Kid Basix Safe Sippy Cup 2, The Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Sippy Cup and Straw Bottle, Pink, 11oz

Kid Basix Safe Sippy Cup 2, The Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Sippy Cup and Straw Bottle, Pink, 11oz

The safe sippy 2 toddler cup is the world’s first and only 2 in 1 sippy to straw bottle. Made from clean, non leaching, stainless steel. The cup is tested free of BPA, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. The safe sippy 2 combines all the great features of the original safe sippy, plus three new features that parents asked for most: a no spill valve plus straw and straw adaptor, a travel cap to keep the spout clean, and a travel plug to protect from any drips while out and about. The safe sippy 2 holds 11 ounce, has a straw shaped spout which is better for developing mouths, a colorful protective sleeve that provides insulation against cold liquids while protecting the cup from being dented and removable handles. The safe sippy 2 is dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • 11 ounce
  • Clean non leaching stainless steel BPA and phthalate free
  • Convertible sippy to straw drink cup (straw and straw adaptor plus no spill valve)
  • Travel cap and plug
  • Colorful protective sleeve that insulates little hands from cold liquid

Verified reviews


Not Fabulous

I have to say I’m a little underwhelmed with this system as whole. I love the fact that the bottles are stainless steel, that they have their own fitted silicone sleeve, removable handles, and now have the covers and various options for use. BUT… The sipper valve will leak with inverted, the straw would be great but there’s no pressure equalizer, so if the drink gets warm, it’s going to swell out of the cup, and it makes it hard to drink from. Also, I found it a bit inconvenient that yes, there’s a travel plug, but then you have to drag the straw along separately (or fish it out of the cup at your destination) and have a place to put the plug when not in use. “A” for effort, definitely, but needs improvement.

Nelda Dongola, IL

so close to perfect… but straw attachement leaks

This sippy cup is so close to being perfect. My son is 1 and really likes straw cups. We live in Phoenix and really need an insulated cup for outings. Finding a good insulated straw cup has proven to be impossible. This cup does have a lot of great features: removable handles, cover, and stainless steel with a rubber sleeve make it awesome for little hands and keeping beverages cold. However there is one huge downfall. The valve you use for the straw attachment is NOT leak proof. The straw valve is completely open and only serves to attach the straw to the top of the cup. If the cup gets tossed, like ours do frequently, the straw will leak lots of fluid. This cup would be perfect if the straw was able to attach to the sippy valve (which is leak proof, unless shaken upside down) AND to the open straw valve. It would then be the perfect cup for all ages. Leak proof sippy with some fluid restriction for younger kids(if your kid is like mine, if he gets too much in his mouth, like he does with this cup with the straw valve, anything extra gets spit out. Which equals spit out milk all over the place.) For older kids the wide open straw valve is perfect – wide open straw cup with out any fluid restrictions for those that know not to throw the cup 🙂 I really really hope they make a spill proof valve for the straw. Regardless my son totally loves this cup – even in sippy mode since we’re not at the point of using the straw without it leaking like crazy.UPDATE: At first I thought the sippy valve was leak proof. Wrong. We used it in the stroller the other day and it wasn’t upright the entire time – it spent some time on its side – and we ended up with wet pants and a wet stroller. So disappointed! It seems that if the cup is on it’s side that any tiny movement will case drops of liquid to come out. A few drops I wouldn’t have a problem with. But this leaked so bad our stroller was totally wet and my sons pants were soaked. At this point I’m going to stick with playtex insulated straw cups. While they are plastic and don’t keep beverages as cold they don’t leak for us EVER. I’d rather bring a little cooler pack than deal with milk all over my son, car, stroller, etc.

