KF Baby UrBANE Diaper Bag

KF Baby UrBANE Diaper Bag

While KF Baby UrBANE Diaper Bag has a stylish and elegant outer look, the multiple broad pockets outside the bag make this a very functional diaper bag for all stylish mothers. This diaper bag has 5 side pockets of different sizes, for holding milk bottles and all the necessities of your baby. Roomy interior houses 2 pockets for small items and 1 zippered pocket for holding wallets, keys, as well as all personal items of yours. Moreover, this diaper bag is made of waterproof material, hence can keep everything safe and dry. Weighs only 350g (less than 0.8lb). PVC and phthalate free. KF Baby is a trademark exclusively licensed and distributed by kilofly Group. All rights reserved.

Main features

  • Multiple large pockets and pouches for keeping milk bottles and all other necessities of your baby
  • KF Baby Changing Pad – Fully padded for comfortable changes on the go
  • Water-resistant inside and out, weighs only 350g (less than 0.8lb)
  • Weighs only 350g (less than 0.9lb)
  • Size: 40 x 15 x 24 cm / 16 x 6 x 9.6 inch (L x W x H)

Verified reviews


Good and Bad

It is a very nice, well made bag with lots of pockets. It has lots of room and I like that it is waterproof/resistant on the inside and outside.I was however hoping that it would look more purse-like than diaper-bag like. This is the only gripe I have with this diaper bag.

Katy Etna, WY

Great bag for price… With a bit extra

I bought this bag looking for something with a good assortment of pockets, good size ( meaning on the bigger side) and did not too closely resemble a "diaper bag". It meets those requirements. The bag it’s self is extremely lite. Has these great out side pockets. They are huge! You pull the handles down to reveal them. One spans the length of the bag. Perfect for changing pad and wipes case, and frankly could fit far more. The other side has that same space decided. I am able to fit a huge super sized muslin swaddled blanket on one side and our ringsling or Didy size 6 wrap on the other. Then there are two end/ bottle pockets. Also great size. I stuff a huge burp cloth in one side and a breast bottle inside an insulated zipper bag with several breast milk storage bags ( emergency prep) in the other. ( breast bottles… There are a few different brands,…. Are short and rather wide. Don’t fit in many bottle pockets) then you unzip the main compartment to gain access to a smaller zip pocket ( big enough for all sorts of stuff, Clorox wipes for public nastiness, bum cream, homeopathic remedies for teething, tummy, nose Etc, nail clippers, comb, cloth wipes, and quite a bit more. Two open pockets on the other side, breast pads and cell phone. And the main compartment, large enough for 4 disposable diapers, 4 cloth diapers, two changes of clothing, wet bag, my wallet, teething toys, burp cloth, small receiving blanket, socks, shoes, pacifiers, and honestly could fit more. ( I do but won’t list it all lol)I’m a mother to 11 bio children and 2 foster. I believe in being prepared. I usually am.This bag suits my needs well enough. I needed it cheap because I am havering the PERFECT bag made but its going to take far to long and I need something now. If this falls apart I won’t be devastated. ( and ill update my feedback) but it seems sturdy enough.

Aurora Kosciusko, MS

The perfect all day bag

This is my go to diaper bag when I’m going to be out all day. It has a main zippered compartment that I use as a purse and 4 large surrounding pockets, as well as 2 mini pockets on either side of the bag. It also has a small zippered pocket on the inside of the main compartment for your phone or pens. I cloth diaper, so I usually have to carry a lot with me while I’m out and this bag is perfect. I also love that it looks more like a purse than a diaper bag. If you only plan on being out for a couple hours though, this bag can be a bit bulky, so if you’re a minimalist, I would suggest getting a second bag for small outings. I would definitely recommend this diaper bag, especially if you cloth diaper.

Corrine Douglasville, GA

gorgeous and modern

we love this.. you can hardly tell its a diaper bag and its very comfy and has lots of pockets and room to keep different things. no complaints. It also doesnt have too many hardware fastenings that could hurt the baby if she is nearby.

