KF Baby Table Corner Guard, Pink, 8pc

KF Baby Table Corner Guard, Pink, 8pc

Use KF Baby Table Corner Guard to protect your child from all the sharp corners in your house. Cushiony, soft foam corner guards easily adhere to corners with an adhesive backing that will not mar furniture. Set includes 8 foam corners. KF Baby is a trademark exclusively licensed and distributed by kilofly Group. All rights reserved.

Main features

  • High quality, impact absorbing foam adheres to sharp corners to protect your baby from injuries
  • Double-sided adhesive tape keeps Baby Safety Table Edge Guard securely fastened and removes easily when no longer needed
  • Fire retardant
  • Size: 5 x 5 x 1.3 cm / 2 x 2 x 0.5 inch (L x W x H)
  • Include: 8pc

Verified reviews



easy application to the corners of the TV media stand (glass) – is likely semi-permanent but protects the baby’s head and the glass in case of fall.

Elvia Mooresboro, NC


These really work and stick just fine. Very cushy. No more worries about bumped heads on the corner of countertops!

Courtney Woodston, KS

Work well

These work well. Just be careful with the adhesive because it will peel the paint off furniture. I would recommend using a solvent to remove the adhesives. Rubber is soft and helpful for corners

Henrietta Rose Bud, AR

Good value

I have ordered this set of 8 corner guards three times now because I keep finding more places to use them as my toddler gets more and more active. The double-sided tape, which you must apply (and trim) yourself, sticks well. They are not a pure white color, but more of a light grey/ off-white. They do come off if you pull them, but the tape remains sticky enough that you can put them back.

Gussie Birnamwood, WI

Stickers are terrible

They have lasted one week! My son rips them right off when he holds on to the coffee table. Although it is suppose to be 3m tape that is provided, it is cheap and falls off. The cushion itself is great but the stickers that hold them are cheap.

Faith Vinita, OK

Rips off too easily

I was satisfied with this product (good padding, easy to use) except my son was able to rip them right off table corners. It needs a stronger adhesive, otherwise it is worthless and baby then tries to teeth on it, and it can be ripped apart with teeth and cause a choking hazard. I never put them on anything after trying one table.

Kelli Bryant, AL

They do the job as long as your kiddo doesn’t touch them.

We put these on the corner of our coffee table when our son started walking because I didn’t want him to trip and gash his head on a sharp corner. They worked until he realized that he could pull them off and chew on them. Well…yeah. Not very effective. I tossed them and just moved the coffee table to the back closet until he was a little older and steadier on his feet and I wasn’t so nervous about him taking a header into the corner. Not worth the money if you have a little desctruco like I do.

Melba Sabillasville, MD

And the alternative is…?

These are great for protecting corners so much so that you can hit the corner with your hand moderately hard and it won’t hurt. Some of the reviewers give low stars because these can be taken off relatively easily by toddlers but that’s not always the case.Make sure to clean the surface very well and usually a finished, smooth surface is the best at holding. If possible use the tape on both the top and side surfaces of the corner to help the guard adhere. Smooth painted surfaces don’t adhere the tape very well but still they don’t come off that easily either.I’ve used the straight ones on smooth, painted window sills and yes my 14 month old will start to pull it off or will bite them if left alone. But who leaves a 14 month old alone for long to do whatever he pleases? And what is the alternative to protect him while still letting him have some freedom to move around? My suggestion is the same for everything else that he touches but shouldn’t – I tell him no and then distract him with something else or some other activity.My son so far has taken no interest to the corner pieces but only the straight pieces we have on the wall corner and window sills in his playroom. The straight pieces we have on his dresser and changing table saved his head once and his behind once – without them he would have hit the edges hard.Recommended but you have to keep your child away from them when they take an interest. I have the same problem with door stops we use to keep him from closing doors and with cabinet locks. It’s just ‘par for the course’ for a baby who likes to bite carpet daily. I realize there is no way to 100% baby proof anything because the baby-proofers are not always baby-proof!

Jeanette Priest River, ID

Must have items

This is a great product to have even if you do not have infant in your house hold. Just love the product.

Teresa Wallops Island, VA

Works but came damaged

I like the idea of foam corner guards as anyone with a toddler will tell you but a few of the pieces came with a razor blade cut across them. Thank goodness that this doesn’t affect the usefulness!

Nina Powellton, WV

Happy customer

This item is exactly as its described to be. The corner guards stay on pretty well, even with my 10 month old son trying to pull them off. He hasn’t succeeded yet, though I’m sure he will at some point. The guards are very cushiony and protect my son pretty well when he loses his balance or isn’t paying attention. I would definitely buy from this company again for other baby proofing needs.

Francisca Edgemont, SD

Good Value

These are perfectly fine corner guards. They come in a simple plastic bag but use the same 3M tape like everyone else. I have bought a “brand name” version of these and they are identical. I have also used the Safety 1st style, which are huge, but a toddler can pull off easily. These are not so easy to come off but are smaller then the Safety 1st.

Shirley Windham, NY

Not “Sticky” enough

These are nice and useful in theory, but only if you don’t have a toddler with grabby tendencies. Our toddler ripped them off within a week. The sticky tape that is provided with the corners isn’t good enough to hold them in place, realistically, if you have kids with any amount of natural curiosity. We are going to try and find a better double-sided tape for these, but this purchase may just be a lost cause.

Imelda Rose Hill, KS