Kid Basix Safe Sippy Cup 2, The Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Sippy Cup and Straw Bottle, Blue, 11oz

Kid Basix Safe Sippy Cup 2, The Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Sippy Cup and Straw Bottle, Blue, 11oz

The Safe Sippy 2 toddler cup is the world’s first and only 2 in 1 sippy to straw bottle. Made from clean, non leaching, stainless steel. The cup is tested free of BPA, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. The Safe Sippy2 combines all the great features of the original Safe Sippy, plus three new features that parents asked for most: a no spill valve plus straw and straw adaptor, a travel cap to keep the spout clean, and a travel plug to protect from any drips while out and about. The Safe Sippy 2 holds 11 ounce, has a straw shaped spout which is better for developing mouths, a colorful protective sleeve that provides insulation against cold liquids while protecting the cup from being dented and removable handles. The Safe Sippy2 is dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • 11 ounce
  • Clean non leaching stainless steel BPA and phthalate free
  • Convertible sippy to straw drink cup (straw and straw adaptor + no spill valve)
  • Travel cap and plug
  • Colorful protective sleeve that insulates little hands from cold liquid

Verified reviews


Easily taught my baby how to drink from a straw

At the recommendation of my baby daughter’s pediatrician, we decided to try introducing her to a straw cup rather than a sippy cup at around 6-and-a-half months old. (Pediatric speech therapists believe that prolonged sippy-cup use can cause speech delays). I first tried the Playtex Lil Gripper Training Cup, the Zoli Bot, and even boxed water (with a straw, so I could squeeze the box and push the water up the straw into baby’s mouth). But no luck; my little-one didn’t know what to do with the straw in her mouth. At most, she would chew on it like it was a teether, but she wouldn’t suck on the straw, no matter what I did. I was THISCLOSE to caving in and buying a regular sippy cup when I spotted the Safe Sippy 2 (SS2) in my local health food store. It seemed to be the best of both worlds … I could use a “sippy cup” to teach my baby to drink from a straw! (And even if my little-one ended up preferring the sippy to the straw, the SS2’s straw-shaped spout would still be better for her speech development than traditional sippy-cup spouts).I started out using the SS2 without any valves. I tipped it slightly so the water would slowly flow into my baby girl’s mouth and show her that there was water in there. When she caught on, I put the sippy-valve into the SS2 and continued to tip it towards her mouth to teach her how to suck/sip liquid through a valve. Once she began to associate the SS2 spout with sucking, I replaced the sippy-valve with the straw-valve & straw and tipped the cup down, and … voila! By her 2nd time using the SS2, my baby was drinking from the straw like a pro, and hasn’t looked back since. The next day, she figured out how to hold the SS2 by its handles, and now drinks from the straw on her own. Finally, success, thanks to the SS2!It’s also a bonus that the SS2 is made of eco-friendly stainless steel and is safe for babies, since it contains no BPA, phthalates, PVC, etc. And while it’s not completely leak-proof, it is spill-proof, which is more-than-enough for my needs. My baby only drinks water from the SS2 at or right after (solid food) meals when she’s sitting still (e.g., in a high chair), so there’s not much opportunity for leakage. (And even if it did leak, it’s just water!) And even on those occasions where she dropped the SS2 or knocked it over, no water spilled out thanks to the spill-proof mechanism.I gave the SS2 4 stars rather than 5 because it does have a few minor shortcomings:- Because the SS2 cup is made of stainless steel (and there are no measurement markings inside the cup), it’s impossible to tell how much your baby has drunk.- Like virtually all straw sippy cups, if the SS2 is left standing (esp. at room temperature or warmer) for longer than a few minutes, capillary action will cause the beverage inside to flow up the straw and spill out of the top of the spout. However, unlike most other straw cups, which have a flip-top mechanism to close-off the straw to prevent these types of leaks, the SS2 has a “travel plug” that you insert into the underside of the spout instead of the sippy valve or straw adapter. Then, when baby is ready to drink, you have to remove the travel plug and insert the sippy valve or straw adapter. This can be pretty inconvenient, not to mention unsanitary. When you’re out-and-about with no easy way to wash/sanitize your hands, the last thing you want to do is be fiddling with the sippy/straw cup parts through which your little-one will be drinking their water/juice/milk, etc.- The SS2’s plastic spout is very hard. My baby girl bonked herself on the nose a couple of times when she was trying to figure out how to direct the spout to her mouth, and we had to act fast to stop her from knocking herself in the forehead or poking herself in the eye with the spout. If you’re planning on having your little-one move around independently while holding their sippy/straw cup, you might want to look into getting a cup with a softer, more forgiving straw/spout that’s not as likely to cause injury. Kid Basix should consider making the spout of the SS2 out of firm silicone, or even the plastic that the straw itself is made of, rather than the diamond-hard plastic that the spout currently made of.- The SS2’s straw doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the cup, so between a 1/2-ounce to an ounce of liquid is wasted each time you use the cup because it’s inaccessible. Not such a big deal if (like me) you’re only serving water in your sippy/straw up. But it could be quite annoying if you’re using the SS2 to serve breast-milk, formula, or even regular cow’s milk to your baby or toddler.- Because it’s made of stainless steel (plus the silicone sleeve), the SS2 is heavier than your average plastic sippy cup. This can make it a bit difficult for small or inexperienced hands to hold and maneuver.All in all, I’m very pleased with the SS2, and I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for an easy way to teach a first-timer to drink from a straw cup or to transition your baby from a sippy cup to a straw; or for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sippy cups.Grade: A-

