KEET Roundy Child Size Chair with Microsuede Ottoman, Hot Pink, Ages 2-5 years

KEET Roundy Child Size Chair with Microsuede Ottoman, Hot Pink, Ages 2-5 years

The Roundy Microsuede chair and ottoman set was designed to enhance the beauty of any room. It is also comfortable and durable; the set have a strong wood frame, covered with high density foam to maximize comfort. This Chair set is handmade just like an adult piece of furniture with wooden legs. The Beautiful Microsuede fabric is easy to clean and durable. Add a Roundy Chair set to any room to create a special place for reading, watching TV or just Relaxing. Your kids will love it.

Main features

  • Beautiful Microsuede fabric is soft, durable and stain resistant
  • Strong Wooden Frame, for durability
  • High Density foam, for added comfort
  • Wooden Legs, for a real furniture look
  • Available in assorted colors

Verified reviews


Stained and mildewed very quickly

We bought this for my youngest daughter’s first birthday about a month ago and it’s already filthy. The chair is very cute and sturdy. My older two kids like it as well. It’s really hard to clean, though. The fabric is microfiber and everything clings to it. Since the color is so light, every little spill and crumb shows up.Update OCTOBER 13, 2013: Well, I mentioned the chair was hard to clean. It’s now covered in mildew and is disgusting. I kept this chair cleaned off. The only option I have now is to bleach the entire thing and kill off the mold. Hopefully, I can make a cover for it. Pretty ridiculous to pay for a chair only to have to re-cover it two months later. I don’t know if mine was just missing this magic “stain resistance” they have in the description, but it’s definitely ruined now.

Diana Capon Springs, WV


This chair is versatile enough that both my 5 year old and 1 year old can sit comfortably in it. It is very light weight, easily cleaned and matches our furniture perfectly. My kids love it so much, I am debating buying another one so that both of my smaller ones can have their own! It is too small for my 8 year old though, so if your child is between 10 months and 6 years of age, this will be prefect for them!

Taylor Medora, IN

Cute enough… Not sure I’d buy it again though

I’m not overly wowed by this chair and ottoman for the price (sixty five) but it’s cute enough. The fabric will make messes easy to lean up. I’m worried that the fabric will rip easily or will be easy to puncture. It’s really low to the ground so we’ll probably put taller legs on the chair to fit my daughters height better. It’s really light weight so it can tip easily by leaning back or climbing on it, like most kids do with furniture. My daughter is about 30lbs and fits in it with room to spare and she’s a solid build, not lanky. She can also pick it up and move it around (which tells you how light weight this is). I’m guessing we’ll be able to use this for a year, maybe two at the most. A good age range for an average child would be 18 months to 4 years max. Unless your child is on the tall/thin side, then maybe up to 5. Made in Mexico.

Margo Central, SC

He loves it

I got this to replace another one (tan in color) that we got my son when he was 1. (He had a diaper blowout on it & there was no saving it). My son is now 2 & still loves his chair even if it is a replacement. It fits perfectly next to our coffee table for him to eat or do activities. I do recommend using scotch guard on it as it is microfiber & toddlers are extremely messy. He doesn’t care much for the ottoman though. Mostly uses it to stand on to get things he’s not suppose to. Oh he’s also able to take the legs off. I’m sure that’s an easy fix though by just tightening them more 😊

Merle Rising Star, TX

My daughter is in love!

We bought this for our 15 month old for Christmas, and it is a hit beyond any other toy! It is a little lower than I expected (I never read the demensions). She climbs up on her own and is loving it thus far! I hope it is sturdy enough, cuase I can see it being used very much over the years.

Ethel Oviedo, FL


Looks great. Bought it because the color matches perfectly with our couch. My daughter loves it. It’s also easy to clean which is a huge plus.

Augusta Tustin, CA

Perfect for Every Child!

Love this chair!! I think this is just the cutest thing ever! I bought the hot pink for my 18 month old daughter, and she loves it! It’s so soft, and looks very comfortable. My daughter is too short to use the ottoman, so we are using it as a stool in her bedroom for her to sit on when she’s "reading". I think this is perfect for every child to have their own place to sit in the living room. I’m not a fan of those cheaper chairs/couches with characters on it, so this was perfect for us. It says it may be used up to 5 years old, so I think we will get plenty of use out of this and I hope it lasts until then!

Beth East Orleans, MA

Great for 2-3year olds

Bought this last year for my 2 year olds birthday. He still loves it and fits in it well. I do think though that by next year he may start to out grow it. It is a smaller toddler chair it seems (not one that will last him for years to come at all). We honestly don’t use the ottoman it comes with sadly. Overall it still is in great shape and looks nice.

Maritza Cedar Grove, WV

Perfect for toddlers!

Good for the money, easy to clean micro suede fabric. Nice and sturdy on carpet and wood flooring. Some parents complaint of safety issues. I guess it depends on children because all our daughter does is sitting in it.

Susie Tower City, PA