Keekaroo Height Right High Chair, Infant Insert and Tray Combo, Natural/Cherry

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair, Infant Insert and Tray Combo, Natural/Cherry

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery!Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Infant Insert and Tray The wooden Height Right High Chair from Keekaroo offers the safe and comfortable seat your child needs during mealtime. The wood high chair is ideal for children aged 6 months to 250 lbs. The Keekaroo High Chair is made with a plant-based lacquer finish. The Infant insert is latex-free and easy to clean. When used with the wooden tray, this system is JPMA certified to the highest ASTM standards for children up to 3 years old. Features Cushioned seat Height of the seat and the foot plate is adjustable Wooden tray comes with plastic tray cover that’s BPA-free Can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water

Main features

  • JPMA Certified
  • Made in USA, Soft to the touch material creates a comfortable seating option
  • Peel and tear resistant latex free seamless material that is impermeable to fluids
  • Adjustable foot and seat plate allows chair to seat from 6 months up to 250 lb
  • Eating tray, dishwasher safe tray cover and infant insert included

Verified reviews


Not for us, unfortunately

We had a modern Graco high chair that we used until our son was two. It was easy to clean and comfy for him. And it felt like it took up half our dining room. One day I impulsively donated it thinking he could use our Cooshy Booster seat at the table with us. It was great to have the space back! But come mealtime he did not have the regulation and control to sit at the table, even in a booster. So I went shopping for an alternative. Peaceful mealtimes are a priority for us.Keekaroo Right Height seemed like the ideal solution. It is made beautifully and assembly was effortless. Cleaning couldn’t be simpler and it looked beautiful in our dining room. But my son hated it. He is too young to say, but he seems to miss the security of the padded chair and deep tray. The Keekaroo cushion looks comfy but the tray is narrow in length and doesn’t seem very strong. To him it must feel like sitting on a fence in contrast to his infant highchair. Sliding the tray on and off is tricky. I dropped his meal once, tray side down. He was devastated. I should mention that my child is a rugged little guy, 31″ x 31 lbs. I don’t think there would be any way this chair could work for him.So I went shopping and anxiously await the arrival of an ultra-padded Graco booster seat with a wide tray and silly bright animal prints. And I remind myself that babyhood is such a short time and no need to rush ahead.

Wanda Big Stone Gap, VA

I wanted to love it!

I’m so sad this chair didn’t work out. I hope the product designers at Keekaroo read this review and make some changes. oTHE GOODOnce you put the chair together, you’ll think to yourself, wow this is a nice sturdy chair, lovely color/ overall aesthetic and the infant seat is super comfy. All this is true.HOWEVEROnce you put an actual child in the chair, you’ll wonder if Keekaroo tested this product with real babies/ toddlers and their parents. Here is what I mean:PROBLEMS WITH THE TRAY1) Size. The tray is about half the size of other trays on the market. Sure this is OK to look at. But imagine for a moment that your dinner plate was not 10″ but 5″, and you had to eat with it pushed up against your chest. This is what it is like for your toddler to dine in the Keekaroo.In my baby’s old chair (Chico 360) I could place a small bowl of blueberries, a small plate of cheese and his sippy cup in a special circle indent. On the Keekaroo, because he has no room, he accidentally knocks over the bowls, plates and without that circle indent, his cup goes flying to the ground, and it all ends up in tears. So now I have abandoned giving him anything other than food directly on the tray, yet the tray is so small that he gets his forearms and elbows covered in food.2) This is the only tray I have seen that requires TWO ADULT HANDS to remove. So you are probably thinking, if you need two hands to remove the tray, and a few seconds to put the tray down somewhere, is the baby safe? The answer is NO.The infant insert seat is attached by a flimsy piece of velcro. This is nice for easy cleaning, but when I take off the tray with both hands, and my 13 month old starts to wriggle to get down, the seat pops off with no resistance and he falls. The 3 point harness, as other Amazon reviewers have mentioned, is flimsy. It snaps together low on my baby’s hips, and does not stop him from falling when the infant insert seat detaches. This is extremely DANGEROUS.PROBLEMS WITH THE FOOTRESTI was so glad that there was a footrest so my baby’s legs wouldn’t dangle. However, this is a big heavy wooden tray that barely fits into the loose slots. It’s very wobbly so when my baby rests his feet on it, the entire thing comes crashing down. Now as I am the one sitting close to my baby to feed him, on more than one occasion it crashed on my feet, leaving my toes bruised. I have another baby on the way and I could just picture this crashing on him. We have since removed the footrest as it is dangerous.SUGGESTIONS FOR KEEKAROOHere is what needs to happen to make this lovely chair both functional and safe:1) Infant insert seat needs to properly attach. An inch of velcro is not good enough.2) The 3 point harness needs to be replaced with a 5 point harness.3) Tray size needs to double, with a special circle indent for bottles and cups. Heck, sell me an “XL Deluxe Tray” as an accessory for another $80. I’ll buy it!4) Tray needs to detach with one hand (examine at all those plastic high chairs at Babies R Us. Yes they are hideous to look at, but you’ll notice their trays all detach in the middle, leaving the adult with one hand free to keep on the baby).5) Foot rest needs to be secured by a screw or some other mechanism.