Lucile Steward, IL

Perfect for Me 😉

Love this bag! Everything has its own place…like things that are needed ASAP (bottles, diapers, wipes, etc.) can be placed in the outer pockets while important things like wallets and keys can be placed in the zipped area. Plus, it’s water resistant and easy to clean. 😉

Hollie Springfield, VA

Love it!

I wanted an unstructured bag so if I need to squish it under my city mini double I could and I really like this one! Lots of pockets & easy access to things you use often. I do wish there was a snap or magnet to keep it a little more secure when handles are closed but love the zippered portion for things that need to be zipped in! Great size, I don’t find it to be small and I hate traveling daily w a huge bag packed with stuff I don’t need so this bag is great for every day use & fits all the essentials + all the other random stuff you "might" need (mom of 3 under the age of 5) (color is fun too & comfy to wear 🙂 )

Michele Williamsburg, IN

Love it!

I wanted a diaper bad that I could also use for my things as well that wasn’t to big and would match with anything. This bag is perfect. I’m constantly on the go and it has held up great!

Mellisa Schuyler Lake, NY

5 months and going strong

This is pretty cute, easy to stuff (and overstuff) and still get on my arm. It’s a great value for the price, because diaper bags are ridiculously priced in my opinion. My only wish is that it didn’t feel SO polyester-ish on the inside. The inside pockets feel like they will rip open if I’m not gentle with them. Also the changing pad is unnecessary. It’s not really big enough for babies bigger than a newborn (unless you just put it under the diaper area, but I like to put my whole baby on the changing pad).

Sophie Maysville, NC

Need a crossbody strap

I am disappointed with this bag.. a diaper bag really needs a cross body strap. If it had one it would be great .. nice and lightweight and the color is pretty. But I don’t want to have to keep pulling this up on my shoulder all day. Sending it back.

Ella Kenna, WV

I love this purse/diaper bag!!

It’s better than I expected for the price. This is not even my "style" of purse, but I love it! I can’t speak to the durability yet because I just received it. It’s exactly what I was looking for. It functions as a diaper bag and purse. I have enough room for my items, things my infant needs, plus my toddlers odds n ends. It’s big enough but NOT too big. It’s very lightweight!! Lots of pockets for organization! This was a must for me. I hate big purses with a huge open space with nowhere to organize things. Everything just dumped in and bunched together. The nylon material is easy to wipe off and clean. The diaper changing pad is the thinest I have ever seen, lol Which is not a big deal to me because I use the J.L. Childress Full Body Changing Pad. Ordered it here on Amazon for $10.99. The only thing it could use is shoulder or stroller straps, but it’s still great!I have an expensive Coach diaper bag that is nice but large and very heavy! I have the other diapers bags/purses from Timi & Leslie but they are HUGE and very heavy. I have the cute pink and white zebra diaper bag but it’s kind of babyish for my age, lol I feel silly carrying it in to work with me. I need something that would serve as both a diaper bag and a purse! This is it!!! I was sick of carrying around a huge heavy diaper bag while trying to balance a heavy car seat AND deal with a busy toddler!I read some reviews that said it’s too small, but I find it to be the perfect size!! Here is what I currently have in it…The outside bottle pockets are currently empty. You could also use that to hold water bottles, keys, cell phone etc.The "inner side" pocket that have the seperation down the middle: One side is actually empty, the other side has my small cell phone, ear drops, a pack of gum, and keys.The other "inner side" pocket that’s not seperated but snaps closed, has a pack of wipes(which usually weigh down my other bags), and three diapers.The main compartment which zips closed has, the J.L. Childress Full Body Changing Pad, a clutch purse/wallet, a can of formula for daycare, and misc papers that we carry in our purses 🙂 It still feels lightweight!!!So my bag is not "fully packed". There is still plenty of room for other items. I love this purse! Just try it, I promise it’s functional and reasonable in price. If you don’t want to carry around a big heavy purse or carry a diaper bag PLUS a purse, try this you can’t go wrong!

Annabelle Yorktown, AR

Still my favorite diaper bag!

