Kel-Gar Tubbly Bubbly – Elephant

Kel-Gar Tubbly Bubbly – Elephant

Kel-Gar Tubbly-Bubbly Elephant Kel-Gar Tubbly-Bubbly Elephant helps protect kids from accidental bumps and bruises or touching hot water taps. Its unique design amuses children and makes bathing enjoyable. This faucet protector promotes more fun as it produces tons of bubbles when you pour bubble bath into the elephant’s trunk. Features – Dispenses bubbles – Fits easily on any standard bath tub faucet – Helps protect children from accidental bumps and bruises

Main features

  • Creates tons of bubbles while promoting bath tub safety in a soft protective cover for hard metal faucets in fun Tubbly the Elephant design!
  • Soft plastic faucet cover easily fits over standard metal faucets to protect your little one from accidental bumps and bruises.
  • Just pour your bubble bath into Tubbly the Elephant’s trunk and watch tons of bubbles form.
  • Cannot be used with faucets with the shower diverters on spout and not for use with Delta Faucet Models 1548 and 2600.

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money!!!!!!!

This is shit!! I return it. It doesn’t fit my spout at all. Way way too small. I found no way to put it into my spout. Return it and I need to pay for the shipping. Regret x 10000000.

Lauren Coal City, WV

The directions say you have to caulk this elephant on …

The directions say you have to caulk this elephant on, which I didn’t do because who wants a permanent elephant in your bathtub? But now that my daughter is a toddler, she can pull it right off. We’re constantly pushing it back on, but it does the job it was intended to do (protect her from slicing her forehead open on the faucet) when it’s on.

Jeannie Sebeka, MN


This is cute and my kids love it. But it’s a pain in the butt to get on the faucet. The one I bought doesn’t fit snug because some of the hard rubber that’s supposed to hold it snug ripped off whirl putting it on. But I didn’t replace it because the kids love it and it still works.

Stefanie Kenner, LA

Sturdy and cute but modifications may be needed

As other reviewers have noted, this item is intended for old-fashioned faucets that don’t have a shower diverter. I purchased this product knowing we would have to make modifications. We simply removed the diverter, drilled a hole in the top of the elephant’s head, slid the elephant onto the diverter-less faucet and slid the diverter through the newly created hole into the correct place on the faucet. Aside from this, this is an excellent product. It is adorable and sturdy. My little girl is 14 months old and constantly pulls herself to standing in the tub. Not only does this prevent her from bumping/scraping her head on the somewhat sharp underside of the faucet, it gives her something sturdy to hold onto.

Nichole Boston, VA

cute idea it didn’t fit our tub

we bought this but once we got it we realized it wouldn’t fit our spout. Our spout out has a water stopper pulley on the top of the spout which doesn’t fit the elephant. I think you need a spout where the pulley is attached to the front of the spout. Bummer we didn’t get to use it.

Wilda Hamilton, NC


While the elephant is cute and does protect the end of the faucet it blocks the pull-up knob for the shower so we will have to pry it off somehow when my company comes to visit so that the adults can use the shower in my spare bath. I have seen similar products that have openings for shower knob which might be a better idea.

Hester Onarga, IL

Wonderful safety spout, perfect for our jungle bathroom

I purchased this Elephant Bubble Bath Dispenser for a safety spout for our boys’ jungle bathroom; it’s a wonderful bonus that it dispenses bubble bath (we seldom use this feature, though). The boys have bonked their heads several times on the elephant, making me more confident that this was the right purchase to protect their little noggins! We’ve had it for more than 3 years and it’s still in perfect condition, no clogs, worn paint, etc. It was a very tight fit to put it on and we’ve only had to remove it once (to get to the shower switcher); my husband made a hole at the top so we can turn the shower on and off with ease. They should have made a hole large enough to fit the standard shower pulls, a simple thing to do on the design and manufacturing end. That’s the only reason I gave it 4 stars, although I’d definitely buy it again. Our kids love pouring water in the trunk, watching the running water come out of the mouth, and just being silly with this little elephant. It’s a perfect safety spout and bubble bath dispenser and I’m very happy with this purchase!