Catalina Ransom, KS

Nice looking but….

It’s a nice looking chair and the long term usage certainly is a good selling point but…1. It’s very heavy, so if you are looking for something to move around easily…keep looking!2. You need both hands to put the tray in. And even then it’s tricky.3. The harness gets quite dirty very quickly. It cannot be removed, so you’re left scrubbing it with everything you’ve got to somehow get the gunk off. Still working on it. (any suggestions?)Overall, not a happy customer.

Nicole Roaring Springs, TX

Cute and sturdy, but difficult to clean

I’ve been using this chair for about 8 months. And I have never had another high chair, so can’t compare it to anything. I wanted to love this chair. It is very sturdy and stable, and it looks good in our kitchen. (I do not like the look of plastic high chairs.) But it is a true pain to clean. My baby turns around to chew the back of the chair and gets chewed food all over it, which turns into a hard crust if not wiped up immediately. And food gets all over the straps and under the infant insert and (the worst) into the Velcro that holds the insert in place.I also wish the tray were larger and the latching system were better designed. No one else in my family aside from my husband and me can ever remember how to remove the tray. I always feel like I have to apologize when I explain it to them (again).

Deirdre Burnham, ME

Keekaroo vs Tripp Trapp

I’m writing this review as this is what I really wanted to know when debating whether to purchase this chair – how it compares to the Tripp Trapp from someone who has used both. Here’s my take after using both for a year. We had a Tripp Trapp for our older daughter from infancy and liked it. She was still using it when we had twins, and I really was having trouble justifying the expense of buying two Tripp Trapps with baby sets and trays which was going to be nearly $800 when all was said and done, so I was looking for a cheaper option. There were also a few things that I wasn’t crazy about on the Tripp Trapp and wondered if spending the extra was worth it. I bought two Keekaroos with the infant inserts, and here is my take on how the two compare.1) Construction. The Keekaroo is nicely made, but really is inferior in quality to the Tripp Trapp. The wood is much softer on the Keekaroo, it scratches and dents easily. On closer inspection of the seat and footrest on the Keekaroo, I don’t believe these pieces are solid wood. They seem to be laminate layered, like plywood, not a solid piece with a woodgrain. The Tripp Trapp has no scratches after 4 years of constant use, and the Keekaroo had big places where the varnish is chipped or gone after just weeks. The parts of the seat and the foot rest and sides of the tray especially, as the varnish wore off there very quickly. The bolts also seem to loosen much more easily on the Keekaroo than the Tripp Trapp. There is no doubt that the walnut finish and wood on the Tripp Trapp looks much more high end and is good quality furniture; the wood is hard and solid, there is a clear and pretty wood grain visable, and it is finished beautifully and durably. In contrast, the tray portion of the Keekaroo (underneath the plastic tray) is made of particle board or some sort of particle board.2) Tray issue: I love that the Keekaroo comes with a tray, which the Tripp Trapp does not. Though we always have the kids at the table with us, it is nice to have the tray when they’re little, and not have them smear their food all over the wood table. The Stokke Table Top is really overpriced and also does not stick well to wood tables. The plastic take-off top on the Keekaroo is nice to remove and put in the sink. Good feature. The Keekaroo tray is not removable with one hand. I like that the tray keeps them more contained. One of mine is a little houdini and it helps with the escape attempts. The Keekaroo tray is small and compact, which has plusses. Others have complained about the size of the tray. I actually like the size, but the lip around it is not very high, and one of our twins always swishes her arms about and flings