KidCo Auto-Close Configure Gate, Black

KidCo Auto-Close Configure Gate, Black

KidCo Custom Fit Auto Close Configure Gate The Auto Close ConfigureGate provides maximum safety for use in any extra wide or odd shaped area when mounting points do not line up directly across from each other. All joints rotate; setting individual sections to the ideal angle, and then easily lock in place for a secure attachment. The unique handle design on the extra wide door applies Magnet-Lock Technology; a dual magnet design that automatically draws the door closed and guarantees it locks each and every time! The ConfigureGate also employs a Hold Button, allowing the auto close door to be held open indefinitely until it is pushed closed. The original 3 piece ConfigureGate will fit a 6.5′ opening immediately; however, additional 9″ and 24″ sections can be purchased to add to the ConfigureGate to fit any desired length or shape. Features: Quick release hardware allows gate to be easily removed when not needed 30″ door section can be place anywhere within the gate layout 23″ extra wide door opening Heavy duty steel construction Can be connected to use as a freestanding play area, with the addition of optional extensions Product Dimensions:Gate Width: 84″ (original 3 piece gate will fit a 6.5′ opening) Gate Height: 31″ Optional extensions, Models G4300 (9″) and G4310 (24″) are available for larger openings to any length

Main features

  • Quick-release hardware allows gate to be easily removed when not needed
  • 30″ door section can be place anywhere within the gate layout
  • 23″ extra wide door opening
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Can be connected to use as a freestanding play area with the addition of optional extensions
  • Original 3-piece gate will fit a 6.5′ opening

Verified reviews


Great for wide hallways but not so user friendly

We have a rather wide opening to block off so the width on this gate is perfect but it is not user friendly. Mounting it on the wall was a pain and then the lock system is a bit tricky. If you press to hard on the tab to lock it, it will get stuck. We had to use the back side of a hammer to get it back up. Once we got it back up, the magnet fell out. Without the magnet, you can lock it.

Cecile Somerset, VA

Works closed, but won’t stay open

We ordered this gate as it is one of the only models that would work at the top of our stairs, which are configured somewhat awkwardly (for gates anyway!).We’re happy with how it looks, as well as the installation. However, we were looking forward to using the “stay open” feature when our daughter is downstairs (and the gate is not being used), as our cats cannot get through the gates. The feature worked initially, and I was happy with it. However, in only a few weeks it’s getting increasingly touchy and rarely works anymore. We’ve resorted to propping objects against the gate to hold it open. This is the best solution for our needs, but is a tripping hazard so I don’t love it.If you plan to keep the gate closed most of the time, this one will fit the bill. However, don’t count on the “stay open” feature.

Melanie Turkey, TX


Works well for us…tip: make sure it is U-shaped…we have more of an L-shape and with extra extensions baby can push this gate out of place even with locked hinges…

Lea Salt Rock, WV

LOVE this gate

LOVE this gate. We have 2. Bought one to go around the wood stove and when we realized how awesome it was, we bought one for the top of the stairs too. We had some other gate up, but it wasn’t auto close. This one is much sturdier and the auto close is SO handy when I have my hands full. It’s also a wider hate opening and shorter (but tall enough that our 100lb dog still doesn’t get over it) so I don’t have to lift heavy bags of groceries over my head to get them upstairs.HIGHLY recommend this for wood stoves or sharp-edged hearths and stairs (although I don’t know if it’s intended for top of stair use)

Minerva Lusk, WY


This is such a great thing to have. We have a a partially open concept home and so we couldnt find a gate to fit to keep our toddler in one area. We bought this and loved it so much we bought another to go around the staircase. Its fully adjustable in every direction!! We bought a 24" extension for the bigest space to enclose and it works perfect. easy to open and still low enough that i can step over it. I also love that it stays open if you want it to. I recommend this to anyone who has an awkward space they need to enclose! Its perfect!!!!!

Latonya Chewalla, TN

Great gate!

This is the only child safety gate I could find to fit our needs. We needed a gate that would not only need to cover a large area, but also bend at two corners! Thankfully we found this gate because we were then able to gate off our sun room while also being able to not allow them access to an outside door. We bought this gate as well as 3 expansions. Very easy to install, sturdy and it looks great!

Lakeisha Pylesville, MD

works well

We’re using this at the base of our stairs and it’s working very well. IT’s great for those places that don’t have the perpendicular wall space to install a traditional gate safely.

Vilma Cleveland, TN

Perfect for wide spaces with baseboards

I didn’t really want to spend this much on a baby gate, but after ordering 2 others that wouldn’t work for the space we have, I’m glad to have it. I have a 70" wide opening and this arcs outward, which is good for us. It would be useful if it were retractable/adjustable so it didn’t have to arc out if you wanted it to go straight across. It would also be nice if it came in different colors. Oh well. Easy to put up. **Works with baseboards** as the bottom attachment to the wall is adjustable in height. It took a while to figure out how to open the gate, but once we did it’s easy. I like that it shuts automatically behind you, but also you can prop it open to 90 degrees and it will stay open if you need it to (like after the kids go to bed!). It seems very sturdy. I got this to help keep my 9-month-old twins in the living room. There were few gates that worked in a 70" wide opening, and even fewer with an adjustable bottom connector.