Tami Barrackville, WV

Easily taught my baby how to drink from a straw

At the recommendation of my baby daughter’s pediatrician, we decided to try introducing her to a straw cup rather than a sippy cup at around 6-and-a-half months old. (Pediatric speech therapists believe that prolonged sippy-cup use can cause speech delays). I first tried the Playtex Lil Gripper Training Cup, the Zoli Bot, and even boxed water (with a straw, so I could squeeze the box and push the water up the straw into baby’s mouth). But no luck; my little-one didn’t know what to do with the straw in her mouth. At most, she would chew on it like it was a teether, but she wouldn’t suck on the straw, no matter what I did. I was THISCLOSE to caving in and buying a regular sippy cup when I spotted the Safe Sippy 2 (SS2) in my local health food store. It seemed to be the best of both worlds … I could use a “sippy cup” to teach my baby to drink from a straw! (And even if my little-one ended up preferring the sippy to the straw, the SS2’s straw-shaped spout would still be better for her speech development than traditional sippy-cup spouts).I started out using the SS2 without any valves. I tipped it slightly so the water would slowly flow into my baby girl’s mouth and show her that there was water in there. When she caught on, I put the sippy-valve into the SS2 and continued to tip it towards her mouth to teach her how to suck/sip liquid through a valve. Once she began to associate the SS2 spout with sucking, I replaced the sippy-valve with the straw-valve & straw and tipped the cup down, and … voila! By her 2nd time using the SS2, my baby was drinking from the straw like a pro, and hasn’t looked back since. The next day, she figured out how to hold the SS2 by its handles, and now drinks from the straw on her own. Finally, success, thanks to the SS2!It’s also a bonus that the SS2 is made of eco-friendly stainless steel and is safe for babies, since it contains no BPA, phthalates, PVC, etc. And while it’s not completely leak-proof, it is spill-proof, which is more-than-enough for my needs. My baby only drinks water from the SS2 at or right after (solid food) meals when she’s sitting still (e.g., in a high chair), so there’s not much opportunity for leakage. (And even if it did leak, it’s just water!) And even on those occasions where she dropped the SS2 or knocked it over, no water spilled out thanks to the spill-proof mechanism.I gave the SS2 4 stars rather than 5 because it does have a few minor shortcomings:- Because the SS2 cup is made of stainless steel (and there are no measurement markings inside the cup), it’s impossible to tell how much your baby has drunk.- Like virtually all straw sippy cups, if the SS2 is left standing (esp. at room temperature or warmer) for longer than a few minutes, capillary action will cause the beverage inside to flow up the straw and spill out of the top of the spout. However, unlike most other straw cups, which have a flip-top mechanism to close-off the straw to prevent these types of leaks, the SS2 has a “travel plug” that you insert into the underside of the spout instead of the sippy valve or straw adapter. Then, when baby is ready to drink, you have to remove the travel plug and insert the sippy valve or straw adapter. This can be pretty inconvenient, not to mention unsanitary. When you’re out-and-about with no easy way to wash/sanitize your hands, the last thing you want to do is be fiddling with the sippy/straw cup parts through which your little-one will be drinking their water/juice/milk, etc.- The SS2’s plastic spout is very hard. My baby girl bonked herself on the nose a couple of times when she was trying to figure out how to direct the spout to her mouth, and we had to act fast to stop her from knocking herself in the forehead or poking herself in the eye with the spout. If you’re planning on having your little-one move around independently while holding their sippy/straw cup, you might want to look into getting a cup with a softer, more forgiving straw/spout that’s not as likely to cause injury. Kid Basix should consider making the spout of the SS2 out of firm silicone, or even the plastic that the straw itself is made of, rather than the diamond-hard plastic that the spout currently made of.- The SS2’s straw doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the cup, so between a 1/2-ounce to an ounce of liquid is wasted each time you use the cup because it’s inaccessible. Not such a big deal if (like me) you’re only serving water in your sippy/straw up. But it could be quite annoying if you’re using the SS2 to serve breast-milk, formula, or even regular cow’s milk to your baby or toddler.- Because it’s made of stainless steel (plus the silicone sleeve), the SS2 is heavier than your average plastic sippy cup. This can make it a bit difficult for small or inexperienced hands to hold and maneuver.All in all, I’m very pleased with the SS2, and I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for an easy way to teach a first-timer to drink from a straw cup or to transition your baby from a sippy cup to a straw; or for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sippy cups.Grade: A-

Faye Eagle Nest, NM

No stink here

Our DS loves these cups and we really like how they transition from sippy to straw (for night and day). People have complained that the cups smell after a while, but we just sprinkle baking soda on the parts and the lid, spray some vinegar on them, let the chemical reaction occur and scrub and rinse. We boil them too occasionally. Nothing like a natural cleaner. The smell goes away instantly. We’ll replace ALL the kid cups with the safe sippy.

Miriam North Troy, VT

A safe sippy!

