KidCo Angle Mount Safeway, Black

KidCo Angle Mount Safeway, Black

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Angle Mount Safeway The KidCo Angle Mount Safeway is THE gate for situations where mounting points are not straight across from each other. Perfect for stop of stairs when you need to mount one side on the wall and one side on a banister, but it can also be mounted in a hallway when the walls don’t line up. As a hardware mount gate, it provides maximum safety at the top of stairs and in high traffic doorways because there is no bottom threshold to potentially trip over as found on pressure mount gates. Features: Hinge and Latch side hardware can be mounted on an angled surface Easy one hand adult operation Quick release hardware allows gate to be easily removed when not needed Directional stop prevents gate from swinging out over stair Heavy duty steel construction Adjustable width Product Dimensions:Gate Width: 28″-42.5″ Height: 31″ Product Weight: 8 pounds Optional extensions (Model G4200) are available for openings up to 63″

Main features

  • Hinge and latch side hardware can be mounted on an angled surface
  • Easy one-hand adult operation
  • Quick release hardware allows gate to be easily removed when not needed
  • Directional stop prevents gate from swinging out over stairs
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Adjustable width (28″-42.5″)

Verified reviews


Perfect for weird angled spaces.

Whoever built the apartment complex I live in is an evil, evil jerk. Where they could have simply brought the half wall that serves as the stair bannister out one more inch and made it flush with the perpendicular wall.. they didn’t. So I had this gap to fill that was at just enough of an angle that standard wall mounted and pressure mounted baby gates were absolutely useless.That was when I found this gate. Because this apartment is tiny, and my poor cats still need somewhere to poop without being tormented by a toddler.The installation was kind of a pain. At least, it looked like a pain. I stood around and delegated while my brother (bless his poor womanless heart) installed it for me. It took way longer than I expected it to.. but once he’d completed the task and been sent along to tend to his usual neckbeard duties, I tested the gate and it worked wonderfully. It’s sturdy enough that my twenty pound fifteen month old can literally hang from it without any significant stress to the gate or mountings. It’s showing no signs of wear and is, in my opinion, the easiest gate in the house to operate.Basically, if you have an awkwardly angled space to block off, this thing is kind of your only option. Being that, at least it does the job.

Roxanne Swink, OK

Height is not as per specifications

The product packaging says that the gate is 31" high but it isnt. It is only about 28.5". If you have stairs like ours where the distance between the top and bottom mountable point on banister is more than 28.5", it obviously will not work. Had to return. Disappointed.

Augusta Galesville, MD

Best gate

We have two of these gates after trying so many before, we use it at the top and bottom of our stairs, they are so secure and safe and my son can not climb them or lift the latch to open.

Natasha Prather, CA

Its ok…

It does its job which is great. But the directions it comes with aren’t the easiest to follow, so you are basically figuring all the pieces out yourself and for me that meant even looking at the box it came in to see how it was supposed to be. Also I dont really like that it doesn’t adjust when opening and closing it. My own fault for not ready that part but I figured id include that in the review. I do really like that you can install the one side on an angle.

Margot Belton, TX

Built well, fairly easy install

We purchased this to go at the top of our basement steps. As the opening was wide and there was a baseboard on one side, we needed something that allowed for a permanent and flexible mounting solution. This product worked perfectly for our needs. It was fairly easy to install and the enclosed templates helped out a great deal when drilling holes. About six months into using it so far and works just as well as the first day. The gate is stable and secure as long as the catch is pushed down. Occasionaly the catching mechanism will need adjustment, and it would certainly be nice if the gate had a self-closing mechanism…especially when people are over who are not used to having to close a gate behind them. Other than that minor complaint…it is a good product.

Jayne Lester, IA

Works perfect!!

It was a little tough to put this one on but it was i guess more because of the hardwood of my stair posts. I bought some special wood screws to put the door cause the screws it came with were not that good. Door works really good. No complaints with it. Definetely buy again if need.

Alfreda Phillipsville, CA

Very good gate but…

some of the parts are rather low quality. Overall a good gate, but it can be better. Works well for our needs.

Millie Wilder, TN

Nice gate

Nice sturdy gate. Only con is when you lift up to unlatch it if you lift too high the other side of the gate comes undone.

Alta Colonial Beach, VA

Hard to install, but needed.

This was the only gate that worked for my banister installation at the top of the stairs. We still had to attach wood to one side of the banister so that it would install correctly, but none of the other gates would work. Has held up so far (almost 3 months) and am hoping that it will hold steady for a while still! Matches my white banister well.

