KidCo Door Knob Lock – 2pk – Clear

KidCo Door Knob Lock – 2pk – Clear

Keep the little ones safe from going outside unsupervised. Easy snap together installation. Unique side pinch-grip design. 4″ x 4″ x 3″

Main features

  • Color: Clear Prevent young children from opening doors
  • Easy snap together installation Simple side pinch-grip design
  • Offers essential protection for homes with young children
  • Snaps easily over your existing door knob to prevent little ones from slipping through closed doorways, even as it allows quick one-handed access for adults
  • With a pinch-grip construction, the clever door knob lock is an essential part of a well-childproofed home Pack of 2

Verified reviews



Probably fine for normal person, but my wrists can be bad at times with tendonitis and with having to squeeze hard it makes my wrist hurt. There are others out on the market better I think, but this is ok for doors you don’t use more than once a day.

Jenifer Zarephath, NJ

It works for us.

This door knob covers work for us. We put it on the inside of all the bathroom doors and inside our walk in closet to keep our son from locking himself in, and so far so good. Now he’s not even two yet, so he might eventually figure out how to do it, but for now I’m happy.

Katharine Wallace, SD

Great so far

These are much better quality then most door knob covers you find at the store. Plastic is thicker and pieces haven’t come apart yet. I have twin boys who have tried to play with them a little but nothing aggressive yet, so we’ll see how they last, but for the last 6 months they’ve been great. Easy to use.

Leslie North Plains, OR


Our toddler figured out how to break off our first childproof door handles, so we went online and found these. He hasn’t figured these out (he’s 3yrs old) and doesn’t even try anymore.

Paige Bismarck, ND

Gets the job done

These are working good for the purpose for which I bought them. I read reviews that said that their child(ren) were able to remove them or break them…if thats the case, its probably not the best solution for a door knob. They are not completely 100% kid proof and should not be expected to be. Some kids are more quick to learn how they work or can tinker with them enough to figure out how they come off, not the locks fault. They are too large for the door knobs in our home though, but still serve its purpose. What would make these nearly perfect is if they adjusted to accommodate a smaller knob.

Wendy Concord, PA


Works great. My 3 year old hasn’t figured them out after 3 weeks. Easy for adults to use and easy to install.

Jayne Riderwood, MD

works well, sometimes hard to open to door- overall good

Sometimes we have difficulty getting it open ourselves just because you have to try to get a grip on the doorknob inside the cover. But our nearly 3 year old has yet to figure out how to open it, so I’m not complaining. Another reviewer said their kid managed to get it off in two pieces- I think it’s nearly impossible if it’s correctly done. I had to get a screwdriver to open it up into 2 pieces cause I couldn’t get it open myself. We now have 4 of these in our house to keep our kids from opening the front door and some closets.

Faith Seymour, IN

Kid and Adult Proof

I had researched several safety knobs before settling on this one. We’ve had it for over 6 months and my toddler has not figure out how to get pass any door that has it. This product has foiled visitors from teenagers to our grandmothers. It’s a bit pricier than others on the market but I haven’t had to replace them.Update: Been using this for two years and my son still cannot open any doors with it on. Bought a few more too while the originals are still working just fine.

Wendi Brighton, IA

Effective but I can still open the door.

I tried some other door knob covers to deter my 2 year old and they worked however the problem was that I could not open the door either. These are perfect. The buttons on the side make it easu for an adult to open the door but impossible for a toddler.

Kathy Livingston, AL

Toddler Proof!

We bought these for my 2 year olds bedroom door. Once we moved her into a big girl bed we wanted to be sure she couldn’t get out of her room in case she got out of her bed. She has tried to open the door and these just spin and she gives up! Works like a charm!

Naomi Grady, AR


This is a great product, even some of my (smart!) adult friends took a second look to figure it out.

Grace Flat Top, WV

Functions Well, But May Need a Couple “Hacks”

I thought I’d purchase this item (also atKidco Door Knob Locks Clear 2 PackorDoor Knob Lock, with a white color at KidCo Door Knob Lock Colors: White and Door Knob Lock – 2 Pack) and theSecure Grip Clear Door Knob Covers 3-Packto compare the two. Overall, it functions well. Although it has a couple disadvantages, these can be overcome with “hacks.”ADVANTAGES: It’s easy to put the two halves together by matching tabs to slots. It has a hinged cover over the lock, unlike the Safety 1st which has just an opening. Once assembled, it generally prevents children from turning the doorknob while allowing adults to do so by simultaneously pressing the two “levers” on the sides and twisting.DISADVANTAGE #1: A child might be able to separate the two halves (although this item is more resistant to breakage than the Safety 1st covers). “HACK” #1: Use a strong glue (likeHenkel 01-82196 Loctite 2-Gram Super Glue Gel) on the tabs to keep the cover intact (but not so much glue that you won’t be able to remove the cover later!).DISADVANTAGE #2: On certain doorknobs, the rubber-like pads inside the cover might grip the knob too tightly, so that a child will be able to open the door with only moderate effort. “HACK” #2: Apply a small amount of silicone lubricant (like10141WD 11oz 3-in-1 Pro Lubricant Silicone Spray Aerosol Can *SHIP GROUND ONLY* ORM-D) to the pads inside. Furthermore, since the pads are on the thick side, you can use a Swiss Army knife or paring knife to make the pads thinner.Buy this from!

Effie Robesonia, PA

Great product

I have to use these on the main entrance, the bedroom and the bathroom because those doors are the ones that my son likes to go through. The only complaint I have about these are the gray rubber things blocking the door lock on front. I have to wiggle my finger in there to turn the lock. But, other than that, they do their job and are nice looking too.

James Palco, KS

Does NOT Work

This product does not lock doors! If anything, the product makes it slightly easier for the child to open the door, because the bottom parts push together making it easier for a little hand to grab–the opposite of the intended purpose. Our daughter is not yet two, and she has them mastered. If you research other Amazon product reviews, you will find that many people have the same experience. At best, this is a waste of money. Worse, it could be very dangerous if parents mistakenly rely on them.

Jodi Landenberg, PA