all the food off the sides. The Tripp Trapp does not come with a tray, which I don’t like. Stokke doesn’t make one out of principle, (they only offer the Stokke Table Top, which I think is pretty worthless) but you can purchase after market trays specifically designed to fit the Tripp Trapp which are good. I have the Play Tray for the Tripp Trapp, which is great (but costs $70). It is a nice sturdy tray, and is great also for art projects, play doh, etc for older kids. The lip on that tray is much deeper and the tray is much larger, which has some advantages. It does take up more room, is heavier, and is harder to fit in the sink (especially if you have a double sink) or drying on the counter. The larger size and deeper lip on the Play Tray does help the sweeping food off issue, though. There’s a little less disaster on the floor with that tray vs the Keekaroo. The clear version of the Play Tray can get stained over time with food colors, although I suspect the Keekaroo white one can too, although it shows less than the clear. I wish Stokke would stop their anti-tray policy and at least make it as an option. People want trays, they’re useful.3) Chair Design. The Tripp Trapp wins here hands down. The Keekaroo is a nice looking chair, but there are some things that make it impractical, things that I didn’t realize until owning it. The three holes in the back of the seat are cute, but one of our twins always puts his arm through them and gets stuck. The legs also jut out in the back causing it to take up much more room and I frequently trip over them when walking around the table. The Tripp Trapp (though I don’t love the aesthetic look of the z shape) is much more practical, and in the end looks fine. It fits under the table better and you don’t trip over it. It’s much more compact. The back rails on the Tripp Trapp are easier to clean and there is less surface to get food smeared on it.4) The infant insert vs Tripp Trapp baby set: This only comes with the Keekaroo, and is a nice feature for young babies. You really can sit them in it nicely even when they aren’t sitting up very steadily. It holds them a little like a Bumbo (though not quite as secure). I used it from when they were 5 or 6 months and it worked well to keep them in and steady. Things I don’t like: It is TERRIBLE to clean. All the food goes down in the little holes in the infant inserts where the straps pull through. The straps also fall down in the little holes and are difficult to pull out. I did have moderate success fixing this with a big safety pin, but it still slipped down). When they start eating finger foods we’d end up with pieces of pancake, green beans, everything it seemed, jammed down in the holes for the straps, and I hated it. They really need to make it a solid piece and figure out some other way for straps to attach another way. I eventually gave up and used it without the infant insert, flipping the seat over so they weren’t sitting on the velcro and reversing the straps. One of my twins is tiny and could always crawl out even with the straps without the infant insert, and sometimes with it. I tried to order a new seat piece (the model that doesn’t have the infant insert) but the manufacturer (though helpful) will not sell that, citing safety reasons. (I don’t why it would be unsafe to switch out the seat to the different style….It is my understanding that the chairs are otherwise the same.) So once you buy the model with the infant insert, you can’t switch to the other, FYI. The infant insert is big, though. Even my three year old could sit in the chair with it (although I wouldn’t use it that way, but just for size comparison) I really feel that the straps aren’t adequate with the infant insert, though. They sit very low and don’t hold the baby adequately in my opinion. I saw one photo where someone put the straps through those little holes in the back of the seat. This isn’t in the manufacturer’s photo, but that seems like a good idea, if they will extend long enough. I also feel that velcro is also not a sturdy enough way to attach the infant insert. Also, you need to