Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray, Natural

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray, Natural

You can’t outgrow the Keekaroo High Chair. Keekaroo’s wooden high chair offers the safe seat your child needs during mealtime. The High Chair is ideal for children aged 6 months to 250 lbs. The High Chair includes a wooden tray with BPA-Free plastic tray cover, passive crotch restraint and 3-point safety belt. The Keekaroo High Chair is made with plant based lacquerer finish. It is JPMA certified to the highest ASTM standards for the safety of your child. Features included in the High Chair are the depth adjustable seat and footplate and height adjustable seat and foot plate. The ergonomic design of the backrest allows for a comfortable seating position. The BPA-Free plastic tray cover is dishwasher safe and helps with easy clean up. Made of Rubberwood, the wooden high chair provides a sturdy base that will resist tipping and maintains durability to last the test of time and the messiest eaters. As your child grows, the seat and foot plates can be adjusted to create the perfect seat. The foot plate can turn into a seat plate when your child’s feet touch the ground. For a more premier look, add an Infant Insert to your High Chair. Infant Inserts are made in the USA and are made from a BPA and Latex-Free peel and tear resistant material that offer anti-microbial protection. Infant Inserts wipe clean with warm water and are impermeable to liquids. When used with the wooden tray, this system is JPMA certified to the highest ASTM standards for children up to 3 years old. Keekaroo is style, function and affordability.

Main features

  • JPMA certified
  • Eating tray and dishwasher safe tray cover included
  • Adjustable foot and seat plate
  • Cloth cushion seating included
  • Available in natural or mahogany wood color
  • Adjustable foot and seat plate allows chair to seat from 6 months up to 250 pounds

Verified reviews


Your high chair search is over!

Are you doing endless amounts of research online trying to figure out which chair to get? Do you like the idea of the more expensive wooden chairs (Svan, Tripp Trapp) but feel less than enthusiastic about the price tag? There are too darn many high chairs out there! It’s seriously dizzying.Your search is over. Buy this chair.The chair is sturdy and attractive, adjustable, easy to assemble. I like that you can use it with the tray or push it up to the table with the rest of the family. I also like the potential longevity of this chair.The only downside to this chair is I wish the tray had a dishwasher safe insert. But honestly that’s not a deal breaker, I rarely use the tray. Mostly I push it up to the table and use a Kiddopatamus Tiny Diner placemat for her food. I really only use the tray when I’m working in the kitchen and my daughter wants to see what I’m up to. I would say that the tray really isn’t necessary if you want to save a few dollars.Update: My daughter is now 3 years old and so we’ve had this chair for over 2.5 years now and it’s still holding up really well. We’ve adjusted it to fit her and we no longer use the tray at all (honestly, we could have completely skipped the tray). It’s still just as sturdy as the day we bought it. No issues whatsoever so the longevity is fabulous. A great chair!

Erna Harford, NY

Great Chair, Less than average tray

The chair is fantastic. We got the cushions, and my son loves his chair which looks like Mom & Dad’s. My issue/problem is with the tray… the first locking pin mechanism is far too close to my son’s body, and I’m now searching for a tall “table” he can use to set his drinks on during the day. He is unable to climb in and out of the chair with the tray on it, so I often leave it on the side unless we are all eating together at the table. I think there should be multiple settings (since anyone under 150 lbs can apparently use it anyhow) since my child is not an unusually large child, but if I attach the tray, he is not comfortable with the tray touching his abdomen, leaving him unable to turn and move freely. I would never leave the room or turn my back on him with the tray on, even though he is capable of eating on his own, because I’m afraid he might try to get out and knock the chair over (even though the chair itself does seem to be very sturdy).