Pearlie Lowake, TX

The latch stops working after a lot of use.

The gate stops being effective. We purchased it to keep the kids out of the kitchen and my husband keeps tripping over it, because he cant figure out the latch. Our four year old niece just pushes on it and pops it open, so it wore the latch down, Our toddler has however figured out that if you push hard enough on it that it will just pop open too. IT sorta works. with modification, I am sure we can make due. It got a 2 because its supposed to last longer.

Lauri Dunnell, MN

Baby gates for long gaps

This is pretty much the only baby gate available that will fit any gap. It is easy to use, easy to put in, and performs as expected. As a bonus it also looks nicer than 90% of other baby gates on the market (plastic, gray, ugly).We had 70", 90" and 60" gaps we needed to fill with these gates and were amazed at how well they worked.

Shelley Belmond, IA

Configureable gate!

Awesome since you can move this the way you want it. Be careful of the lock hinges at the joints. Made of plastic so once you lock it and try to move a fixed point, it’ll bust. However, being careful makes it work fine. The mounting hardware allows you to mount above the trim which is a great thing. Many gates don’t really think about the trim on the wall. It’s a little short, and unfortunately doesn’t have extensions or a taller version, but it’s useful for closing off staircases and places that do not have a straightaway connection.

Kristina Miami, NM

Plastic hinges broken on arrival

This was the best-looking gate that I could find that would span a 74″ opening, and also allow you to change its configuration. The gate looks ok, and is probably one of the better looking gates out there. The problem is that the hinges are made of plastic. And like another reviewer said, they are fragile. 2 of the hinges arrived broken. They are not something you can easily replace, so I have to send the gate back. Also, the door part of the gate sticks a lot, so I’m not sure how well it would function once installed.

Caitlin Brainard, NE

Great gate!

We bought 4 sets. 5 stars for awesome features: go with the auto close, it will stay open if you open all the way, and the auto close feature is so helpful when your carrying baby. Easy to install, flexible assembly (can vary gate connections by 10 degrees), durable and looks nice and modern. We can open gate with on hand (pull tab in with thumb, lift gate slightly, open in or out). Overall very happy with gate!

Joanna Atwater, OH

Nice gate

This thing must have gone to heck and back before it came to my doorstep. Two of the bars were bent during shipping, stripping the finish off the metal. One of the connecting thingies was broken so we had to leave off one of the panels. By some miracle we still got it on the wall. Since we did, I was not going to wait for a replacement piece. Anyway, we got it on, it looks great, we fixed the bent bars, and our kitchen is now baby free.

Lesley Canyon Creek, MT

Use on our deck

We have 8 foot openings on our deck and we bought two of these gates. They are great! They lock into place so even when my daughter rides her bike into them, they stay put. I feel that they are VERY safe and I am a bit overprotective so I would definitely recommend them.

Daphne Rio Grande, PR

Overall Happy with Purchase

Pro: Love the magnetic closure, and this gate was perfect for putting across an awkward space between our kitchen/living. (tip: We used a KidCo Stairway Gate Installation kit on one side because we had a banister there, and that prevented us from putting holes in the wood.)Con: It has a bonus button that you can press on the gate that helps the gate "stay open" – I didn’t buy the gate for this feature – but as soon as the gate is nudged with the smallest amount of force it will pop the button out and the gate will swing closed. We have a couch fairly close to this gate so we just ended up propping the gate open on the back of the couch.

Kasey Omaha, NE

Very good versatile gate… not quite perfect, but we’d buy it again

This is a very good gate, and we’d definitely buy it again. I’ll go through all of the positive and negative points that we have found after buying it and using it for a few weeks.First, let’s talk about installation. This was generally quite easy to accomplish with minimal fuss and time required. I installed the whole gate in about an hour from opening the box through completed installation. Considering that this was combined with keeping my twin 1-year-olds safe, happy, and occupied, it should take less than half an hour for most people. Installation consisted of:
• Selecting the installation location
• Tracing the screw locations on the wall
• Drilling holes in the wall
• Installing anchors in the holes (I had a plentiful supply of appropriate anchors to use, but you might need some from your local hardware store)
• Screwing the anchor plates to the prepared locations using the included screws
• Extending the gate
• Attaching the gate to the anchors (it’s a simple matter of dropping the gate into the anchor locations)The bottom anchors are adjustable in case the bottom anchor needs to be mounted at a different distance from the gate, for example mounting to molding, a nice touch.After using the gate for a little while, we did find a negative: the sections, including the gate door section, tend to move around a bit and not stay exactly where we put them. To solve this, I used a 3/4" insulated cable clamp which I screwed to our hardwood floor. Not exactly desirable, but I can fill one small screw hole in a few years when the gate is removed, so I can live with it.On the positive side, the gate is well constructed and the self-close door is great. We also have auto-close Munchkin gates in several of our doors, and this gate’s auto-close feature is much friendlier. While the Munchkin gates always auto-close and take some practice to open properly, this gate is easier to open. It also has a stay-open feature where, when the gate door is fully opened, it will stay open, but a small nudge will let it close. Great feature!We’d definitely buy this high-quality gate again.