reverse the seat and straps if you want to use it without the insert, to avoid the baby sitting on velcro. wasn’t completely happy with the baby set from Tripp Trapp either, although it’s not bad. It was a little difficult to assemble, and the babies need to be sitting up more steadily. All in all, it’s ok though. Not diifficult to clean. Chubby bigger babies may have a harder time getting into it as they get a little older. My biggest complaint was it’s cost, which seems excessive for what it is.5) Straps: The Keekaroo straps are ok but not great. They don’t go up very high or around their waists as they’re only attached from the bottom of the seat, so I found they didn’t contain the kids extremely well, especially if you have a skinny little one who likes to climb. It was only a problem for one of my twins. The Tripp Trapp straps (5 point harness) are better, could be improved too, although they have improved them in the later models vs the older one. The Keekaroo straps are easy to remove and wash. The Tripp Trapps you have to unscrew and uninstall in order to wash. The way the straps click and attach is better on the Tripp Trapp. You can use the Tripp Trapp straps without the five point harness, which is a bit difficult to fit, and gets dirty. They do get tangled. I usually just fasten the bottom part.6) Cleaning: The Tripp Trapp wins hands down. The Keekaroo is a pain to clean. With two babies eating three meals a day, we clean a lot. For some reason the finish doesn’t wipe clean as well (softer wood and low quality varnish?) and the nooks and crannies are definitely much worse to clean. The Tripp Trapp is very easy to clean. As I mentioned earlier, the infant insert is a bear to keep clean, and so much so that I hated to use it.So – what would I do if I had to buy again? I actually ended up selling my Keekaroo’s on Craig’s list and buying two more Tripp Trapps I found on sale and two play trays (no baby set as my twins are a little older now and don’t need it) – mainly because the cleaning and infant insert was becoming such a problem. The tripping issue was a pain, but I eventually learned to walk farther around it:) But, then again, my issues are compounded as I have twins, and a older one. If you only have one child and aren’t cleaning in triplicate, then it might not bother you so much. I have friends with one baby and the Keekaroo who aren’t bothered by the cleaning and like it just fine. For me, it just became a deal breaker. Would I buy the Keekaroo again? I’m not sure. I still think that in its price bracket it’s a good chair choice for something wood, table height, one that fits from 6 months to adult, and is affordable. Will the Keekaroo look good after 5 years? I doubt it. My Tripp Trapp that is 4 years old still looks great, and I anticipate it will down the road too. Both are great to use as adjustable booster chairs which I love. Would I buy the model with the infant insert again? No. I haven’t tried the other one, but what I would do is buy the regular one, and skip the insert. Or if I thought it would be helpful to try,, I’d buy that separately instead, so I’d have options. If you buy the model with the infant insert together (though it’s cheaper) you can’t later get the regular one with the passive crotch restraint without buying a new chair, which I think is better for older babies, and easier to clean. There are many who can’t or don’t want to spend the amount of money a Tripp Trapp costs, and the Keekaroo is still a good option. (Although the Keekaroo price is not as cheap as it was. When I bought my chairs, they were selling for $199 with the infant insert – now they’re $239, making the difference between the two brands not as large. The Tripp Trapp has not risen in price.) I hope Keekaroo reads these reviews, because the chair is a good start. With a little improvement in design and quality it could be great competition for the Tripp Trapp. If deciding between the two chairs as they are now, and making the decision based on the product and not the pricepoint, I’d choose the Tripp Trapp.I hope this helps those who are debating!

