Kid-ding Quilted Waterproof Multi-Use Pad – 27″ x 36″

Kid-ding Quilted Waterproof Multi-Use Pad – 27″ x 36″

Keep baby comfy from crib to bed. Featured here in solid white, this multi-use pad provides sanitary, full wetness protection for mattresses in cribs, portable cribs, toddler beds, and twin beds, too. The machine-washable, fleecy-soft, stain-resistant surface is highly absorbent, extra cushiony, and reversible for years of comfort with added durability.

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Good buy for the money

I use this pad on top of my son’s mattress as well as the smaller sizes for his playard bassinet and the changing table. They may not be the softest on the market but they work very well. For the price, you can afford to buy several so that you don’t have to do laundry as often. The only thing I didn’t like about these pads is they seem to shrink a bit when put into the dryer. My advice is to line dry them to avoid this problem.

Twila Clarksdale, MS


I love my pad, I use it under my bassinet sheet. It has proven to be very durable. I also have the mattress pad made by this company as well. Worth every penny!

Karla Warrenton, VA

Functional but not asthetically pleasing

First, these really do protect bedding against leaks and spills. Get the bed sized ones as an under layer (which adds cushioning from the plasticky mattresses that are made today), layer on the pretty sheets, then use a smaller pad under the diaper area. This protects the sheets but the very bottom pad protects your mattress in case a true accident occurs. I must admit that after washing, these pads did pill but this did not deteriorate their effectiveness. I’d go to Target for the softer, thinner, prettier, and just as effective smaller size. It’s the difference between wearing a hospital pad versus a brand name pad. Both work just as well but one is more confortable on the go.

Sophie Canton, IL

Works good for me!

I use this for my portable changing pad and under the sheet in my daughters cradle. It is a bit wide for my cradle, so I just tuck in the sides. It is wide for the portable changing pad, but still works good!

Sadie Cisco, UT


i got these to put on my bed for my son’s morning massage-cuz by now it’s no secret what little boys do once those nappies come off! the first time i used it i seriously used the expression “let’s see how good these really are”…only to be terribly disappointed: upon turning him over (yes he did let out a dose)i found i had really let my child lay in a puddle!! this o so absorbent pad really did nothing but allow for a greater area of redistribution. i even ventured to put my hand into it to see how much was absorbed n literally had stuff dripping from my fingers!!this was a waste of my money. i am back to using a regular sheet folded over.

Ann Morgan City, MS

Essential (One of my top 5)

I recommend the large quilted multi-use pad in addition to the mattress pad. I have about 4 of them and they are essential. I use John Lennon receiving blankets (6 is a good number) with the quilted multi-use pad underneath to be prepared for spills and smudges on my contoured changing pad. I do the same on his crib to save me the headache of changing crib sheets which are very tedious to get off and on. It’s nearly impossible to do when you’ve had a c-section, and not a good idea to strain yourself.

Vicky Camden, MS

Must have this

I use this and the smaller ones all the time. I have this in the crib as a mattress pad, I put it on the changing table over the cover for an extra barrier. I use the smaller ones when traveling to lay down to change my child in public areas (those koala tables) They are durable and easy to clean. Everyone should have a few of these.

Violet Ballston Lake, NY

AWESOME! Buy several!

I have several of these – one under the sheet on the crib and one under the sheet to my pack and play. LOVE THEM! Great item to have!

Debra Tumtum, WA

Good Product

These are great to put under a Pack-N-Play, or on top of a changing table. Or even to change baby on the floor, or on the go. They are soft, absorbent, and portable.

Kimberlee Brooklyn, KY

Easy to use and save your self some money!

I love these pads! After reviewing many reviewers I decide to buy one and try it. It is so soft and absorbent! Mine has not pilled and has gone through many washings. I ended using it in my diaper bag since the changing places in public restrooms don’t always appear clean. It fits so much better in my diaper bag than a bulky changing pad and my daughter likes better since not cold. I bought more of these and left one in her cosleeper for leaks and as a changing pad at night so no trips to nursery. Another was placed downstairs with wipes and diapers in a basket for quick changes on the couch and everyone loved using them.Great price and you will get your moneys worth out of them. They go anywhere and we left one at grandmas and one in the car for changing on the seat when not convenient to change elsewhere. Will use for next bundle of joy!

Christian Effingham, KS

a must have

This pad is great to place under your sheets in parent’s bed where mom sleeps and nurses. Just the right size to shield mattress from excess breastmilk!

Ginger Collins, MO

serves it’s purpose but not gentle on baby’s skin

I have 2 packs in different sizes. On the package it’s advertized as a burp cloth. I’ve used it over a pillow on my lap, but it’s too stiff to use over your shoulder. It’s good at trapping moisture and keeping the surface beneath from getting wet or damp. It stayed strong after several washes. I used to lay my daughter on it to protect her mattress or sheets, but I find that it doesn”t breathe well enough and when she had baby acne it made the break-outs much worse.

Sharon Corydon, IA

An O.K. product

I bought it for the playpen, which it says it fits. It doesn’t. It is a little to big, but I managed to make it work. I bought it because I can use it on his crib or it says a twin bed, which is would be too small for. It does it’s job at keeping the bed clean from wetness which is all I need.

Brenda Harrietta, MI

Must have it!