Paige Canton, KS

not leak-proof but otherwise alright

My main complaint is that this sippy cup is not leak-proof. It is somewhat leak-proof when used without the straw in the tilt-and-sip configuration, but with the straw the water runs out as soon as it’s tipped over, and forget about just throwing it in your diaper bag. Even with the cap it still leaks all over. It does come with a travel plug, but I found that useless as my son likes to have access to water even when we’re on the road, plus it is unhygienic and risks spills to have to open it and use your hands to exchange the plug for the other part. Additionally, the drinking spout is hard plastic, which my son doesn’t mind but if your child prefers a soft spout then this one may be uncomfortable. The other thing is that the rubber case makes it kind of hard to slide into an outer or inner pocket of your bag, although it provides a good grip.I realize I sound like I don’t like this sippy, but actually my son and I both like it which is why I’m giving it four stars. I just wanted to be clear about the disadvantages. It’s not perfect but I have yet to find one that is and this is so far our favorite and most-used one.

Darla Proctor, AR

If you like a clean/smell free bottle DON’T get this!

Ok, I recently bought two of these based on reviews. However I was quite disappointed.CONS:-There is an aluminum smell to these bottles that you won’t find in kleen kanteen. I also smelled a rancid smell even though we washed the cup daily and only used it for water. This could be because …-There are so many crevices for bacteria to build up. Inside the top there is a rubber ring that has to be taken out when washing, a total hassle. The rubber stopper also has to be taken out and be washed and that would be ok if it was the only thing. The top of the sippy cup has an indentation just for bacteria to hide and to make it harder to clean. The rubber sleeve is a great idea except when your kid holds the cup with dirty hands and dirt gets under the rubber and you have to remove it and wash it too. Handles also need to come off for washing. The clear plastic cover also has to be washed. Honestly, who wants to think about all these things? If your kid needs handles then this cup is too big for them. If your kid is bigger then he/she doesn’t need the handles, doesn’t need the rubber cover, and doesn’t need the clear plastic cover. I don’t know what age group this company is catering this product to but they need to make up their mind.-And it leaks, not too much but it leaks. Even with the sippy cup rubber adapter inside.-The handles, if you use them, are not the most comfortable things to hold for little hands. They are pretty thin and kind of have sharper edges.

Mattie Longport, NJ

Nice that it is metal, but…

I like that this sippy is metal instead of plastic, however it was pretty hard for my 11-month-old daughter to figure out. Took about a month. She finally got it using the straw method but it is actually pretty hard to get liquid out like that (except if she holds it upside down of course, hahah). I tried sucking it up and it seemed pretty difficult. She gets frustrated, so I may have to look for another sippy. Great concept though. Good quality, just didn’t work well for us.

Barbara Hakalau, HI

Highly recommend for kiddos transitioning to cups

This cup is great! It’s free of all those bad things like BPA and has so much more to offer. I like that it can be used as a traditional sippy cup or as a straw cup. My daughter didn’t really get the idea of lifting up a cup in the air for the liquid to be available but she knew how to use a straw at about 9 months so this was great. Also with the straw function, you don’t have to worry about liquid going all over baby, unless of course, they spit it on on themselves. I also like the dust cover for hygenic purposes and the option to use the handles or not. It all comes apart easily to wash by hand or in the dishwasher. I also like that the spout is hard plastic. For the breastfeeding baby transitioning from bottle, a silicone sippy can result in biting mom since the baby has to basically bite a silicone sippy to get liquid out. Not so with this cup!

Leola Orleans, VT


Not sure, why its called safe sippy.Using it as a straw-cup it leaks everywhere. Horrible. Have not tried the sippy-option. Not using it anymore, because its a mess, if my 14 month drops it on the floor.Waste of money.Neat idea, poor execution.

Staci Kyburz, CA

Great Sippy but has a design flaw

We’ve used these sippys for about 6 months now and love them. We haven’t had any issues with them leaking at all and my son has no issues drinking from them.The only downsides are that they dent easily and the handles are starting to look like they are going to crack (the orange part at the top of each handle has a white "crease" showing signs that it will snap at some point) – this is due to the handles being very thin and not able to handle the weight of a full sippy. This is the only design flaw that I see, but it needs to be addressed!

Dolly Black Creek, NY

Awesome cup!

This cup is great. Haven’t seen it leak yet, and very versatile with the sippy cup/straw cup options. My little one will drink anything as long as it’s in this cup, and is honestly attached to it. He carries it around even when it’s empty, I think the bright colors are appealing to him.