This is the newer generation of this Safe Sippy and it seems ok to me! A lot of reviews for the earlier version of this cup said they leaked, but I haven’t had that issue (yet). That being said, I don’t know how kid-friendly this cup is. My daughter is only 8 months and can understand the concept of a cup, but this one eludes her. I’m holding out hope that she will figure out the straw-like opening this sippy sports, which is supposed to be the best kind for developing jaws and such. The cup comes with three adapters- one for a straw for older kids, one for a regular valve for younger kids (leaks a bit, but just what is left in the straw portion of the mouthpiece- not a continuous stream of fluid), and a stopper for travel. Supposedly everything is BPA-free. There is also a removable cover and handles, and the silicone sleeve comes off if you want to wash either the bottle or cover. All in all, good quality, but maybe for slightly older kids who know what straws are about.

Eula Mount Vernon, OR

Great purchase!

I own two of Safe Sippy II: pink and green. Colors are bright; cup is sturdy and easy to clean. It is easy for my daughter to use it, so we skipped sippy cup stage and went straight to straw cup option thanks to Safe Sippy II. Worth the price!

Gay Royse City, TX

Overall good purchase

We have this in three colors and for some reason we are having problems with the red lid growing mold in the spout. Yuck! But otherwise we are satisfied with the performance of this cup.

Erin Resaca, GA

a disappointment

i bought several of these in the hopes of avoiding plastic, but they all leaked. out of the lid. also, the "plug" made it really difficult for my son to get liquid out (i tested it and found it tough even), so we had to take it out. they wound up in the back of the cabinet and replaced with the plastic junk i was hoping to avoid.

Nettie Akron, IN

Great product!

We love the Safe Sippy Bottle. Great design and our kiddo took right too it when we introduced it to him at 10 months old. The only issue I have with the Safe Sippy is that it is difficult to clean. I had to purchase brushes to do so. Instructions on how to clean or maybe including a special brush for cleaning purposes would be helpful. Other than that complaint, we’re happy. Oh and it doesn’t spill! A pus since our little guy is always trying to pour the water out…

Chasity Maple, TX

Best sippy out there

Believe me when I say, I researched sippies! I love the ease, durability and simplicity of the Safe Sippy. My 18 mo started using these at around 11 mo and graduated through the different levels quickly. He has thrown, stomped, banged and every other kind of rough with these and they’ve held up great. We have 3 of them and won’t use another.

Germaine Patton, PA

Best sippy

After trying just about every sippy cup on the market, (Nuby, Nuk, Munchkin, Beaba, etc.), I gave my 10-month-old boys the straw version of the Safe Sippy. They LOVE it. It is just like they’re drinking out of a normal straw, which they love doing but is almost always a disaster. It is easy to clean, durable, and doesn’t leak (the Munchkin ones are impossible to reassemble after cleaning). I’m amazed there are any negative reviews of these because they are perfect if you’re kid likes straws.

Lakesha Hodge, LA

it leaks

I like the shape and stainless steel-ness of this sippy cup, but it does leak when the straw is in. It would be fantastic if that were not the case.

Lizzie Johnson, NY

Indestructable, but lots of pieces to keep track of

I love that it is practically indestructable but the spout is pretty tough because of the hard plastic and too many pices to keep track of. But it’s still a cool cup

Yvette Cardiff, AL

great cup

We use this cup with the straw attachment, which is not leak-free, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that it usually does not leak when it’s knocked over! (if you shake it upside down, or leave it lying on its side, water will slowly drip out though.)My son has repeatedly thrown it on concrete floors when we are out and about; it has several dents, but they are all in the bottom part that is covered by the sleeve, so you’d never know they’re there.

Isabella Welch, MN

So far so good

My one year old who only drinks from straw cups loves this cup. I just wish the spout was longer.

Tia Cherry Valley, NY

This cup is easy to clean, looks great and is easy for my toddler to hold

This cup is easy to clean, looks great and It is easy for my daughter to use it, so we skipped sippy cup stage and went straight to straw cup option thanks to Safe Sippy II. Also, the spout is hard which is difficult to find with other straw cups, and my toddler can’t chew on it or pretend to take sips when she actually is biting off the soft straw, like she does with other cups.

Amelia Bridgewater, ME


I want to like this cup more, but I only put water in the cup, and I clean it out often (several times in the dishwasher), but there is a persistent odor and funny taste to the water in this cup.

