KidCO 2 Count Door Knob Lock

KidCO 2 Count Door Knob Lock

KidCo Door Knob Lock KidCo Door Knob Lock is a unique product designed to keep kids out of specific rooms in your home. The lock snaps together and is easy to install. The design of the lock is based on a side pinch-grip technology. It is ideal for round door knobs of a standard variety. It has a hinged tab for a keyhole. Why You’ll Love It: It prevents kids in your home from entering rooms that are off limits to them. Features Easy installation that snaps on Design is based on a side pinch-grip technology Helps prevent children from entering particular rooms Ideal for standard round door knobs Hinged tab for the keyhole No additional tool required Includes: 2 locks per pack Product Dimensions: 27.4 x 11.7 x 6.9 cm

Main features

  • Prevents children from entering particular rooms
  • Easily snap together installation
  • Unique side pinch grip design
  • Ideal for standard round door knobs

Verified reviews


Toddler proof

My son figured out how to open doors at 18 months. It was becoming a problem because we couldn’t contain him in the areas we wanted him. These doorknob covers saved the day. He was able to figure out other brands and get them off the door without much effort. Not these. Not yet at least.

Cherie Weyers Cave, VA

It works!

We have an house built in the mid 80’s with existing doorknobs (old, ugly brass, sort of funnel shaped knobs) and they prevent my 2 year old grandson from opening the basement door. We also are remodeling and have newer brushed nickle, more rounded knobs and it also prevents him from opening those doors. Just purchased another set to keep him in his room at night since he is doscovering the freedom of being out of the crib and in a big boy bed!

Evangeline West Salem, OH

Work like a charm for our 2 year olds

We’ve been using these for a few months now. Our boys just turned 2 years old and they are nowhere close to being able to open doorknobs with these on them. And they are not only child proof but sometimes adult proof too! I took them to the in-laws for a recent visit, and neither my 70 year old MIL, 40 year old SIL, or 13 year old niece could open the door without our assistance! Sure they would have eventually figured them out, but even my mom still complains about how hard it is for her to open the door with these door locks (and she has dealt w/ them for as long as we’ve had them). So I figure our boys will be at least 3+ before they figure them out 🙂

Leanna Del Rio, TN

So far, so good!

My two year old out grew the last door-knob covers that were on doors throughout the house. They snapped together like two pieces of an egg shell, and she finally figured out how to get her fingers between each piece and snap it off.This device doesn’t have the same flaw – it’s much harder to get off the door handle, but actually quite easy to get on. It’s also easier to open the doors with this device than the last one we used. You grab the bottom part that sticks out and it easily grabs the knob, so you don’t have to fiddle with it, like some devices.We’ve only been using these a few days, but so far, so good! I recommend them.

Lessie New Bloomington, OH

Best I’ve Tried

After my two year old figured out how to remove the original door knob locks I had used and trying another kind that was way too hard for even the adults to open, I tried these and I must say they are amazing. They are very easy to use and might actually be easier than just a handle alone in some cases yet the kid has not figured them out yet. So if you have tried other locks and had trouble with them, try these and they just might do the trick.

Pearl Betterton, MD

Don’t work with our handles

These do not prevent our toddler from opening our doors whatsoever. Our door handles may be on the slightly larger side and that is possibly why they do not work for us. Our door handles look normal size to me, but this is the only reason I can come up with for why they are not working since they seem to work for many other people out there.

Marcia Haswell, CO

Worked horribly for me

I’m pretty sure I have a standard-sized doorknob, and this thing did NOT work well. It was impossible to lock & unlock the door with this thing on it.It seemed too big for my doorknob. We had to remove it.

Nettie Plainville, IN

They do the job

Our 2 year old can’t get into them, which is the point. But they aren’t convenient to get in and out of and they are a rather large fit around our standard size door handles.

Dorothea Harvard, NE


I put this door knob lock on the closet containing all the laundry detergent and other chemicals that I was fearing my son could accidentally get a hold of and drink. It’s GREAT! My 1 year old son can’t climb up and figure out how to open it. And even my mother and father needed something from the closet, and had to wait till I got home to show them how to open the door! It’s simple once you know how, but not easy enough for a child. Definitely worth the peace of mind.

Mai Hatillo, PR

The Best!!

I started babysitting over 25 years ago so I do know alot about baby proofing a house. I cannot stress this enough how great these door knob locks are! We were having 3 children ages 5,3 and 17 months visiting for 3 weeks so we knew we needed to put a door knob lock on the basement door to avoid anyone falling down the stairs. This door knob lock was perfect and it did its job. Not once was a child able to open the door. Honestly, I even had trouble a few times getting the combination correct in order to go downstairs. Basically the lock comes in two pieces. You place each piece around the door knob and click it together using a very firm grasp. Once the knob is on you have to firmly push in both of the gray pressure buttons at the same time as well as turn the knob at the same time. It can be tricky for adults and none of the kids could figure it out. They always had to ask an adult to open the door for them. So this item gets an A+ for safety and overall quality. I would not hesitate to purchase these door knob locks and for the price you get two of them. : ) Can’t get better than that!

Fern West Sunbury, PA

perfect and inexpensive

This door knob lock is a must have for anyone with toddlers. It’s simple to use for not so bright adults such as myself but my brilliant 2 year old still can’t figure it out. To turn the knob all you have to do is squeeze the lock in two places. I can do it one handed no problem. Opening a door is simple and fluid. I wish our magnetic cabinet locks were this easy and effective. My house was built in 1974 and I have it on a variety of doorknobs and it works on all of them. My mom also has some in her house which was built in the eighties and it works for all her knobs. At $11 for a two pack you’ll probably want to buy more than one pack.

Graciela Brooten, MN