KidCo Baby Steps Food Mill, with Carrying Case , 1 food mill

KidCo Baby Steps Food Mill, with Carrying Case , 1 food mill

This guide will walk you through the baby steps system, providing direction in the preparation, storage and feeding of the most beneficial food for your baby. In this book, you will find age appropriate foods and serving sizes, sample recipes and helpful information regarding cooking methods, fresh food selection and much more.(see guide inside box for complete details). Baby steps is a comprehensive system to making fresh, healthy baby food. It combines a guide and the kitchen tools necessary to create a foundation for long term, healthy eating habits.Preparation select, cook and prepare nutritious foods for your baby. Storage (trays not included) properly store and keep your baby’s food as fresh as it was the day you made it. Feeding (dish not included) serve meals at home, at daycare, or when traveling. Food Mill is simple to use anywhere. No electricity or batteries needed. Blends and purees fresh foods while separating bone, seeds, skin and other undesirable food parts. Lightweight tote conveniently stores food mill and spoon before and after use. Features include 4-Ounce serving cup. Serving spoon, strainer, medical grade stainless steel blade, dishwasher safe. Made in USA.

Main features

  • 4-Ounce serving cup
  • Medical grade stainless steel strainer and cutting blade
  • Snap on lid, non-skid grip and base
  • Nylong travel tote with accessory compartments
  • Dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Waste of money.

I don’t know if it works. It is still in it’s plastic wrap. The reason I am writing a review is because I did not have to use it. I used a hand blender all the time when I had to puree food. When she was old enough to eat regular food, she didn’t want pureed food any more. Just about everyone has a blender or food processor. Spend your money on something like more ice cube trays (to freeze your baby food) and pyrex containers (to store and heat up your babies food).

Norma Scotland, MD

This product sucks

AND it’s frustrating. It doesn’t puree food, it’s hard to clean, hard to use, and made from crappy plastic. What a waste! My mom said she had something similar when I was a baby and so bought me this, but I will NOT be buying this for my grandkids. I hope they discontinue it.

Nadine Riverdale, NE

Dull Blade and Problem with Leakage

Even though the blade is steel it took way too much work to get this food mill to mash up food. I put in some apple pieces and had to stand up at the table and push down with all my might while turning the handle to get the mill to work. Even then, it did a very poor job of grinding AND juice from the fruit leaked out the bottom of the mill. We also tried with bananas and got the same result. The plastic construction also gives it a flimsy and unstable feeling. Once, when pushing down while grinding, the whole thing slipped and tipped over.Worthless! I returned the product and will be buying a quality, heavy-duty food mill, even though it will cost me more.

Mable Hulbert, MI

Great idea, but…

It was probably a great idea overall, but I did not find any use for it.When you go out to eat – you have enough stuff to carry with you so the jares were just fine. At home I’d just use the food processor – easier and faster.The product is good, if you need it.

Vicki Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Didn’t work for me

I am VERY disappointed with this product. It worked the first two times I tried it, with an apple and a pear. I tried it again this morning with an apple and couldn’t get it to grate the apple at all. I think the blade has dulled… Anyway, I am thoroughly unimpressed and will be returning it.

Bianca Gray Summit, MO


good concept but very messy and hard to clean up. i should have bought ended up buying an electric food processor.

Michell Stilesville, IN

Fast and convenient baby food,

My son was 7 months old when I got this food mill. I felt that this might be just another extra but I wanted to try it since my pediatrician recommended getting a food mill. It has worked out great so far. For example, last night I went to a family function. I selected chicken casserole, green beans, and potatoes to put in the food mill. I was able to feed my son easily and also clean up quickly by just putting the food mill back into the tote to wash later. I use it in restaurants and also at home. I am very pleased with Kidco products so far and the reviews on their other products are consistently positive. I feel confident from what I know so far that this is a great product for this stage of feeding. I purchased this from Baby Depot but several stores also carry it including BRU.