This pad can be used for anything! I use one under my sheets in the area my son likes to spit up on, under him during "let’s give that touschi some air" time, and as a take along for diaper changes…no one’s going to tell you but they secretly don’t want you to change your baby on their bed or sofa! Go figure.Also, unlike their cousin the ‘Quilted Crib Mattress Pad’ it doesn’t pill up enough to care.

Tabatha Big Lake, MN


This product seems great. You can use it for every purpose which involves your baby. We have them in different sizes for the Crib, bassinett, playard, and just extra changing pads for middle of the night changes and carry around pad. They absorb great and wash with no problems. I tumble dry low, that way they keep their shape longer. Take them everywhere and dont have to worry about laying your little one on hard cold surfaces when diaper changing. Very affordable and worth every penny. I highly recommend to every parent.

Katelyn Thomasboro, IL

Nice pad

This pad fits my Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper great. I bought this to put between the mattress and sheet. The pad gives it more cushion and will absorb any leaks if they happen. I washed it and the pad washed great.

Lynne Clayton, NJ

not waterproof

it’s not waterproof. lets pee through on the matress or whatever it’s laying upon. i don’t like it that much

Leta Pirtleville, AZ

Great Buy

I bought two of these and I just love them. I use both of them at the same time–one for his head, the other for his butt. They do the trick of catching spit-up, vomit, and leaking diaper problems. These pads save me a lot of time beacuse I don’t have to worry about doing the sheets all the time. They’re getting a little fuzzy now that they’ve been through the wash a few times, but for $7, I think these pads are a great buy!!

Latonya Hinckley, MN

Good for the bed

I used this to protect the Pack N Play and crib mattresses, which proved very effective. However, as a regular changing pad, it spends more time in the bleach bucket than in the nursery! Regular burp cloths are softer on Baby’s face and less bulky. The only reason I can think to use the quarter sized sheets is for the annual visit with Santa. Santa might appreciate that!

Mamie Skowhegan, ME

Great To Have On Hand

What I like about these pads are the way the don’t slip around at all when you lay them down on carpet or flannel sheets. My daughter has started resisting being changed on her changing table, so I use these pads to change her on differnt floors in our house. And awhile back when she had a particularly upset stomach and lots of diaper blow-outs we kept her on top of these pads all day, whether she was sleeping in her crib or anywhere. They worked wonderfully. They come clean easily and I don’t mind that the cotton pills up. That helps to keep it from shifting on carpeted floors.

Lilian Westfield, VT

Stock up with these!!

Of all of my baby purchases, these have been used the most! I have three that I keep around–one for the diaper bag, one for the bedroom, and one for the laundry–and I don’t know what I would do without them. Since my baby is only 6 weeks old, I keep him in the bedroom with me at night. I just throw one of these on the bed when I’m changing him at night so I don’t have to walk across the house to his room to use the changing table. It is water resistant (and everything baby can “spill” on it resistant) and it is large enough so that if my little guy starts to go to the bathroom while I am changing his diaper, it gets on this pad instead of the bed. The one in the diaper bag is also very useful–much more practical than the plastic covered changing pads that come with diaper bags. Because this is much larger, and absorbant, I just throw it out on the seat of the car, or on the public restroom changing table, or on the floor, or wherever I need to change him, and it covers a nice large area–I don’t have to worry about him touching any dirty surfaces. I will buy these for all of my frieds having babies–I recommed getting at least 3 or 4 of them to keep around!

Marla Webster, KY

Excellent for a multitude of uses

These pads have definitely come in handy. They are super absorbent, very easy to clean and a perfect size for many different things. When my daughter first came home I used them under her, on my counter near the sink to sponge bathe her. I have one on my changing table that came with my Pack n Play. I also use on on the floor under her activity gym (Sparkling Symphony Gym)since it doesn’t include a mat. I also have two at Grandma’s for changing and laying on the bed. They are used frequently and really do hold up to alot of abuse. I would recommend buying a pack even if you don’t think you’ll need them because I guarantee they will be put to good use.

Kathy Nassawadox, VA

Good value in a variety of sizes

These pads are soft and absorbent – just the right size to put on a cradle. The smaller size is perfect for laying on top of a changing table. They wash well and I haven’t noticed shrinkage. Good value and worth having a couple of different sizes on hand.

Esperanza New London, OH

Serves purpose, doesn’t hold up well

These pads are very absorbent and certainly serve the purpose, but they don’t look very good after you wash them. For the price I suppose you can’t expect much, but the Carter’s lap pads wash much better. If you are going to get some, use them under things and buy the white ones. The colors seem to show the pilling more. I use them under the bassinett sheet now. I used to use them on top of the changing pad, but my baby is only 2 months old and they already look quite old.

Sylvia Thonotosassa, FL


This pad is perfect for our playard. I put it under the sheet and I have no worries about trying to clean the matress board since the material cannot come off. It is very soft, provides an extra layer of padding since playards are so hard, and it can be washed and dried in the machines no problem. Even when we go on vacation we pack it up with the playard. Great investment for your babies saftey, babies confort, your sanity (when trying to wash the playard matress), and what makes this even better is the price!!!!

Willie Central City, IA

Great for toddlers too!!!

These pads are wonderful!! I began using them for my daughter in both her portable crib and regular crib as an infant. Now that she has moved into a “big girl bed” at 2 I also use them under her sheet to protect her mattress for those occasional nights when she wets through her diaper. They are great and have held up wonderfully wash after wash. Very affordable and very versatile.

Ella Adamstown, MD