Deann Aurora, OH

Disappointed Overall

I too really wanted to like this chair, but it just isn’t that functional, user friendly or well made. The problems with design that bother me are the way the seat belt goes through the infant insert and leaves this big holes perfectly placed for all of her food to accumulate beneath the seat. Then the seat is attached via some weak velcro, which is only getting weaker since you have to remove the seat after every meal to clean out the accumulated food. The tray has too much give or slide in it, ever after it has been ‘locked’ into position, and the ‘clear protectant’ tape that is suppose to keep the tray from getting chewed up when sliding in and out of the locking mechanism is already wearing off and the tray is showing wear from being slide in the locking part. Plus, you have to have two hands to release the locking mechanism when taking the tray off, which is lame when you are holding the baby and trying to get her in the chair for dinner. It is scratching and chipping off finish also, which I expected and don’t care too much about, but overall we are disappointed. Did I mention that we have only been using it for about 2 months. Lame. If I didn’t live in Alaska and there were better looking alternatives with more functionality, I’d return it. I am pretty much keeping it because from what I saw, it was the safest bet for something that coordinated with our dining room set and was wood. Pretty much form over function, and expensive at that.

Lila Garnerville, NY

Beautiful and functional

If I could give this 4.5 stars I would: it’s not perfect, but I really like it.Pros:- This fits in nicely with our dining room furniture. I like looking at it.- It is sturdy and stable. I’m never worried about it tipping.- It is adjustable with a single Allen wrench.- Our son seems to be very comfortable in it, and doesn’t mind playing in it while I prepare dinner.Cons:- The cutouts in the infant insert (for the harness) collect food at every meal.- Cleaning it properly requires popping the infant insert out and then replacing it (including threading the harness straps through). Not a big deal, but it’s an extra 30 seconds work after every meal.- While it is possible to work the tray with one hand, doing so is kludgey and inefficient.Neutrals:- As with all high chairs, the nylon harness gets dirty quickly. It’s fairly easy to pop the straps out and soak them or toss them in the washing machine (though I would recommend air drying them).- I initially thought that the harness straps wouldn’t pop out for cleaning, but in fact they do. They’re not going to come out accidentally, though!- Other people have stated that this is too heavy to carry around, but I disagree. (I’m reasonably strong for a woman, but no weightlifter.)

Mina Chadbourn, NC

Great product!

Very sturdy high chair and great for smaller babies. Not the easiest high chair to assemble, but great for the price.

Misty Saint Germain, WI

LOVE the Keekaroo!

We were deciding between the Stokke Tripp Trapp and the Keekaroo I am so glad we chose the Keekaroo! This chair is gorgeous and well made, the assembly was not too bad ( I have assembled things before) and the cushions are awesome! We also purchased the other 2 piece comfort cushions to go along with this set. Amazon’s shipping and packaging were awesome. My son is so much more comfortable in the Keekaroo than the Tripp Trapp. And the cushions are much easier to clean. I wish the buckle was a bit more sophisticated, but it certainly works. I was concerned that my child would escape from the 3-point harness, compared to Stokke’s 5-point, but it seems to work well so that is impossible. The tray is nice, it does have a plastic cover and a “lip” to keep liqids contained. I was not sure it the plastic tray cover was white or clear, ours came white. Keekaroo’s customer service is awesome, I will absolutely and happily purchase a second chair when we have a second child. I never want to use anything else again. We tried a number of cheaper high chairs thinking a high chair is not that important… wrong! We use it 3 times every day, it is as important as the crib! We borrowed my SIL’s Tripp Trapp for a while, it was nice but I did not like the infant conversion or how hard the cushions were to clean … and the price ugh it was at least 100 dollars more! If you want a classy, lasting, comfy, functional chair for your child, look no further!

Pansy Martins Creek, PA

Love this highchair! Except for a few small things…

I love this highchair! It is beautiful and blends in really well with our table and chairs. It’s about the same size as a typical dining room chair. It was fairly easy to put together, however, I made the mistake of putting together the whole highchair before reading the instructions for the infant insert. This meant that I had to backtrack a bit, so if you want to save yourself some time, read the instructions for both the highchair and the infant insert before you start.I really wanted a wooden highchair that would grow with my child and that could be pushed up to the table so that our child could be a part of family dinnertime. It was a choice between this highchair, the Stokke highchair and the OXO Tot Sprout Chair. I ultimately chose this one because it is cheaper than the other two, it looked more comfortable for infants than the Stokke chair, and it can be used until adulthood, unlike the OXO Tot chair, which can only be used for a few years.I originally wanted a highchair without a tray because I wanted our baby to be able to sit at the with us. However, the tray has turned out to be really convenient and it is at the same height as our table so it still feels like he’s participating in family meals. Plus, the tray is really easy to clean and it makes it so we can move the chair anywhere in the house and our baby will still have a surface to eat or play on. I like to move the chair into the kitchen while I’m cooking so our little guy can watch me from the chair and play with his toys on the tray. He seems very comfortable in this chair and has been since he was about 5 months old. He is now 6 months old and just started eating solid foods.I really wanted a chair that would be easy to clean, and this chair fits the bill. All surfaces can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.There are a few minor things that I don’t like about this chair. First of all, the strap is very hard to adjust and the buckle seems cheap. Also, the infant insert is held down with Velcro. This works fine for now but I’m worried that the Velcro could eventually wear out or get dirty and not work anymore. Finally, the wood does seem a little soft. My chair has a few small chips after being used for only a month. They are not very noticeable unless you really get close and inspect the chair, but still I thought I’d mention it.Overall I’m really happy with this chair and would buy it again.PROS:Looks great and blends in with our existing table and chairsMy 6 month old loves sitting in itEasy to put togetherCheaper than other, similar, optionsEasy to cleanSame height as the table so baby can participate in meal times.CONS:Hard to adjust the strap, and the buckle feels cheap.Infant insert is held down with Velcro, which might wear out over time.Soft wood chips fairly easily.

