KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail Finish: Natural

KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail Finish: Natural

The folks at KidCo know that your child’s safety is your number one priority. That’s why KidCo specializes in designing products to keep your child secure, at home, or on the road. The KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail brings the company’s safety expertise to bear on your tot’s sleeptime. The 13″ Crib Bed Rail can be used with most convertible cribs and installing it is a snap! Makes the transition from crib to big-kid bed less stressful for both you and your tot. The KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail is constructed from sturdy and durable furniture-grade hardwood, so it’s destined to become a family heirloom. Recommended for children aged 1-3 years.

Main features

  • Specifically designed for use with most convertible cribs
  • 13″ tall, 33″ long
  • Easy installation, no tools needed
  • Made of furniture grade hardwood
  • Can be custom finished

Verified reviews


fits convertible cribs, but wood is not sealed and it should be

This was the only rail we found that would fit our convertible cribs and seems to be safe. From that perspective it is a great product. My disappointment with it is that the manufacturer left it to each and every customer to deal with the unfinished wood on their own.The wood is completely unfinished and it comes with manufacturing dust on it. The moment we wiped it with a lightly damp cloth, the grain in the unfinished wood raised up and we had to sand it. We had to order non-toxic urethane just for this rail because non-toxic urethane is not carried in any of the local hardware stores, and then we had to stay up nights to do all the work of sanding, painting, sanding, painting ….This product is completely unusable without a finish on it. A toddler who tends to chew things would quickly end up with a rough rail that snags his clothes and scrapes his skin, and the unfinished rail is impossible to clean if a kid throws up on it.It is not a good product if every single customer has to go through all the trouble of ordering non-toxic finish and sanding and finishing it themselves. This is the sort of thing that can be quickly and cheaply done at the factory. The manufacturer should have offered a finish as an option.

Sherri Cottonwood, MN

Best Bed Rail Ever

I got this for my 2.5 year old daughter. She is tiny thing- like 25 lbs- and I was concerned about her crib being too high, etc. this rail is perfect for those that have a PLATFORM bottom crib instead of springs. Below is my feed back:PROS:1. her crib is the honey color in the picture and the rail looks great2. Some reviews stated that the natural wood concerned them and that it could give splinters- NOT TRUE. This wood is natural and, yes, unfinished but it is sanded and VERY smooth. I have no worries at all about it splinters.3. perfect height. my daughter has a memory foam topper on her mattress and it still is high enough not to let her have any problems.4. easy to assemble5. Our crib has a wood platform bottom and I had problems finding a rail that did not need to hook to a spring bottom. This is perfect! It tightens to the mattress, not a spring bottomCONS:1. The instructions stink!!

Haley Burnwell, AL

Works well, easy to install

My daughter has an Ikea crib with a solid wood base rather than springs holding up the mattress, so a lor of crib rails wouldn’t work for us. This was one of the few I saw that can actually hook to the opposite side of the mattress rather than to the springs. I like it a lot! Yes, it’s unfinished, but the wood is sanded smooth (splinter-free) and attractive as is. I suppose if you wanted to, you could paint or stain it, but I like the way it looks. And most importantly, it helps my 2-year-old feel more secure and sleep better in her toddler bed!

Odessa Manvel, TX

It does the job

We ordered this bed rail because the custom rail for our convertible crib was on back order and we had to wait for several months for it to come in. The KidCo rail arrived in a couple of days, installation was quick and easy and it works great. It keeps my toddler from rolling out of bed while allowing him to get in and out easily. He is very active and strong and likes to press himself against the rail while sleeping but it holds up well. We have not had to adjust it in any way since installing it, it doesn’t move at all, very stable. I am very happy with this product.

Dana Madeline, CA

So much better looking than the plastic or mesh ones

My though my convertible crib was a cinch to turn into a toddler bed, the company does not make rails. Once I got this one, I stained it to match the crib. Set up was a cinch – there are no screws, just pop everthing together, plop it on the bed frame and put the mattress on top. The whole thing is surprisingly sturdy. Now I’m not saying you should stand on it, or use it to lift yourself (both of which have occurred in my house with no ill effects), but it keeps my crazy somersaulting child in bed. and the rail pops out with out having to remove the whole set up when you want to change the sheets. Very happy with this purchase.

Penny Moultonborough, NH

easy to install, even fit our child’s twin bed

I didn’t want the bright vinyl webbing versions of this in our decor. This just looks better. I couldn’t be happier with it. The installation instructions and building instructions were clear. It worked on the toddler bed and now it works on his twin bed. Yay!

Ruby Grand Lake, CO

Crib Bed Rail by KidCo

so far so good. My 28 pound 2 y/o climbs all aver it and it holds well. Actually surprised. looks nice, easy to put in place. Sort of a pain when changing sheets but its expected. Gives the option to stain and seal to match crib. Some may not like that but it is nice and easy to do in just a few days.

Annette Newhall, CA

Just what we needed

When looking for a bed rail for my son’s convertible crib, I was surprised that most rails are made only for matresses with box springs. This was the only product I could find that was made specifically for convertible cribs. This rail fits perfectly on our crib on the lowest mattress setting. It is sturdy and attractive, and it keeps my toddler from rolling out of the bed. An adult can remove it easily with two hands. I do wish that it was sealed, but it came in perfect condition to be stained or painted. The sanding job is very smooth and was only slightly dusty when we took it out of the box. We ended up using it as is, without sealing or painting. This is a really great product and worth the money.

Kelsey Fieldton, TX

Very Nnice But Does Not Fit All Cribs

Love the wood as opposed to plastic. Blends in well with wood furniture. However, does not fit all cribs. We have the Babyletto Mercer and it did not properly fit our crib. Unfortunately, had to send it back.

Roseann Brandy Camp, PA

Easily installed and strong

This is on my two-year-olds crib. It was easy to install, very strong (he crawls over it to get into bed sometimes, and it doesn’t budge. It fits on our home-made crib with wooden bars running parallel to it (instead of a solid board, or mattress), and no other crib rail would do that. Additionally, it looks great with our beautiful wooden crib!The 4 stars instead of 5 were for the price, and that when you change the sheet on the crib, the rail has to be repositioned (as do most other rails).

Kendra New Stuyahok, AK

Fits perfect

I bought two of these for my twins toddler beds. The wood is smooth so you do not need to worry about splinters or anything. We didn’t bother to stain it but it would have been simple enough. They are still using their crib mattress’s, it fit great, was easy for my husband to in install.I gave it a 4 (would give a 4.5 but that wasn’t an option) because he had to use zipties to attach it to the frame so it didn’t move around.I would definately recommend this product.

Tanisha Canistota, SD