Alexandria Lindside, WV

Not so great

I bought this product for my son, but it turn out to be not so good for me. It is very small so you can only put a few pieces of food. They have to be cooked or soft enoug, otherwise it is very hard to use.

Sue Wonalancet, NH

Gets the job done for really soft foods.

Kidco food mill gets the job done if you are using really soft foods.I was excited to find a food mill that was small, seemed easy to use, and was a good price. I didn’t hesitate to buy it despite some of the bad reviews it received here on amazon.I just bought this the other day at Babies R Us and it was around $12. It has a plastic grater that it, or should I say YOU push the food through and a surgical steel blade that it used to move the food through the plastic grate.I first used it on peas and carrots. The peas milled up just fine but the carrots didn’t even make it though. The carrots weren’t over cooked, I’d rather not over cook vegetables for my son to help retain most of the nutrients. So the carrots were a bust. The peas milled up well but were the consistency of mushy rice, and in no way compared to a stage 2 baby food as some reviews have stated. It was much lumpier. Maybe if the peas were well done it may have been smoother. There again I run in to nutrition retention.If your food is very overcooked anyway, then it’s probably just as easy to mush it yourself.It’s very easy to load the food into. Be sure it’s well drained or it can leak. It’s easily cleaned just pull it apart and wash or run in the dishwasher.PROS:1. Will grind well cooked food very easily2. Easy to use and clean3. Convenient feeding bowl attached4. Compact size and easy take-a-longCONS:1. Only grinds “overcooked” food easily2. You need to be extremely strong to push harder food through it3. Very chunky texture of ground food4. Won’t grind meat5. Comes with a hard serving spoonAll in all this seems like a fair deal considering the price is 12-15 dollars. I don’t feel it was a complete waste of money and I don’t feel it was a great buy either.

Tabatha Caribou, ME

Totally worthless

I got this as a baby shower gift and thought it seemed like a good idea since I didn’t intend to buy jarred food.It is hard to put together, very hard to take apart, and a total pain to clean. Also, it doesn’t grind the food very well AT ALL. The very few times I tried to use it I got so mad that I swore I’d never use it again.It turned out that I didn’t really need to puree food for my baby anyways. Simply mashing in a bowl with a fork or cutting into very small pieces was completely sufficient.

Kay Coweta, OK

It just wasn’t for me…

It sounds like it worked for others, but I guess it just wasn’t for me. It seems to stick and feels like it would require a lot of pressure to actually get parts to move. I tried it and thought I’d nock the table over it took so much pressure so I stopped. I’ve had it in my car for months, but I can’t bring myself to give it another try. It was just too painful. I was really optimistic about it so I got rid of the box before I ever tried it so I couldn’t return it. I might sell it on e-bay or give it to someone.

Sally Wilson, TX


With my first baby I thought we had to feed her mushed up food. So we got this food grinder. It is really annoying to use, hard to get the grate off once you get the food through and a real waste of time. I now know better, we will be following baby led weaning.

Delores Random Lake, WI

Absolute necessity!

This is the BEST product you can buy for your baby. We used it at least once a day to grind up whatever we were eating – a super easy (just as easy as popping open a baby food jar), cheap and nutritious way to feed your baby good quality food that hasn’t been pureed, water-down, and cooked to it’s nutritional death! It perfectly grinds up anything you can put in it – meat, cooked veggies, fruit, pasta, rice – you name it! Your child will get used to normal food textures, flavors and the transition into non-baby food will be much easier. It is incredibly easy to use and clean, and makes feeding your baby fresh, quality foods very inexpensive. I cannot recommend this product higher!

James Bruno, MN

nice little food mill

The good: It works well and does exactly what I bought it for: pureeing food from the table at home and while traveling so I don’t have to deal with jarred food. I’ve used it successfully on peas, all kinds of fruit, pasta, rice, cooked carrots and brussels sprouts. I’d recommend it.The bad: I need to stick a fork in one of the holes in order to take the top off. I need a dishwasher or veggie brush to clean the holes. The crank started wobbling after a few uses. It doesn’t puree meat.