Eloise Portland, OR

For toddler not infant

I guess I might like this chair when my son is 2 years old and I want something for him to sit in that’s more to his scale than a regular dining chair. I hope so for what we paid for it. Because for a 9 month old infant it fails. Without the cushions the baby slides all around and the straps do almost nothing to hold him in. And the clips are cheap and difficult as somebody else said. You could never walk away even for a moment with an infant in this chair. Then when using the cushions the straps are too short; it’s just bad design, the straps should go through the cushion not around the sides. I called the company to ask about that, nobody bothered to return my call or email me, they just put some more straps in the mail and why I don’t know because they’re the same length straps that are on the chair already. Gee thanks. I also agree with Matt’s review about the tray. Very flimsy attachment to the chair. I don’t know where all these positive reviews come from. I’m wondering if they had all the employees post them. If I could go back in time and do it over I would buy or get free on Craigs List an ugly plastic comfy cushioned Graco high chair perfect for babies, who cares what it looks like, then maybe get this chair later to use for age 2-5. Meanwhile I’m feeling like a fool for having put modern hipster aesthetics over functionality and hello, SAFETY right now.

Marian Beaver, IA

Good but with some flaws

LO is 9 months old and has been using this chair since she was 5 months old.Overall, I like the chair but there are some flaws.I like that its adjustable, solid wood, very sturdy and secure. You MUST buy the infant booster seat to use this chair with a baby. Some reviewers have stated their child can stand up and get out of the seat. This is because they do not have the infant booster so for safety you have to get one. There is no way your child can get out if you are using the infant booster. I have had babies from 4 months to 2 years old in the chair and they cannot budge if they are properly strapped into the infant booster.The issues I have with this chair are that you cannot put the cushioned back on it when using the infant seat and my LO bumps her head on the hard back of the chair a lot. It is a lot of work to clean under the infant seat because you have to totally remove it to get it really clean and food falls through the holes where the straps come through the booster seat. Also, since I wipe it off every time my baby is done eating, I noticed some of the finish is coming off the wood under where the infant booster sits. Also, the tray is easy to clean but it can pinch small fingers if your baby reaches forward and pulls on the tray cover which my LO does all the time. It also difficult to adjust the tray at times especially if you are holding a baby trying to get them seated into the seat with the tray still attached. Keekaroo could improve this chair by extending the back of the infant booster to protect the baby’s head and by making the tray cover more secure and the tray mechanism easier to adjust. Overall, I am glad I bought this chair but I would be reluctant to recommend it to a friend.

Esther Norfolk, NY

Footrest Flies Out DANGER

I have Keekaroo high chair AND booster.PROBLEMS with high chair
• Grooves that hold “wooden” boards (seat and footrest) are shallow, so seat and footrest can come loose over time
• Footrest can fly out when baby taps feet and pushes upon footrest – DANGER!
• Footrest and seat need to be longer and should have a T-shaped back to prevent movement/flying out
• Screws or deeper grooves should be used to hold seat and footrest in place (grooves are too shallow and loosen over time)Yes, cushions are comfy. Locking mechanism for tray can get stuck (not that bad). But the biggest problem are the seat and footrest that are too short and not secured in place. Boards can fly out from underneath if baby’s feet pushes on them!Even a cushiony seat can’t make this 2 stars. It deserves ZERO stars for this danger.

Adelaide Ralph, MI

Perfect highchair

I love love love this highchair! My friends have different cloth seat versions and complain constantly about keeping the seat clean. I just wipe down and I’m done. Assembly was quick and easy. My son is now 8 months old and loves being in his highchair. This is one of our can’t live without purchases.

Bridgette Lutz, FL

Ok at first but after a year, not so much. NOT SAFE

I loved this chair at first, even though the tray didn’t sit tight against my (at the time) 6 month old causing me to have to change his clothes completely after nearly every meal because stuff always slid down his bib, despite the pocket and landed in his lap. I made the mistake early on of spraying the tray down to clean it and that has caused some small spots in the corners to wear and puff up- it’s particle board, a la sauder brand, not solid wood. I’ve also had trouble with the screws on the sides coming loose causing the foot rest to slide out and fall repeatedly- usually when the dog is trying to lick it off lol. Now I’ve owned it for a year or so and there are numerous nicks on the tray, both on the edge and top surface. The worst part though is that my now 18 month old has figured out how to undo the restraint- a simple push of the button and now tries to climb out and even onto the tray. I’ve looked over several times to see him standing up in the chair with a foot on the tray ready to fall. NOT SAFE!! If it had a more secure buckle, I would have given it 3 stars- it does look nice. But I don’t think it’s going to hold up for use as he grows, which is what I was hoping for. I previously had a fisher price healthy care booster which I now wish I had kept.

