KidCo Anti-Tip Furniture Straps

KidCo Anti-Tip Furniture Straps

KidCo was incorporated in the fall of 1992 to specialize in the marketing, distribution and manufacturing of upscale consumer goods and has recently celebrated its 20th year in business. KidCo products are targeted to retail outlets, including mail order catalogs and internet shops specializing in the juvenile, pet and fireplace industries. The foundation of KidCo’s product offering is a complete line of safety gates, designed and engineered in the United States. The Gatewaya, KidCo’s first model was a completely new concept in pressure mounted, walk-through gate design. Since its inception, many additional gates have been added to the line, including the ConfigureGate, a “build your own gate system” and the one of a kind Angle Mount Safeway, the only gate that can be wall mounted at any angle. All KidCo gates pass ASTM safety standards. .

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Not as sturdy

We have a big, heavy cabinet in the baby room and I am so paranoid about it falling on my baby that I bought three types of furniture straps. The idea was that I could be guaranteed that at least one of the products would work. Anyways Safety First product was better quality and sturdier than this one. This product is ok for a piece of furniture that isn’t that heavy. Go with Safety First for %100 piece of mind.

Briana Melbeta, NE

good idea, but not what i was going for

I ordered this for a large book shelf I have that’s a little wobbly and has lots of picture frames and books on it.After my husband started trying to attach them we realized that the shelf wouldn’t fall over on the baby if we used the straps but it would still move enough from the wall for all the stuff to fall on him! so I haven’t used them instead my husband went to Lowes and bought some wall anchor L studs and screwed the book shelf to the wall and now it doesn’t budge! You could climb that thing and nothing moves, that makes me feel much better!I am going to keep the straps, I might find something else to use it for, like a tv or something smaller.

Tammie Golden City, MO

Works for what its purpose is…

I only deducted one star because this product is a little tricky to install.I had to screw the first part onto the dresser, then move the dresser close to the wall, reach behind, mark the spots for the wall attachment, move the dresser back out, attach the wall mount, then thread the strap and tighten it. I really have no idea how easy it is to move, but considering how tight I pulled it, probably not easy.HOWEVER, NO child should EVER be harmed or killed because a piece of furniture tips onto them, and it happens more than you would believe. PLEASE install this brand or some other brand, just some sort of furniture strap, onto your heavy pieces and even those that don’t seem so heavy to you. Imagine it tipping over and falling all the way to the floor. If the force involved would harm a child, use a strap. If in doubt, use a strap. This scenario is COMPLETELY avoidable and no home should be without these!The price is good, it works, so I am happy.

Nannie Montalba, TX

KidCo Anti-Tip Furniture Straps

Great product and does exactly what it is designed to do support your furniture to the wall. Just make sure you secure the wall aspect to a stud or wall anchor.

Dale Topeka, KS

Does its job

These straps have given me piece of mind. We realized after installing that we could have probably bought supplies at local hardware store that would have worked just as well. Overall, good product. Everyone should secure their furniture and tvs if kids are in the home.

Michell Garland, UT

Seems to be working

I purchased these for my son’s dresser. They were easy to install, and seem to work. I tried to pull the dresser over and could not. I’m satisfied that if I can’t pull the dresser over, neither can my 3 year old. I can’t comment on the long term performance of this product since I’ve only had it a few months, but I don’t see any reason why it would degrade over time. I will test it periodically though to make sure it continues to secure the furniture.

Maude Little Cedar, IA

perfect & easy

We purchased this product after a scary incident with my daughter where the dresser tipped over on her. Thank goodness she was okay. I immediately went out to purchase furniture straps but could not find them at Target or Walmart. I have two children and it is very difficult to get out and shop around, so I didn’t make it to Babies R Us to look for. Immediately ordered these from Amazon since I saw them. They installed very fast, hold sturdy, my husband (who can complain when doing handyman stuff like this) thought it was easy and perfect, he was impressed. My only complaint (sorry seller) is that it did take almost a week to arrive at our house, my other orders from Amazon usually make it pretty fast. My fault, it was something I wanted fast, and I definitely should have paid the quicker shipping fees for the product.

Marci Thorp, WA

no brainer

we put these behind our bookshelves when our son was about 1. he’s not a climber, but we figured better safe than sorry. they were very easy to install. I don’t know what condition they’ll leave the wall in if we decide to remove them, but it’s worth the peace of mind.

Kay Ossipee, NH

Works as advertised

Some things to consider…The packaging indicates that this is a 2-pack. Two straps are required to secure each piece of furniture and there are two straps in the package, so you’re really getting 1 set. A little misleading, so I thought I’d share this with my fellow Amazon shoppers.As far as the installation goes, the instructions tell you to attach one end of the strap to the wall and the other to the furniture, and then connect them. It’s not necessary to line up the brackets on the wall and the furniture; the important part is that you either locate a stud or use anchor/toggle bolts if you cannot locate a stud in the vicinity of where you’re positioning the furniture. (The straps don’t come with anchor bolts or instructions regarding their use, but this is a commonly used option that will secure almost anything to a wall.)One of the issues many people might run into is that most furniture items these days have a bead-board or other composite type backing that will not accommodate a 1.5 inch screw. To get around this, you like need to position the brackets on the top corners of the furniture (the "casing"), which will likely be either solid wood or something compressed that can accommodate the screw. There are four screw holes on the bracket; instructions say you must use at least two. In order to position the bracket so that you can securely use two screws, you may have part of the bracket showing. This didn’t bother me, but I thought it’d be worth a mention if you’re looking for perfect. In my case, I just want to know that my sometimes rowdy son can’t topple the furniture onto himself and get hurt.I’m happy with this purchase, recommend it, and am buying again.

Carmella Collison, IL


This is ok. If not installed right the strap can come off.

Carole Elwood, NJ