KidCo Adhesive Mount Cabinet/Drawer Lock 1ea

KidCo Adhesive Mount Cabinet/Drawer Lock 1ea

Only lock that mounts without tools, holes, or screws.  Leaves no damage when removed. Model S331 Package contains 1 Lock consisting of : 1 Latch 1 Angled catch 1 Sliding catch 4 Screws (for optional use) Fits most cabinet doors and drawers, including framed and frameless styles Perfect for use on stereo equipment, glass, metal and mirrored surfaces Simple, one hand adult operation G.S.C. certified* *Global Safety Cooperation (G.S.C.) certified products have been tested for simplicity, reliability and ease of use and installation. Warranty – If not completely satisfied with this product, return it with proof of purchase for replacement free of charge to: KidCo, Inc., 300 Terrace Drive, Mundelein, IL 60060-3836

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Only locks we use!

I’m not sure why there are bad reviews on here as we LOVE these locks! They’re the only locks we use and they work great. They’re not the best for sliding drawers, but for regular cupboards, they work great! Easy to install with no screws, yet they keep little hands out. My older son (3) figured out how to unlock them, but by that age, I don’t really care if they unlock.They are a little pricey, but well worth it to not have to screw anything in!

Nicole Mount Vernon, WA

Does not work on frameless drawers

This lock does NOT work on frameless drawers as stated in the website description. Their example shows a drawer with about 4 inches of clearance on the side. If a frameless drawer has that depth it can use a standard latch. This lock does NOT work on frameless cabinets as stated in the website description. These are VERY large latches compared to the rest on the market.

Kayla Oakpark, VA

No problems if you allow the adhesive time to set

I purchased this lock to keep the garbage cupboard shut. To install it, I cleaned the surface and let it dry completely. I then stuck the latch on and let it “cure” for 24 hours before using it. Blocking off the area from my twins was a pain, but worth it. The lock is perfectly secure. I would purchase these again.

Desiree Ross, CA


This product works but I’m not sure why it is so expensive for each individual lock. I’m looking forward to see what happens when we remove them.

Georgette Three Lakes, WI

great lock

This lock does a great job keeping my 12 month old out of my cabinet. My husband installed it in 10 min or so.

Jenny Tennga, GA

Life savers for frameless cabinettry

I have not been able to find any other cabinets locks for our kitchen cabinetry. I had already been leaning toward getting adhesive ones so we wouldn’t have to drill into our nice cabinets, but the decision was confirmed when we tried to even see if one of the other drill-in style locks we had would work. No such luck. We needed something that was longer, and these fit perfectly. My husband has installed 6 of them so far and they have been just perfect. Enough room that we aren’t pinching our fingers trying to activate the mechanism to open it, but small enough that our 18 month old is thwarted. And I think the adhesive is amazingly strong. Because so there were so many complaints on here about the adhesive not working, I did try yanking it very hard just to see if it would break loose, and it stayed solid. There are also screws included, so if the adhesive for some reason fails (which it seems nowhere near possible on any of the ones we have already installed).Regardless, whether they are used with the adhesive or not, these are the only cabinet locks with the length needed that could ever have worked on our frameless cabinetry. We are VERY happy with them!!

Marci Elkland, PA

seem to be working

I got these for our hutch that I didn’t want to have to have to put screws in and fill with holes. They were kind of on the pricey side but so far my very resourceful 2 year old has not been able to defeat them. There is a bit of a gap so that you can unlatch the childproofing and get in it yourself that your little ones will probably be able to stick their hands and arms into. We just pushed everything further back inside and haven’t had anymore problems. I would get these again for things I don’t want to have holes and marks in or even for super easy installation. No drilling, just adhesive.

Harriet Lowell, MI

Easy to use and works great.

I bought and installed three of these latches about six years ago. Two of them are still going strong. The third fell off, but it lasted a few years before falling off, and it wouldn’t have been difficult to reinstall.They come with screws or adhesive. I chose to mount with adhesive. The main thing to remember about any adhesive mount is to use a clean surface and let it cure for 24 hours, which means do not use it right away.My toddler son was into opening every single drawer and cabinet in the kitchen and he did not open the ones these were on. They do open a little, but the latch catches them. If you have small bottles or things that little hands can reach in and grab and pull out, you’ll need a different latch. The latches are easy to unlatch. The secret is to never let the kids see how you open the cabinets.Neither of my kids ever successfully opened the cabinets these were installed on. At this point, they are much older and they have no interest in opening the cabinets, but they have never gotten in; and your guests will intuitively know how to open the drawers, unlike other locks like the Tot-lock.For very high risk drawers (for example, drawers that contain knives), I recommend Tot-lock. For ones you want to keep closed because the kids keep opening them and making a mess, these are perfectly fine._____________________UPDATE: My kids are grown now, but the locks I installed so many years ago on two of my cabinets are still going strong. One on a drawer has fallen off. That one did not have a good surface to adhere to in the first place. It’s been seven years. I’ll say that’s a pretty good record.

Francisca Baldwyn, MS

Did not work

This was a total waste of money. It attached strongly, but no matter how I applied it to the drawer, it never "caught" it to keep my little one out of the drawer. I would NOT buy this again. Later, I found the Safety 1st Custom Fit All Purpose Strap, and that has worked like a charm.

Denice Newfield, ME