KidCO Auto Close HearthGate, Black

KidCO Auto Close HearthGate, Black

No matter what size or shape your fireplace, this versatile hearth gate keeps kids safely away from heat and flames, as well as sharp edges and hard corners. Just angle the five, infinitely-adjustable segments to fit and add more Extensions if needed (sold separately). The new, wider door closes automatically for safety, or stays open with one touch of a button. Sturdy steel; heat-resistant. Great safety gate for wood burning stoves, grills, and spas, too. 31″H. Basic gate fits 6’W by 2’D hearths. KidCo’s Auto Close HearthGate consists of four 24″ section and one 30″W section. The 30″W section features a 23″W door for greater ease of use and passage. There is no limit to how many extensions you can add! (Extensions sold separately.) Place HearthGate at least 24″ away from the source of fire and heat The auto-close door locks automatically behind you, thanks to powerful magnetic action. Bringing in wood? Press the “Hold-Open” button to suspend the auto-close function. Hardware mounted fireplace gate is made of heavy-gauge, tubular steel, with a heat-resistant resin finish with a soft, matte black tone.

Main features

  • Steel
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Damage free installation
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested for safety and durability

Verified reviews


Beautiful Fit

I was a little concerned about the wall mounts but after getting it in and setting up the gate links it come out beautiful. I didn’t have it up more than 5 minutes before my son pulled up on it shaking and baking around.Very secure and the color goes great with hardwood floors.The piece with the gate closes automatically and is a great safety gate.The best part of it is you can take the gate off the wall mounts, circle them up and make a small area for play for a crawler.

Stephanie Fryeburg, ME

Get the Regalo 4 in 1 instead

Unless you have money to burn, the Regalo 4 in 1 does the exact same thing for almost half the price. I am sure the KidCo version is great, but so is the Regalo and it is more useful because it has more sections and therefore can be used in many more applications. I am not sure why Amazon pushes the KidCo, but since it took me a day of searching to find the Regalo 4 in 1 I am just letting you know.

Audra Cahone, CO

These are fantastic.

We have these around our fireplace and our media center. They are super sturdy and they have an auto-close door.

Jenny Plainview, NY

Great fireplace gate

Very well made & Great price. I went to stove shopand they were asking over $250 for exact same brandgate.

Christy La Plata, PR

Keeps our child safe

Bought this to put around our gas fireplace. My spouse had no difficulty installing the wall fixtures and putting the gate in place (about 20 minutes total). We appreciate that the wall fixtures have adjustable attaching points as we needed to avoid drilling into our gas line on one side. The gate is easy to open for adults and self closes which is a nice feature so we never worry that we may forget to close it. It has been sturdy, even when our 20+ pound toddler runs into it or hangs off of it. I do not worry that the gate will topple or open under his weight and force. The metal of the gate is never too hot to touch even when we have our gas fire on high. Another feature that we look forward to using is being able to remove the gate during the warmer months but leaving the wall fixtures in place so that we can easily reinstall come wintertime.

Jean Valley View, TX

Assembly wasn’t easy for us, but works

Looks better than expected.Assembly wasn’t that easy and took an hour,Feels safe, works good.I explained 4y old how to open it, so he can do it without help, it is only to keep baby away from the wide entrance near stairs.Sturdy enough for the purpose (but I wish it was even more sturdy).

Cleo Chokoloskee, FL

keeps kids away from fireplace

With an easy assembly and attachment to the wall, this gate keeps our children away from the dangers of the fireplace. Our toddler cannot open the gate but does like to throw his toys over it and through the bars. The gate keeps his hands a safe distance away from the heat of the fireplace when in use and safe from the low, brick mantle. It looks pretty nice, too!Must be mounted to the wall if you have kids – soon after installation, our toddler started to yank on the gate and shake it back and forth.Measure carefully and order extra pieces if needed right away so you don’t have to wait to install it. Mounting hardware is included in the box.Highly recommended for anyone looking to protect their children (or pets, I suppose) from the dangers of the fireplace.

Cassandra Elkhart, KS

Great quality gate

This is a great gate. I was concerned at first about the metal getting hot so close to the fireplace but after hours of use, the gate was only slightly warm to the touch. Its very sturdy so we bought another one to go elsewhere in our house. You WILL need to put holes in your walls for this one, but its worth it for the safety.

Minerva Cleveland, AL

wonderful for baby and pets

we set up an office within the living room using this gate. I will probably keep it up even when baby no longer needs it. It is great for separating the room. The gate is easy to open and it swings shut on its own. We haven’t mounted it to the wall yet since there is enough furniture in the way and baby isn’t crawling yet, so not sure how well it is to mount.

Trisha Wise River, MT

Great gate

We got this to go around our wood stove. It is a great gate, but unfortunately it arrived damanged so we had to return it. I have ordered a new one. Also, this is something to point out for those that want to use it for a wood stove. Our stove is set away from the wall at a standard length and this gate is not long enough to go around it while keeping the gate 2 feet away from the stove itself as recommended to keep the metal from getting too warm. We do really like this gate so we have ordered 2 of the 24" extension pieces so that it will fit. With the cost of the extension pieces added on, this gate is pricey, but we need the wide doorway for ease of loading the stove.

Lesa Brethren, MI

Great gate

Works great. Well made. Never gets hot from the fire due to being coated. (We have a wood burning brick fireplace). The gate closes automatically which is a plus. Easy to assemble. Keeps it’s shape when locked at corners properly. We use our on a wood floor. Our daughter can push it a bit but it never looses shape and is not a safety issue (she is 11 months).

Cindy Preston Hollow, NY

great for wood stoves

This gate is very easy to configure and install. Perfect for surrounding a wood stove! I would definitely recommend this gate.

Crystal Boonville, MO

looks nice, works great!

I installed this gate with some extensions around our fireplace and TV stand. It’s fairly attractive in that it does not detract from the family room decor. The gate is easy to use and has a stay-open feature so it’s not bumping your butt while you’re trying to light a fire.

Gretchen Valencia, PA

Love this gate!

OK so the way we’re using this safety gate is a little unique. We have it around the water feature of our new home. We started with a 3 panel gate and then added on the 5 panel hearth gate. We still probably need one or two more panels to be able to attach it, but it looks great and was very, very easy to set up and adjust to our needs. I don’t know how it will fare in the outdoors, but we’ll see when the rains start up. For now, it is great and it gives my husband easy access to make adjustments or repairs to the water feature. We are very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend.

Diane Lancaster, PA