KF Baby Diaper Bag Insert Organizer

KF Baby Diaper Bag Insert Organizer

With a KF Baby Diaper Bag Insert Organizer, now you can turn any bag into a diaper bag! Simply put this KF Baby Diaper Bag Insert Organizer into your favorite purse and both you and your baby are ready to go! KF Baby Diaper Bag Insert Organizer has many pockets and partitions of different sizes, making it easy for you to keep all the necessities of your baby organized and handy. Waterproof material makes the insert organizer durable and easy to wipe clean. KF Baby is a trademark exclusively licensed and distributed by kilofly Group. All rights reserved.

Main features

  • Turn your favorite purse into a diaper bag, keeps all necessities of your baby organized and handy
  • KF Baby Changing Pad – Fully padded for comfortable changes on the go
  • Many pockets of different sizes to organize bottles, wipes, food, and more
  • Durable, waterproof material – easy to wipe clean
  • Size of Insert Organizer: 38 x 18 x 20 cm / 15.2 x 7.2 x 8 inch (L x W x H)

Verified reviews


GREAT for the overly organized mom

Love this! I had a custom diaper bag made around this organizer. Keeps things in there place and easy to find, also wipes clean if anything is spilled.

Stella West Harrison, NY

You dont have to give up on fashion!

I told my kids that I am too young to be a grandmother, but they obviously didnt listen. Since I refuse to give up my high fashion even when baby sitting, I purchased this organizer to turn my large designer tote into a diaper bag. IT WORKS PERFECTLY!! I have easy access to everything, and all babies needs fit without a problem. The organizer is pretty large and fits well into my large tote but may be too big for just a big purse. I did notice a slight odor when first removing it from the package, but I placed a dryer fabric softener sheet in the bag before inserting the organizer and now I only smell lavender. I can easily fit 20-30 items in and around this insert. I have uploaded photos of the bag, outlining its contents. Take a look. I love it!!

Melinda Winona, MO

Didn’t fit in my bag

Great idea. I was hoping to turn my handbag into a diaper bag. But the insert didn’t fit well. It was not because it was too big or too small it just didn’t work. I had higher hopes for this product.

Lea Henderson, IL


The smell does not go away. We washed it, put it outside, sprayed it down with Febreeze. NOTHING WORKS! It smells like plastic death.

Dee Put In Bay, OH

Who needs real diaper bags anymore?!

I bought this one and then smaller one and have converted all my purses to diaper bags! I’m in love! Works just great!

Corine Sophia, NC