Ken Health – Mini Medicator – Baby Medicine Dispenser/Pacifier with Free Syringe

Ken Health – Mini Medicator – Baby Medicine Dispenser/Pacifier with Free Syringe

When your little one needs the healing that medication can provide, the hardest part is having to see them fight the doses. Some medicine is just horrible on baby’s tastebuds. With Ken Health’s new Mini Medicator, the hardest part will become the easiest. Your baby will love the comfort and familiarity of the nipple, and you’ll love that the pacifier bypasses your baby’s tastebuds. No more watching your baby struggle against the doses they so need. Turn Screaming and Squirming into Cuddly and Calm with the Mini Medicator from Ken Health.

Main features

  • BPA Free – Safe and Easy to Use
  • Soft Pacifier will be Familiar to your Baby
  • Pacifier Allows Medicine to Bypass Baby’s Tastebuds
  • Make it Easier to get the Medicine Down
  • Turn Screaming and Squirming into Cuddly and Calm with the Mini Medicator

Verified reviews


Good idea, hard to use

My baby loves her medicine in this pacifier. However, the device is a pain to use. It is very hard to close once you have opened it to clean it, because the nipple does not fit very well to the base.

Mollie Glenford, NY

Ehh, wasn’t too useful.

I was excited to buy this and was disappointed when actually using it. There’s a chance it might work better for other babies. Didn’t work for my little guy.

Eddie Euless, TX

3 weeks of use

I loved this pacifier and concept, then the opening cracked after 3 weeks of use. The nipple material is pretty stiff and I guess that contributed to the cracking. BUT, before that it was fabulous. Better than the Numimed by far. Love being able to push/blow the medicine down when it got stuck in the back. Hole was small enough so that the medication didn’t leak out. Back snapped closed and open without too much trouble. Reservoir was a nice size – not too big, not too small. Great concept, but save your money. We have just taken to filling a small nipple with the medication and it works great.

Polly Paint Rock, AL

Worked but leaked

This worked alright to give our infant some medicine for thrush and her probiotics but if you didn’t use it just right it would leak all over, which is not fun with sticky meds or limited prescription meds. It was the best way we found after trying several syringes, medicine cups, and dropper style dispensers, but still not perfect. It also was a little big for our 4-7 week old.

Jessica Winton, MN

it works!

no leaks, no leftover meds left behind. i couldnt believe it worked but it did. my son takes prilosec 2x a day. its DARK PURPLE and impossible to get him to take via syringe alone. we would give him a tenth of a milliliter at a time and pop his pacifier back in so he’d suck it down. it took forever and he’d always spit some of it out. (purple stains on everything he owns) we tried this and were shocked that it worked. he sucked down the meds in 2 seconds and didnt notice!

Carly Murphys, CA

works about the same as free drug store dispensers

Was recommended this product by someone whose baby takes daily meds, but it doesn’t work any better than the drug store dispencers you get for free. Just bulkier.

Inez West Greene, AL


i love this as a medicine dispenser. It works perfect for getting the baby to take yucky medicine.I have one at home and one i keep at daycare!

Freda Seaforth, MN

Didn’t work for my child!

The dispenser is good quality, but if your child hates taking medicine like mine, this will not fool them at all. Mine screamed. I would rather just hold her tightly and use a regular syringe. I have actually started to play a game with her where I laugh with her as she is taking her medicine. She thinks it’s funny to turn her head away then look at me and take a little at a time. Even through her "no’s!" she is still laughing. Unless your child is very small when you start using this for their medicine, save your money.

Milagros Little York, NJ

Great for giving meds to baby with less mess!

I bought this because of its great reviews and was not disappointed. It’s easy to use and beats several little squirts of medicine that inevitably come out of her mouth. It can bee kind of hard to close, but once you figure it out, it’s not so bad. Medicine can come out a little fast… Haven’t tried with the syringe yet… My baby is 12 weeks old.

Bessie Holmes City, MN