KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket, White

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket, White

KidCo Bath Storage Basket •Adjustable length fits most tubs •Holds bath toys, soap, shampoo and more •Divider panels separate toys from bath care items

Main features

  • Adjustable length fits most tubs
  • Holds bath toys, soap, shampoo and more
  • Divider panels separate toys from bath care items
  • 19 in. L x 6.88 in. W x 5 in. H (1.3 lbs)
  • This is a plastic storage caddy with slats so that water drains out. It sits across the tub so that toys are easy for your child to reach. This can be used for shampoo and other items as well.

Verified reviews


great buy

we love this basket. It holds lots of toys and has removable dividers which I really like having. It is light and fits any tub. What a great design.

Raquel Fort Belvoir, VA

Can this marriage be saved?

I like it, my husband hates it. You have to take it out of the tub every time your child decides he’d like to lie back for a soak. Husband: this is too much work. Me: Whatever. Husband: All I’m saying is that when it’s full of wet crap, and I have to take it out of the tub and it drips all over the place, I’m not cleaning it up. Me: Take it out of the tub BEFORE beginning bath. Husband: I’m going to write my own reviews.

Maude Sanbornton, NH

Didn’t realize how much we needed this

Our kids have a lot of bath toys. Little fish, balls, cups, etc…Previously our bath tub was a constant mess of the various toys. That made it hard to clean the bath tub.Now they simply stay in the storage basket out of the way.It isn’t beautiful. Nothing fancy. But it works.

Veronica Monessen, PA

Cool Idea

This is a great idea. It keeps the toys out of the bath and provides a place for my daughter to pour from cup to cup without getting it all over the bathroom floor as it spills off the edge of the tub. My only desire would be that it be made of sturdier plastic, but as is it works and we will see how long it lasts.

Tammie Mays, IN

Child needs to be bigger for us to be able to use this.

This may be good when my child is taller (just over 2 ft.) but right now she cannot see over the lip of it so it doesn’t really work for us.

Claire Indian Wells, CA

Waste of money

Does not stay put on the bath tub. Poor quality. Rarely uses it because it is so flimsy. Cannot wait to return it

Angelica Roanoke, AL

Great little storage for the bath

I remembered having one of these as a kid & like a previous reviewer posted, I had a hard time tracking this down! I love it for the bath. Kept having problems with mildew in the bathtub toys, but since having this it works really well to drain them out & no problem.The dividers can be adjusted to fit where you want them which was a bonus too.

Alyssa Ladd, IL

Convenient but hard to clean

The way it is made makes it very difficult to keep clean, the water is collecting in the bottom, instead of draining, so some mold can appear. Otherwise it is convenient and easy to assemble.

Allene Severy, KS

Kidco Bath Storage Basket

Works well, keeps your stuff organized and was able to hold my daughters weight (25lb’s) when she used it to get us. I wouldn’t recommend to put that much weight on it, but if it happens you know it’s ok.

Joann Munich, ND

Simple and effective

Cheap, holds a lot of toys and dries out quickly. Easy to move around and adjustable width makes it easy to position. Have not had any mold problems in over a year of use. Amazingly it’s still in one piece!

Heather Hibernia, NJ

Decent product, but flimsy

Difficult to find a bath organizer now-a-days. This one does the job and fits in the bathtub fine. However, the plastic is a bit flimsy and the 2 dividers don’t fit great into the basket, but a little bending and they work out. I don’t think it’s worth much more than $8.00 and Target sells it for $13.99. We place it at the opposite end of the faucet in a bathtub enclose with the glass doors. It fits fine and is sturdy enough to hold quite a bit of light weight toys.

Keisha Nett Lake, MN

Sturdy, basic

Does just what we need! The dividers do come out a little easily, so they are more like toys for my 1-year-old, but I imagine as he gets older he’ll appreciate having them to make different compartments. Sturdy and even after many months of use we have had no issues with mildew (which I’m a little surprised about, but glad)!

Angel Riverton, UT

i have three!

Each kid has one for toys and one for soaps. I love them for keeping the bathroom tidy. Would be great for adults who must share a bathroom too for more storage.

Luella Syracuse, KS

works great, built to last

Four years later, we are still using it! We have a standard tub. The dividers are removable and moveable. It’s great.