Lovely material and looks great on mom. Hold A LOT of baby stuff. The only thing I didn’t like was that the outer pockets on the one side is sewed on in the middle instead of having a snap like the other side making locating stuff a bit of a pain. Also that the arm sling part is a little small and hard to carry around.Overall a great buy!

Sheree Lloyd, MT

Cool diaper bag alternative

I bought this for anticipation of use with my 2nd child. I have my diaper bag used for my 1st child which is great but wanted a small alternative other than stuffing my purses all the time. I liked the internal zipper compartment in the middle that can hold my wallet, keys, etc. It seems like a good alternative option to hold enough stuff for a quick outing when you don’t need to bring a lot of stuff and don’t really want a "baby bag" look. I haven’t used it yet but will update my rating if encounter anything further as I use it.

Josefa Tall Timbers, MD

Awesome bag

This is a great diaper bag, loads of room and it’s light weight. My first bag had a bad zipper but I returned it and ordered a new one. They were quick to refund my money (they don’t send replacements….had to re-order). It’s a beautiful deep purple with a gray diaper pad. I would recommend this to all moms/dads/grandparents.

Susanna Ivyton, KY

I love my purse… I mean diaper bag.

I’m a mum to a one year old and have finally outgrown the need to carry an actual diaper bag for some time only to now be expecting twins. I found with my first child that many diaper bags are bulky, heavy, and basically have one compartment to shove everything into with a couple of outer pockets. I was really yearning for something that functioned like a well organized bag without the weight that didn’t obviously look like a diaper bag and didn’t cost as much as my mortgage. I purchased this and have already been using it as my "purse". I have gotten many compliments and people are surprised when I say it is actually a diaper bag! Here’s what I have noticed so far:1. It is deceptive in its size. Because the material is thinner and more flexible, it is able to seem more compact if there is nothing really in the middle. It lacks the cardboard base and sides that gives many diaper bags their shape, but I was looking for this because it keeps it from being so bulky. (I’m 5’3" and have what I consider short arms and shoulders, so the less bulky it is, the better it stays on my shoulder while I’m carrying wiggley children.)2. There are plenty of pockets inside. Because of the design, the main chamber is surrounded by 4 other pockets whose entrances are covered while wearing by the straps. This is convenient to me because I hate the feeling like something is either going to fall out or someone could reach in while I’m not looking. I primarily will try to keep my wallet and keys in one of the smaller pockets (the 3rd & 4th pockets are actually one large side pocket for larger items but there is a snap in the middle should you wish to keep them separate) so that I can easily find my things when checking out, etc. Even though the pockets are usually covered, they are still easily accessible if you just push a strap over. There are also two side pockets on either end that are open to the outside. On the inside of the main chamber there is a zippered pocket and two smaller open pockets along the side for cell phones or whatever.3. I have found that this bag will accommodate my full size diaper changer complete with diapers, wipes, and bag dispenser, my wallet, keys, sippys, the flat changer that it came with just because I haven’t taken it out, an extra set of baby clothes, a fluffy blanket, a couple of toy trucks, some other mum items like an organizer, and my gloves. I could have still put more into the side pockets. This amount did make it pretty stuffed, and I will not usually need this amount but we were going out for the holiday so I needed some extra things.4. The material seems pretty easy to clean, but I got this in the purple and I haven’t noticed anything in the last month that couldn’t be wiped off if it even showed up.5. If you don’t have too much in the bag, it feels very, very light! Due to the bag being made of lightweight material without the bulky supporting fabric or cardboard, it will feel like there is almost nothing there if you don’t have much in it. I like this because having three children in the winter with all the heavy outerwear and two in those heavy infant seats, my body will appreciate not having the extra weight.6. Not very expensive in the world of diaper bags! I paid less than $30 for this bag on Amazon. Anyone looking for a purse-like diaper bag that is durable and moderately fashionable will appreciate not having to pay upwards of triple digits for it. I mean this is probably not going to be a runway example, but it doesn’t look like a diaper bag.Hope this helps! I really like the bag and would recommend this to anyone looking to avoid the bulky, expensive, dowdy, unorganized looks of many other diaper bags.

Aline Cascade, MT