Kel-Gar Snug-Tub – Elephant Supersize 32″ x 21″

Kel-Gar Snug-Tub – Elephant Supersize 32″ x 21″

The inflatable Snug-Tub works great at home or on the road to provide a padded, secure bathing environment inside your adult tub. The Snug-Tub even has a contoured headrest, making it easy to wash and rinse your child’s hair.

Main features

  • Provides a padded, secure space for a child to bathe
  • Super-sized 32″ x 21″ Makes big tubs child size
  • Compact design saves water & Contoured headreast makes washing hair easy
  • Can be suctioned to the bathroom wall to drip dry
  • Recommended for children who are able to sit unassisted tp approx. 24 months

Verified reviews


Slow Leaks Every Time- Prepare to Replace Often!

We have purchased 3 inflatable snug-tubs from Kelgar. The infant size tub was fine, and still works okay after 2 years. However, the slightly larger toddler size tub has a slow leak. The first one we bought had a very slow leak; after 9 months it turned into a fast leak, so we bought another one, thinking we wouldn’t be unlucky enough to get another defective one twice in a row.Wrong!!The second one arrived with a slow leak in the same place as the previous toddler size snug-tub. At first it was so slow, it just meant we’d have to reinflate it once in a while; then you have to reinflate it more and more often until finally it won’t last through one bathing without going limp. After the second flop, I decided to just send the leaky tub back to Kel-Gar and ask for a free replacement. They never responded to my friendly letter. When I finally called (took me a while to get around to it; I kept thinking that surely a replacement would be arriving any week now!), they were totally unhelpful.The woman who answered at “Customer Service” kept interrupting me to tell me that they do not accept returns, and any problems have to be taken up with the retailer. Way to stand behind your products, dudes!Then when I called the retalier (Right Start) just now, they said that it’s not their responsibility to handle a replacement, it’s the manufacturer’s– BUT at least this customer service person was polite and said she’s ask her boss and look into it more, just to see if there is anything they can do.I’m really surprised that Kel-Gar cares so little about their image with the public and about providing pleasant and helpful service to their customers, especially repeat customers such as myself. I mean, come on, how hard is it to throw a piece of plastic that weights about 8 ounces in the mail to keep a customer happy??However, since that is their attitude, you’re better off buying an inflatable tub from a real-life (non-virtual) retailer with a decent 90-day return policy, such as Babies-R-Us or Target, so that if a leak develops you can physically take it back and get a replacement. That’s what we’ll be doing from here on out.So long, Kel-Gar. The tub was “just ducky” but your service was DOA!Update: No go on the replacment. Big surprise.Although not quite as cushy as this tub, I would highly recommend getting your baby or toddler the PRIMO EuroBath instead. We got it after having to give up on inflatables, and it is roomy, comfortable, and DURABLE, unlike Kel-Gar’s products. 4.5 stars with 750 reviews on Amazon- you can’t beat that!PRIMO EuroBath Pearl White

Angelita Carlton, TX

Very slippery and dangerous

I was hoping this would be a good transition tub for my 6 month old who is growing out of the tub that fits in the sink.If you are in the same situation, I caution you with this purchase -1) It reeks like plastic and has for weeks.2) it is dangerously slippery. My son can sit up very securely, however he immediately slid. I even bought a tub mat insert to try, and he still slipped.3) It barely fits into our tub.

Dorthy Gold Run, CA

Not for our daughter

Pre-cursory note: we are fortunate to have a very happy baby and I mean happy- always smiling, giggling – ust happy! She rarely gets upset at anything let alone cries -but I have to say, I blew up this tub and our daughter FREAKED OUT – she would clinch onto me super scared of it, turn her head and cry out at the sight of it. We tried letting her play with it in her room but she wasn’t having it. No way, Jose on this one! So we deflated it and don’t use it. She is in the regular “big girl” tub now and is perfectly happy. She was sliding around (and I could see an accident waiting to happen) so I bought these cute little “mini” whale suction cup/ non slip mats on Amazon and they work extremely well. Crisis averted, everyone is happy. Don’t know what it is about this tub, but wasn’t for my daughter.3 stars because the product itself was okay- just not sure what “spooked” her about it! And worth noting, it did have a strong odor when I blew it up – but that was a bad taste in my mouth- not an external odor.