Margret Cotulla, TX

not as awesome as I expected

I would give this between 3 and 4 stars. Yes, it is a good looking piece of furniture. I like having a nice wooden chair as opposed to a cheap, tacky plastic one. My husband really liked the Stokke high chair, but I thought it was too expensive and saw a lot of people had said it wasn’t very safe for older babies so I chose this as a safer and less expensive chair.Pros:Good lookingadjustable–can be used after a high chair is no longer necessary.Cons:Tray table is hard to remove without using 2 hands (hard with a baby)buckle and tray side plastic pieces feel really flimsy and cheap.the infant insert seat doesn’t stay in place very well. It stays put with baby in it, but isn’t fastened into the chair.with the infant insert, a lot of food falls down through the holes where the straps come through and there is a metal bar underneath the insert. A lot of crumbs get trapped there and it’s not the easiest to clean.For the price, I was hoping for something that was higher quality. I like the chair, but I don’t love it.

Jesse Spokane, WA

Good Quality, but Beware of Press Board/Laminate Tray!

It was between this high chair and the Stokke Tripp Trapp for me. We ended up ordering this high chair in Natural with the Cherry Infant Insert due to the price difference. This was about the half the price of the Tripp Trapp. We received the high chair and my husband assembled it. He said it was a pain, but what furniture isn’t. Overall, easy to put together and done by him alone (baby supervised, of course) in about 45 minutes. I am pleased with the quality of the chair. I do wish it had the 5 point harness system, but we will make do.I had called Keekaroo with an issue (was actually a shipping fault of Amazon’s), and Keekaroo was going to fix it, which I was impressed by. I think if we have any issues in the future Keekaroo will be fantastic at helping us out.My biggest gripe is the tray. It’s a pressboard/Laminate type of deal!!! I ordered this high chair because I was looking for a solid wood, water or plant based finish that is nontoxic. I HIGHLY doubt that the tray (even though it comes with a BPA free cover) is low in chemicals. Yuck. And that’s the one place my son will eat off of. Keekaroo, take note….this needs a solid wood tray!

Gina Lovilia, IA

NIce high chair

I bought this when my son was 6 months old, and we used it until he was 18 months and started using a booster seat instead. It’s high-quality and a pretty piece of furniture. The only problem is that it doesn’t fold up at all; I live in Manhattan and don’t have a lot of extra space, so that was a negative.

Lynn Centralia, WA

Great chair

We love this chair! It’s easy to clean (removable tray also fits easily into our dishwasher) and since we leave it out 100% of the time, I appreciate that it doesn’t stand out too much from our other furniture. My daughter always seems comfortable.The only downside is that you can’t remove the tray with one hand, but we almost always just pull it out to the very end and take my daughter out without even removing it so it’s never been an issue.

Carmella Myrtle Creek, OR

This chair is top notch!

Suggest you also spend the extra $69.95 and purchase the keekaroo back head rest/child seat "comfort cushion set". My son is almost 5 months old and almost 26in long and his head hits the back of the chair- even though he is sitting elevated in the infant booster seat! Very well made and easy to put together.

John Rule, TX

Great chair for older kid

This review is long over due. We registered for this chair before the baby arrived, and my kid is 2 years old now. Time flies!I have to say this chair is not for the younger infant. The baby has to sit fairly well in order to stay in the seat since it doesn’t have the 5 point harness that other infant feeding chairs have. We actually started using this chair when my daughter is closer to 1 year old. Before that, we used the fisher price travel booster strapped to a regular dinner chair.Pros:- This chair is super easy to put together, and very easy to clean. Kids make a mess while eating, and it’s a breeze just to wipe it down. There’s no crease that you’ll have to worry about.- I love the adjustable height. We use the larger seat as foot rest. Just the other day I notice that my daughter’s leg is a little cramp, so I just move the wood one slot lower.- Now my daughter joins us at the dinning table, and I can put the seat at the right height. There’s no side arms so I can pull her all the way up to the table.- The seat is made of heavy wood, and the baby can’t push herself off the table. Very handy feature when she’s throwing a tantrum while eating!Cons:- Even though it has the infant insert, it didn’t quite work out for us when my baby was younger. As some other posters mentioned, you’ll have to use 2 hands to remove the tray. it’s not the smoothest operation. We almost never take the tray off when we were using it. Good thing our daughter is small and we can just slide her in and out of the seat.- With the infant insert, it’s hard to pull the lap strap and to buckle the baby in.Overall, I think this is a great chair. it’s versatile, and I love the idea that it can become a regular chair later on when the baby outgrown it.Also, just as a public service announcement, tighten your chair once in a while! I notice that with regular wear and moving the chair back and forth, the boards become a bit loose. Just take out the hex key and make sure the screws are tight!