Allene Newman, CA

great concept….an ok gadget

I was very excited to try this mill out! But I have to say I am a bit disappointed. It grinds mushy stuff ok, like papaya, mango, banana….I have not tried pasta, but I will! But once I put tougher/harder food, it gets stuck. On one occassion, I put papaya that was a bit tough, and it just would not grind that tough papaya. It’s great for juicy or very mushy food. I do like that it doesn’t leak though. It’s a bit tough to open and assemble for washing, but it doesn’t have hidden surfaces that is hard to clean. I still use this mill almost everyday for fruits for my 8 months old, but maybe when she eats more textured food, I can try pasta etc with this mill.

Ola Cypress Inn, TN

Pretty good

This food mill does an ok job for what I paid for it. My grinder blades were steel, unlike some other reviewers who said it was plastic, unless they were referring to the screen that sits on top of the grinder which is plastic. It is very convenient for on the go use; it is small and fits nicely in the diaper bag. My only complaint is that it’s difficult to get the screen on and off. It is a “turn to lock” type of fitting, but you do this by means of the turn handle which always turns freely without stopping. Ultimately I have to stick my finger in the bowl to lock/unlock it in order to secure blade or pull it out for cleaning. It’s not that big of a deal but it is annoying after the bowl is dirty and full of baby food. Over all, I would recommend this to a friend. It’s inexpensive, functional, and easy to clean once taken apart.

Eula Garrett, PA


If I could give this product less than 1 star, I would. My Mom told me that all’s I needed was a grinder to feed my baby, so I bought this one. It never ground up a single piece of food. My Mom was convinced that maybe I was doing it wrong and she had the same experience. Her reaction was “they just don’t make things they way they use to.” It was a waist of money and after many attempts, it ended up in the trash. We ended up using a fork to mash soft foods and a small food processor for bigger stuff. My next baby, I hope to invest in the Beaba Baby Cooker.

Ruth Webster, IA

Doesn’t work!

i received this as a gift from my mother. Those of you pureeing meat in your food mill — do we have the same product????? Mine has a plastic grate. I **barely** mashed up some cooked peas in this thing. I can’t imagine getting meat through this! That “blade” is like a dull butter knife. It worked great with a ripe avocado, and that was about the end of that. You really need three hands to get this working – two to push down and stabilize at the same time (I have to press really really hard), and a third to turn the handle. I have yet to be able to successfully turn the handle and press at the same time in any effective fashion. You also have to get messy to get the grate disk off, the only way to do it is to press down on the dirty grate with your thumbs and work it off. When it’s covered in a slick puree that’s not easy. Also, the plastic stains easily. I put a watermelon chunk in there, and now it’s permanently stained orange. It’s a great concept, but I would NOT buy this.

Catalina Appalachia, VA

Great food mill!

I use it for my baby when traveling =) very portable and no need of battery is a plus of course =p

Alexandra Hurlock, MD

An Ok food mill

It purees soft foods like bananas or apricots very well but carrots and broccoli came out very grainy, baby refused to eat it. You get what you pay for.

Shelia Ansonia, CT

good item, doesn’t puree

this mill is easy to use and easy to clean. it doesn’t puree. i started my 5 month old on carrots last week and used this. it works well but doesn’t get the carrots to a straight mush. they kind of remained pellet like. i wish there was another plastic piece with smaller holes. either way it still worked and for the price you really can’t beat it.

Judith Modeste, LA

Baby Food Mill

Great product for those of us who want to feed our babies healthy, wholesome foods. Great for home or travel. No more lugging around premade, store bought baby food in breakable, glass jars! You can feed your baby practically what ever you’re having and grind it up fine enough for their precious little mouths to chew and swallow without the fear of them choking on something cut too big. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Would even work for those who are older and need their food pureed. Can’t say enough good things about this very valuable, easy to use, easy to clean, handy product.

Yvette Tonica, IL