Traci Fort Davis, AL

Great for travel!

I purchased this inflatable tub for my son because I wanted to have a portable tub for when I went traveling with him. This tub is great, I even use it at home. I started using this tub when my son was 6 months, he is now 9 months old. Now that he sits up on his own, it’s a lot easier to bathe him. I like using this tub better than an infant bath seat because I can wash him more thoroughly, all around instead of having his legs fastened in a tub seat. If you travel, it’s a great idea to get an inflatable tub, it’s portable, and quite sturdy.

Ida Lonetree, WY


This is great! It’s so much nicer than the hard plastic tubs. My 6 month old doesn’t slide around in this and it’s easy for me to rest my arm on the tub while washing her. (Couldn’t do that with the plastic tub.) Easy to fill up and easy to clean up. It even has a suction cup so it doesn’t slide around in the tub. (I also use that for hanging up so it dries out after every bath.) This tub just makes bathtime much easier!

Jasmin Derby, IA


We used the infant bath tub initially but by the time my daughter turned 2 months we started using this inflatable tub. I put it in the tub and though my daughter doesn’t sit up yet, she has plenty of room to move her legs and arms while I hold her. Yes, it is more strenuous for my back but it’s good fun and exercise for my baby. Also, we don’t have much room in my bathroom so we put up two extension rods (like those you use to hang a shower curtain) above the tub and store it on them. This keeps it out of the way though the tub does have a suction cup which works.I can’t wait till my baby sits up – I envision putting the Snug Tub out on the porch for her to play in. O, by the way, I haven’t reinflated it once since I bought it (about 2 months ago or so)- yes, some of the air escaped, as with all inflatables, but it’s still sturdy enough. I also sometimes put a blanket in it and let my daughter ‘sit’ in it and play with her toys. I find it very versatile.

Wilda Fallston, NC

soaking in pee water no more

I had previously purchased another tub because it was a few dollars cheaper but soon regretted it once received. The tub had two pouches to but the soap and shampoo. But the one thing i needed was a drain. The dirty water built up and the only way to get it out is to tilt it up so it can pour out. Such a hassle while washing a 9month old. Not with this one though. I can fill the tub up for him to play and splash and allow it to drain out when its time to wash. Great, so my son don’t soak in dirty water which he does pee in.

Avis Cole Camp, MO

Was fantastic, until the seam kept splitting causing slow leaks

This inflatable tub was perfect! A good size, no frills, and a suction cup that worked well for mounting it to the shower wall when we were finished using it. It worked great, until we started noticing slow leaks. We’d super glue one, only to find another a few weeks later. Time to buy a new tub.*Update – all the other tubs have the same negative reviews about splitting seams over time. Since this tub worked so well for us until it split and we love the suction cup, we just bought another one. Ah well.

Renee Wrens, GA

Works great

My almost 1 year old grew out of the hard plastic-type infant/baby tub so looked for one that was softer and bigger. This one works great. Like the dain plug and the suction cup to keep it from sliding in the tub.

Kara Ross, TX

We use it for bath and pool

I was worried about this purchase reading all the reviews. So far so good. My 9 month old son loves the water we use this in the tub for bath time where he splashes and has fun. I bought the Safety 1st Splash Infant Bath Cushion, Blue to go in it. I use that sometimes as I don’t find the bottom of the tub that slippery, my son stands up in it and doesn’t slip.But I was worried about safety so I purchased the cushion.We also use it for a swimming pool, sort of. We have had some very hot days so I take it out side on my deck putting a old blanket underneath & he just sits in it and plays.I like it also when he has diaper rash as I can put the baking soda in the water to help dry it up and the height of the tub allows me to get it high enough over his butt.

Bette Hemingway, SC

Perfect little tub

I bought this because my baby wasn’t old enough to sit up yet but was getting way too big for her plastic tub. This works great! You don’t have to worry about them slipping in a big tub and it saves water! She is now able to sit on her own and she really enjoys splashing around in this. I love how much safer it is and its big enough for her to use for a couple of years.