Hester Schertz, TX

Great for older toddlers, not suitable for young babies starting to eat

I bought this because I thought it was cool to have a wooden chair with a tray. I had a Stokke for my other child, which is great, but since my young baby was pulled up to the table, it was always a mess on our dining table. So I thought the idea for a tray, which you can later get rid off, was brilliant.This will work great for a toddler that can climb in and out of the chair alone and not fall off, but for a baby just learning to sit up and eat, it doesn’t seem a good match. Here’s why:- You need at least 3 hands. 1 to carry your baby, and 2 hands to remove the tray. Hard to do!- The seatbelt is made of just a canvas material and is hard to clean. I don’t know how to get these clean. I didn’t even see instructions. Just wiping it down with a wet cloth doesn’t seem to do the job.- More on cleaning. I use the infant insert, which has holes on the bottom where the seatbelt goes. Food can travel down the whole and get stuck in the crevices! You’ll have to detach the insert to get it clean. And when you do detach it, you will uncover even more mess. Yes, food gets stuck in velcro too and is more difficult to remove. So bottom line: Hard to clean with the infant insert.- The seatbelt is only a lap belt. Even with the tray on there, there were times where my heart jumped as my baby was leaning over the side. And since this is my third child, I know that babies can have tantrums and just hurl their body when they feel like it. If the tray isn’t there in the future, a lap belt won’t prevent a squirmy baby from falling out.Those are my only complaints. Other than that, it still does its job. I can see in the long run, that this will be a great chair for an older toddler or young child. Maybe then, I’ll appreciate it more.

Vanessa Jonesville, SC

Very happy with this seat!

I bought this high chair on the recommendation of a friend. I wanted a seat that would encourage my baby to sit up straight, and was very attracted to the molded seat on this chair for that reason. The only other seat I was getting really strong recommendations for was the Stokke, and I didn’t like the infant insert for that one as well. ALL of my kids love this seat – my three older kids wish I would buy one for each of them!Here’s what I love about this seat:- my baby likes it!- encourages baby to sit up straight- plastic cover on the tray makes it easy to clean up- elegant wooden design fits in beautifully at our table- it’s easy to slide the tray on and off (although it does take two hands).- this high chair is extremely stable – important when you have three other children, including one who thinks they should climb on the high chair.- It will grow with my child – I see us using this seat as a chair for decades.Other things to consider:- this seat has no shoulder straps. I would not recommend putting a baby in it without the tray for this reason.- takes quite a bit of time to assemble.

Jeannie Belleville, PA

Great looking chair and seems comfortable, but a little wobbly

This is a nice looking chair, and the infant insert helps to keep my son in a good position for eating and playing. However, the chair tends to loosen-up and wobble side-to-side every few days. When loose, the foot rest moves back and forth too. I need to tighten the bolts every couple of days to keep the chair feeling sturdy. I do like this chair, and I hope it holds up for years to come.