Nanette Minden City, MI

Good gate but hard to follow instructions

Just installed it on top of stairs. Happy to have found something that fit at an angle and doesn’t have the bar at the bottom. However, the instructions were very difficult to follow and took over an hour to install. The template weren’t quite right either resulting in drilling two unnecessary holes.

Ladonna Gilbert, MN

Good gate, poor instruction.

Works as a baby gate, and fits in any angle. However, the instruction that comes with it is for confusing you, so you can just assemble it with your common sense.

Kathi Haugan, MT

Sturdy Gate with multiple installation options

I bought this gate for the top of the steps that didn’t have banisters on both sides. This was the only gate that I found that could be installed at an angle. Overall it is a very sturdy gate and holds up well to my 14 month old banging on it. It took over 90 minutes to install partially because the instructions are bad and because I am not a handy man, but overall it wasn’t that bad to install.It’s easy for adults to open but impossible for small children to open. It looks great and is well made. I am very happy with it.

Lucille Earp, CA

It’s ok

This gate is OK. It was a little tricky to install. I like that it’s metal instead of plastic. It definitely seems sturdy and once it’s set up I don’t worry about baby getting past it. But I wish that it clicked closed easier – you have to pull back a lever, lift, and set the gate down into the holder. If you don’t set it down just right it can appear closed but not actually be latched closed which I think is a hazard. It can sometimes take a few tries to set it down just right. Guests who come often can’t figure out how to get it into the latch until they try it a few times.

Dessie Muscadine, AL

Works great so far

This is at the top of our staircase and our daughter is two now and I feel she is safe and like this gate so far!

Leslie Ida Grove, IA

Does a pretty decent job

Just make sure to EXACTLY measure the distance between the hinges. If you got sloppy and spaced them even a hair too far apart then every time you pull up on the gate to come out of the catches on the opposing side (as designed), you also pull out the pivot from the bottom hinge and the gate obviously dangles and can’t swing open. Careful not to lose the spring in the top hinge that helps prevent this.

Pauline Earth City, MO

Easy to open, but a pain to close

Easy to open, difficult to shut. Secure for top of steps, but easier to open than close. There’s a latch at the top and the bottom. Top secures very easily when you close it, but the bottom doesn’t line up so it’s often a multi-step process to line it up and get it to lock completely.

Nan Dix, NE

worked in my house for top of sairs rail / wall combo

This fit on the top of my stairs. one side is a wall, the other a rail.As most anchor spindles are not as pictured, mine are tapered towards the top, so i added and extra 2 inch strip of wood that was flush with the base (anchor spindle) and carved a second piece to sit against the rounded and tapered top of the anchor spindle. Make sense? I’ll try to upload a picture. Seems to work fine…as a pressure mount system previously used was about to snap the anchor spindle.3 poor aspects:1. the instructions are very weak. All they needed was simple pictures and a sentence…they were all seperate and confusing.2. the screws provided with the gate…just throw them in the garbage and get higher quality screws. the metal used in making the screws is very weak and the heads stripped out right away…then you’ll end up damaging your walls / wood and not being able to get the gate out.3. im always nervous about plastic hinges and fasteners…as they wear out and everything becomes worthless.other than that…it seems to work and looks fine.

Sonia De Berry, TX

Great sturdy gate/bad instructions!

This gate is nice looking, sturdy and quiet. The only downside is that my husband and I spent about two hours assembling and installing it. But it was worth it! The instructions are quite complicated, and I feel like some of the important things are left out, so sometimes we were left wondering what exactly we should do. Our staircase opening is not standard – it doesn’t have walls on both sides, so we had to order the mounting kit and attach it to the newel post – maybe that’s what made the whole thing a bit more complicated. Other than that – no issues with the gate!

Angelita Clearwater, NE

It works

Only gate out there that angles itself to your “oddly” angled walls! The only thing is that the installation was a big pain in the butt! But…. like I said , its the only angle gate out there !

Ashlee Keenes, IL

Works great

I have this mounted at the top of our stairs. It works great! I spent hours researching gates because I wanted one that wouldn’t cause someone to trip over a bottom lip.

Leta Hansen, ID

A little fussy to install, but work great

We have these gates at the top of both flights of stairs in our house. My dad had some difficulties installing them, but that is likely because our posts and banisters are a little larger than usual so he needed to build separate adaptors to go around them without drilling into the posts. (There’s a kit that you can use for this, but our posts were too large to use it) The gates are easy to use now that they are installed and are very sturdy.

Carla Taneyville, MO