Avis Tishomingo, OK

Always the right height and excellent customer service.

Looks sturdy, is sturdy, is beautiful and easily adjustable. Our 16 months grandson is perfectly content and comfortable. I purchased the two-piece cushions in brown to compliment our home so it didn’t scream toddler. And toddlers tend to grow up.I put a trimmed-to-fit piece of reusable grip mat (in most stores) under the seat cushion to keep it in place. You know wiggly babies can maneuver anything out of place….especially when this one likes to put his foot on the table. Ha!My purchase was December 2008. I e-mailed 11-13-09 asking what product they recommend so I could refinish the tray that did not hold up to a damp cloth wipe down after less than a handful of uses. Instead, they are SENDING ME A NEW TRAY AT NO COST to me…one with a waterproof finish.

Sarah Pine Plains, NY

Not your average baby furniture

I was debating between this chair and the Stokke, and went with this one because the tray was included in the price. And I saw a friend’s and was convinced it would be worth it. It looks like furniture, not a big plastic monstrosity. I love how it will now be my daughter’s chair for years to come, though I’m not sure how someone weighing 250 would fit on the chair to sit on it. My daughter likes not being so confined compared to the graco seat my parents have. We also have the fisher price booster seat for travel/back up when friends have a kid over.We didn’t start solids till 7 months (I wasn’t going to begin solids while on vacation, we waited purely for connivence), so she was sitting pretty well at that time. We have the infant insert because she’s a petite (15th percentile) kid and it looks comfy. The chair cleans up pretty easily. Cheerios always find their way into the infant seat’s strap openings, so I take that off once a week for a “deep clean”. Which is really my only complaint. The tray is a bit fussy but I think that is standard procedure for high chair trays!

Anna Belmont, NY

Love this chair

This chair is a great high chair. I use it for my 2 year old. I haven’t gotten to try it out as an adult stool. However, this product is well made and looks nice if this is your color dining room set. The only complaint I have is the seat cushion. There is no way to get it off to clean it unless you unscrew the leg piece take it all apart. Wish it were easier.

Crystal Waverly, KS

Small, easy to use

This is small, easy to use and clean, and seems comfy. Way better than the chicco cortina highchair we had.

Marylou Liberal, KS

This high chair is super awesome!

Anyone complaining about using the tray on this high chair is RIDICULOUS. It is extremely easy to put on and take off. My husband and I can do it with one hand without much trouble. The assembly of this high chair was extremely easy and quick and is clearly easy to adjust later when your child has grown out of the setting you started it out at. It’s easy to clean, very nice to look at, it’s well constructed/good quality and absolutely worth the price. Our son loves sitting in it even just to play with his toys on the tray and look out the window, watch me cook, etc. It’s very stable. He is a very active seven month old baby and it doesn’t move at ALL while he is flailing around, etc. The pad is nice enough to serve it’s purpose but it’s not so cushy that the child isn’t using his own rear and back and everything to hold himself up and keep his balance as he should while sitting. The seat belt in it is totally secure and yet not in the way or hard to adjust or too over the top. I can’t say enough about how nice and perfect this high chair is! I can’t even imagine what those complaining about the tray are thinking. My husband said something like “if you can’t operate this tray, you shouldn’t have children”. lol… you slide the tray into the side clip area… and once you get it far in enough, it clips onto the tray. If you want it pushed in further, you just continue to slide it further and it will clip again. There is a little thing you push down against the clip to keep it more secure and you just lift them up again to “unlock” the side clips. Then you push the underside of each clip up to unclip the tray. It is clearly meant to be done with two hands but you can do one, pull that side of the tray out a tiny bit and then do the other and then the tray is free to pull all the way out with one hand. Very simple. Nothing needs to be pushed or pulled with force or anything to get it clipped and locked in and unlocked and unclipped. I hope that makes sense. It’s ridiculously easy. I love every part of the design of this high chair. The ONLY complaint I can think of is that it would be nice if the chair came painted in different colors and/or if the pad came in different colors because I am not a fan of plain wood or the color brown/beige. But that’s it! Highly recommended!!