Adrian Chokio, MN

Easy to clean but limited lifespan

We bought this thinking it would be a total solution. We did Baby Led Weaning and this was a breeze to clean; even the messiest of meals. However, when we travelled to my in-laws at 8 mos and used their inexpensive high chair, I noticed their tray left less mess overall because it wrapped around my baby’s sides. I shrugged it off – annoying but worth it if I could use this all the way through toddlerhood.Then at 15 mos my baby figured out how to undo the buckle! It is a very easy to undo buckle so now I have no way of keeping her in the seat. I have even caught her standing in her chair – imagine my panic. She’s undone the buckle and come close to sliding out both the back and the front. I wish Keekaroo offered an upgrade to the buckle, something that didn’t take an easy-to-undo, one-touch button.As for the aesthetics, we love it and it feels very secure and solid. While pregnant I looked at a lot of seats, including the Svan, Boon, Oxo, Bloom and Stokke. I ultimately chose this for ease of cleaning, longevity and smaller floor print than the Stokke as well as ability to blend into our decor which is more traditional. I also saw reviews of the Stokke tipping backwards which I know is only under limited circumstances but it crossed that off my list. For almost all of those reasons this chair has exceeded my expectations. Fix the belt and it is a four and a half star seat. Fix the tray and it is a five star seat!

Charity Greenwood, IN

Just as described

This chair was relatively simple to put together-with respect to other baby construction projects.It is sturdy, nicely made-no rough edges or obvious imperfections.The infant insert is soft but strong and easy to clean.We started using this chair at 5 months, he was able to sit and be comfortable.He is now 7 months and it just gets easier to use and a better fit.My baby is happy in the chair, so I’m happy too.

Sofia Adolphus, KY

Great alternative to the Stokke Trip Trapp

This is a great highchair! It’s adjustable so the footrest, tray and seat can be set at the best position for your baby No more trays that are too high. The low back is nice because Baby likes to look around at everything while she eats. My greater than average size 9 month old baby fits in the infant insert with plenty of room to grow before we won’t need it anymore. My babysitter put it together in about an hour, and yes, don’t tighten all the bolts till the directions tell you to.

Angelica Calais, VT

A High Chair that Looks Great & is Practical

I am very pleased with this purchase. The Keekaroo was easy to put together, it looks great, my 6 month old enjoys sitting in it, it is easy to clean, and I love that it is convertible into a toddler chair and a stool for adults.

Yesenia Kelly, WY

Good value, a bit heavy, tray tricky to remove

I’ve had this highchair for about 3 months. This is a durable, sturdy highchair. The finish is nice and smooth and is easy to clean. I usually remove the infant insert and plastic tray cover and wash in the sink. The tray has two possible positions (although I believe three would be ideal) with two handed release. The chair is exactly as pictured. Easy, one-person assembly. Allen key is provided although a second is needed to tighten the upper bar. The chair arrived within 2 business days with super saver shipping, and was packaged well.CONS: 1 – Heavier than most highchairs (although with this weight comes better stability). 2 – The harness system is a bit frustrating in that the center strap sometimes slips down into the infant insert requiring that it be fished out. 3 – One of the screws was stripped when I received it, so I called the company and they shipped a replacement out free of charge pronto. 4 – The BIGGEST CON is the tray release mechanism; it’s quite tricky to get the tray removed and takes longer than I wish it did particularly when trying to deal with a choking baby. 5 – Offers no support for babies head so should only be used in babies with good neck control. The height of the back rest is such that my baby can turn her head around chew on it.OVERALL I’m happy with this highchair and would’ve given it 5 stars if the tray were easier/quicker to remove. If a quick and easy tray-release mechanism is important to you consider an alternative.

Rocio Mc Connell, IL

Great solid high chair

This Kekaroo chair and the insert are great. Pretty easy to assemble and it feels super sturdy. My 6 month old likes that he sits at our table for dinner time and I feel like he is safe if I have to run to the kitchen. I also like that the chair can adjust to his growth and that the design is classic. My only wish is that the tray was a bit bigger.

Gwendolyn Rushmore, MN

Love this setup

We absolutely love this high chair. Our baby is comfortable in it (we added the comfort cushion set and are currently using the back cushion from that with the infant insert), it’s *very* easy to keep clean, and he is well supported. Happy that this will grow with him as it’s an attractive and well-made piece. A little pricier than many high chairs, but well worth it.

Angelita Utica, SD

Love the chair, tray could be easier to release

I love this chair. It is beautiful in our dining room and blows other kiddy-plastic-fabric highchairs out of the water. It is relatively easy to adjust. The only thing I would change is the tray release mechanisms- you have to unlock both sides separately before pulling the tray out which is somewhat difficult with a child in your arms. It is not a deal breaker for me.

Vanessa Robbinsville, NC