Therese Culver, IN

too hard!

I have a 10 month old baby who always wants to stand up in the tub but he’s not totally stable on his feet yet, especially in the bath! I bought this to protect his head in case he fell against the faucet. The product is just about as hard as the faucet itself! If you want one just for the novelty of it for your kiddos, it’s perfect. I’d recommend it! But if you’re ordering it for the same reasons as I did, keep looking. This is not it!I should mention again that it is adorable & seemingly well made. Just didn’t work for our needs.

Robyn Scottsburg, IN

Cute/Doesn’t fit

I have a standard tub, it does not fit. I love the idea and its a fun bath toy for my 9 month old.

Bertha Woodbine, NJ

Not too great for large spouts

I had one of these several years ago for my eldest daughter which she loved so I decided to get another one for my second daughter. However, the experience isn’t as nice this time around. With the new shower spout designs, this product was hard to fit larger spouts. The fit was VERY tight going on and coming off–I felt that I was scratching the finish on the spout. If you have a large spout, i’d suggest you look for something different.

Earnestine Ridley Park, PA

Super cute, when it stays on the faucet.

Cute idea, baby loves it. But it doesn’t fit well on our particular faucet. It falls off after a few seconds. So, it’s cute for a few seconds, I guess. Kind of pricey for what it is.

Chelsea West Union, IA

Very cute

My toddler son loves this elephant, and it’s working very well. We have the kind of faucet that does not have the pull knob at the end, and it fits perfectly. It would not work on a faucet with a pull knob, though. It’s bigger than I expected and maybe a little embarrassing if your kiddie bathroom is also your guest bathroom, but it serves its purpose well.

Rosanne Philmont, NY

Great Buy!

A different take on the faucet protector, this is adorable and useful! Also, unlike the typical duck one, this allows for the water to come out closer to the faucet, so it isn’t near the kiddos for temp adjustments.

Kristina Dante, VA

Avoid disappointment – check your spigot first

This very cute product is designed for only ONE style of bathtub spigot – the kind that has NO water diverter where the water flows out, and NO shower pull-up handle (look at the customer pictures to see the illustrations.) On top of that, this cover is too short for any of our spigots!One of our spigots has a diverter and when I tried this cover, the water sprays weakly from all sides of the mouth instead of flowing nicely towards the front.This cover won’t slip onto our spigots that have a shower pull-up handle. If your spigot has a flat-top shower pull-up or it can be unscrewed, then perhaps you can make this work.AND it’s too short! When the cover is on a spigot, the back of the cover won’t meet the tile wall, which means it can’t be caulked into place, which means it is easily bumped out of position, spewing water everywhere, or perhaps worse, falling off the spigot entirely. No good!This product should have been designed to accommodate more styles of spigots.

Linda Pitkin, LA

great product…baby loves it

I bought the elephant bath dispenser for my 15 month old, she just loves it, she screams with excitement on seeing the elephant, it has helped turned bath time to fun time. The material is thick and fits the spout perfectly. I highly recommend this product.

Monique Westbrook, TX

Elephant spout

Very cute! Unfortunately it is not made to fit over most faucets. It didn’t fit any in my house. I gave it to my sister, who had the same problem.

Mari Kimball, NE


This is the best thing for the tub for little children, it seems like they always hit their heads on the faucet, now it does not hurt.

Lauri Kalaheo, HI

Finally one that fits!

This little gem fits my faucet perfectly. It doesn’t go all the way to the wall as displayed but it doesn’t need to. It’s tight and the water comes out softly. You can put bubble bath in the trunk. It’s super cool. I was a little jealous of my son’s bath looking so fun!

Corina Hooper Bay, AK

So cute!

My daughter loves this! I do have to warn that it does not fit on older skinny tub nozzles though. Luckilly we were in the process of putting in a new tub and shower spout anyway.

Selina Repton, AL