Joseph, UT

Good for little ones

The back cushion was very helpful for my 6mo. old son to sit by himself in the highchair. Without it, he would lean a bit to one side or the other. This cradles him nicely. We haven’t used the bottom cushion yet, as we’re still using the infant insert.

Dale Nederland, CO

Just didn’t work

It doesn’t fit right in the seat and my son was fine without it. So we returned it. In my opinion, not worth the money.

Cindy Mount Gretna, PA

High quality padding, could stay in place better and be easier to use with buckles

These are molded to fit the chair well. They are a high quality padding for sure. Don’t like that you can’t use the bottom pad with the buckles well. Back one often falls out which is no big deal as it just pushed back on but would be nice if it stayed on.

Sonia Hallsville, OH

Comfy and Nice Looking

This Cushion Set is a must when you buy the High Chair. They are comfortable and look great. Oh, and very easy to clean.

Antonia Blocker, OK

The Keekaroo is awesome – so is this cushion for it!

First, I have to say if you are considering getting a Keekaroo high chair, do it! You will not be disappointed. I absolutely love this chair. It’s sturdy and attractive and much less expensive than the trendy Tripp Trapp. That being said, get this cushion. It’s a really nice addition to the chair. It’s super easy to clean. Just wipe it down or for more deep cleaning, you can remove it and hand wash it in the sink. It looks super comfy for baby. Mine is always happy in her chair. Also the cushion looks very nice. As another reviewer pointed out, it doesn’t look like cheap plastic. Highly recommended baby product!

Lilian Wyoming, NY