Adrienne Adelanto, CA

Great for a small house

We really like this high chair. The only problem we had is that when we put it together as directed the tray was below the belly button of our 6 month old( we did not use the infant insert because she had been sitting up un assisted for awhile). We dropped the seat and the tray was a little high but now at 8 months it’s an appropriate size. I was worried that the tray wouldn’t be big enough compared to other brands. I am not sure why you would need a much bigger tray unless you were piling on tons of toys. It is slightly annoying that you can’t take the tray off with 1 hand. But I am able to sit her in it without taking it off so it isn’t a big deal at all. I haven’t used the Trip Trap but I think this is a better deal $$ wise.

Hope Stuart, NE

2+ years and still love it!

This chair was a really good highchair (with the infant insert) but truly shines as a toddler and kids chair! It is very stable and so my son can climb up into it without any help or worry that it will tip. He has been able to do this since he was 1 year old! He loves the independence! Lunch and snacks are more grazing than sit down meals but I prefer food be kept at the table. This allows him to get up and down with ease so he can return to the table whenever he wishes. He is 2 1/2 now and will still be using it for years to come. We will be ordering another for his baby sister. I purchased this over all the other wooden chairs because of its stability. I only needed the high chair mode for 6-8 months. This will be used for years as a toddler/kids chair!

Tabatha Titusville, FL

So far so good

I have used this chair for a month now. My son is now 13m, a little short for his age at 29″ height. He fits the chair really well and is much better than a big gaudy plastic FP chair we had before! A lot easier on the eye, too. The chair was easy to put together, and I was happy with the quality of the product.A few points to note:- adjustable height. Previous reviewers have commented that you need a screwdriver to adjust the height. Well yes, you do, but I am sure that this is pretty standard for a wooden high chair. You don’t have to take it all apart, either. Just loosen the uprights enough to slide the seat panel out, slide it back in at the desired height, then tighten the screws. It’s not like you’ll be doing it every week!- tray. It is a simple white tray. No dividers or fancy bits. A removeable plastic cover sits on top of the wooden part, and there are many warnings about trapping moisture between the plastic and wood. My son is quite neat so 90% of the time I just clean up the tray using baby wipes, and then sometimes I remove the plastic to give it a thorough wash, making sure it dries properly before replacing. It really is no big deal to me, but perhaps if you had a really messy child you might find this annoying.- seat pad. It is non washable. Let me repeat. NON WASHABLE. Who designed that??? It may well be wipe clean but it is still fabric and I want to throw it in the washer every now and then. That kind of bad design drives me crazy. However – it is perfectly easy to use the chair without it, so that’s what we do. My son hasn’t complained so far and it makes clean-up even easier.- support. If your baby isn’t sitting up on its own yet, you’re going to need some cushioning in the sides. The chair feels quite wide and there is a lot of room for leaning (or slipping) one way or the other. Not a problem with older babies, although it does mean they can lean to reach things at each side of the chair, because the lap belt means their whole upper body is free to move.