Kristina Arlington, IL

not impressed

I have tried just about every cup out there. My second child had trouble tilting any cup back,but would use a straw. I decided to try this out despite the price and am very bummed how it leaks. It even leaks when the straw is removed and the other valve is inserted. The bottom rubber part also collects water so I removed it. Its way too cold without it. I would say this cup is best suited for children 3 and up. Its a amazing concept but hopeless for my 15month old 🙁 I would not reccomend this cup. I have to say PLaytex has the best cups you can buy.

Nola Ochopee, FL

We really love this sippy cup

We really love this sippy cup. It’s pretty heavy and our daughter (now 10 months) still can’t lift it, so we just started her on the straw attachment right away and it works great. Sure, she spits half of the water out all over herself while trying to drink from it…but at least she’s getting the hang of it! 😉

Tricia Somersworth, NH


This is such an awesome cup! I love how versatile it is. Its easy for my daughter to use. The only thing I don’t like about it is the straw. I am not sure what its made of…Seems like a cheap plastic and probably not natural/safe like everything else it.

Hillary Colfax, WI

my favorite!

We have used this for over a year and plan to buy more. Easy to clean, versatile, easy for my toddler to hold, and grows with them. I have not used the straw adapter but I love that it’s included. We have used it both with and without handles. I also love the cap for travel. Does not leak, and I have not seen any mold in the spout but it can get "grungy" and I suggest a small bottle brush to clean it (but we only use water in them, so that might make a difference). No real complaints about the function, but I did notice a dent in ours recently and am not sure how it happened- but as I said, it has been in active service for some time, so I am not too broken up over it. Love this cup!

Harriett Effingham, KS

Best I’ve found..

I’m still on the search for the perfect stainless steel straw sippy. Straw sippy cups are better for breastfed babies as they won’t alter the latch. This one is the best I’ve found yet. It’s not as bulky as the thermos straw cups and has handles. It does leak in straw mode if tilted, so is not great for travel. I wish it came in a smaller size for younger babies. It’s being used by baby number two now so it is durable.

Marisol Rome, MS

Leaks alot

leaks alot and not worth it. we bought this to stay away from plastic and it is a great looking bottle but just leaks all over the place.

Rae Upland, IN

Ok this is a great sippy

I love this. My son likes it off and on. But I like that it comes with the different adapters that regulate out flow. And the straw allows my son to drink from it sitting up right. Easy to clean. I have not had a problem with leaking. And the drinking tip is very similar to those baby food pouch spout they have out now. So it was easy to get him to drink from it.

Michael Paden, OK

Nice product

I love the bottle! The only issue that we have is that since my daughter uses it without the handles, the area that you hold the cup is the exposed metal. The rubber should go a little higher, one to give it a better grip, second if you pure in warm tea you don’t want your child to have a problem holding it because. The metal feels warmer than the liquid.

Mai Curtis, NE

Really nice sippy

I was looking for an alternative to plastic sippy cups and decided to give this a try. My youngest is already 16 months, and my only regret is that I did not order this sooner. It’s a nice shape and easy to wash (too many sippies have horrible nooks and crannies that make it impossible to keep mildew away). It tolerates being thrown from the high chair. It will drip a bit from the spout if its shaken or laying on its side, but it’s sealed better than other sippy cups we’ve tried.Highly recommend!

Elaine Aurora, KS

Perfect for baby’s first bottle/sippy

My 7-month-old is exclusively breastfed, and she never had any type of bottle until this one. I gave it to her with the straw insert, and after a few minutes of trying, she figured it out and has had no problems since. I am so happy that she won’t have to wean from a bottle or sippy later since she already knows how to use a straw cup. I chose this one because of the stainless steel & I love not worrying about plastic leaching chemicals into my daughter’s drink. The handles make it very easy for her to hold it herself, and the cup is really easy to clean. Overall, I am SO happy we found this and plan on buying more to use in the years to come! Highly recommend!!

Jacqueline Greenwood Lake, NY

The Safe Sippy to Straw Botte

Works great. We had trouble with other cups but this one works great and the handles (which can be removed) help gripping the cup.,

Maxine Natick, MA

They leak

These are great but they leak. My kids love them, and I will keep using them since they’re insulated so well. But they leak when they are laid on their side.

Harriet Gulf Shores, AL

Poor Quality

I ended up returning this sippy cup. The silicone sleeve was torn and jagged. It has a Very hard and super long spout. Very not user friendly. My 6 mo old wouldn’t use it.

Monika Reklaw, TX