Kick Mats – Extra Large Car Seat Back Protector in Black, 2-pack – The Best Solution to Safeguard Your Car Seats From Dirt Marks and Stains Caused By Kicks and Spills – Effective and Affordable – Lifetime Risk-free Money-back Guarantee

Kick Mats – Extra Large Car Seat Back Protector in Black, 2-pack – The Best Solution to Safeguard Your Car Seats From Dirt Marks and Stains Caused By Kicks and Spills – Effective and Affordable – Lifetime Risk-free Money-back Guarantee

Good car seats deserve better protection. Whether you drive a stately sedan or a practical minivan, you deserve to have your vehicle remain in good condition for as long as possible. Of course, kids impatient from a long car ride don’t share that desire.Protect your car seats from kicking, roughhousing, eating, drinking, pet fur, mischief and other issues with Extra Large Kick Mats. These auto seat protectors are fitted with 2 adjustable straps – 1 to be placed over your car seat headrest and the other around the bottom portion of the seat. We have specially made these kick mats to fit most vehicles – not only are they longer and wider to provide maximum coverage, the bottom strap is custom made to be extra long for ease of fixing and adjusting – no struggling with elastic bands that barely fit your car seat or velcro straps that you can’t properly secure. The vehicle seat protector is easy to remove and install, so a single set can be moved to protect multiple vehicles and save you money. They also fold and store easily when not needed, providing you convenience. Don’t waste precious time and money cleaning – the car seat protector for baby is double-layered and water-resistant so not only do they protect your vehicle seat back from spills and food spatters, they are designed to be wiped clean with just a damp cloth. Protect your investment – our seat protectors comes with a 90 Day Risk-free Money-Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked! Click the “Add to Cart” Button at the Top of This Page and get your Extra Large Kick Mats Today!

Main features

  • PREMIUM QUALITY Kick Mats that Keep Your Car Seat Back Looking Newer For Longer. Invest in a Car Seat Protector That Lasts.
  • Wider and Longer Car Seat Protector Mat for MAXIMUM COVERAGE (18.5 x 23.6 inches). Designed to Fit Most Compacts, Sedans and SUVs.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS WITH BUCKLES at Top and Bottom – EFFORTLESS TO INSTALL and Adapt each Kick Mat to Desired Fit. No More Struggling with Elastic Straps.
  • EXTRA LONG BOTTOM STRAP – No More Messing Around With Too-Short Velcro Straps That Catch On Fabric and Cannot Be Properly Secured.
  • Double-Layered and Water-Resistant Car Seat Protectors that are EASY TO CLEAN and are Guaranteed to Extend The Life Of Your Cloth Or Leather Upholstery.

Verified reviews


It Works

We love these kick mats especially since our kid loves to put his foot against the back of the chair. It helps to keep the back of our seats from turning black. Looks like it works as intended so far.

Lana Lynn, NC

Nicely Made, Will Last A Long Time

These are really great for the back of seats. With kids sitting behind you, they are constantly putting their feet up or dribbling junk all over the back of seats. One time, my son decided to use the back of a leather seat to draw with markers. Yuk.These are really nicely made with great stitching, thick, durable material and solid straps. There are two straps, one to go around the headrest and one for the base of your seat. The material is wipeable and thick and will withstand even the messiest of kiddos.A nicely made product that will pay for itself very quickly in ease of use and protection for your car. They may be a little pricy in comparison but if they hold up longer, it is better than buying two sets of cheaply made products. I was provided a sample for testing and review.

Lindsey Sayre, AL

Just what I needed

These were exactly what I needed. Between my 9 yr old and my 19 month old anything can happen in the car. I have these on both seats, even though the toddler is rear facing. This is helping remind my son to keep his feet on the floor instead of trying to put them on the seat. These are dirty, but the seats are not! Great product for a great price. Fast shipping too. Easily attaches to my seats (04 Ford Taurus) without any problems.

Lucinda West, TX

Easy to install, great protection

These mats do the job quite well. First, they are very easy to install. They basically have a strap that goes around the base of the headrest and another strap that goes around the base of the seat. And voila! You’re done.Second, they are some sort of thick plastic so your child can kick the back of the seat as much as they want but nothing is going to get through to the seat itself.Mine don’t fit like a glove as shown in the picture. They fit a little bit loose but that doesn’t affect the protection it provides for the seat. It still covers the entire area exposed to small feet.Overall, a very good product and I definitely recommend it.I received a sample for review.

Danielle Malad City, ID

Works but there are cheaper alternatives

I received this in exchange for writing a review.1. This definitely provides protection against my 3 year 5 month old granddaughter kicking the seat she is in back of. However, if you look on Amazon you will see comparable products that cost much less.2. I could not get this to fit nice and smooth as shown in the picture, though that does not affect the protection afforded.3. This has two sets of adjustable straps on the top and bottom. For each set of straps only side is adjustable in terms of length; the other side is fixed. That proved to be a bit of a nuisance for attaching the bottom straps. It would have been much easier if both sides had been adjustable.Bottom line: This works, though there are cheaper alternatives.

Lesa Hugoton, KS