Kathie Comstock, NE

Made of plywood/ impossible to clean

This chair was a disappointment. I read a ton of reviews, but somehow missed that this is plywood, particleboard and pieced wood. After starting my son on solid foods, I have realized that everything he comes in contact with needs to be hosed down. There is even a warning on the plywood tray that it can’t get wet! I’m a first time parent and had no idea how completely unrealistic of a proposition that is. I think this chair was designed either by someone without kids or someone who hates parents. There are so many nooks and crannies where food gets stuck. There is no way to clean this properly without a good set of dental tools.The chair is not as adjustable as I had anticipated either. The position for the tray is fixed and there is only one possible setting for high chair mode. The next lowest setting for the seat would be much too low for an infant. The first setting means the tray is almost on my son’s lap and he is only 6 months. I’m not sure that his legs will fit underneath the tray for long.I would not buy this chair nor recommend.Update: I downgraded my original rating of 2 stars down to 1, because on top of all the above mentioned reasons to dislike this chair, my son gets his fingers pinched between the particleboard tray and the plastic tray.

Lorrie Franklin, MI

The only high chair you’ll ever need

Been using the Keekaroo for three weeks now with our 8 month-old and couldn’t be happier. It was a snap to assemble, and it’s easy to adjust. We are using the infant booster seat as well, which slides right into place and keeps our baby comfortable and safely strapped in. The snap is also child-proof, so even with his advancing dexterity, he can’t wriggle free.The table is brilliantly designed to snap into two different place settings, hands-free, but it won’t come undone without unhooking it manually. This saves countless messes, and the table itself is sturdy and easy to clean, just like the rest of the chair.I love the sleek, modern look, and it obviously transforms into a “regular” chair as needed. This chair will clearly last for years to come, and grow right along side your child. A high chair worthy of high praise–absolutely recommended!

Dionne Bridgewater Corners, VT

Beautiful chair

This chair looks great. My son isn’t old enough to use the high chair yet, but the look and make of this chair is great. I have had lots of people ask where we got it because it looks so nice!

Kitty Salem, OR

Like the chair- looks a little unkept

Really like the chair, seems solid. My 3 year old is using it until I need it for an infant this fall. My only complaint is that it seems the buckles cannot be removed without cutting them and there is a big gap in the wood where the tray installs on the sides making it look like it is missing a piece when you are not using for an infant with the tray. We want the tray for later use and that is why I choose this one over the alternatives of similar design, but if you don’t want for an infant, I think the other designed models would look better. That said, the price was right.

Gladys Beersheba Springs, TN


This high chair is engineered very nicely and I feel it is safe. I love that it will accommodate my son as he grows, which makes it well worth the $$. This is high quality, sturdy. Easy to clean.

Emilie Arvada, CO

Nice looking and functional

We like this seat. It seems comfortable, is easy to clean, and we like that it will grow with our child. Seems sturdy.I do wish the seat height were more easily adjustable (you have to loosen many bolts to adjust), but perhaps you’d have to sacrifice some amount of safety to design it that way?The tray was damaged during shipping, but I called the company and they sent me a new one right away.

Marisol Kirkwood, PA

Sturdy, easy to clean, adjustable

I love this chair. My husband put it together, and I don’t remember him complaining or swearing a lot during the process, so I’m going to assume that it’s easy to assemble.For me, the PROs are that this chair is:- SUPER easy to clean. The detachable fabric seat cushion is machine washable and dryable. The label may say different, but I’ve washed it MANY times in my washer and it still looks perfect. The wood parts wipe clean with a wet rag. There aren’t too many crevices where food can get stuck. Awesome.- Very sturdy. My son is a very active fidgeter and no matter how much he squirms or attempts to escape, this thing will not budge.- Adjustable- the bottom footrest thing can move up or down to support your toddler’s feet.Very happy with this purchase. We’ve been using it for over a year. My son is 20 months now and weighs about 25 lbs. We’re about to transition to a booster seat (not because he’s outgrown this chair, but because he just likes sitting at the table now). Money well spent.

Angel Beverly, KY

Perfect for us

My son was a fussy eater. Like he’d get so upset by 10 minutes into the meal we’d have to take him out of his chair. We had him in two other kinds of chairs before this one. An occupational therapist suggested this one to us b/c it supposedly puts the child at the perfect posture for eating. Our son loves it and meal time is so much more peaceful now. Plus, it’s small. Negative is that you need both hands to take off the tray — well, really, I’ve found a way to do it with one hand, but it’s a pain.

