KidCo Door Knob Lock ** 5 PACK **

KidCo Door Knob Lock ** 5 PACK **

You will receive (5) CLEAR KidCo Door Knob Locks. About KidCo Door Knob Lock: Easy snap together installation Unique side pinch-grip design Available in White or Clear

Main features

  • Unique side pinch-grip design
  • Easy snap together installation
  • Fits standard style doorknobs
  • You will receive (5) Door Knob Locks by KidCo in CLEAR
  • A must for door safety!

Verified reviews


Have not tried them yet

When my son can reach the door knobs, I will install these and rewrite this review. No sense in creating extra work for me now

Debora Hot Springs Village, AR

works great!

We have these on almost every door of our house. They all works great and seem to be made very well. I suspect they will last through all our children. It’s not too tricky for adults and guests to figure out, but has never been figured out my my daughter or any other young children who have visited. So glad I got these. Peace of mind!

Traci Seal Beach, CA

Work great so far

These have been perfect so far. Our 3 year old doesn’t mess with them – I imagine it won’t be long before he tries, but he listens to us and has a healthy fear of unsafe things. They work like a charm to keep our 1.5 year old away from basement stairs, chemical-filled rooms (laundry with all cleaning supplies), etc.

Mai Ayden, NC

My son can’t remove these

My son figured out at 18 months how to remove the really cheap plastic covers, so I invested in these. He is now 3 years old and still can’t open these. They also work well on friends that don’t have kids.I find the door lock access to be a bit stiff and hard to use, but they are only on doors that also have a deadbolt so it,s not an issue for me.

Tricia Hildreth, NE

Work so well, my husband got locked in our son’s room

My toddler recently graduated to a "big boy bed". The downside is he began to open his door and go exploring when he would wake up. After catching him opening the door to our condo and trying to take the elevator, I realized I had to invest in some better child proofing! I put a chain lock on the front door that is out of his reach to stop him from leaving our home, but I also put one of these on the inside of his bedroom door to prevent him from getting into trouble inside the house. I knew it worked when my husband went into his room when our son woke in the middle of the night and then couldn’t figure out how to get out in the dark. He ended up sleeping on the small couch in the room rather than wake our son again!

Christine Verona, NJ

better of the brands of door knob covers

bought these after my daughter snapped the safety first ones right off the knob. love the flap over the lock so she cant lock me out of a room. so far they’re holding up very well.

Lillian Stephenson, VA

Good protection

We use this on the door to a stairway and it works very well in preventing children from opening. I give it only four stars because it works a little too well – my husband has a difficult time opening the door when arthritis flares up.

Ashley Wellington, TX

Good safety lock

I ordered these after reviewing the other brands and how easy they were for kids to figure out. These fit securely and will definitely keep the kids in/out. These work a little too well and sometimes and can be tricky for adults to use. It is difficult to lock the handle on exterior doors with these on due to the opening for lock being small for an adult male fingers. I just defer to the dead bolt for security for use on an exterior doors. They snap securely on the top and bottom. The adults just need to remember which way the handle turns on the exterior doors and they will be ok. Interior doors are no issue because they turn both directions.

Callie Camden, IN

Unconventional use.

I purchased these for my mother who has been taking care of my aging grandmother for a few months. My grandmother has Alzheimer disease and can get confused easily. After a few attempts by to her escape the house, re-arrange the closet, or wonder the house at night we purchased these. They have worked great for keeping her safe and out of some of the areas where she could get hurt if she wasn’t careful. She has attempted several time to open the doors that have these locks placed on them and they have never come off or apart. However, they have done a good job of keeping her entertained. I gave these a 4 instead of a 5, only because I don’t know how they would hold up to a small child who may be a little rougher that she is. Bottom line, they have kept the doors shut and everyone happy.

Iva Fort Belvoir, VA

Good doorknow covers

Easy to install, hard to open unless you know what you are doing. Hopefully my daughter will not figure them out any time soon. She’s two now, they are still keeping her at bay.

Leonor Chantilly, VA