Mary Ranburne, AL

Better than the original

We have the more expensive one without the magnets at the base of our steps. I took a chance and ordered the magnetic autmatic closing one for the top of our stairs. We really like it and it’s amazing how it closes behind you. I wish I had the magnetic one at the bottom too since the closure is so secure.

Tessa Wyanet, IL


It was broken when it arrived. I was very excited to get it and help to protect my kids. But it arrived broken and I had to return it.

Robert Cougar, WA

At last!

I have a staircase that only has one solid wall and searched high and low for something to block it off and keep my grandson safe while allowing us to easily pass through it without breaking our necks. This is it! All the joints swivel so it’s so easy to make it work. Now I can let him rip around downstairs in his walker without blocking the hallway with gates to stop him from getting to the staircase. I just wish I’d found this before I had purchased other pressure-mounted gates that I’ll never use now to block off the hallway.

Patrice Cibecue, AZ

We needed this but…

The support from customer service sucks! Purchased this and an extension panel. All went well until I realized we were missing an end cap and that the bar was not attached to one of the pieces, making the gate unstable. I called in and was told to email pictures, which I did. She never responded, never replaced the missing parts, and when I went to exchange through Amazon, they only offered a refund instead of a replacement, which I did not want. I wanted this gate because our foyer is odd shaped with 2 door ways leading to steps in. So I had to use gorilla glue to reattach the bar, and used a zip tie to hold it in place until that was firmly dry. With regard to the missing end stopper, I went the sculpey route, molded one out of black clay and baked. This product is AMAZING when it is functional, just don’t assume it’s going to have all the pieces if you purchase it.

Lisa Crown King, AZ

This gate is awesome

Love this gate as we found this to wrap around our wide bottom stair case. It looks nice and works great with auto close behind you — and you can step to tile and next step is through gate so it fits and wraps around natural and nicely!

Danielle Lancaster, VA

Too expensive for three panels.

You don’t get what is pictured for $120. You only get three panels. The door is kind of a pain and doesn’t line up perfectly. I would pass if I were you and go with something else.

Toni Goodyear, AZ

Works great!

We ordered this gate to close off our stairs. We are using the gate and one extension and it works well. I am surprised at how sturdy it is. Each joint in the fence locks down so they stay in place and don’t bend when the baby pushes on them.The auto lose feature is nice. It doesn’t stay open that well when it’s supposed to, a little bump can cause it to close. It was pretty easy to install but you do have to screw it into the wall. Once little piece was broken when we got ours but we glued it back together.

Lilian Grambling, LA

Perfect for going around our stairs

I have added a picture of how we installed this around our stair base. It does not come with hardware to install into drywall. We managed to use the screws provided to install two anchor points into wood trim. For the drywall, I would highly recommend using Elfa brand drywall anchors from THe Container Store. I went to Home Depot and bought some that should have worked but just were not up to snuff for a good tight installation. The Elfa product is superior to all others and I now use them for everything.

Marcella Mitchell, IN

Great gate for wide spaces and homes with baseboards

We have two of these gates – one spans a wide hallway and the other an uneven kitchen opening. There are plastic parts to this gate, but the gate is well designed and very sturdy – because it’s hardware mounted and not pressure mounted, the plastic parts aren’t squeezed.The mounting is what sets this gate apart – the mounting pieces can be slid up or down along the end bars and thus do not have to be mounted right at the ground – if you have base boards like us, this eliminates the need to shim or cut into the baseboards to get an even install.We also liked the fact that the gate doesn’t have extensions that create uneven openings – the gate will just curve out if it is wider than your opening.The latch mechanism isn’t the easiest but can be done with one hand and I don’t worry about my 10 month old figuring out how to undo it (she’s tried).The hold-open button is a lot more useful than we thought it would be – it’s nice to leave the gate open after our child is in bed or if she’s in the high chair.

Laurie Tippecanoe, OH

I Love This Gate

I was struggling to find a gate that would fit a large opening that also contained a baseboard heater. I did a lot of research and found this gate was perfect to meet those needs. I also like that the gate swings shut and locks behind itself. Since mine is in a high-traffic area, I needed something that made coming and going an easy task. It has an attractive design and fairly easy assembly.

Rosalie Shevlin, MN

Great flexible gate for non-standard doorway

Needed a gate to block off the entrance to our kitchen which had a wide opening and no easy place to attach it to. This gate (with an additional extension piece)did the trick. Instructions were a little hard to follow but the whole thing clicked together pretty easily. The door is just a little bit off, requiring you to pull it up and then open it, but works pretty well.Overall a good solution to our problem.

Allie Glenville, NC