Geraldine Maxeys, GA

Thank you for this tub

We were in that in between stage for the bath. My son was way to big for the baby tub. But at nine months to small for the real thing. I did not need a tub that had slots for the shampoo because then my Son spends all of his time trying to play with the shampoo. This works great. Soft, blows up easily, roomy but not too roomy. This is a good product.

Polly Kim, CO

Bigger than the duck tub my munchkin

This is perfect for my 15 month baby whose 32 inches long, 26 lbs., it’s well made and not slippery at all, easy to clean and the suction cup hold the tub really well. Great purchase.

Edythe Centralia, MO

Cutest tub!

My baby had outgrown our hard plastic tub and was uncomfortable in it. I got this tub as a replacement. After reading another customer’s review I also purchased a sponge for the bottom and have had no problems with him slipping under water. It smelled VERY STRONGLY of plastic so I had to wait a couple of days to use it, I recommend airing it out. But once it’s blown up, it’s ready to go. It’s a little difficult to fill since it’s so puffy, I have trouble getting it under the tub faucet but since I need to test the water temperature anyway, I just cup my hands and let the water run into the tub like that. If you had a tub hose or something it would be easier. My son loves this tub. He lays back and luxuriates in his bath and it’s very cute to see him "relaxing". (8 months old). The suction cup on the back is awesome for hanging it up out of the way in the shower when we’re done with it. We keep it blown up and don’t use the drain plug, we just tip it up to drain it because I read another review that the drain plug got warped and started to leak. I’m avoiding that by just tipping it up to pour the water out. Working perfectly so far!! 🙂

Johnnie South Byron, NY

Tub has strong plastic smell

I couldn’t find anywhere–not on amazon nor on the product or its packaging–what this tub is made of, but I suspect it might be made of PVC. It has a strong new-shower-curtain/new-pool-toy smell when you first open it, and I let it air out for a few days before using it. The smell is gone now, but I would have loved it if this tub were made of a less smelly (and probably more eco-friendly) material.Also, the tub doesn’t fit directly under the faucet–half the water goes in the inflatable tub, and half of it goes between the inflatable tub and the side of the bathtub. I fill a large plastic bowl with water and dump it into the tub to fill the tub.Other than these issues, the tub is ok. The size is good and it does the job.

Jami Thomas, OK

Nice, but one design flaw

We really liked the size of this tub. Our 1 yr old has room in it and can use it for some time. It saves water. I wanted to push the tub toward the back of the larger house tub so that our son was not tempted to pull up on the faucets. I was going to use the shower hose to fill it. However, when I tried to drain the tub, the drain on the bottom of the tub would suction to the bottom of the house tub and it wouldn’t drain. I’d have to hold the drain hole off the floor of the tub. It is too heavy to pick up with water in it. It will drain if you push the tub to the very front of the bathtub where the drain hole is over at least part of the bathtub drain. So the tub works, but you can only put it in one place in the front. I wish they had a little piece under the drain hold that held it off the floor of the bathtub. Other than that, it is inexpensive and keeps our son contained and safe.

Gussie Mansfield, WA

Fun, convenient

As soon as my (large!) baby could sit up with confidence, I switched him to this tub. He loves it!! Now he has room to splash his hands against the water, play with his bath toys and explore the duckie-print.The tub is easy to blow up, easy to hang and I’ve had no problems with it being slippery.Honestly – with a couple gallons of water and a 23 lb baby inside, how much can this thing move?

Shari Shreve, OH

Lasted six months

I purchased this tub in June 2011 and in January 2012 the seams started to fail. I have to blow up the tub each time I want to use it. I temporarily fixed the seam with crazy glue but now it’s hopeless. However, the six months that it latest was great…this is a perfect tub for an infant who has learned to sit up by themselves. My daughter is 16 months now and she still loves the tub.

Annie Saint Francisville, LA

So far so good

My daughter had the munchkin duck tub for awhile until it broke. Well…she is almost two and I was thinking of getting another one or bath mats. Our tub is very slippery. So I found this one and the age limit was past 2years old so I thought I would try it out. I really think it is a good transition to the tub. It is not real deep and she has lots of room but it still makes her feel safe and secure.

