Kel-Gar Snug-Tub Ocean Friends

Kel-Gar Snug-Tub Ocean Friends

Kel-Gar Snug-Tub Surround your child in padded comfort while providing hours of interactive fun with the Original Snug-Tub by Kel-Gar. Supersized to fit infants AND toddlers. Thick, contoured head rest makes washing hair easy. A suction cup makes it easy to hang and store. Drain makes emptying a cinch. Great for travel! 32 X 21 X 8.5 In.

Main features

  • Supersized to fit infants and toddlers
  • Thick, contoured head rest makes washing hair easy
  • A suction cup makes it easy to hang and store
  • Drain makes emptying a cinch
  • Great for travel

Verified reviews


Nice baby tub

I previously had the Munchkin duck tub and used that since my son was about 3 months old. I didn’t like the hard infant tubs because he was always bumping his head on it. The duck worked good until he was 6 months and then it got a little too small for him. (He is big for his age) He is now 9 months 25lbs and 30". This tub is bigger and he has lots of room to grow. Hopefully it will last until he can use the big tub. It smells terrible when you first take it out of the package, but they all do. The smell goes away. It was easy to inflate by mouth, I think the reviewers that say its really hard are not doing it right, you have to squeeze the nozzle at the base while you blow. If you read the directions and inflate it correctly you shouldn’t have any problems with busted seams either. I read reviews about it being slippery so I also bought a green frog sponge to put in the bottom. The floor of the tub is not slippery though, it probably would be if your baby had soap all over them. The sponge works nice though because the nozzle for the bottom part of the tub sticks up where the baby sits and I imagine that is not comfortable. Dumb place to put a nozzle….that’s why I gave it 4 stars. Unlike my duck tub the drain is easy to plug and unplug….but its even easier to just tip the water out. I have the tub hanging on my shower wall with its suction cup and so far it’s staying there….the duck tub always fell. So I’m glad I chose this one. It fits snugly in our bathtub which is a standard size. Anything wider would not have fit.

Letitia Spring Grove, VA

Great tub – did not last as long as I would hope.

This is a nice, large inflatable tub and worked perfectly for about three months. We did deflate it and take it to my mom’s house and then again to my mother in law’s house – and the second time we re-inflated it, it quickly lost air. I did order a second one because I like the size – large enough to offer a bit of room but also small enough to fit in my tub. I like that the bottom is rough so my son can stand without slipping.

Shawna Avant, OK

Perfect for 8-month old.

Have been using this for a month and really like it. Perfect size, shape, and can take on the road. Inflates in a minute. Only complaint is location of floor valve. Right under the privates. So instead of pressing the valve in, I leave it out and it rests sort of sideways under the tub.

Rita Monroe Center, IL

Perfect tub insert

The Snug Tub is perfect to throw in the full sized bath tub to provide some padded walls for babies and clumsy toddlers. Inflating and deflating is a pain, so we leave ours inflated, which takes up a ton of space in the closet or bathroom, but it’s worth it for us. Our daughter is sure footed in the tub and I worry less about her accidentally slipping and banging her head on hard bathtub walls.

Jana Dallesport, WA

Serves its purpose once you get past the smell

Plenty of other reviewers have noted the chemical smell from this tub. I didn’t give much weight to this complaint as I’m not particularly sensitive to such smells. Once we received the tub…wow…it really does give off a headache-inducing fume-y sort of smell. I couldn’t even stand to have it in the house…the smell would waft down the hall from the bathroom and fill the living/dining/kitchen area of our home. Yes, it’s really that strong. I inflated it, put it out on the patio for a week and the smell vanished.Aside from the smell, it’s a pretty good little tub, though not perfect.Pros:-Plenty roomy for a 10 month old, 29 inch tall, 19 lb baby.-You save water by not having to fill the regular bathtub.-It helps keep baby away from the hard sides of the tub.-The floor is textured with a non-slip texture.-It’s easy to drain with the built in plug, which is positioned to fit over the drain of a standard bathtub.Cons:-You’ll probably want a faucet extender. About 25% of the water flowing from the faucet flows over the edge of the snug tub and down the drain unless you gently push the snug tub wall against the bath tub wall while filling.-The floor is inflated and bouncy, which takes some getting used to. We started using this when baby was 8 months old and had been solidly sitting on firm and soft surfaces since she was 6 months. She was pretty wobbly for her first couple of baths in this. Now she uses it to bounce during baths, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on the evening.-It’s advertised as being able to have baby lean back on the back wall for hair washing. This would probably work for a larger child, but so far our daughter is still to small to do this. She floats up and away from the wall, which makes her feel insecure and causes her to flail about for a handhold. The back wall isn’t reclined, so there isn’t any back support for a reclining position.Overall, it’s okay, and a decent tub for the price. We’ll definitely get plenty of use out of it.