Earnestine Cannon Afb, NM

So glad we got this

Glad to have this basket in our kids’ bath. I like that the compartments can be customized to the size you want. Pretty durable too – it can hold a lot.

Angelique Poyntelle, PA


Great convenience. Adjustable, lightweight, air dries well, moves around to accommodate brothers and sisters getting in and out but doesn’t slip or slide sideways into tub. Spacious enough, if we added any more toys the bath wouldn’t fit kids!

Judi Montvale, VA

Best thing for the tub

Have had this for couple years and just perfect in every way. I would suggest everyone get this that needs storage in tub. Holds large amount of items and drains perfect. Don’t get those bags that get all nasty or those suction to wall things…this is really good!

Sara Lane, KS


Holds all the bath letters and most of the toys. Have had for 3 months and it is still like new. It is adjustable.

Juliet Hometown, IL

Like it

Holds a lot of supplies for size. Like the dividers and is durable. Easy to assemble and lightweight. Great for tub soaking.

Marylou Edinburg, PA


I am so glad I found this! I had been looking for a bathtub organizer for a long time, but did not want one of those mesh ones that has suction cups that you use to adhere to the bathtub wall, so this has been a perfect solution. It is great having the holes in the bottom so that the water drains and prevents mold from forming since the bath toys are obviously wet when they are done with the bath. Great product.

Deann Springfield, ME

Great bath toy organize for those that do not have smooth tile walls!

I bought this bath toy organizer because none of the suction-type organizers would stick to our ceramic tile bath walls. This is a great organizer that really holds a ton of stuff! It takes about 1 second to adjust the length of this organizer and does a great job of draining the water from the toys. It also makes it so your baby can’t play with the faucet. Highly recommend!P.S. The price on this organizer fluctuates a lot on and I’ve found it at BuyBuyBaby for cheaper.

Faye Melvin, MI

Better than the hanging bags

I got this because my child was trying to reach in her toy bag which was hanging on the wall (i think its Safety First Bath toy bag) and this is sooooo much better and safer. We love it!

Graciela Gilman, CT

inexpensive, roomy & easy to clean

I got this to keep the kids bath toys in. I like that it keeps the toys in reach. We have tried the mesh bag with suction cupps toy holder before but did not like that the kids were constantly standing up and walking around the tub to get to them. It also provides excellent drainage. If this one ever breaks, I’m buying another one.

Cassandra Callaway, NE


I had one of those fabric corner storage baskets that suctioned to the wall. It didn’t really work. This works great, and I like to slide it by the faucet to keep my son’s head from hitting. I’ve had it for over a year now and it’s in the same condition as day one, and easy to use and easy to rinse and dry the bath toys! A neccesity!

Paula Ten Sleep, WY

Keeps our tub neat, clean & orginized

I have owned a kidco storage basket for 2 years now and i must say i can’t imagine my bathtub without it. It keeps all of my sons bath toys stored and drained, safely and out of the way until bath time.

Kaitlin East Wareham, MA

does what it does

i like it .. it holds the toys but i hate that it moves .. that is the only thing i don’t like

Elsie Bruno, MN


I like this item but it does not hold a lot of kid toy, which are in general bulky in order for the baby to easily grab it. Otherwise good quality product.

Marina Church Point, LA

bathtime cleanup made easy

I love this bathtray! Prior to thos purchase, I would put my daughters bath wash and hair products in a cabinet after every use and them put her toys in a hanging bag. With this tray, everything is in reach when I need it and cleanup is super fast. It is sturdy against the tub ends and doesnt buckle or collapse. I highly recommend. I had it for several months now and it looks as good as day 1.

Grace Averill, VT

Great basket for tub toys!

I purchased this basket for my toddler as his toys were taking over my tub area. We live in a very moist climate and often had problems with toys not drying out before being put away. This has been a great addition to our bathroom and does the job perfectly. It’s slender enough to not take up too much room, but provides enough space to store a good number of toys.

Carmela Gate, OK

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket

I really like this basket, but it does slip off of the tub sometimes, and has to be cleaned quite frequently with a toothbrush so that it doesn’t get pink mold on it. The dividers are also a little inconvenient to use so I often leave them off.

Emilia Diboll, TX