Lillie Vandalia, IL

Great Quality. Must have!

I’ve been eying this since I was pregnant with my son. I’m now expecting #2 and to free up the high chair for #2 and advance my (almost) 2 year old I pulled the trigger and bought it. I got this version because it was cheaper but we’re not using the tray…just pushing him up to the table. That opens so many more opportunities for him! We now can color and do crafts easier than with the high chair tray. It’s less of a pain to clean….just wipe the table! It puts him at a great level also. We opted not to use the "cushion" to make cleaning easier. It feels very sturdy and the color is fabulous (bonus that it matches out dining set). I put it off for quite awhile because it seemed pricey. But I have zero regrets and know it will last a lifetime.

Amparo Postville, IA

Easy to assemble, looks great and our baby loves it!

Love this chair! We had to buy a new chair that could accommodate a Rhino Cruiser as our son has bilateral hip displacia. So many seats on the market don’t accommodate his leg position. We chose this seat over the Stokke or Gus and Guzzie models because he fit best in this and the tray an buckle systems were far superior. (Stokke can only have tray with infant insert which he couldn’t fit into due to brace). We were surprised to find we love this chair. It’s light weight so easily moved about, super easy to clean which is a must in our world and comes with a tray with removable tray cover which is also a must in my opinion. This is a great chair.

Paige Walthill, NE

Looks great

This chair looks great and is just the right size. The wood seems to be good quality. My problem was with the screws. You have to tighten them several times in order to adjust to the right levels. The problem comes becomes the screws easily strip. This is a bad thing for a chair that relies on tightening and loosening screws in order to change the height. The screws need to be better quality or there should be extra. Outside of that I think the chair is great. It fits perfectly at the table and out little 7 month old fits perfectly in it. I would buy it again.

Gail Arlington, AZ

Practical and stylish, but must get the insert for small babies.

We bought our Keekaroo when my daughter was 4 month old. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. It is a very pretty chair and blends well with our furniture, but it didn’t seem very comfortable for a 4 month old. Now she is 10 months old and I love this chair – and will love it for a long time I guess! It’s not for small babies for sure. If you have a young baby, you should try the insert. But if your baby is 6-7 months or older, it is a very nice choice. Also, it’s made in the US which is a plus.

Suzette Glen Aubrey, NY

Best high chair we’ve found

We love the quality, durability, design, and look of this high chair and couldn’t be happier with the product and its price. We considered other high chairs like the Stokke Tripp Trapp, but we couldn’t see how it was worth the price difference, and we like the design of this one better anyway. This chair is incredibly easy to clean, and we don’t even use the cushion it comes with–our son doesn’t seem to mind, and it’s even easier to clean that way. He can easily sit at the table with us or have the tray attached, and we love that it converts to a regular chair when he outgrows it. Definitely the best chair we’ve found.

Maricela Hamletsburg, IL

A Must Have, Especially for Homeschoolers

We have owned this chair for a year and a half. I’m amazed at the quality and how great it looks with our table. I must admit I have never used the tray, and I removed the pad to keep it easier to clean. I wipe this chair off daily, and the finish still looks great. There is a small dent where my son dropped a can, but seriously, what wood could withstand that? I initially bought this when my first child was 3, and I was expecting our second child. At the time, we had just ordered a new table with upholstered chairs. I really didn’t like the plastic high chair I had for my first and figured I would use this with my oldest for a year or so and then put my youngest in it and get rid of my original plastic looking high chair. Well, now I have discovered a reason to continue using it and buy a second one. I homeschool my oldest, and it is always recommended that children have their feet flat on the floor to write. I got tired of sitting at a child size table as he worked and realized I could sit comfortably at the kitchen table while he is in this chair. My son is almost 5, and I anticipate using this chair for a few more years!

Adele Garvin, OK

Must buy

This High Chair is of great quality, very stable and very easy for our 2-year old to climb on. But you must get the Cushion Set; if not, it’s a little rough…

Willie Hunter, NY