Margarita Falun, KS

Works great, and bigger than most other inflatables

This tub is perfect for my 15 mo old girl, and we use it as our everyday tub and also take it when we travel. my only complaint is that the drain sits flush against the bath floor so it doesn’t really drain unless you put something underneath it to elevate it a little (I use a foam letter since we already have them in the tub for her to play with).

Angeline Bible School Park, NY

snug tub that does a good job

Bottom blow up cushion doesn’t stay inflated and the plug doesn’t really drain the water effectively however it fits snuggly in my tub and my daughter doesn’t mind her baths in here. Has transitioned our bath times from sink to big girl tub like I wanted so job well done. I also like the suction cup to hang the tub to bath side for drying purposes. Good product and woukd recommend.

Estelle Garner, IA

A great step between infant tub and whole bathtub

We used this tub for my baby from about 7 or 8 months old until about 13 months. It was a great transition from our infant bathtub, giving her more space without using all the water that a full bath would require. It only took moments to inflate by mouth, and I never needed to add more air. I liked being able to use the tub in the middle of the big tub so my baby was never in close proximity to the faucet or water controls. The vinyl is a nice quality, and I ended up using it outdoors as a small wading pool at my mother’s house after the baby outgrew it for bath purposes. Once she started walking it was not long that she learned how to climb out of the sides, but I’m very happy with the job that this tub did for the months we were able to use it!

Erma Rocksprings, TX

I love it and so does my baby

It’s easily inflated and my baby has a blast sitting in this thing. Some reviews mention a slippery bottom but we haven’t had any problems with it. And on the rare occasion when my baby accidentally bumps her bead on the side, well, it’s all soft and bouncy so she never hurt herself.

Ma Nazareth, KY

Love this tub!

My son outgrew his infant tub so I tried to bath him in a regular tub – wasn’t having it! So I needed something fast that could act as a transition tub. This fit the bill. I would recommend buying a hand pump to fill it (just be very careful). I tried to blow it myself and nearly passed out! I used the pump from my exercise ball and it was inflated and ready to go in minutes. Just place the plug in the hole and fill! I am not sure why people have complained about it being slipper – my son stands up just fan when I have to wash his bottom. He loves it! My only complaint is that the bottom leaves…um…rear end stains so make sure you keep it clean or at least pre-clean your babies bottom before putting them in. I always do so I don’t know how it stains but it does!

Florence Galena, OH

Great concept but quality is hit or miss

We got this for our 7 month old twins who have just started sitting up alone but are still a bit wobbly. The tub is really cute but the bottom panel on the one we got had a leak and would not stay inflated, which completely defeats the purpose of creating a soft surface for them. We ended up putting the infant bath sponge that we used when they were newborns in the bottom and sitting them on that. They had a great time splashing and playing. It’s a great tub if you get one that holds air.

Katharine O Fallon, MO

LOVE this little tub

When my daughter outgrew her infant tub, we went through a few different devices to try to give her a safe bath. She is VERY active so she doesn’t like to sit for very long. We first tried the bath ring, that was a disaster. This snug tub has worked wonderfully. She is able to stand in it and splash around without us worrying about her breaking her head if she slips. It’s very safe and fits snugly in our shower. I highly recommend this tub, especially if you have toddler who won’t sit through baths!

Kristie New Haven, MO


was looking for a solution for my infant when he outgrew the baby tub (he was too long for it and his feet were hanging out). This tub is the perfect solution. My baby loves it. I started using it around 4 months when he could lean against it, and now that he can sit and move around more it still is the perfect bath solution. Love that it has a suction on it too to hang up.

Edythe Earl Park, IN

Great fit , cute , safe for baby but deflated so fast

Great fit , cute , safe for baby but deflated so fast. My husband has to re-pump it every couple days

Belinda Williamsville, VT

Great size, easy to blow up

I’m very satisfied with this affordable blow up tub. The bottom part under the baby’s butt blows up separately than the sides, which is nice because my 6 month old was unstable sitting on the blown up bottom at first. She loves the ability to play in the water in here, I just have a hard time keeping her sitting in the tub, she keeps wanting to stand up and climb the bathtub walls. I think that’s more an issue with my very active daughter than the tub though 🙂

Serena North Uxbridge, MA

Five Stars

very nice product

Michelle Eagle Nest, NM