Ila Halifax, PA

Great tub, smells toxic, poorly located blow up nozzle

GREAT idea to save water and I think this is a lot safer than a little tiny kid fending for themselves in a huge slippery bathtub. My first one sprung a slow leak so bought another. Another downside is the blow up nozzle thingy sits right at the bottom of it, so if your kid sits in the wrong place they can get a big surprise. Not sure why they would put it there!! Also, this thing smelled so toxic when it first arrived, had to leave it outside for several days before I could tolerate it- not sure what chemicals that means I am bathing my child in, but she seems to love it- points out all the sea creatures etc.

Earline Winterthur, DE

great tub

babies fit great in these. Had for all four of my kids. when they slip, nice and soft landing. Perfect size to sit up and play with some toys without filling the entire tub. Nice suction feature to attach to tub wall when done.

Gwen New Market, AL

Better then regular tub!

My then 9 mo old was getting too big for the sink (yep..we washed her in our kitchen sink) but I didn’t like the idea of her going into a huge tub. I was debating on which inflatable tub to get and finally decided on this. The major factor for my decision being the size of the tub, the duration of use, and prime shipping!Make sure you read over the dimensions of the tub prior to purchase. My tub is a bit smaller then others, so I had to make sure the Snug Tub would fit. My 9 mo old daughter was able to sit well, so giving her a bath in the Snug Tub was no problem and there was plenty of room. My daughter is now 1 year old and about 31 inches and she still sits in tub with her legs stretched out. There’s still a lot of room for her to grow so I’m hoping we can use this tub for a while! She does stands up quite frequently in the tub BUT, thank god, hasn’t slipped yet. We discourage her from doing so, but what can you do? Not much. We just monitor her constantly while giving her a bath.I love the fact that there is a suction on the bottom of the tub so you can suction the tub to your bathroom wall after each use to dry. And if you have a hand pump, use it to inflate the tub or you’ll be out of breath pretty quick! So far, the tub has held up as we have yet to re-inflate it.One negative comment is that the bottom of the tub is supposed to inflate to give more cushion, but it kept deflating no matter how much air we pumped into it. We now just use it as is. Not a huge concern for us because I still love the Snug Tub. Less water wasted, easy clean up, and a happy clean baby!

Marla Ironton, MN

Great for homes with large bathtubs or just showers

We purchased this because our child was fearful of the large bath/whirlpool and cried when it was bath time. They love bath time now because the tub does not seem so large. The tub is easy to empty and blow up.

Lori Cunningham, WA

Excellent transition bathtub for my 1 year old!

This is an excellent transitional bathtub for my 1 year old. It’s very easy to clean and the designs are fun for your little one to enjoy.

Tasha Ridley Park, PA


It smelled of plastic for 4-5 days after opening it. Horrible, not sure what chemicals we inhaled. Unfortunately we needed a tub as my son could not be kept contained in our big tub. Plus it tore at an akward place within a month of buying it. It was never used roughly to tear within a month. Never buying it again!

Erna Portales, NM

Perfect Tub for in a Tub!

I love this thing. I used it for my twin boys until they grew out of it. The material is pretty thick and it has quite a bit of room inside of it. The fishie pattern is cute too!

Sheena Pittsburg, TX

We love it.

I have been using this tub for the last 5 months, daily ,,sometimes more. And we love it. It is not slippery and gets out of the way by hanging on the wall. Well made.The only thing was to open it and leave it out for a few days to let the plastic smell go away.

Kaitlin Centralia, WV

It definitely is SNUG!

I got this when my 7 month old son couldn’t fit in infant tub anymore (which I loved). The tub is very plastic smelling when you first open it but it does fade with time. The tub is very snug in our standard size tub…it barely fits to reach faucet. My son seems to like it since there is more room for him to play. The suction cup really doesn’t work to stick to bottom of tub but we use it to “hang” tub to dry.

Young Hiram, MO