KF Baby Table Edge Guard, Black, with kilofly Refrigerator Magnet

KF Baby Table Edge Guard, Black, with kilofly Refrigerator Magnet

Use KF Baby Table Edge Guard to protect your child from all the sharp edges in your house. With 2-meter in length and 13mm in thickness, KF Baby Table Edge is thicker than many other edge guards available in the market. The cushiony KF Baby Table Edge Guard is impact-absorbing form strips that can easily adhere to table edges and wall corners. For setup, simply remove the 2-meter foam out of the package, cut into desired length, apply the double-sided adhesive tape, and adhere to furniture and wall. Adhesive tape will not mar furniture. KF Baby is a trademark exclusively licensed and distributed by kilofly Group. All rights reserved.

Main features

  • High quality, impact absorbing foam adheres to sharp edges to protect your baby from injuries
  • Double-sided adhesive tape keeps Baby Safety Table Edge Guard securely fastened and removes easily when no longer needed
  • Freely trim pieces into desired length
  • Include 1pc; 2 meters in length, 13mm in thickness (extra thick)
  • Size: 200 x 3.5 x 1.3 cm / 80 x 1.4 x 0.5 inch (L x W x H)

Verified reviews


Want another one!

This thing is great so far. Only problem is I didn’t realize one wouldn’t wrap around my whole table. So I need another one but I see it is out of stock! Help! Where can I get another one???

Kaye Woodbridge, VA


This was perfect for our fireplace hearth which is slate & has a sharp edge. This product was actually the exact length & we have (2) 45 degree angles & it went right over, didn’t even have to cut it. Sticks fine w/the included adhesive & will save our little one from accidents!

Kristin Killduff, IA

starts out well

worked great – put it along the cabinet edge to keep the toddler head from hitting it – but after a couple months – the double sided tape stopped sticking. the cushion is fine, ordered more tape to retape it.

Selena Aniak, AK

Easy to install and provide good protection

Very good product, easy to install with 3M double sided tape. The cusion is thick enough to provide good proctection for my baby girl. My wife and I love this, the only complain is it’s too short! 2 Meters are not enough for using!

Pearlie Killeen, TX

wrapped around all the sharp objects

no stitches so far so i have to say this works great. easy to cut, i just used 3m stick tape so it does not leave a permanent glue on surfaces. very happy and will be purchasing for kid number 2

Zelma Finleyville, PA

super padded, doesn’t stick tho….

I love feeling safe that he wont get hurt. this is super soft and thick. it doesn’t stick at all. I cut a v out at each cornerand super glued it together then super glued it on the edge under the table. hate to ruin a table but better than him being hurt…

Candice Jeremiah, KY

Don’t bother if your baby is walking

My son tore these off the corners of our walls almost immediately and the glue took the paint right off the walls. These are great if your baby is not walking or doesn’t have the strength to tear them off the walls.

Gracie Gail, TX

Saved him twice

(I have an identical review for the brown edge guard. I also wrote a similar review for the corner guards.)These are great for protecting edges so much so that you can hit the wall edge or window sill with your hand moderately hard and it won’t hurt. We used these on our son’s changing table, bookshelf, crib, window sills and one wall with an outer corner. (Brown on the furniture and white on the walls.) These have been in use for three months and overall I’m happy with them.Make sure to clean the surface very well and usually a finished, smooth surface or a painted wall is the best at holding. Try to use two pieces of tape when possible to make both halves of the guard adhere. Smooth painted surfaces like a window sill don’t adhere the tape very well but still they don’t come off that easily either. I’ve used this edge guard on smooth, painted window sills and yes my 14 month old will start to pull it off or will bite them if left alone. But who leaves a 14 month old alone for long to do whatever he pleases? And what is the alternative to protect him while still letting him have some freedom to move around? My suggestion is the same for everything else that he touches but shouldn’t – I tell him no and then distract him with something else or some other activity.My son so far has taken no interest to the corner guards but only the edge guards we have on the wall corner and window sills in his playroom. The edge guards we have on his dresser and changing table saved his head once and his behind once – without them he would have hit the edges hard.Recommended but you have to keep your child away from them when they take an interest. I have the same problem with door stops we use to keep him from closing doors and with cabinet locks. It’s just ‘par for the course’ for a baby who likes to bite carpet daily. I realize there is no way to 100% baby proof anything because the baby-proofers are not always baby-proof!

Bonita Bagley, MN

Good enough, does protect heads

Be careful what you stick it to. It was removing some of the counter top surface. We ended up keeping it on with some clear tape. It does protect little heads well.

Pearlie Francis, OK