Kelli Landrum, SC

Best customer service around

These sippy cups are the coolest around! They are stainless steal, bpa free, have removable handles, convert from regular sippy cups to spill proof straw cups, and are downright awesome looking. They will grow with the kids and last forever. My 3 sons all LOVE these cups and the baby has no problem drinking from them. They come in lots of colors which is awesome for us since each of the boys has his own color and can easily tell whose is whose. An added benefit – I have never encountered such amazing customer service…EVER!

Justine Boynton, OK

Good but

For some reason my buy couple of month later still don’t get used to it .. he just prefer other ones, it can be just a matter of personal preference. Item itself it’s good quality, and it looks good ( I like it 😀 )

Sierra Waterford, CA

Would be perfect if you didn’t have to strain so much to get a little liquid out

I love the concept of a stainless steel cup as I am trying to get away from plastic, but unfortunately I didn’t really like this execution. It holds quite a bit of liquid, unlike some other sippy cups, but the struggle is getting the liquid from this. I use the straw insert because my one year old has been sipping from straws since about 9 months, so that is what he is used to. At first I found it odd that his cheeks would sink when he was sipping, but I didn’t think much of it. Then my husband told me to try and drink from this cup. It is near impossible to do so! I feel so bad having given this to my son now. You have to exert way too much effort for the little liquid you get out of it. My husband commented that he found the water to have a very metallic taste, though I didn’t notice any strange taste myself. However, I have stopped using it with my son. He sometimes like to drink quite a bit of water, and I don’t want him breaking a sweat trying to relieve his thirst! Too bad, it really looks very good and if it had a release valve it would be near perfect. I never used anything other than the straw attachment so I don’t know how it works as a regular sippy or as a travel sippy. I still haven’t found a sippy cup that doesn’t leak so I always make sure to keep any sippys I carry in an upright position. So far the best I’ve found is the Innobaby 3-in-1 stainless sippy, but even that one leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Loraine O Brien, FL

Favorite Sippy Cup

I know this cup is more expensive then other cups, but I love it. My 10 month old can hold the cup on his own with the handles and use the straw attachment. The valve is easily replaced to prevent leaks (if you don’t put in the valve it will leak through the straw). I also love that it is BPA free. It’s the only sippy cup my son will use that doesn’t leak everywhere.

Ladonna Yates City, IL

Love this cup!

I’ve been looking everywhere for a straw cup that doesn’t leak and this is it! Ok we’ll once in a very rare instance does it leak but since I only put water in it I don’t care. I love that first it isn’t plastic, secondly, it can convert from a zippy cup to a straw cup and thirdly it is super easy to clean. I know it’s a little pricey but it is totally worth it!

Faith Mansfield Center, CT

Great Beginner Cup with Straw

Love the ease of use and portability of this cup and my 8 month old loves it too! I will be buying a second.

Letha Waldoboro, ME

needs stainless steel straw inside, not plastic.

It’s great, but why can’t you have the straw inside be stainless steel too? it stinks that a plastic straw is in there polluting my son’s water….

Berta Chesterhill, OH

Great sippy cup.

Finally I found the eco-friendly sippy cup for my daughter. This is the only sippy cup that she drinks from. We tried 6 different ones before. I just love it!!!! The only reason why i put 4 stars, because you can find it 5 dollars cheaper.

Clara Castle Hayne, NC

Very leaky

I was on a quest to find the best stainless steel sippy cup – all the reviews of the three cups I tried, the Safe Sippy, the Eco Vessel, and the Foogo with the hard spout without the handles, were mixed as to which leaked and which didn’t. This particular cup was in the middle in terms of leaks. It doesn’t just leak from the spout when shaken by my toddlers, but it also leaks from where you screw the lid on. Unlike the other products, this lid has a silicon ring that helps make a seal to keep the liquid in – in the week that I had these cups at least two of them had issues with the ring coming off the ‘track’ and thus resulting in liquid leaking everywhere. And sometimes once I got it back in place and I’d go to screw the lid on, if I screwed it too tight, it’d make the ring come off track again. So frustrating. It leaks even more if you use the straw attachment. If you have a 4 year old who doesn’t throw their cup down as soon as they’re done with it for the moment, or who won’t shake it, this would be a fine cup. But for the vast majority of us who use this as a sippy for a younger child, this is a leaky mess.If you’re looking for leak proof, your best bet is to go with the Foogo. It’s not 100% but it’s by far the best out of all the ones I tried.

Joann Eagle Springs, NC

6m old review

My son is 22 weeks so not actually 6m. He can drink out of this but it is to fast for him. After he takes a sip he kinda gags. It works great for him, he figured it out straight away but the flow is simply to fast right now.

Sophia Otis, OR

best sippy we own

My 13 month old drinks better from this sippy than any other. It gives him enough of a drink quick enough that he is immediatly satisfed. Hes used the Nuk straw cups where you bite to get a drink. But the flow is very slow. Additionally, this is much easier to clean compared to bite down straws that have a "compartment" that holds milk.The blue rubber jacket has protected it from drops and dings.The best thing, it keeps the milk cold.

Gabrielle Drayton, SC